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    Lost in this Dismal Season

  2. Riggo'sRangers

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Erosion? We are the ****ing Grand ****ing Canyon of "fan erosion". Hail..or hell...
  3. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Welcome to Redskins purgatory Dwayne. Sorry for your bad luck. Get out as soon as possible is all I can think of for now. We have ruined many talents over the Daniel Snyder regime. You are just the last in a long line of unfortunate souls. My condolences. Hail
  4. Riggo'sRangers

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have been loving this damn team since WAY before Dan bought them. Bruce is the worst. A match made in Hades. Most down I've ever been on this team. I wish that whatever made me fall for them as a youth could be undone. Embarrassing to even be a fan. Very sad state of affairs. Hail
  5. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Jay basically ****ed Haskins today. It was dirty, petty, and vindictive imho. I am highly pissed about it, and want Jay gone, now. That was some bad ****. I've had enough of his BS. End it, please. Hail
  6. Riggo'sRangers

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    I know when he should go. Now. Hail
  7. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    It is almost like Jay threw him out to the wolves, without basically any first team reps to say "See, I told you". He is a absolute piece of **** if so. I want Gruden gone now. This season is toast, and so is Jay. He just needs to go. Period. Hail
  8. Riggo'sRangers

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    This is when it gets interesting. Stick around for the full carnage. Making memories. Hail
  9. Riggo'sRangers

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    The Gruden era must come to an end, quickly. No fire or passion and our team reflects his personality. As a manager I totally understand. Great guy I'm sure but no leadership traits. Kill it and please take Greg Manusky with you. We need change, now. Hail
  10. Riggo'sRangers

    Illegal Notion: Tailspin

    Great article. I am an old fan that became a Redskins fan watching them in the '71 season & the Super Bowl vs Miami. Great times, and rough times over the decades that followed but nothing like the current state of affairs. They are just, quite frankly, the worst run team in the NFL and maybe all sports. It is just sad that I feel, or rather, don't feel, as I once did. I used to feel excitement, but now I just wait for the bottom to fall out. Perhaps it is just approaching 60 that explains part of it, or I have just aged in a way that makes it much less a component of my life. I don't know...but I do know the magic has waned, at least for me. I'm sure there are others, for reasons of their own. I just don't have the passion anymore and it is just sad. I finally had the epiphany that the ownership & leadership were the primary factors affecting the team and my enjoyment of my favorite team of any sport, ever. So it goes. Perhaps someday the tide will turn, but I doubt it under our current structure. We shall see...hail
  11. Riggo'sRangers

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Reed was a great player for us when healthy, but alas, that was so very infrequently. He absolutely 100% should never play again, and this is for his own benefit. It's better for him and the team from a closure & moving forward perspective. I wish him the best and we will have fond memories of him. Hail
  12. I'm sorry, I am going to have to steal this team name for my league. AWESOME name! Hail
  13. Riggo'sRangers

    Redskins items for the collectors

    Good luck selling/ridding yourself of the Donovan McNabb figurine... Hail
  14. I fear you may be correct in this accessment. There was evidently some conflict within the coaching ranks this last weekend, per reports (if memory serves me correctly), regarding just this. One person mentioned was Gruden. He became/is weary of AP being in his ear constantly regarding playing time. In fact, I think some wanted AP gone. It could be tumultuous initially, but Guice, and Love, are our future. I guess we will see in short order how it all plays out. Hail
  15. Pretty sure Guice is going to start as Gruden said the offense will be going through him this year. AP will relieve Guice when HE gets gassed. Hail
  16. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    ...and from a historical perspective THIS number 33 changed the way football is played. Hail
  17. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    Number 28 should be this guy...
  18. I hope so. I would hope they will let him heal to 100% before turning him loose. Let CT own that role this season. Hope we are thinking longterm, but it is our Redskins and we **** the bed on too many occassions to even remember at this point.
  19. No offence to Smallwood. or your comparison, but he is not remotely in the same stratosphere as Love. Some traits are similar, but Love is special. Truly, he was an absolute steal IF he comes back close to 100% next year. He was second in the Heisman voting vs Mayfield. He runs the 40 in the 4.3's. I am so pumped to see him next year. Hail
  20. Riggo'sRangers

    PRESEASON GAME DAY THREAD: Redskins vs. Ravens

    Haskins looked good. He improves each time he sees the field. He is gaining my trust (as if that matters one iota). It appears to my eye that there is very little separating him from starting honestly. The one thing, experience, is very important. We/they are doing the right thing by letting Case start and letting Haskins learn. He is going to be a really good one I think. Hail
  21. Riggo'sRangers

    Awesome Problem ; How do you say we split the carries ?

    To compound the problem next year throw in Bryce Love. AP may not be here anyway, but again, a good problem to have. Hail
  22. Riggo'sRangers

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    Keeping him under wraps. He is going to be our surprise this year. Actually not joking. Playing the cards tight with him, I think. It seems they are shocked by his ability. Maybe wrong...just a feeling I get when I read the tea leaves of things said about him. Hail