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  1. Honestly I'd love it to be RG3 trade, but I wouldn't hold a deal up with it, if I can get multiple good picks evne if value doesn't match on chart.
  2. I wouldn't break the bank for Olsen, but he'd be a great leader and teacher for a group of young tight ends.
  3. I was on the trade back scenario... But I have 2 other thoughts. 1. Taking Burrow Hostage. (trade to an AFC team... looking atyou Pittsburgh) 2. or 2... there's a Corner who is getting a lot of hype right now, I can't remember his name. whoever that is... yeah otherwise trade back
  4. Maybe he prefers an Ice hockey table? Or foosball?
  5. Veretax

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Count me in the 'never convinced on O'Connel' he might be a terrific assistant, but he didn't have enough time to really show much as an OC. Scott Turner was one of three names not named Kevin O, that were on my wish list to interview for this position. I am optimistic about what he can do here.
  6. Veretax

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    That doesn't exactly give me the confidence you might think. I'd prefer it if Love beats him out making his position expendable
  7. Veretax

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Can we be honest, I love Trent. In an ideal world he would retire here. But he's not a long term starter anymore. he is injured a lot the last three seasons (not counting last year).... He's like a really good car that you love, but needs to be in the shop 2 months of the year for repairs and replacements. you still love that car, but it might be time to cut bait if you've paid it off and trade it for something more reliable.
  8. My post had nothing to do with likelihood or probability. Mearly stating that it makes sense to clean out some bad contracts up front, find a way to get more draft picks in year 1 of Revera then let them sit even longer. My opinion.
  9. Depends on health, so if he's cut, more reason to trade expensive vets for draft picks. Also resets windows for that position.
  10. The answer seems obvious... Trade Alex take cap hit, along with kerrigan/williams/maybe norman, 1 other for more draft picks to get cheap depth for next year
  11. btw the junkies had this add, that I thought this morning suggested there had been no holdouts/controversy during Allen's tenure> And I said what? How about McNabb? HaynesWorth/Cap Gate? S'ua Cravens? RG3 vs Cousins Cousins Extension I'm sure I missed something.
  12. Someone should do a riff on 24 with a pick of Jac Del Rio (in redskins garb) as Jack Bauer .. "jack is DC"
  13. "I had to fire Ron as a condition to sell the team." Money talks after all
  14. For the record, given his age, I wonder if Marvin Lewis might be a possible front office guy. A guy who can evaluate talent, and help us put a product together, instead of as HC. i thought that when his name was floated.