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  1. I am from the west coast but I am surprised typical weather events in Redskin home area like Cyclone, Squall, Hurricanes or Nor'Easter aren't even considered. Hurricane is obviously taken.
  2. Any names with combat or war connotations will just be another avenue for people to be offended again. PC police allert!
  3. Chase is our identity. I think he is untouchable.
  4. We may have to say good bye to Allen or Payne if we were to move up to the 4th spot. Otherwise I doubt we have enough marbles to pull off a trade from 19. This and next year's first rounders + Allen and a 2022 second might do it.
  5. I think you would need 8 mouths for that to work.
  6. The fat guys are so uninspiring yet so essential to success.. O-Lineman are a nessassary evil long-term but a buzz kill on draft day. It's just how it is.
  7. You gotta give it Ol' Danny Boy he is not a quitter. Similar to Herpes he is a lifetime annoyance..... So I have heared about Herpes anyways...
  8. Agreed. I like Lindsay as a player but I don't think he is better than what we have in JD or Gibson let alone the most explosive back in the league.
  9. Good thing we didn't sell the farm for "Rub and Tug" Watson. He is facing some serious fire right now.
  10. Riverboats decision to go for two on the final play of the first game ended up being a loss but I believe that was a culture building decision that is a Win long term.
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