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  1. From what I understand the Red Wolf is an endangered indigenous species that was once common in that area. So it does have some significance locally.
  2. That's it! We are screwed. Our front office is archaic and behind the times. Litte green bugger man says so. There is however the rest of the world that thinks Ron and Co are doing a stand up job of changing our teams roster and culture. Is that the same dude who said Chase was a bust because it falls in line with the same illogical stance.
  3. The experts are comparing Davis to the Maniac. If he is even close to as good of a player it's an awesome pick.
  4. Mayock outsmarted by himself.
  5. OK. You must be either nuts or drunk.
  6. He ain't no CY. We got the chess piece.
  7. I'd be cool with a Ray Lewis Clone too.
  8. The three stuges are working their magic.
  9. So if Mac Jones falls to 19 do we take him?
  10. Obviously you go with the elite QB if you can. The argument is that it is possible with a guy like Fitz to be a contender and a possible winner of SB. I do agree the game has changed and its not as easy to get by as it used to be though.
  11. Only time will tell. Maybe he will be somewhere in between. The only one thing for certain is there is no certainty.
  12. I think he will be a player similar to Lavante David.
  13. Dilfer, Johnson and McMahon are also good Not great QBs to win it on the back of a solid D.
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