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  1. I agree with you. This opinion is unwarranted. If it was such a big deal he would have been flagged for taunting. Players wave and throw up peace signs all the time. I can understand the bad JuJu press though.
  2. Taylor's durability is a major question mark. We all saw the talent, accuracy and the fire in his game but much like Kyle Allen you have to hold your breath every time they make contact with big humans. He separated his shoulder yesterday and snapped his elbow in Carolina all in what is a combined three games of play. We at the very least need a guy like Fitzpatrick as insurance if we are rolling with Taylor and Kyle.
  3. Allen, Heineken and Fitzpatrick would be a good bullpen.
  4. True, but we would still be playing in this same game. It may even be a an advantage because of the small sample size on Taylor's film.
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