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  1. Researchers develop biomimetic hand prosthesis uniquely similar to a human hand https://techxplore.com/news/2020-09-biomimetic-prosthesis-uniquely-similar-human.html?fbclid=IwAR141YoXIued9jdzBZQjGqwHTBMqPRTJXrtWHKFNPmgqbhshkJQcRyyXfeE
  2. "If the SC rules".....they're showing their hand, they know what people think of them and are already aiming to undermine and delegitimize the election
  3. At this point color me skeptical. 2020 has destroyed my ability to have any faith
  4. Take a breath.... let Maya Angelou's words serve as eulogy for RBG https://poems.com/poem/when-great-trees-fall/
  5. Ahhhh........ The cynical, skeptical part of me rolls its eyes at this People keep expecting and hoping and wishing for something to magically make everything better. John McCain! Mitch Romney! Mueller! etc, etc and so on........ Guess what? Wanna hear something? NO ONE IS GOING TO FIX THIS! We are not on the verge of war, we are already AT war, one side is still just in denial The Repubs have given up on even the pretense of an election other than to use it to keep stringing people along. People like to talk
  6. So Louisville is locked down and ready for the announcement that "We ain't firing no cops" maybe today, and the powers that be seems poised to incite and inflate it as an excuse to kill some more people if the slightest opportunity arises. Gonna be a long cold winter people, pace yourselves.
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