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  1. I was thinking the same thing! Also Michael Wiley is quick. We got some competition in the backfield!
  2. Really like that pick up. He was pretty good at ND.
  3. https://www.on3.com/pro/news/why-kliff-kingsbury-as-washington-commanders-offensive-coordinator-should-not-impact-draft-choice-2024-nfl-draft-drake-maye-jayden-daniels-trevor-sikkema-andy-staples/ Interesting article. I think that much of the reason so many coaches are in the J. Daniels camp is because of Kingsbury. He might be gone in 2 years! Sure, he might fit the scheme but Drake Maye does too. It is just very difficult to understand the love for a guy that might not really want to play for us. Maye would love to play here. We need to swing for the fences in terms of highest ceiling! I am accepting of all the possibilities. Even JJ whom I have liked as a prospect but more if we were picking a bit later. Like I have said before, don't over think it! Like someone posted before, ĺet's pick the Michael Jordan of NFL qb's, and not Sam Bowie. Ralph Sampson will be already gone.
  4. Nice interview. Sounds like Gruden would pick Maye, at least in terms of the long-run. He was diplomatic. I thought they did a good job.
  5. Very interesting. It seems that some of the teams that need a qb would be willing to trade up only if Maye was avaliable. Especially the Giants. Please don't make the Giants play against us twice a year with Maye as their quarterback. Someone suggested Eli Manning 2.0. That is actually a pretty decent comp. For me, a bit like Matt Ryan with a stronger arm and faster wheels! Of course, Josh Allen and Herbert is spot on. SIP said it beautifully in regards to JJ, with the Kirk Cousins/ Brick Purdy comp. We have to go for the home run and pick Maye. Daniel is another nice option but he does scare me with his slim frame. Really does remind me of RG3 all over again In terms of his style of play. He gets me excited though too. l can't wait for the draft already.
  6. Here is another interesting article. https://www.audacy.com/thefandc/sports/washington-commanders/g-and-d-john-middlekauff-thinks-drake-maye-to-commanders-no-2
  7. https://riggosrag.com/posts/sportsbook-makes-slight-commanders-draft-pendulum-shift-no-2-overall Here is an article regarding the LV odds of who will be drafted 2nd. I trust that the brain trust of the Commanders will find their guy at #2. Either JJ or Maye would be great. As you may have seen from my posts, I am in favor of drafting Maye. This is the most suspenseful draft in a long time for us. I was a fan when Billy Kilmer was playing. This is the most I've been excited about our team since the last time we won the SB!
  8. https://commanderswire.usatoday.com/2024/03/31/former-nfl-coach-compares-drake-maye-to-andrew-luck-clyde-christensen-peyton-manning-commanders-nfl-draft/ I just saw this article. I agree with Christensen, someone will regret not drafting Maye. Hopefully that means The Bears and not the Commanders! I said it once before, let's not get too cute here, pick Maye and get ready for the next pick. This kid has all the tools to be great. With the 2nd pick overall we need to look at great potential. https://gmtm.com/articles/average-college-quarterbacks-who-became-nfl-stars Tom Brady and Phil Simms and others may not have had the best final year in college or overall but they had the potential to be great. Obviously though, Drake had a great year in 2022 but slightly stumbled the next year due to hid supporting cast.
  9. https://commanderswire.usatoday.com/2024/03/30/washington-commanders-adviser-rick-spielman-thinks-drake-maye-will-go-before-jayden-daniels-2024-nfl-draft/ This article might have been posted already. Spielman's take is interesting....
  10. I agree with you. Picking JJ would be disappointing. If they really like him, trade down. I like the comparison of Luck and Josh Allen in regards to Drake on one of the podcasts. I think that we should not over think this. Maye, imo, gives us everything we need in a qb. I don't care so much about some of the issues with Drake that we saw in college as I believe they are fixable. I saw the footage of him on his pro day and that is all I needed to confirm he is the One. I see the hype behind Daniel's. I would also be okay with him but not JJ. Many analysts have him, like DJ, much lower.
  11. https://theathletic.com/5314638/2024/03/05/drake-maye-vs-jayden-daniels-film-review/ I like this article by the Athletic. It seems to be very objective. Ultimately, they give the edge to Maye's. I agree with the author. Imo, if we do not draft Maye's, we could miss out on another Josh Allen. He had better potential than results in the college ranks. I really believe that Maye's will end up being better in the pro's than even Caleb.
  12. I was perusing the videos comparing Caleb to Drake. I came away thinking that Maye is a better prospect for the NFL overall by a hair. I like Caleb's potential but Maye seems to check all the boxes for me. In any event, to give up a King's ransom for the 1st pick shouldn't happen.
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