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  1. Simpler for sure... considering I spend a lot of time looking back at the Norv era, I’m not sure “better” applies You are spot on with the Clark catch, crazy diving one-handed snag down the sideline. Monk also had an exceptional effort getting both feet down on a TD earlier in the game. Sanders rounded it out by catching a TD from Jeff Rutledge after Gibbs pulled Rypien (it was the one TD pass for Rutledge that year). As for Steelers fans, this is just what they do everywhere now. They take over just about every stadium in the league— especially stadiums where they don’
  2. I guess that for me it’s because after the 6-4 start we got destroyed by the Bears and 49ers. Back then with just the two wild cards we were more or less toast at 6-6 with a 1/4 of the season remaining. That sounds like a crappy day... but the Jeff George game being dragged like a carcass was the week prior at Dallas.
  3. Right before the season started, I decided I wanted to bring back the historical/retrospective threads I created for a number of years on ES. I was going to mix it up with a different look back each week based on something pertinent to the opponent that week, the time of the year, etc.. Well, 11 games in and I'm finally getting around to one of them. I find our history with the Steelers to be pretty unique, so here are just a few nuggets for everyone to chew on as they get ready for what is a legitimately big game for us on Monday: --Younger fans may not realize that we had a pret
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