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  1. no shock the D is gassed. mental and physical exhaustion creeps in and poor tackling and mental mistakes like penalties pop up. wouldnt be surprised if AZ scores again here testing out their 2min offense
  2. idk, doesnt look like that to me right now. AZ content runnin it up. also, Terry hardly got any targets in the first half and Gibson had the majority of the runs/touches in the 1st half if i remember
  3. Kingsbury really out-coached and game-planned JDR today.
  4. really annoyed we started this offensive action so damn late in the game. Feed Terry and feed him early and often. pound the ball with the 1-2 punch of Gibson AND McKissic. dial up quick throws/slants to get the ball outta Haskin's hands. unreal we find a pulse this damn late in the game
  5. AGAIN Haskins has McKissisc wide open in the flat and he either beats that late LB to the pile-on with speed or one move. completely looked him off, forced that throw and it got tipped. arent Gibson and McKissic our weapons in space? give them the ball and let them ****ing work.
  6. i swore Haskins was going to missile that into Simms. be lofted it and added perfect touch. great throw and completion
  7. huh, nice catch with too men on the field. they def did, we should win this challenge. good eye by whomever caught that
  8. Murray has but skating all over us all day without one slip or fall. why have our guys been slipping and fall all damn game. jesus. did they not know what surface they were playing on?
  9. that ball ****ing sailed (again) but Inman has to bring that down. hit him dead in the numbers/hands, he was open.
  10. that was a gem from DH to Terry. went right through his hands. again, crazy zip on throw to Gibson. wonder if he floats that and lets him run under it some
  11. we've already seen and heard that Rivera is blunt and honest with his comments. cant wait to hear what his post-game comments will be.
  12. Kerrigan was held there (when isnt he) but we got them off the field. nice pursuit by Sweat. Murray's elusiveness is insane
  13. AZ again with the trickeration. we're their scout team and they're testing things out for future, more competitive teams/games. abysmal
  14. idk if he's tunnel visioning inside the numbers/middle of the field because he's not comfortable with those outside throws, but his backs have been leaking out and he's missed them. im sure Terry is read 1, but goodness.
  15. Haskins had McKissic out in flat 1v1 a LB. i like his chances to shimmy and score. again, didnt even look his way
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