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  1. It’s always been WAY more interesting to me than mock drafts. Started doodling schedules on my folders as a kind in school in the 80s. I think it’s because I also find all of the network/broadcasting stuff highly interesting as well. There is forum out there for it, just like ES is dedicated to the team— The 501 on discord. Sort of media breakdown of scheduling and broadcasting topics. I love it. The schedule also affects me personally more than any other aspect of the off-season. The planning can never start too early.
  2. Well, I got one— sort of. I had us playing Dallas on 11-24 at 1pm; only thing is I had that as the home game. Wasn’t close on much else; I had us with three primetime games and we got two. Some thoughts: —Considering this is a 9 home game season for us, I was a little surprised to see us open 3/4 on road and 4/6 AND close on the road. That means a TON of home games in middle part of season. —We’ve opened with the Bucs before (quite memorably in the Gibbs return game in 2004), but I don’t think we’ve ever opened IN Tampa. I’m straining my brain but can’t recall a w1 down there. —First time we do not kickoff at 1pm w1 since 2018 and the first time we’ve kicked off in the late Sunday window in a non-West coast game since 2011 (Giants). —I believe this will be first time we’ve ever played Bengals on MNF (or at least since early 80s). —First time we’ve played Steelers on a Sunday afternoon at home since late 80s (1988 I think?) —On a personal note, I’m a big fan of this schedule. The Sunday late afternoon window has always been my favorite. I like watching the early games and not having the day spoiled early. I also will always associate that window with games that REALLY matter, so I was happy to see we have three such instances early in schedule. Now, NONE of these are due to us being in a marquee window and all of them wound up being schedule-filler, but I’m good with it. Hopefully we are good and have an opportunity to flex into some prime spots later in year. I also think it’s about as “fair and balanced” a schedule as it gets. Tampa is a winnable opener; followed by what I hope is another winnable game with Giants at home. Our tougher games (on paper) are very spread out. We really don’t have an overly difficult stretch. I guess the 3 out of 4 games v AFC North with road game at Cardinals is mixed in is pretty tough. Back to back with Eagles/Cowboys leading into Thanksgiving as well. But all in all I think it’s favorable in terms of balance, travel, et
  3. I think Tues/Wed will remain off limits other than special circumstances like Christmas. I also think they will always avoid Saturday until college schedule calms down in December. I do think some sort of Friday package could be on the table in the coming years.
  4. Could be on CBS at 4:05. With Dallas playing at 4:25 on FOX, my guess is you’re probably right and it’s a 1p game, but that would go against the recent Tampa scheduling trends. It could be something like Dallas at 4:25p w/ FOX also carrying a random West Coast game like Cardinals or Seahawks at same time and then CBS with a couple 4:05 slots.
  5. If indeed at Tampa don’t be surprised if that’s 4:25 or 4:05 as that has been a trend for games in Tamp early in season for awhile now.
  6. They did it last year too Eagles first three games leaked… we are not one of them. Beginning to wonder if that totally random twitter leak of our schedule might actually be legit: Had us playing Bengals, Steelers, Bears, Eagles first four weeks— all of which would still be possible based on various leaks/rumors.
  7. Leak going around of Colts at Giants W1; this would eliminate the most popular W1 prediction (including mine). Now I’m thinking at Bengals.
  8. I wouldn’t overthink that one… they have quite the task on their hands to make the schedule and after they get the marquee teams/games situated, I think it’s pretty much all about fitting everything else where they can. If we indeed play at Bengals W1, that is almost certainly a 1p game buried pretty deep in that first window. If it’s Giants, I think that likely becomes the main 1p FOX early game.
  9. Looks like Rams-Lions SNF w1. Im starting to feel good about my Commanders at Giants 1pm prediction. There is a rumor floating out there that we are Bengals w1 but I haven’t seen anything reputable on that
  10. Schrager has way better sources than me (I know he says he’s just speculating, but he could be hinting) but I would be very surprised to see two bad teams from 2023 open in the premier TV time slot for the NFL w1. I very strongly feel it will be Lions, as they are the most marquee team from last year that hasn’t been announced for W1 yet.
  11. Sounds like that is NOT happening this year per a few reports
  12. Cowboys, Browns, Eagles, Ravens all officially off potential W1 list. If the Steelers/Falcons rumor has any truth to it, you can cross those off as well.
  13. Schedule officially released Wed 8p EST. You can now start potentially actually believing some of the leaks depending on source. The leaks currently out there that might have some teeth: Cowboys at 49ers week 1 SNF Steelers at Falcons week 1 Again, not confirmed, but also not coming from total goofball/fake sources either
  14. It’s also just a new reality of some markets. I think DC is forever now going to “host” a ton of opposing fans, even if we are a legit contender. Fandom more than ever now is less regional and more brand based. There are a bunch of fanbases who have a culture of “taking over” opposing stadiums and this happens at an even higher rate in stadiums/cities that hold a tourist-appeal. For instance, Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Niners fans all roll out heavily wherever they play— but DC, Miami, Glendale, LA, Jerryworld, et are all hot destinations. It’s less pronounced in places like Buffalo, Cleveland, Philly, Detroit, KC… for obvious reasons. If/when we are good again the fanbase has some confidence in the organizational direction, there will be fewer opposing fans at home games, no doubt. But I think moving forward and forever now, there is going to be a pronounced opposing fan presence at our games.
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