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  1. The first place schedule thing is vastly overrated. We have very little disadvantage on the schedule as opposed to say, Philly who finished last. All NFCE teams play the AFC West and NFC South next year— home/away is pretty determined in rotating basis. So 14 of the 16 (or 17) games on our schedule next year were locked in regardless of where we finished. The standings only determine 2 (and probably 3 now) games. We get the Seahawks at home and Packers on the road based on how we finished. But the Giants play the Rams and Cowboys play the Cardinals and Eagles play 49ers bas
  2. The home MNF thing is a little weird, but we’ve been fine in prime time every time the team has actually been good. The years where we’ve stunk, we’ve stunk in prime time too, which of course makes sense. 2020 make playoffs and won our prime time games. 2015 clinched division in primetime. 2012 the same. 2007 won three straight prime time games down stretch.
  3. This quote from Michael Wilbon (from many years ago) has always struck me and stuck with me. I believe it firmly. Something can be two things at once. We can acknowledge that the division was bad in 2020. We can acknowledge the fortunate circumstances that lead to a 7-9 division title. AND we can also acknowledge that the team made great strides this year and took advantage of an opportunity to build some real experience. We get a Saturday night prime time PLAYOFF game against Tom Brady. If you’re too busy being an Eeyore to get pumped about that then man, I feel bad f
  4. Somehow, even though I was only 2 and even though I obviously didn’t experience that game live, I still consider it a painful fan experience. This is weird, I know. But I just REALLY picture what it must have been like that day and how much it must have stung. And yes, I’m sure I would have been FURIOUS with the Cardinals for rolling over like that.
  5. I don’t think we were still alive going into the final week in 1985 or 1989. I know for sure we weren’t in 1989 because we played Seattle on a Saturday and played that game with no chance to make playoffs. I am almost positive the same was true in 1985 unless there was some sort of crazy machination of results we needed to get in. But I think we were already mathematically eliminated— 1985 was the one year where I am not 100% positive though.
  6. Here we are, and turns out, it’s a fairly unique position. Since our most memorable/infamous “win and in” moment in franchise history in 1979, we haven’t experienced truly meaningful week 17 (week 16 before the bye week was introduced) very often. Let’s start with that heartbreaking moment from long ago and examine the seasons where our playoff fate WAS decided the final week of the year. 1979: If you don’t know how this story ends, then to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure you can call yourself a diehard— you certainly can’t call yourself a student of the franchise, that’s for sure.
  7. No; if they lose and Rams win, LA would be the 5.
  8. Possible, but it would go against their stated objective and not creating any unequal scenarios where a team would know before a game starts what is needed. In the past, any games that are dependent on the outcome of another game have been played at same time to ensure equal motivation across board. Our scenario next week is the only “clean” scenario in the entire league. It also includes one team that’s already eliminated, so maybe they will stray a bit, but my guess is we get the nod- especially if Packers win this game tonight as it makes Bears-Packers a little less desirable.
  9. In the original scenario it was a three way tie breaker that included us beating Philly; that is obviously off the table now. So three options left on table: —WFT wins division at 7-9 —Dallas wins division at 7-9 —NYG wins division at 6-10 If anyone is wondering a tie we would win if the Cowboys and Giants tie AND we tie the Eagles. We cannot win the division if we lose this week, even if the other two teams tie. So this is as simple as it gets— win and in; lose and NYG-Dallas winner gets the division crown. Only thing left to l
  10. If this is true, I think it’s worthy of immediate release. Or if they still hold out hope to get SOMETHING for him then immediate benching/suspension. And no, not because I think a young man going to a strip club is morally reprehensible. It’s because given the context and everything that is on the line for this player and this team, it is a clear indication that he’s either selfish and doesn’t really care or he’s dumb as a box of rocks. Perhaps both. And neither fits well at all with what is happening with the rest of the team/organization right now. Even if the ONLY reaso
  11. Updates after week 15: Overall, we actually got a step closer to the playoffs despite our loss. The other things we needed went our way. Any wild card scenario is now officially off the table. Heading into this week there was still a way to do some gymnastics and place us into a wild card spot. Now, that’s done. It’s officially division or bust. That makes things easier and the scenarios for week 16 are also quite simple: If WFT beats Carolina: —Eagles and Cowboys are eliminated regardless of the outcome of their game against each other
  12. Joe Gibbs arrived in 1981. That was also right around the time the NFL started to expand the season deeper into January. Just as an example, the 1977 Redskins played a playoff game in Minnesota on Dec. 18th of that year. Soon, the schedules expanded to 16 games and regular season football around Christmas became commonplace. There was another change for the league around 2000 when they pushed the start date back AFTER Labor Day. Prior, there were many instances where the game before Christmas was ALSO the last game on the season. But 2000 was the last such instance of that. Despit
  13. Yes, we can lose to Seattle this week and still clinch in week 16 with a win over Panthers: We lose to Seattle Giants lose to Browns Eagles lose to either Cards or Cowboys We beat Panthers Giants lose to Ravens That formula clinches division prior to week 17
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