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  1. damn good culture! that was painful to watch.
  2. idc if we got a win and we're now, 1-5. might as well make it 0-6.
  3. 1 trash team + 1 trash team = 2 trash teams. no positives or anything to be excited about
  4. i dont ****ing care, i hope we lose this ****ing game
  5. of COURSE it was score on Norman who was caught peaking
  6. they go for 2 and we lose this game LMFAO
  7. is ****ing MIA really about to score 7 down here. dummy should've gone out of bounds tho
  8. FitzMagic going down the field on us LOL
  9. when was the last time we had LBers/a LB who could cover TEs?
  10. bring some ****ing pressure, Manusky
  11. Case has been missing open, streaking receivers all day.
  12. ugly miscommunication there. stops the clock and MIA gets the ball with 2+min left. if we play soft we lose this game
  13. amazing, hard run for AP for the conversion. he and Terry have put this offense on their backs today
  14. ****ING SCARY TERRY!! that kid is a GEM! amazing throw by Case, too!
  15. these 2 teams are a joke lol. can we run 4min time-killing drive?