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  1. xxprodigyxx

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    I think Trey Quinn provides good depth, at most. I hope Steve Sims displaces him as a starter and I'm still hopeful Kelvin Harmon emerges by next year.
  2. Ok, at least you aren't completely crazy. It would still be a near impossible task to get that much return on a single pick. To get the potential for maximum value you'd have to receive picks in future years which will have less value than picks in the current year. Then you have to throw in the variable of where there are multiple teams that are interested in the same player...enough to leverage one against the other and make them feel the need to trade up. The thing I get the most frustrated about with trade discussions is that there always seems to be the assumption that we will have a trade partner no matter the situation. "Oh we should just trade Josh Norman for a <insert round>".
  3. Show me the historical proof that a first pick netted a total of 5 first round picks and 2 second round picks in a trade. or are you referring to series of trade downs?
  4. yeah, lol... swap picks and get 4 first rounds and 2 second round picks? that's crazy talk. you can't talk to someone about going to the moon when they are shooting for pluto.
  5. You sure it wasn't Keith Sweat?
  6. Look, many of us are in the bargaining stage of the grief process. Wait till we get to the depression.
  7. There was some triggering in the gameday thread over that lol. I'll never blame him for getting some side money. It's not like he's done it at the same level as Baker Mayfield. I am willing to give him a few years before I even consider him a bust.
  8. He's everything I've ever wanted to see from Desmond Howard, Michael Westbrook, Rod Gardner, Devin Thomas, and Josh Doctson. I hope we don't waste his talent and end up losing him after the rookie contract is over.
  9. Meh...I don't know about that. Do you not remember the Ricky Williams haul? We didn't have much to show for it. Obviously, getting the chance to have a massive draft haul is great, but my faith is not high that we can make anything of it right now. I agree with the other posters that getting anywhere in the top 5 will still likely yield us some good trade down opportunities.
  10. Luckily you won't have to worry about that since he can't throw it to himself.
  11. To throw everyone off the trail.
  12. lol this game is hilarious.
  13. Is it me or does it seem like Sam Rosen is sounding drunker and drunker?
  14. fitzmagic will get us to the #1 pick