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  1. Good on you for thinking we had a shot at it. Eagles and Cowboys are much, much better teams than we are right now. Even Dallas with an Andy Dalton led team. I hade no beliefs we could win it. This season is shot for me.
  2. I give props to Ron for going for it. Said **** it, what do we have to lose. Bring home the W. disappointing but not surprising we couldnt close it out. give the 0-5 Giants their first W. Yay for the draft i guess
  3. Im sorry but Allen **** the bed on that play. Had the endzone right in front of him. He has the wheels. Just ****ing unreal
  4. ****. Allen had a TD if he just tucked it and ran it in. Omg!!
  5. Really hope Wright’s injury isnt serious. Big body and great wr potential
  6. McKissic, Gibson and Terry are literally all we have. Spot appearances by Thomas, Inman and Wright. Idk how you win games with that. Not even mentioning the qb position
  7. I smell a bit of hero ball from Allen there. Was trying to switch hands with the ball and battle out of the sack knowing he had no way of getting free. Go down, take the sack and make a decision on 4th. Smh
  8. LMAOO of course that would ****ing happen. Still think we can go down and score with 3:29 left?
  9. Great window throw by Allen. Inman has had 3-4 big possession catches to keep the sticks moving
  10. Great pressure and hustle by Sweat and Payne. It’s all in our hands to go down, score, and kill clock while we do it. If ever there was a time for Turner to show and prove
  11. Killer conversion there just when the d was getting home. and how does Collins allow Jones to beat him to the edge and gain yards. Pathetic
  12. That was ugly and unimaginative. Really hate we didnt get 6 there. Long drive with great conversions on multiple 3rd and longs and drop a dud in the RZ. Shocked we didnt dial anything up for Allen to use his feet at all down there
  13. Really dont like the jet sweep there. If it works yay, but we’re behind schedule now. Great job to redeem it on 2nd down
  14. Run game gas been anemic so lets try a backwards toss, gets immediately met. and Allen was lucky as hell with that last throw lol
  15. McKissic finally finding his way in the run game. Still like better when Gibson. Feel like we really need to get Terry involved on this drive
  16. Inconclusive evidence, have to let it stand! i said the d needed to get off the field and they made a play. Time for Turner and Allen to dial up some plays
  17. Well hot damn, Fuller. Chase got there first with the qb hit and Fuller laid out. Really need this to stand
  18. Why is Everett talking **** when Jones gained 7 yards and gave as good as he got. Smh
  19. Giants deciding to grind us down with the run game shows they feel they can kill clock and still move the ball. Then dial up a shot in the middle of the field like we just saw (same kind of completion Terry should’ve had). This defense needs to get off the field here
  20. Love how Freeman is able to gash us up the middle. Everett saved a possible TD because Darby has a horrible angle to get thetr
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