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  1. let us pray these missed kicks help us in the end. because outside of that this is far from a sure win for me.
  2. ****ing penalty extends this drive and sets them up in the RZ. praying for that old bend but dont break
  3. i didnt see facemask there, horrible timing to get off the field. Payne had him dead to straights
  4. holy ****, Perine is still in the league? lol it would be too funny if he tore us up like AlMo was looking to do some weeks ago
  5. annoying Thomas doesnt catch that first down throw to make it short and distance. Terry certainly had his man beat, i like we're looking downfield.
  6. should've been an easy catch and YAC there for Thomas. guess he can only make those insane catches
  7. that was a violent collision. didnt see Apke's role but apparently he came up and shut off that outside lane. i have no idea what that expalantion was. we missed a safety?
  8. wow, Darby is having his best game of the season. shoulda been a pick
  9. Great run blocking inside the RZ for that TD. idk how many TDs that is for Gibson now. that was a great drive dialed up by Turner and great execution. that bomb from Smith to Terry set it all up
  10. slick play design there by Turner to open that lane for Barber
  11. Here is Turner again with cute ****. we're lucky it worked. need to punch it in for 6
  12. what a ****ing throw and catch! i said feed Terry! absolute dime by SMith
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