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  1. I think Mayhew could be the deciding factor in persuading Stafford to come to the WFT. Of course, the Lions would have to accept the offer. It seems though that Matthew has some pull in where he would land. I have been championing him for a long time. Now is a chance of a lifetime for the Team to get their franchise qb. He could play at a high level for another 5+ years. Part of the reason I am so high on him is that he seemed to always beat us. He is a great comeback qb. I think that could put us over the top.
  2. Zaven Collins could be an intriguing prospect for us. I just watched sole tape on him. He was dominant. He just makes plays. He runs a 4.8 40. So, I think he would play mlb. Or go for an OT like Darrisaw or even Leatherwood. At any rate,, I am sure we can get someone really good at 19.
  3. I feel we will over think this too much. Heinicke could very well be the next Brees with wheels. Give him a chance. I would not blow a wad for a qb that is not already on the team. Draft a qb and maybesign an inexpensive veteran and let them duke it out. But give Heinicke a chance!! He deserves it.
  4. I have liked Tyrod for a long time. He has good movility and has good experience and would be cheap. I think it could end up being Cam Newton, Tyrod, or Trubisky in terms of cheaper options than Stafford or even Watson. https://riggosrag.com/2021/01/18/dark-horse-quarterback-washington-football-team-acquire/4/
  5. Rivera might prefer a more mobile qb but I only read that in an article. He is smart enough I hope to keep an open mind. I think ultimately, he wants someone that can win and not be stuck on a certain type. I personally prefer the dual threzt in Mariota or even
  6. Good. Watson is too expensive anyway. Rivera's style suggests we will for for the less expensive but good value route. I have mentioned Stafford, Ryan, Trubisky and others but I really think Marriota is a more realistic option. He is young and is mobile. I think he can thrive with the WFT. Ultimately, I do believe Rivera wants a veteran since we already have some younger qb's on the roster. If Trask is available in round 4 or Mac Jones in round 3, then pull the trigger. Don't sleep on Ryan though. Oh man, this is going to be a fun offseason. Of course, would love
  7. I was thinking of Flutie and Tarkenton as well. Theismann and Kyler Murray also come to mind. Sounds crazy but I almost like him better than Kyler because of the Cinderella story of Heinicke. I don't think Rivera will mess this up. He understands that it is not always about the mesurables but more about the intangibles. I have seen enough to realize that he might be perfect for our situation. HTTWFT
  8. Kind of reminds me of when we picked Desmond Howard. I think Devonta will succeed much more than Howard though.
  9. I agree that he can be coached up to protect himself. Also, if he got the starting role, he wouldn't try to be as heroic like on the pylon dive to the end zone.
  10. I'm ok now if we get Matt Ryan on the cheap. I am assuming that ATL will pick Zach, Trey or Justin. With Allen and Heinicke as backups, Ryan could be the bridge qb we are looking for. I am high on TH but we will have to see how he does over a longer stretch of playing time. With that said, he obviously has all the qualities except the prototypical size for the NFL.
  11. Mac Jones is someone that reminds me of TH. Taylor is not as big as him but faster. Both have that uncanny knack to play the qb position though. Between 6 million and 12 million with incentives is my guess on a 1 to 3 year deal. He showed enough grit, smarts, and athletic ability to warrant that level of compensation. Granted, it was a small sample size but we might of just hit on a Kurt Warner type scenario. His cheap price will allow us to afford some other free agents.
  12. I agree with the Theismann analogy. TH can scramble like Joe but also has the intangibles like him too. All too often people look for the prototype QB with the strong arm and all of that. We need to give him a chance to be on the team. I think he can surprise even more. He is almost the opposite of Haskins as a prospect. Rivera deserves a lot of credit for having the open mind to bring in someone as a 'pandemic qb. I also think he is a good judge of character. Combine that with Kyle's ability to find talented players and we got a formula for success.
  13. How much do you think he will eventually sign for? I am cautiously optimistic about his prospects of being our future #2 or even #1. He certainly appears to have the "it" factor. Will he be more like Drew Brees or Case Keenum? I do believe he is more like Brees. Let's sign him to a deal but not overspend. He shouldn't command too much but I am concerned that some team will fall in love with him and drive up the price.
  14. Can we still get a good quarterback at pick #32? Not sure if Mac Jones will be available. I am making the assumption tjzt we win the super bowl. Just kidding but one can dream. Jones could be the next Tom Brady in that he has more intangible traitsthan tangible ones.
  15. It seems that TH has the IT factor. He has an excellent feel for the game. I think he wins a spot on the roster next year. Also, Tribusky is being overlooked as a possible pick up. Could be a Tannehill type of pick up. Obviously, Stafford and Ryan would be excellent additions if the price is right. Ultimately. There will be much possibilities with so many draft prospects for 2021.
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