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    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    Since we start a new GoT thread for every new season, it seems as though we should do the same for football. Granted, the Snyderskins aren't as fun to watch as Game of Thrones, but almost 420 pages (coincidence, not a reference to anything that might make watching a Skins game more tolerable) with a thread title that proudly announces things like Quick re-signed seems unwieldy as well as obsolete. I suppose the first announcement will be when we re-sign Josh Johnson.
  2. Somehow I don't see Brett Kavanaugh wanting to overturn this ruling....
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    Random Thought Thread

  4. Riggo-toni

    Random Thought Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/Irk9PYZ.mp4 Some women love dough...
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    The Sean McVay Tracker

    We once let John Schneider walk to make room for Vinny Bugeyes, but this might be even bigger. McVay has already surpassed Gruden in one regard - he hired the best defensive coordinator available. While it's no surprise the Rams offense would suck under Senor 7-9, it is extremely impressive how high scoring it has become - just barely below the greatest show on turf levels. Granted, this could be a Zorn beginning, but I am not writing it off as such - especially considering how anemic our post-McVay offense has become. So, each week I will be checking scoreboards to see if his fast start is a mere fluke, or a portent of things to come.
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    Random Thought Thread

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    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Trump's trillion new dollars in subsidies to farmers to compensate for the loss of markets from his trade wars (the most egregious example of socialism since Nixon's wage and price controls) makes the gains from renegotiating NAFTA a pittance by comparison.
  8. Was he abused, or an abuser, or just an ignored witness? Semenarian, or seminarian?
  9. Well, at least it's not a public health crisis like pornography...
  10. Riggo-toni

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    If I could make anyone President, it would be William Weld. No way is a social libertarian gonna survive a GOP primary, unfortunately...
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    Random Thought Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/RhY2g96.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/QRCdPyX.gifv
  12. "What does the ā€œCā€ in CPAC even stand for anymore?" Hint:it rhymes with runt...
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    Random Thought Thread

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    Random Thought Thread

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    Let's Talk about Pets

    So we ended up adopting our latest foster Paco. I feel a bit guilty because we had introduced him to a potential adopter last weekend. The plan was he was going to adopt Paco and then we would foster one of Paco's brothers. I was quite attached but didn't say anything. Turns out my wife felt even more so, and asked the rescue if we could keep Paco and have the adopter take his brother instead. The adopter was ideal, but when we did the home visit Paco just stuck to us like glue. Ironically, the home visit is what convinced my wife she didn't want to let him go.