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  1. The team made a come back attempt, I was happpy with that, When Arizona decided to go all out... and got pat mid field it as over then so yeah. I just heard was it florio? say Jordan Reid is the Savior for San Fran? Do they know his injury history?
  2. WHen they made that one conversion, You felt they were getting a field goal. Look I get it, you'd maybe prefer the team fight, but what if we got guys hurt? I'm not upset at this. We were smoked in the first half of this game. This team has room to grow, lets move on.
  3. with the time left, it was a no brainer. If they don't get it, Philly has to go what, 90 yards? Even if they pick up a few first downs, that's multiple plays for the d line to sack wentz again.
  4. I'm not sure how much of that is Eagles play calling. It felt like the eagles tried to keep chase out of the way, running away from him and so forth. A lot of the passes were out quick too, Wentz early on seemed content to through it underneath to Ertz or the other TE. I do agree that Kerrigan had juice when he came in.
  5. Wait... What did Doug Pedersen do that was disrespectful?
  6. Well crap, I'm not even on the team and now I want to run through a Brick wall. (bad idea with my current health condition, but man, that energy.. I love.
  7. On the defensive back field. Honestly, I think I only recall 3 really poorly played passes. One of them was Etz on a crossing route early on when the other TE just stopped. That's a pretty hard pattern to defend without giving up other things. The other major one was the one where it looked like the eagle stutter stepped then went for the corner, and had to play up resulting in the eagles getting into position to score. You play enough snapps you will get burned. We played better in the second half. It felt like we were on our heels a lot in the first 2 quarters. That makes
  8. The most hilarious part, when we went on top the firs ttime, They showed images of the EAgles sideline, their heads were hanging, and one of them looked like lip reading was saying. "I can't believe we are losing to this Football Team they don't even have a true name.
  9. I don't think our conditioning was in top form, but we hung in there, which matters. We did have a few injuries but most of them were particular personnel (IE like Foster) . This squad may have a platoon of Receiving backs, but am I the only one worried that some of these guys are not much better than CT was?
  10. My biggest concern was the receiving corp. I think our backs got a few, otherwise it was Terry, Thomas... I think Inman had a pass, but Our oline sruggled a lot early on. That's going to be an issue all year I'm afraid. The offside issue bothered me, but after seeing a couple of games I realize this may be a a weird abberation. I don't like the other penalties.
  11. I have a shirt and a hat. the later is in bad shape the shirt is relegated to sleep ware now.
  12. Some of the ideas I've thought of if Snyder decided it was time to do so in no way am I advocating this should happen now: (In no particular order) Washington Red Hawks Washington Red Rivals Washington Nation Washington Trumpcards (hey adding a new casino right? why not get on the ground floor and embrace it?) (Could also subtley thumb the eye of the people pushing this as some will shorten it to the Washington Trumps Washington Forever (OR DC Forever) Washintgon Hail Washington Triumph (My favorites here are Washintgon Nation, Washington DC Forever, Washington Triumph, bt
  13. I see this differently than most. First let me be clear I support Dan's ability to make a decision that is best for the fans and legacy of the Washington Redskins. But because I think he will make such a move, I do not expect him to bend to the latest pressure for the following reasons: 1. FedEx has a contract with the team... They are now in basically breach of that contract> 2. Pepsi likely also has a Contract with the team... and are now in basically breach of that contract 3. As for Nike? Not sure if that's a league side decision or not. 4. All three are in effect cor
  14. My only problem with this logic, is you risk ticking off a large percentage of the fanbases of the NFL... If they are okay with that, then so be it, but I think the shield doesn't want that. I said when all this crap with Colin started, that the players are trying to say they want a way to do more, and the way the NFL and teams reacted pressed by people like us, sure, didn't really solve the problem. They could have given them a bone, but chose not to. The question is.... Do they get a Femur now? or the whole skeleton?
  15. I want to be very, very clear. If action is taken against JDR for exercising his freedom of speech, when we are finally as a league forgiving Kaepernick for his earlier escapades. I will turn in my fan card for this team, and it will be dead to me. Not because of his politics, but because I am sick and tired of stuff not related to football being used to derail this team. Move on front office, focus on playing the game, and fix the problem quietly in house if you have to, but don't give into the circular firing squad going on right now in politics. We've all had enough of it.
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