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  1. Veretax

    Cut or Keep - RB Edition

    Here is what I don't get. we had 1 fullback on the roster (Joe Jerridge) and reportedly Niles Paul could play that role. If we aren't keeping a true FB, then I think we actually have a possible 4th spot for a RB Which to me means we could keep JOnes, Brown, Kelley, and Thompson, at least for week 1. The fact that we are stronger at Tight End this year and might be able to cut Paulsen I think also adds to that. The rub? DO you keep 6 WRs between: Jackson, Garcon, Crowder, Grant, and Ross.... with Dotson as #6.. or do you drop Ross and go with 5? I don't think any of us
  2. I voted we're doomed, but I don't think we are doomed. I think we are intentionally looking bad... so as to catch early game opposition of guard.
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