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  1. I would sign a deal with Heinecki for a least 2 years heavily incentive laden. Look Who knows if alex is back... Kyle we have to keep, and we need this guy too. Doing that allows us to focus on other wholes and not panic reach on a drafted QB this year. I'm okay with that. The guy knows the offense. And can throw down field.
  2. Was 34 Phi 13 Heinecke and Gibson Go off...... leaving the media asking, Dwayne who before the Wild Card Game heh I can dream :)
  3. Words are not enough, this entire game, felt like the team was buying in. Inspiring this meme:
  4. here' the thing. Remember... if we don't miss that first FG... we kick a xp to make it up by 7
  5. with the way the d was playing. why not go to OT though.... You don't think we hold them in OT?
  6. I agree with the call to go for 2. The play call however... oy.. what the heck. cam sims was singled up high... and I hav eno idea what they were running on that side of the field.
  7. I don't think signing Collins was a mistake, the contract might make it seem so. Kendal Fuller had a few plays where he looked out of sort too and with Covid messing up preseason, no idea how many of these issues are real, and not just a lack of time on field for everyone.
  8. Thanks for replying. Yeah when I posted, I didn't realize the score I saw was a still in progress game. I feel kind of silly now, deservedly so
  9. Wow Falcons are 0-5? Any chance we trade for Matty Ice? I kid... Laugh at the Giants that won their first game against Big D
  10. I don't disagree that Haskins has not played, not played at Pro level. He's a C- if that, and frankly if he hasn't picked up the play book well enough to audible out of bad situations or anticipate pressure so he can side step and get the ball out, he's a risk to hurt hismelf. Man makes me long for the days of Rypien, Stan Humphreys, Conklin, and Jeff 'Super Backup' Rutledge. I think Rivera realized his illness was keeping him from having perspective.... so he did what a good coach does dig in to the tape and realized, crap.....this is worse than I thought on the field.
  11. That sounds more like Donovan McNabb.. you mean over thrown and behind right?
  12. Would Rosen have value in this system?
  13. I have this picture in my head of a load of wood at Fedex for the next game there, and all game long you will see Dwayne is just chopping wood, with an Axe.
  14. oh my Is this the wrong place to laugh at New York? B oth teams talking about sucking for Trevor? Jets I get it, but their problems are organizational more than personnel IMO. But Wasn't Daniel Jones the agreed upon consensus most ready to play last year? What happened?
  15. They did what????? Source please?
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