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  1. kleese

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    But here’s the deal... the devil, the bad guy, the nemesis, the antagonist... in every story those characters at some point are dominant or powerful or fear inducing. Maybe the good guy wins in the end, but for awhile there the anti-Christ looks like he might rule the world. Imagine if Darth Vader was just a stumbling, bumbling, babbling fool from the start of the movie... would have made the accomplishment of taking him down much less impressive and dramatic for Luke and crew. So if Snyder the bad guy, the evil emperor, the menacing ruler, there should be something to show for it. But thats the thing. He’s not evil. He’s not the bad guy. He’s not the anti-Christ. He’s just a socially awkward guy with poor people and leadership skills that doesn’t quite understand how to inspire those around him. The biggest misconception about Snyder is that he wants the glory or the spotlight. I don’t think that’s true at all. He’s a borderline recluse. I think he really wants the team to win and just desperately wants to be invited to the party when they do. He wants to be in the champagne bath. He just doesn’t know how to make it happen. The anti-Christ is much more slick and dangerous.
  2. kleese

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I look forward to people blaming this on Gruden for not pushing them hard enough on the first play of OTA’s.
  3. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Because the notion of a rookie QB making progress while not being very good is becoming a thing of the past. Baker Mayfield came in last year and in one game was already as effective as Tyrod Taylor who’d been starting in the league for years. Dak, Luck, Russell Wilson, Mahomes, etc.... all guys that were legitimately good right from the very beginning. The guys that struggle early and then blossom are now the exception, not the rule. I think a guy like Gabbert you saw him in two starts and it was like, “uh oh, he can’t play.” If Haskins is going to be a good QB in the NFL someday, he will likely at least be a solid starter by any standard in year one.
  4. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Well, I disagree with this. It’s the league of parity now. If the defense plays well and the QB plays well, they will NOT be a bad team. At worst, they will be average. The rest of the offense would have to be putrid. And while I agree about the lack of a big play threat or explosive weapons, the OL is not putrid and the RBs are not putrid. And Jay’s #1 strength is finding ways to get guys open in passing game. So if he has a QB that is playing well, there will likely be enough opportunities to move the chains. If our D is good and our QB is good; we will have at WORST an average season.
  5. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Gone are the days of bringing along a young QB slowly. If he’s good, he’s going to at least show legit glimpses of it from the very beginning. Jared Goff is a recent exception of a rookie QB who looked inept and then rebounded strong in year 2. But most QBs that stink as rookies either stink forever or never graduate past the “meh” level. Things have changed drastically in that regard. If we go 4-12 this year and Haskins doesn’t look good, I would absolutely be on board going QB again next year in draft.
  6. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Not me because it likely also means the guys we think are good (Allen, Payne, Collins, etc). aren’t. If we go 3-13 this year it likely means two things: the things we thought could be bad, were bad. The things we thought might be good, weren’t. And if we do go down a 2-14/3-13 path and wind up with a top pick, it likely also means Haskins sucked. And in that case we should do what Zone did, draft Tua, and trade Haskins for whatever you can get.
  7. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Keenum is proven, albeit perhaps not “consistent.” He’s been a full time starter the last two years and produced 13-3 and 6-10 records. He was very good in 2017 and so-so in 2018. I think it’s fair to call him a “middling” NFL QB. I’d also agree he has basically zero upside and brings no excitement or hope of greatness. But I also am basically 100% positive he can be equally effective as Alex Smith was for us last year.
  8. kleese

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Here is what I don’t get with the “it will be a lost season” stuff. The last four years we’ve produced almost exactly .500 results with between 7 and 9 wins each season. And two of those seasons likely would have been at least a little bit better had massive/abnormal injuries not hit. So what has happened this off season that has so many people thinking the Redskins are now likely to slip to 4-12 or worse? I totally understand why people aren’t EXCITED or predicting them to be BETTER this year. But the defense should ABSOLUTELY be better and the offense is unlikely to be much worse. Staff is the same. Schedule is probably a little easier. Division isn’t all that strong. To me I view the Redskins as a 7 to 9 win team again. With 6-10 being the “it all went to hell” floor and 10-6 being the “it all fell into place” ceiling.
  9. By the numbers, we have the easiest schedule in the league this year.
  10. I went to our game in GB in 2007– it was a great experience and should be on any bucket list for fans that like to travel to games. For me, I generally choose my road game(s) in the late Sept to late Oct timeframe. Generally weather is good everywhere and unless we REALLY suck, the game should matter at the time. I’ve seen them play in maybe half of the cities/venues now plus FedEx of course. Seen them play the division both at home and road with the exception of the Giants at FedEx. That game at the Giants would be a good one to target I’d think. Nice time of year and it’s a solid stadium experience. Personally I’m eyeing Miami and Buffalo. Miami for obvious reasons and Buffalo because I have family ties to the city and spent a good chunk of time there as a kid. I’d like my kids to visit the city and that would be a good excuse. First weekend in Nov so it shouldn’t be TOO cold. I would not suggest a FedEx trip. Some of the negative stuff about the stadium is totally legit and some is exaggerated, but our fans just aren’t strong anymore and I figure if I’m gonna see them on the road I might as well go to an ACTUAL road game. Hotel accommodations convenient to FedEx suck and there is nothing cool at all in the area. I have very much enjoyed staying in Alexandria last two times I’ve been and the metro is an easy ride to the game. If I were you I’d wait and do a FedEx trip when you KNOW we are good. Dallas is a good one to see as well, but like you said no way I’d book that with it being the last game of year. It’s a four hour drive for me so I always wait and see if it’s a game worth seeing and I wind up going about half the time. Of the places you mentioned, I think GB is your top spot for sure— but it’s risky with it being a December game. Will it be frigid and will we be out of it? I think at Giants is a much safer bet.
  11. This was Pats last loss before their historic win streak.
  12. The 4:25 starts are my favorite. I also like SNF. I prefer to enjoy Sunday as long as possible before the letdown. Losing at 1pm is the worst. And the main thing with 1pm is that it is such the undercard for the NFL. Always has been. I’m generally less hyped for 1pm games even when they matter. I guess if we are good late in the year we can play ourselves into some later/night starts. I won’t hold my breath. I agree. But we haven’t “deserved” respect for about 25 years now and that generally has not stopped the league from putting us in prime spots on the schedule throughout that time period. It’s like the league finally gave up on us too now. People are wrong when they say the Redskins are dying. They are dead. It’s just that a few of us are like a loyal Golden Retreiver that won’t leave it’s owners side even after death.
  13. The 14 starts at 1pm is humiliating.
  14. They play at Buffalo this year
  15. I went with us opening at home vs Detroit but I could also really see us opening at Dallas at 4:25. We know Pack/Bears is the Thursday opener and we know the Pats will open SNF. I think the Browns/Jets rumor for the early MNF game also makes a lot of sense. So it would be VERY odd if the NFL did not feature Dallas in one of the prime week 1 spots. The 4:25 spot is the only one left. We also aren’t sure if FOX or CBS will get the DH week 1. But assuming it’s FOX, I’m like 95% sure Dallas will be there. And week 1 will draw big viewership regardless; NFL doesn’t need to put Saints or Rams or Eagles opposite Dallas there. Redskins make a lot of sense in that spot. It’s a “safe” choice and also fulfills the goal of featuring some classic match ups in the 100th Anniversary season.