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  1. Good morning friends and a happy Friday to each and everyone all together! Well, overtime at the plant has finally subsided so I wanted to come by to share my udder enjoyment. Such a great time to be a Pewter Pirate! I think you guys may have found the next Rob Johnson at quarterback, a diamond in the haystack if you will. Hope you all have a wonderful offseason as we head in the offseason. Looking forward to word jockeying with you come the new season. Go Bucs!
  2. Loved to tackle people. That's what you need for a LB'er. I'd put him up there with Govaya.
  3. Trung was to your offense what Hatcher was to your defense. That kind of production is not paralleled. Jim Zorn was a great kicker. Reminded me of our own capiton, Marteen. You also had a great linebacker at one point. His name eludes me like a tall blonde. He was named after a city. Paris? Teterboro? Austin? Something like that. Such a memorable player.
  4. Great to be around folks that recognize astudious knowledge of the game. You’d be surprised how many sideways looks I get when I have talks with the guys at work. Always a pleasure to visit extreme football team.
  5. If I may be blunt, it appears the football team is still looking for Campbells replacement. I do think Brunell was close but he was left arm handed therefore was limited physically although he does have that record of completions. good to see you too BraveWarpath
  6. Dan, thanks for the inquirer. Business has been exploding. As a staff, we are straining to keep up. Luckily our morale passes right through each of us without any sort of blockage from those above.
  7. Well, we were hoping for a Sunday game to allow Mike another day to recover. I bet he does play. He's a player.
  8. Good morning friends, First off, congrats on the big win last night against those Eagles. You really shut down that offense, especially in the 4th quarter. With those salutations out of the way, let's talk about turkey. We are on a collision course with each other together come Saturday night. It's been awhile since our paths have crossed. Here's some updates since our last meeting in 2016: - Bruce Arians is now the head coach. You can read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Arians - Rob Johnson has moved on to
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