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  1. Riggo'sRangers

    Does Doctson even care?

    Probably a little of all of that, along with the lack of an alpha mentality, which is really required to excel in the NFL. Hail
  2. Riggo'sRangers

    Does Doctson even care?

    Josh ran a 4.5 forty which is very respectable. Jerry Rice ran a 4.7. He has just not developed the way many thought he might. It does appear he does not have burst of quickness via the eye test. He seems to rely on the vertical game. Actually, he had a terrific combine, came here & had the Achilles issue right off the bat. Just a cursed pick. Hell, even worse was the Cravens pick after that. At least we got Ioan & Fuller (damnit) later. Hail
  3. Riggo'sRangers

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

  4. Riggo'sRangers

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Goodness...we are going to use analytics, measurable data, and mathematical analysis to aid in shaping our team going forward? Shocking, and l o n g overdue. Smart guys/teams win. Nice. Hail https://riggosrag.com/2019/06/13/redskins-hire-football-strategy-analyst-indicating-shift-toward-analytics/
  5. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    I really like Terry, in every phylum. He is an old school, hard working, dedicated, humble kid. THIS is the kind of player that makes our team better beyond the tangible measurables. Hail
  6. Riggo'sRangers

    **** the Cowboys

    Every. Single. Year. Groundhog day & media in relation to the Cows. It sells & that is ALL matters to them. Let's play the games. Can't wait. Hail
  7. All things considered, it is a prudent move. He has made plays and is serviceable. Better than many will probably think. What I want though, in all honesty, is for Holcomb to be a draft day "steal". He has physical attributes that may work in his favor. Hope springs eternal. Hail
  8. Riggo'sRangers

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    We may as well be on Hard Knocks as we have already started our own in-house version on the 3rd play in OTA's. Hail
  9. That'll work! Thanks for coming through Hail!
  10. Someone needs to conger up some good ju-ju real quick, like code blue...Hail
  11. Riggo'sRangers

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Good grief...it hath begun already. Amazing bad luck, just unreal. I hope the dark cloud goes away at some point in what remains of my life. Hail
  12. Riggo'sRangers

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    It would be absolutely mesmorizing for us. The in-fighting regarding camp and the individual players would be glorious here. We ARE Extremeskins for a reason. Hail
  13. Riggo'sRangers

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Factor Ioan & Settle into this as well. Kinda hard to not be excited. Hail.
  14. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Brick by brick my citizens. Hail