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  1. I have never said this to another es poster, but seeing as how my wife, sister and two of my niece's have lupus: **** YOU! IF you knew a damn thing about this disease, attacks are debilitatingly painful, and a drug regimen that works for one person may be completely ineffective or even dangerous for another. It is not like subbing ibuprofen for acetomeniphen.
  2. #kempanthraxforsuspecteddemvoters And he got the first literally the day after he announced he would after all support the One China policy...
  3. Reportedly it was Tucker Carlson who got him to change his mind....
  4. Still not as bad as Dexter naming his daughter Dallas...
  5. A warning - Season 4 SUCKS BALLS. Don't even bother, just skip to 5. The odd number seasons 1 3 5 are great; 2 is boring, 4 is putrid, and 6 (1/2 a season) spends wayyyyyy too much time on gay romance.
  6. Riggo-toni

    RIP Bill Withers - Age 81

    I'm with Spiff on Use Me. My band used to do a medley of Use Me Up into Dr. John's Right Place Wrong Time.
  7. I bet Chew is happier when he rolls a dime...
  8. Meh, just got a great Dane puppy and we have to feed her 4 times a day.
  9. https://apple.news/AYsb8XjadRseZ2S_L8poLCw Free HBO
  10. Riggo-toni

    The Quarantine Thread

    Perhaps the funniest episode from the last halfway decent comedy to come out of the big 3 TV networks seems particularly apropos now.
  11. I didn't vote for that asshole. My wife worked on the Abrams campaign. Dude is such an obvious idiot...which is why he appeals to all the maga nitwits here. It should be noted, he only won by a thin margin after widespread voter suppression.
  12. Riggo-toni

    The Quarantine Thread

  13. https://imgur.com/gallery/5A8jeku