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  1. Heinicke is a ****ing stud and the real deal. he showed a lot on this national stage. hope someone doesnt to steal, dont know what his contract looks like.
  2. welp, it's been a ****ing ride. i love the heart they showed tonight and the journey they took us on this season.
  3. Heinicke took the wrong read to scramble outside instead of upfield. doesnt matter, too much pressure to probably get far
  4. great pass-pro, sucks that ball was off to Sims. they have a great chemistry
  5. thank you jesus, i thought TB was going for it. hate we still gave up so much yards for the FG
  6. love that our DBs STILL dont turn their heads around. Fuller does and he has a chance for a PBU
  7. if EVER Chase wanted to back up his ****ing words. the game is on this defensive drive.
  8. that ****ing bobble, they better not overturn. they dont have enough to change it!
  9. risky, seems he had a better shot with Thomas if he had been a lil more patient
  10. Heinicke and these darts down the field over the LB and bringing it down for Terry!
  11. I really need JD to be getting Gibson's touches right now. man is running on a busted wheel. JD is more than serviceable
  12. Heinicke sucking it up and still throwing laser darts down field. i want this kid on the team next year
  13. Heinicke said pump the brakes and is having his baby Willis Reed moment lol i love the guts because my god we dont have a shot with Steven Montz. sucks d couldnt hold
  14. there was discussion before the game started about the biggest fear is that Heinicke was one injury away from Steven Montez playing. our ****ing luck it actually happens. guess this fairytale ride comes to an end here.
  15. defense not really making any impact in this game. and Chase is going to look silly eating crow.
  16. second play in a row Heinicke gets hit and comes up favoring arm/shoulder. hope he's not too bad off and can continue. if Steven Montez comes in this game might be over. looks like Heinicke is going back. ****ing christ
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