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  1. Is this based on the same story as the Diane Keaton movie?
  2. It must feel like getting smacked in the face by a random tuckus...
  3. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/78480/cousins-or-darnold-it-was-best-90-million-jets-never-spent?platform=amp At the start of the offseason, Darnold wasn't Plan A for the Jets. No, their misguided Plan A was Cousins. When that fell through, Maccagnan quickly pivoted to the college draft after signing cheap insurance policies Josh McCownand Teddy Bridgewater (since traded). He made the St. Patrick's Day trade with the Indianapolis Colts that allowed him to jump three spots in the draft. He got lucky when Darnold fell, but luck is the residue of design, as Baseball Hall of Fame executive Branch Rickey used to say. Darnold still is somewhat of a mystery because he has played only 10 games, but his ceiling is higher than Cousins' current level. Darnold, 21, is nine years younger and $60 million cheaper than Cousins, benefits that outweigh the risk of the unknown. It would be different if the Jets were close to contending, but they have a ways to go, and Darnold can grow up with the team. Cousins, who went to a alleged Super Bowl contender, is having a Cousins-like year. He's putting up impressive individual numbers (24 touchdowns, 9 interceptions), but his team is hovering around mediocrity at 6-6-1. With all that talent, the Vikings have scored 282 points, only 12 more than the Jets. It's one of the reasons why coordinator John DeFilippo was fired Tuesday. The Vikings have Cousins for two more years at $58 million. The Jets had pen in hand, ready to write the check. It's a good thing they didn't.
  4. Riggo-toni

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Uhhh, wtf? Joe Gibbs hand-picked that loser Jason Campbell as his QB, and traded a first, third, and fourth to get him. He also traded a 3rd for a washed up Brunell who was about to be released. Ramsey was the guy he inherited, but he got kicked to the curb rather quickly.
  5. Hatch is actually a decent person, but he hung around for one term too many. Mind is not so sharp anymore, and he represents a state where Trump's rollbacks of national park lands has made him enormously popular. While I think it is unquestionable that Cheetohead has committed treason and is and has always been a crook, the charge of campaign finance violation for paying off Stormy Daniels may be a rather arbitrary interpretation of the law as Hatch suggests. It's unfortunate that public attention always focuses on trivial sex scandals rather than looking with any depth at genuinely egregious actions.
  6. Maybe Jared can still win Woman of the Year.
  7. Riggo-toni

    Random Thought Thread

    John Travolta as Gotti? https://i.imgur.com/96hyG0l.mp4
  8. Dear Mr President, Please nominate Bruce Allen for your chief of staff. He has been hailed as a successful politician by a former employee, he has a family member accused of racism - disgraced by something he got caught saying on tape, and he loves to talk about winning even though he seldom does. He would be the perfect fit for your administration.
  9. Do you hear that Bruce Allen - you have a future in China!
  10. Riggo-toni

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bezos would be awesome, and would probably ship season tickets free to prime members.