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  1. Locals, Is the weather really as nasty as it looks on TV? I am hoping it dries up by game time.
  2. If CY benefited by being on a team that sometimes is in the lead we would see more from him. Problem is we never have a lead.
  3. Who is to say Hopkins makes the extra point. He has really pissed me off lately and is far from reliable. I am cool with the gamble and believe the odds for the outcome of a win were around the same either way.
  4. Will the new name for this site be Extremetails? Sounds pornographic. PS. Sorry in advance if that is offensive to anyone in the entire world.
  5. Is the Logo racist or is it more the name? I have to admit I am more attached to the Logo than the name. Keeping the Logo and using a name that is more respectful could be an option. What about The Washington Warriors. Does that offend people? Maybe with the blood in the water people won't be satisfied unless everything is changed.
  6. I not worried about our squad compared to the division. With who we picked up for coaches (leaders of men) and in the draft (we got Chase ****ing Young) ...the rest is gravy really. That being said, with the current roster and the hopeful healing and return to form of Foster and Love we have a BUNCH of team athleticism and speed. It will be a few years to contend for the playoffs but we will already be a problem for every team and that is infinitely better than the past few years... or 25 years. HTTR
  7. They hope he goes on to a diet and turns into his Dad.
  8. Does this mean they have found a guy with even smaller hands?
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