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  1. Oh hell don't go there! signed- The entire state of Delaware
  2. Having a hard time finding civility for a horde that would willingly kill anyone disagreeing with their warped views.
  3. After a year+ I'm still a little concerned/cautious. Was glad to hear Dr Walensky explain that even in the tiny % of cases where vaccinated people contract COVID, they are not showing the viral shedding that transmits it to others, and they have been overwhelmingly minor/asymptomatic cases. Still going to be masking up to go in stores for a while though
  4. Seems to me that a lot pf people tend to give the QB credit when often his receivers making the catch are where his stats come from. Jones @ Alabama definitely benefitted from his stable of WRs for example. Doggin on Milne overlooks his actual production, all receptions not being equal. Gimme a kid making those tough critical catches over the middle to keep a drive alive, I'm happy with it no matter what his season stats end up being. Making a block downfield to spring your speed for a score? Might not show on the scoreboard but that sure as hell gets noticed by coaches. Looking f
  5. Good, let NY look past us, let everyone pencil us in as a win. I can't remember looking forward to a season this much in a long time.
  6. Here's my 2c, yes we suck at getting QBs, yes we're the poster child for WTF? trades, yes we've tried to squeeze one more season out of empty tubes of toothpaste, and yes we've done it over and over to the point where no one expects anything else from us. But we have genuinely different management calling the shots. TheDan is tied down by lawyers and Ron is trying to build a longterm plan, I know how hard it is to hope but dammit this really does feel different. Getting Watson comes with major baggage, and RR's hiring/promoting women in his staff is held as a point agai
  7. A lot of people are convinced this will all just go away somehow, mainly because they have convinced themselves of that because they do not want to face the harsh reality of what is happening now. Personally, wishing on a star like some Disney cartoon doesn't strike me as a good plan. Forty years of Republican policies have reduced America to a tottering wreck, ready to collapse into war. Russian money has been bled in for decades with just this end in mind. The Repubs don't give one small **** as long as the checks clear. We have rotted from within because of the greedocracy.
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