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  1. I'm for sitting Haskins to let him learn more about NFL-level football, reading regular season defenses, getting the playbook and adjustment to automatic-memory level, and developing a better understanding of what his teammates are good at (especially his receiving corps). Haskins didn't start right away at Ohio State and that may have contributed to how well he did, when he finally did get the starting QB role. Why not try the same formula? I don't buy into the argument that if Haskins looks great in the OTAs and in the preseason games against vanilla defenses -- that it means he's ready for the crucible of regular season football when the opponents defenses' gloves come off and he discovers how the Skins O-line and WRs aren't presenting him with time or targets to throw. I'm not sure what being thrust into regular season NFL games early on, would do to his development, but I suspect it wouldn't be a positive thing. If Haskins starts, simply as a marketing attraction to fill the seats, then it's more of the same old SnyderSkins philosophy of sacrificing the future for the present. I think the Skins lucked into a real find for their QB of the future, and so I don't want Haskins to be given the Ramsey treatment.
  2. Wyvern

    Does Doctson even care?

    First year IR aside, This is effectively Docston 's 3rd year -- traditionally when WRs break through or show you how low or how high their ceiling is. So, WITH OPTION, if Docston flamed out, Skins could always let him walk and not be on the hook for his 5th year. Assuming the Skins can finally get some value out of Richardson (or another WR, or decent TE help) I think Doctson is going to have a good year. But then I also think the Skins will probably have to let him leave, because,without the option, they can't afford Docston's services at free-market prices. IMHO, a dumb move by the Skins FO. I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce was behind this one. Weird how everyone is willing to gamble on other players' injured status -- and then get so risk-averse about Doctson's possible future injuries. My point : Skins FO "dumble-Bruced" this decision.
  3. Wyvern

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Sorry, but this is where we part ways. If we tank under our veteran QBs, I have a hard time seeing rookie Haskins trotting in and lighting up the defenses with the same cheesy offensIve cast of players that Keenum had to deal with. Also, from what I've seen, Haskins had difficulties pulling the trigger just before receivers came out of their breaks and Gruden's aggressive over the middle timed passing attack requires more seasoning and accuracy than I've seen from Haskins games. We'll see but if the O-line can't protect Keenum, Haskins won't fare much better.
  4. I note the Titans starting LG, Quinten Spain got signed by Buffalo. Looks like the Skins FO is sleeping through the remainder of free agency and is pinning its O-line hopes on a reclamation project (Flowers), or m-a-y-b-e a low-round draft-pick who they figure they can plug&play at a key position. I really don't understand this Front Office at all. They've created so much pressure on themselves to have a perfect draft to solve everyone of their existing roster problems. And by continuing to fail to be serious about their O-line short-falls, they're probably hamstringing their running game and putting even more pressure on their weak/under-performing receiving corps. No decent offensive power means the games will be ugly to watch, even if the Skins manage to occasionally limp through for a win in a low-scoring game. I'll bide my time to see how the draft unfolds -- but the Skins 2019 off-season efforts do not give me much confidence. Looks like Allen is planning to load up on waiver-wire cuts again and then claim he's built a championship roster
  5. I don't think it was Gruden who complained to the media. My read is that it was other internal sources who were leaking to the media about Gruden's internally expressed dissatisfaction with how Allen & Co. were conducting free agency. While I'm sure Gruden was amenable to the idea of Collins replacing the departed Swearinger... I suspect he WAS caught off-guard by the size of the contract and how it dried up most of the remaining funds needed to bring in decent help at WR, linebacker(s), O-line help, and other areas of need. I suspect while his opinion is asked about the talent and fit of potentially new personnel, Gruden doesn't have much say in how much is spent on actually acquiring players targeted as roster-worthy. .... So, would Jay have been willing to pay that much for Collins if it meant there'd be no additional FA help at the other trouble spots?
  6. Wyvern

    Starting QB 2019???

    I understand (on Tuesday?) Gruden is supposed to provide an explanation about McCoy being on crutches, and hopefully, provide some comments on Colt's readiness for the OTAs in May. If McCoy did have some kind of set-back, it could be a serious matter for the Skins -- and could impact the team's draft plans, possible trading strategy, etc. I'm hoping McCoy is just using the crutch as a safety pre-caution; still, at this stage in his healing process, you'd imagine he could be "safe" by just using a decent cane rather than a crutch.
  7. RE: Extending or trading Scheff I understand the logic of trading someone while the FO still has contract rights but doesn't think they can afford to extend that player's original contract or .... eventually have to compete for them in free-agency. Frankly, if the Skins FO knew it wasn't serious about trying to retain Orakpo, Cousins, Long, Breeland, Grant, Smith, Crowder, etc., then the FO should have considered what it could get in trade value before the players were eligible for free agency and the Skins FO lost their leverage. Too many times, Skins players who are well-regarded as NFL-level talent are allowed to get to free agency, and then the best the Skins can hope for is a compensatory draft pick. The Skins simply wait too long to consider trades on their "market-worthy" players until they've significantly diminished in skills/value or teams can simply wait until the player hits free-agency. The Skins really need to make quicker decisions on if they are willing to consider trading marquee players, especially if it's expected they'd be too old to help (or they'd be ending their contracts) when the Skins were actually ready to make the playoffs. Right now, some of those types of players are folks you'd consider "not for trade"... Williams, Norman, Kerrigan, Reed, or maybe "we just need to see more of how good they are" (Docston, Moreau, Richardson, Montrae N., etc). Truly, It's tough to trade them, but the Skins need to get away from this "The Future is Now" philosophy they call into EVERY season. The truth is the Skins need to continue to stockpile draft-picks and young players to build their foundation of talent, like many other successful franchises do. The more first and 2nd round picks they accumulate, the more young play-makers they can add to the team, and the more trade value their roster has (if the Skins decided they could live without that talent's higher-cost contract. So for Scherff, he's got trade value, well-regarded, youngish, in a position which he could play at a high level for 8+ more years, a "football player and good for team chemistry", but not in a position that is known for being a playmaker. I think he is foundation material, but if his price tag is too high... The cap-strapped Skins need to be entertaining trade offer for him now, not next year. ...Please know I really like Scherff, and deeply hope the Skins make a real effort to retain him, but how many mega-contracts can the team bear while it's trying to build a solid foundation for a talented roster for the future? And make no mistake, the Skins future is NOT now. They need to keep rebuilding to recover from the A. Smith debacle.
  8. My two cents ... 1. Don't mortgage the future for a splashy signing of Antonio Brown. A diva receiver is not what this team needs when the pass protection is suspect and the starting QB's arm suggests that most of the long passes would be floating in, rather than rifled in. How long is it before Brown starts publicly complaining about not being used the right way. This team's coaching and TO would probably not be skillful enough to handle this "Terrell Owens type" of personality, and soon be trying to unload the person they'd sacrificed so much to obtain. 2. I also hope the Skins FO doesn't mortgage the future trying to trade up for Murray -- the O-line protection isn't dependable enough and the rookie would likely have a short (but flashy) stint before he started to rack up too many injuries. I'm even lukewarm to trading up to 9 to leapfrog teams in order to select Lock (who, with some seasoning might be serviceable in 2020.). I think the Skins have to acknowledge their 2019 and 2020 seasons have been hamstrung by what happened with Alex Smith, and just roll with McCoy and a serviceable -- and mobile/durable -- backup for when McCoy goes down again. (Maybe look to the 2020 draft to select a high-quality QB who can have a season to back-up in order to learn and acclimate to the NFL level game) Bottom Line: The team is barely getting itself out of the hole created by the RG3 trade and the post-Shanny overhaul. Consequently, it needs to follow a more steady and incremental pace of improvement, rather than "doubling down" and staking the future on some flashy signing or trade in search of the magical "missing piece for a championship" . While the Skins FO may feel they need this to be able to hype the 2019 Skins and fill stadium seats -- the reality is that the team is probably 3 years away from having a stable enough quality roster, an adequate stockpile of affordable homegrown depth and surplus of draft-picks to support that kind of gamble. IMHO, the Skins need to keep pursuing a "slow-&-steady" strategy for improving the team, until they emerge from the Alex Smith disaster. Sadly, I suspect Dan/Bruce aren't willing to be that patient.
  9. Wyvern

    Starting QB 2019???

    Considering they went after Sanchez, maybe they'll try to check another QB off of Snyder's wish-list and try to coax Cutler out of retirement?
  10. Wyvern

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Sorry, when I look at the Skins record, and consider the shape they're in today... I don't think anyone really considers Washington as a dangerous team to block a teams progress to the NFC Championship, much less the Super Bowl. The franchise has been decidedly mediocre in the 21st century.
  11. Wyvern

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    2000 2000 NFL NFC East 3rd 8 8 0 — Norv Turner (7–6) Terry Robiskie(1–2) 2001 2001 NFL NFC East 2nd 8 8 0 — Marty Schottenheimer 2002 2002 NFL NFC East 3rd 7 9 0 — Steve Spurrier 2003 2003 NFL NFC East 3rd 5 11 0 — 2004 2004 NFL NFC East 4th 6 10 0 — Joe Gibbs 2005 2005 NFL NFC East 2nd 10 6 0 Won Wild Card Playoffs (at Buccaneers) 17–10 Lost Divisional Playoffs (at Seahawks) 10–20 2006 2006 NFL NFC East 4th 5 11 0 — 2007 2007 NFL NFC East 3rd 9 7 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (at Seahawks) 14–35 2008 2008 NFL NFC East 4th 8 8 0 — Jim Zorn 2009 2009 NFL NFC East 4th 4 12 0 — 2010 2010 NFL NFC East 4th 6 10 0 — Mike Shanahan 2011 2011 NFL NFC East 4th 5 11 0 — 2012 2012 NFL NFC East 1st 10 6 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs(Seahawks) 14–24 Robert Griffin III(OROY) 2013 2013 NFL NFC East 4th 3 13 0 — 2014 2014 NFL NFC East 4th 4 12 0 — Jay Gruden 2015 2015 NFL NFC East 1st 9 7 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs(Packers) 18–35 2016 2016 NFL NFC East 3rd 8 7 1 — 2017 2017 NFL NFC East 3rd 7 9 0 — 2018 2018 NFL NFC East 3rd 7 9 0
  12. ... Here's what I meant about the United Football League connection. After two seasons of play, the United Football League (UFL) Florida Tuskers relocated to Virginia Beach, Va., where they were renamed the Virginia Destroyers, and played UFL 2011 season. Doug Williams was briefly the general manager of the Destroyers, and you may recall that Gruden and Haslett were involved with the Tuskers franchise around this time period. The Tuskers had ended their two previous UFL seasons by reaching the UFL Championship game, but fell to the Las Vegas Locomotives both times. FYI, the Virginia Destroyers beat the Las Vegas Locomotives in the 2011 UFL Championship game. Rattay was one of the Las Vegas QBs in 2009 but retired just before the 2010 season. He became the Locomotives' WRs coach for the 2011 season. Since this was small league, I wondered if there were times when these folks might have crossed paths. Especially since there was the earlier Tampa Bay connection as well.
  13. ... A UFL connection? I wonder if Doug Williams was a factor in this decision.
  14. I had difficulties with finding something among the different categories that captured how I felt about this team. Basically, I see some good elements and developments, but I'm resigned to the fact that the Skins have bad management, who've led the team into quite a predicament. I have dialed down my hopes and aspirations... but not yet to the level of total apathy. I generally like to focus on the positive, and so I hope for good things.... like maybe the team doesn't get so many injuries next season and plays better. I think the QB situation is bad, but the Skins have found passable stop-gap solutions before -- maybe next season unearths a low-tier free agent signing who has a surprisingly great year for the Skins. Maybe the team responds better to a new signal caller. Maybe Guide and the O-line click and the offense is passable and keeps us competitive. To be clear, I'm not oblivious to all the Skins woes, and dysfunction. But basically, there are always some slim strands of hope to cling to -- and I find it more pleasant to think that way. So I'll be holding the best for the team next season, but not being that emotionally invested, should they crash and burn by mid-season.
  15. Wyvern

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    I've got mixed feelings about Haskins. Essentially, he's hitting the draft after only one real season as a starting QB. I've seen a lot of college QBs look great their first season and then come back to earth in their subsequent seasons. Haskins had a great season, no doubt,and that's a big plus... Because you can see he has the chops to be a good QB in a west coast system. 6'3" and 215 lbs isn't bad size, and he's inclined to be a pocket passer like Gruden would like his QBs to be. But 2019 isn't yielding a bumper crop of QBs, as was the case in previous years ---so we're probably talking about a solid, but necessarily elite, QB; one who hasn't faced NFL level defenses (or even top-tier SEC level defenses!) So, to me, the real question is not trading up for him, but what the Skins might do if he's available when they pick. (I tend to think Haskins could be available, because most of the draft sites had him pegged between the 15th to 40th pick.) But I think he goes in the first round, because QBs tend to rise as the draft nears. [I see Haskins has already risen to 6th in Walters draft board.] Mainly, I ask myself, how many truly great QBs have come out of Ohio State? Is Haskins going to be the exception? If so, could he really flourish to his full potential of NFL QB, as a Washington Redskin?
  16. Wyvern

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Considering the Skins O-line is in such bad shape, I suspect a Skins victory today is a real long-shot. That said, I really am hoping Washington can pull off an upset and spoil Philly's chances. ... I want it even more so, after seeing a number of ES'ers posting how they're hoping Washington gets trounced. Those pulling for a Philly win, probably will get their wish --- but I'm really hoping the Skins surprise them today.
  17. Here's hoping we spoil the Eagles chances to get into the playoffs. It's not often when you get to officially snuff out a Superbowl Champion's chance to repeat. I'm aware there are some ES'ers who have said they're hoping for a Skins' loss today; I'm not onboard with some of the reasons they've provided, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. The main thing for me is that I want this win for the core of young Skins players who will be with this team in future seasons -- I'd like it if they could salvage little something from this season, and reaffirm some pride, amidst all this negative, demoralizing stuff being tossed around during this turbulent time. GO SKINS! .... BEAT THE EAGLES!!!
  18. Wyvern

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    It's sad to read so many truly gloomy posts; including the ones predicting even more dire consequences looming ahead for this franchise. The way the Skins playoff run ended was sad, but then again it took a massive number of injuries to the cast of Skins starters to bring about the collapse, and even so, the Skins were still in the hunt until Dec 22. Maybe that end of season losing streak makes folks focus more on ALL the possible things that are wrong with the Skins, and the media is right there to help list them for you. My feeling, a streak of losses should not convince us that the team is unsalvagable, and cursed, just as much as a streak of wins shouldn't convince us that the team is perfect and invincible. There will be better times ahead, there will bumps in the road and other bad times ahead. This team may lose good players, but they have a lot of good players who will still be here, and maybe some of the new players brought in will turn out to be good too. Some teams' fortunes rise, some teams' fortunes fall -- perhaps the trait of a reliable fan is being able to stick with your team, whichever situation happens. Look, I'm not a big fan of Snyder, Allen, and I don't consider Gruden as one of top-notch coaches in the NFL. But I'm grateful to have an NFL franchise representing my city, and a historic franchise at that. I'm glad to be able to reflect on moments of when I shared Skins fan experiences with my Dad --- and, win or lose, those were pretty special. And it's been great to be able to share views on this team with fellow ES'ers; I learn a lot from them. (This one of the better NFL franchise message boards I've seen.) FYI, I stopped playing fantasy football years ago (even though I often won) because it was more fun to focus my attention on the team I'd chosen to support as a fan, and to cheer on in public. Even though the Skins haven't won a championship lately, they've had some exciting wins and losses -- and the entertainment was enhanced by the fact that I had invested myself in how well they did. So, in spite of the recent string of losses that prevented the Skins from making the playoffs, I am still a fan To be clear, fans don't have to be like sheep -- they've a right to their opinions and to express/explain/defend/debate them. And I'll still be critical of decisions made, plays that weren't executed properly, and even about players/coaches/execs I prefer not be on the team that I support as a fan. But as long as I'm a fan, I'll also stay hopeful that things will improve for "my" team, even when it's going through rough times. And I encourage other fans to not let their spirits sink too low during the tough times -- and maybe to consider how even the 2018 Skins team still has a lot of talent, and how it has been able to maintain some continuity. So maybe the 2019 Skins might not necessarily be condemned to have a 2-14 season next year with the entire coaching staff being blown up and followed by a 5-7 year rebuild... simply because of some awkward personnel decisions made by the FO in December 2018. Who knows? It's a long off-season and maybe the 2019 Skins might pleasantly surprise you!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Eve to all in North America, and "Happy Christmas" to ES fans in the UK and in Europe. Me? ....I'm looking forward to waking up late on Christmas Day, and then getting in touch with close friends and family.
  20. Wyvern

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    I predicted this would happen about a day ago: https://es.redskins.com/topic/426351-dj-swearinger-blasts-redskins-dc-manusky-after-loss/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-11419636 I thought Swearinger would quickly need to get out in front of this, if he really wanted to stay on the team. He needed to reach out to Gruden, acknowledge how he'd messed up and ask if he could help things by retracting his statement. I don't think that course of action ever crossed DJ's mind, because he probably felt he was within his rights to be speaking his mind to the media, even after being told several times not to do so. I listened to DJ's interview and can't believe he didn't know why he was being let go. Also, I found odd his comments about how his coaches might have been regarding him as "too smart" or "a weapon". I don't think he understood the limits on how much advice he could offer as friendly input, before it became something like badgering, and more importantly how not having your advice taken was no justification to share your frustration with the media. During DJ's interview I felt he WAS implying that Allen couldn't understand the coverage issues of the LBs/DBs. (SIP, you can correct me, but I also felt DJ was insinuating that Allen's support of Manusky's game-calling was motivated by the fact it allowed Allen to have a good game for himself.). There were a lot of things in his interview that reminded me of employees I knew who were simply "too smart" to fit in with the realities of the workplace, even for someone like DJ having to fit in on a team like the Skins that's being run with a "players coach" easy-going style. Today, I think the Skins decided they are willing to pay a full price (even losing possible trade value for DJ) simply to set an example that public challenges to the coaching staff would not be tolerated. Granted, It probably would have been easier to suspend DJ for one game without pay, and send him home until they could unload him for some value. But perhaps there was something in his contract or the players bargaining agreement that could potentially prevent Skins from withholding pay simply on the grounds they didn't like what he had said to the media. Bottom line -- considering Swearinger's NFL work history, I suspect some coaches may be reluctant to ignore this latest red-flag, and that should drive down his next contract's price. But more importantly, after this latest episode DJ is probably one more release away (or one more non-renewal) from being considered unemployable despite his talent, out of concerns he's not able to fit in, and/or is potentially volatile to team chemistry. (The Jeff George effect.) If that day comes, DJ can try coaching ... Perhaps he'll be good at that, but evenso, he'll still have to fit in with the program of whatever organization he works for.
  21. Wyvern

    Lock up Josh Johnson now

    Skins will keep McCoy because It would cost $2 million to cut him, vs. the $3.5 million to have him on the roster in 2019. Besides, Gruden likes him. If you try to sign Josh Johnson now, you're probably looking at his agent looking for a similar type of 2-year contract that McCoy received. And no one's sure how well Johnson's pocket passing expertise suits Gruden's passing offense under non-emergency conditions. Much of Johnson's play involved escaping the pocket and seeing what he could find open (almost sandlot) which is different than what Gruden has tried to install for his offense. So the kind of QB the Skins bring in for 2019, will depend on what quality of pass-protection they feel they can expect out of the offensive line in 2019. If they think they can have good pass-pro, they won't be looking as hard for a mobile scrambling specialist QB, and instead be looking for a less mobile but more suited to Gruden's style of WCO. In that case case, we could wind up with someone like Osweiler, Siemian, Fitzpatrick,or even Foles or Sudfeld. However, if the Skins lose Scherff, and they feel it's time to move on from some of the other older starting O-line players, they probably will be less certain of having quality pass-pro, and be more inclined to someone like Johnson, Bridgewater, or Taylor. (Considering the history fragile health of the Skins O-line, this seems a more realistic approach.) IMHO, if affordable, Bridgewater might be the most intriguing QB to pursue, but I think the Skins go with older in either scenario I'd mentioned above. That's because I suspect they're planning to draft yet another "franchise" QB in either 2019 (meh) or 2020 (possibly a deeper class).
  22. Wyvern

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    After reading Gruden's answers to the Swearinger-related questions during his press-conference, I suspect D.J. needs to be prepared for making some kind of public statement retracting his earlier remarks. I get the sense Gruden (and the Skins FO) has tired of this type of behavior and might even over-react in D.J.'s instance simp!y to set an example.
  23. Wyvern

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    As one of the leaders of the defense, Swearinger needed to keep this sort of thing in-house. By allowing himself to vent his frustrations to the media vultures circling the Redskins, he has created another issue that will place his other fellow teammates on the spot. Because they'll be pressed to comment on what Swearinger said and on whether they feel the defensive coaching staff let them down too, or whether some teammates are not good enough for man-to-man defensive schemes, etc., etc. ...And nothing good will come of that. Swearinger ought to man up, and publicly retract his statement as an inaccurate emotional outburst born out of frustration. He should express his respect for and confidence in the Skins coaching staff, and apologize to all for any misconceptions his outburst might have created. He should emphasize that his Skins teammates are good enough to execute whatever defensive scheme requested of it, but that the Titans offense is also good, and capable of executing its schemes, and how this particular time it was Tennessee that prevailed. Swearinger has to respect the line between being a fiery leader of the defense and being a hothead who crosses that line and starts causing media brush-fires. ....Keep it in-house, DJ.
  24. Wyvern

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    There things that I don't like about Gruden's coaching style but he needs to be retained for 2019, regardless of what happens (or not) in the front office. I'm hoping that Callahan's role in calling plays is removed even if that means possibly losing him. I think that some of the predictable and unproductive running play calling might be due to Callahan. Also, going forward, the. offensive game-planning and game-time play-calling needs to be handled by a single offensive coordinator, who Gruden has groomed during the off-season to assume those duties in 2019. Naturally since playcalls to the QB still gets channelled through Gruden, he could occasionally override a play-call, but he needs to be more focussed on assessing the flow of the game, or giving general counsel or his preferences on style of play to his OC, rather than being down in the weeds of pondering each single playcall. Gruden has plenty of other things to do, to be acting like an effective Head Coach with final say. In short, Gruden needs to be a head coach, not a player coach, or a hybrid OC/Head Coach. And he should also hire someone to be up in the booth to planning half-time adjustments while the first half is still going on. That way Gruden can be properly evaluated as on how effective he is in leading his coaching staffs' production. Basically, lighten the load of granular/lesser responsibilities from Gruden's plate, so he can better coordinate the plan of attack as a Head Coach and not as another worker bee. ....But most of keep Callahan away from any game-time play-calling.
  25. This is a good thread and we should continue to feed it. I liked Baked Tater's story, it shows how in spite of the recent string of misfortune and losses there are still lots of memorable moments of being a Skins fan --and some great plays we'll remember from this season (like Peterson's breakaway runs, some key goal-line stands that sealed a win versus Carolina, the Allen-Payne-Ionnadis trio destroying some opposing QBs' protection and then burying the QB. (Maybe some of the more technically gifted ES members might load a few of those clips on this thread to remind us of those great moments.) To be clear I'm not making light of the challenges that this franchise is facing. However, there is a good accumulation of young talent and some well-regarded coaches who are developing that talent. The Skins roster is a lot deeper than in years past, even to the point that teams are now pursuing Washington PS squad players too. And, unlike in years past, the team still has stocked a decent number of draft picks to bring in new talent (and even seems to be getting better finding decent players in the draft and with UDFAs). Maybe most important of all, our region still has an NFL franchise -- unlike what happened to St. Louis, San Diego, and soon to Oakland. So, if there's a Washington franchise, there's always the chance that it might turn around and bring us another championship, or at least a great reason to follow games in December and perhaps beyond. My point: This has been a good thread to balance out the slew of depressing posts I've been reading over the last couple of months. Maybe we need to keep in mind that there are still a lot of positive things about this team, and it's not all gloom & doom -- and maybe it's easier (at least for emotional balance and maybe from a 'karma' sense too) that we not always just dwell on the negatives about this team. And though it's getting harder to remember them, there have been some highlights and good developments about the team -- even this season. And some of these might translate into better times ahead.