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  1. I tend to agree with you about the injury issues. The problem is there is just nobody out there that isn't an injury risk. So in Eastons case it's his age that's attractive combined with his versatility at either guard or center. As for less talent between the two, I think the jury is still out on both but Easton has been the better pro. Flowers has the name but has yet to show he is capable at least as a tackle. He is a younger guy though, so so maybe both would be good for back ups.
  2. Flowers LOL... Roses are Brown Violets are Brown Hey who **** in my GARDEN? Hopefully we are the mystery team in on Nick Easton
  3. I could see the Rams peddling Sammy Watkins. Not a Diggs type player but better than what we have. Another one of those injury prone guys though. Oops I mean Chiefs but now there are rumours of Hill being in trouble so they might hold on to him.
  4. Mmmm sloppy Joes. Didnt Charles Mann have a commercial for sloppy joes? I haven't had those for years. We both want the same thing but we have different views on how we will get there. We also have cap constraints and other position needs which play a role in this also. For example should we pay 3 to 4 million for a sloppy joe guard who might last half a season before getting injured or pay the same for a safety like Tre Boston. He may not be a 5 course meal but he would be a very digestible 4 course meal. He would check off another need. Therefore narrowing your draft list for more linemen. Get the best bang for your buck so to speak. Or the least mold on your bread.
  5. rumplestilskin

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree, either that or trade up for Murray.
  6. rumplestilskin

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    According to reports apparently the Giants don't see Haskins a fit for their team. LOL
  7. Well who can we dream about next. Let's see... Deandre Hopkins for our whole starting OLine
  8. But Wr is a need and if you could get Diggs for our 1st at least you know what your getting apposed to the dice roll of an early round Wr prospect.
  9. I am thinking the delay on his contact reup might be because of his injury. Maybe they are waiting to see bow it heals. I have said it before in other posts, that is the worst possible injury for that position as it can be so easily reinjured. I would hate to lose him though. Rather give up our first for SD but maybe that wouldn't be enough.
  10. Fear not my friend, we have 9 selections in this years draft. It is a lock that we will draft at least one or two linemen. Where on the draft board is the million dollar question so really tough to single out one player. Also why not UDFA? It is at least picking players who are young for reserves. At least they won't be 30 something with major injury red flags. An injured player does nobody any good and if we were to pick up any of the guys you mentioned it would mean that they haven't learned anything from last year's hope that old crusty vets can get you through a season. At the end of the day we both agree we want more depth. My arguement is it should be through the draft or if someone suprising becomes available through cuts or trade. No more injured bums.
  11. LOL. How would those old always injured guys solve our problem? How are they any different than Shaun Luavao other than a different name? TJ Lang is never healthy. Sutton has a ripped shoulder. Cooper I could see but you can't count on him to last more than 1/2 a season. Beadles. I mean really? These guys are on the street for a reason because they can't stay healthy. I do understand we need some guys on the line but honestly not from that list of Zombies.