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  1. too early to sit him. i'd rather be 100% sure and improve our draft position. my eye balls tell me this was his best game since week 1. three pretty big dings (sack, not throwing it up in the end zone, and not hurrying to the line to spike before the end of the half) but i wasn't raging like i was last week.
  2. i was high on kelvin harmon taking another step forward. losing him hurt a lot. i think he's the closest thing we had to a number 2.
  3. not for me. though not a JDR defense, i've seen plenty of our past defenses that brought extra men and was no different than just rushing with the 4 down linemen. this is far more frustrating than aggression at least being visibly effective but still getting beat. it ends up feeling more hopeless and magnifies incompetence/under performance.
  4. you forgot the third option. 3. play aggressive but get no pressure/neutralized and get burned
  5. i am losing confidence in haskins. i'm hoping to see significant progress by week 8-10, otherwise, i'm in agreement that there isn't hope.
  6. you are open to it?! hold on. let me get ron and let him know you are open to it.
  7. don't let reality get in the way of arm chair prognosticators.
  8. word. based on our oline situation and where we are drafting...i'm more okay with taking a character risk than skill risk.
  9. i was okay with just not moving him. but, realistically, his trade value was only going to continue to plummet. we don't reap anything in this draft...but c'mon, wtf were we going to do this year? win the superbowl? lol.
  10. longer term payoff...but i'll take it.
  11. lol so now he's requiring a trade to a place he wants to go or get outright cut? now i'm truly okay with ending his career and forcing him into retirement. then, in 10 years or so, cut him...just to rub salt in the wound on the side of his head.
  12. You didn't get the memo? Everyone know everything and everyone - even without watching film or ever having played football outside of catch with friends.
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