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  1. Drafted by...George Allen. Hopefully he and Brian Piccolo are having fun catching up on old times.
  2. Geron C. has had very little playing experience, so a big jump from game 1 to game 2 is actually quite promising. Derrick Dockery sucked his first couple of games starting his rookie season, but became a solid player by the end of the year.
  3. Does your big brother Pittman4Two know you're on the computer?
  4. Yeah, and it was Nixon appointed justice Blackmun who swayed the court in favor of Roe.
  5. If the SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade, abortion does not become illegal overnight. States would have to pass laws making it illegal, and this would likely tip the number of voters who vote solely on this issue from a slight majority pro-life to a larger majority pro-choice and finally condemn the GOP to a permanent minority party with only regional strongholds in a handful of religious states in the South, Utah, and a few rural areas. Given that the current court recently upheld trans rights, I doubt they will overturn gay marriage. They may find a loophole to knock out the ACA....which would be
  6. "I’m shocked by the amount of Georgians (non-ATL) who won’t dare put a Biden sign up or bumper sticker on their car for fear of reprisal but can’t wait to Vote Joe" Yup... that's me.
  7. I already put my prediction in the other thread. 31-14 Cards.
  8. If there is a possibility of Trump losing GA, look for Kemp to come up with massive voter suppression to steal it the other way. After all, that's how he won.
  9. Mary, don't be so hard on yourself. I am certain it was an impossible situation. Dealing with a loved one who is deeply afflicted by mental illness is always a horrific test of endurance that never has any genuine possibilty of a positive outcome, and inevitably leaves innocent survivors endlessly second guessing themselves in the aftermath.
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