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  1. Wrong, remember Super Bowl XLV? And for everybody saying the burgundy pants are THE Redskins uniform, I guess you forgot the 20 years of mediocrity post 1992? Pretty sure we have the exact or extremely close hue of gold. (different fabric though) The gold pants (and socks) we're currently wearing are based on the 1970's era pants, which were brought over to Washington by Lombardi in 1969. (we changed our helmets to the indian head logo after Lombardi died, but the jerseys and pants stuck until 1979) The Packers bascially haven't changed their pants design since. (thicker stripes a
  2. Yup. Apparently Nike has sent mockups of a black jersey alternate and Bruce and Dan said no to that crap. We can always tweak the uniform but why change it? Just match up the strip patterns and get rid of the black shoes (go to the team color or at least white ones) and that would be it IMO.
  3. Nike did a terrible job on the collars, glad to see teams are starting to get rid of them.
  4. not from what i've heard. all 3 of these teams were known to be updating their look over a year ago. i doubt we would change anything major anyways.
  5. I agree, it's one of the best looks in the NFL. Sadly, they haven't worn the orange pants since 2004.
  6. that's correct. i believe thanksgiving is the only exception to that rule.
  7. all of that uniform talk is BS unless somebody has an inside source. anybody can say "The striping patterns on the gold pants dont match up with the jersey's, therefore look for them to change in 2013."
  8. Either they keep the 80th uniforms as an alt (alot of teams have throwbacks as an alt nowdays), or they bring back the burgundy pants. Remember, a team may only have 3 pairs of pants on hand per season.
  9. No, this is the third time we've wore white pants we when could have wore the gold pants instead. ---------- Post added October-4th-2012 at 01:09 PM ---------- No, they wore white over gold 3 times, and burgundy over white once.
  10. Saint's will be wearing white jerseys, so I'm pretty sure we will be in burgundy over gold.
  11. New England and Detroit both wore their colored throwbacks on Thanksgiving in 2010.
  12. Firstrowsports is still up, just use the .eu domain instead of .com http://www.thefirstrow.eu/
  13. Since Bruce likes the gold pants, we had to get rid of a pair (for this season) because a NFL team may only have 3 pairs per season. The problem is? We shelved the Burgundy pants instead of the White ones, which NOBODY seems to like. Bad decision... As for what we will wear, it's almost a given we wear white over white, since we never seem to wear gold pants in the preseason.
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