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  1. Is this an interview of the WFT scouting department?
  2. Not gonna lie, I think I'd prefer "Heinicke Harem" just for the sheer amount bromancing that is probably going on here. (Haven't read the thread yet)
  3. I'm going to overlook how this game was basically gifted to us and be excited that the young players get a chance to play in a playoff game. I want this to truly be the start of a foundation that leads to greater successes in the future. I also hope that this causes Pederson to lose the team and results in him getting canned in a couple years and flounder for the foreseeable future.
  4. i never realized how tiny marquise brown is.
  5. I'd always prefer homegrown talent, but if we wanted to bring in a veteran...what are people's thoughts on Corey Davis as a #2? This would be predicated on a reasonable deal, of course.
  6. hmmm all those possible outcomes i predicted...and i missed that one.
  7. pick your poison. early 4 and out or push down into scoring range and bungle it via: - turn over - missed field goal - some other f' up that prevents us from even kicking a field goal
  8. hmmm coming to the end of the game and it looks like the missed field goal might be a factor? i know no one in this forum saw this coming...cut hopkins.
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