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  1. Let us not forget history. The team used to play in the same stadium as the Boston Braves, and had the same name. When they moved to using the Red Sox field they changed to Red Skins. If we started playing at Nats field would we become the Red Gnats? Redwolves indeed has a different meaning to me than the previous name. I also did not get on the bandwagon of 'redwolves' because of the endangered species, Knowing that it could serve that dual purpose brings additional meaning to choosing that name if you ask me. Would you be upset if we became the Washington Red Rovers and ch
  2. wow you think I am under 40. ROFLLMAO Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not, sorry to break it to you. I don't have a problem with breaking entirely with tradition, but we should be clear that we are doing that if we are doing that, arguments about hints to the name of the past seem irrelevant otherwise.
  3. 2)wow... what is forced about Redwolves? Sounds like you are upset about the original name to me, just be honest you want to cut tradition off at its heal and gain more respect that way. 3) Browns? 3) No other 2 syllable names? Dude... GI-Ants, Ben-gals, stee-lers, Ti-tans, Ra-vens, Tex-ans, Jag-uars, Fal-cons, Pack-ers, Li-ons, Vi-kings, need I go on? 4) There are only a couple of names I like Red with, Red Wolves is in the lead right now if you ask me. Why does it have to be an either or, that's a False Choice fallacy if I ever heard one. I love the name Red Wolves
  4. That's not what I was saying. Some will say red just to piss off the non red haters. For me it will be a slip of the tongue. Frankly I don't care as much about the fight song, but I want a strong name to build tradition around. And yeah.... Red Warriors! why not? If you change this teams color pallet entirely and eschew red, I'm not sure it will feel like the same franchise at all. I'm really not a fan of just Wolves when it could seriously be Redwolves without much of a stretch frankly. avoiding red in that case basically is telling us to F off about the past,
  5. I will say it now for those that keep balking at 'redwolves' but think wolves is okay. Many of us will find ourselves slipping the word red before wolves simply because of habbit. If you think you are getting rid of the red by not including it in the name, I seriously disagree with that idea, you underestimate how much the previous name was cherished by many.
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