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  1. ESPN article on draft surprises discusses Newton: 2024 NFL draft confidential: College coaches' surprises, sleepers https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/40076470/nfl-draft-2024-college-coaches-confidential-sleepers-surprises Illinois defensive tackle Jer'Zhan Newton was a two-time AP All-America selection, a consensus All-American in 2023, the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and a Nagurski Trophy finalist. "Everybody thought he was going to be a first-rounder," a Big Ten coordinator said. But Newton had to wait until the second round, when Washington drafted him 36th overall. "When he [gave full effort], he was unblockable," a Big Ten coach said. "His problem is, it's on and off. He's not consistent with his effort, and at that level, if you want to be a first-rounder, you better be a freakazoid or relentless effort. But when we watched his film, we were like, 'If he's going to play hard the whole game, I don't think we can block this guy.'"
  2. "Meaning, of course, that there's still a chance, even a better chance now, that Chicago will 'trade down' with us, Caleb for Jayden." You can't fool us, we know what you're thinking! 😋
  3. We need Chariots of Fire theme added to this:
  4. Guess I'm going to have to pay attention next year to which prospects are a team captain, Magee another one, seems to be a thing with GMAP.
  5. We did have Cam Hart in for top 30 visit.... And Booker.
  6. SF just took my personal mid-round RB crush, Isaac Guerendo. Rats. 3rd fastest 40 at the combine, period. At 6'0" and 221.
  7. It's the Dream Killer, Ngata, with the Ravens' pick. Grrrrr.
  8. OT Blake Fisher did a top 30 visit with Commanders....
  9. Problem there is, 2 teams ahead of them (AZ, BUFF) also have real need at CB. But crossing fingers for DeJean anyway.
  10. https://www.si.com/nfl/2024/04/25/2024-nfl-draft-jayden-daniels-best-quarterback The NFL Draft’s Best QB Just Landed With the Commanders Washington needs to treat Jayden Daniels like the gift that he is to this franchise, handing them the second chance of a lifetime. [excerpt] This is a plea for the Commanders to avoid destructive internal politics. This is a plea for the Commanders to avoid a rapid turnover at the head coaching and offensive coordinator spots (the Detroit Lions have held onto Ben Johnson for two consecutive offseasons; the Commanders, even with success on Daniels’s part, should do what they can to keep Kliff Kingsbury installed). This is a plea for the Commanders to allow for organic growth and progress in lieu of clumsily piling on high-priced wide receivers to microwave the process. This is a plea for the Commanders to find the Jayden Daniels offense. This is a plea for the Commanders to avoid the quest for personal credit, avoid disparaging the quarterback anonymously to reporters in order to save careers if Daniels struggles (kind of like they did to Johnson when he decided not to be the team’s head coach this past winter), avoid his personal life becoming his public life. This is a plea to treat Daniels like the gift that he is to this franchise and to understand that, while everyone has a job to do, the Commanders’ main priority is to not allow that stinging embarrassment, that all-consuming indifference and apathy, that forget-about-it hopelessness to begin coursing through the fanbase again. It’s possible, especially now that the planets have aligned, that the Bears may have passed on the draft’s best quarterback and handed the Commanders the second chance of a lifetime.
  11. https://heavy.com/sports/nfl/las-vegas-raiders/jayden-daniels-jack-jones-commanders/ Raiders Star Suggests Jayden Daniels Isn’t Happy With Landing Spot For the last several months, the Las Vegas Raiders were heavily linked to LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Antonio Pierce was his recruiting coordinator at Arizona State and cornerback Jack Jones was his teammate. Jones didn’t hide the fact that he thought Daniels would be a good fit in Las Vegas. However, it’s not going to happen after the Washington Commanders selected the Heisman Trophy winner with the No. 2 pick. Shortly after the news broke, Jones noticed Daniels’ body language and suggested he wasn’t happy with the landing spot. “I know that look he ain’t wanna go there,” Jones wrote in an April 25 X post.
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