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  1. The binary/ either or choices being touted are just .......well, insane. We all need safe, sane, workable solutions to getting things going but this whole head up your ass hoax hoax hoaxity hoax blather ain't one of them. I'm not sure it's entirely feasible to just let 10% of the populace kill themselves off while dragging umpteen thousands of others with them, but I have yet to see any suggestions to prevent this from happening. The dumbographic is remarkable resistant to anything even approaching rational thought, I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that people are screaming their denial of a disease.
  2. Ok, I'll take that ^^ People always seem to want to judge players in a vacuum, but they're not interchangeable LEGOs. Right now IMO Haskins needs Rivera a lot more than the reverse, but that's ok, Ron & Co are gonna give him every chance to succeed. I am far more interested/concerned/worried about what the O line will be than Haskins or the WRs, but even there the line play will determine the bulk of the success (or lack thereof). I know it's my old guy 20/<squint> vision but Haskins is still very young, hasn't grown into his pro self yet so I am far more focused on the bigger picture of what DH can do as part of the team, not just the roster but the whole organizational team. We're not going to the SB this year, I simply can't get high enough to think that, but we can lay the foundation for future runs. Haskins being comparable to Bradford? I'll take that, tune his ass up. We're not the only ones that will be feeling our way into a weird season, Haskins et. al. have to feel good about Rivera leading them into it.
  3. We all would Lar, we all would...............
  4. From some of the same people that give us meth labs apparently........ https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-fans-gobble-up-his-favorite-unproven-covid-drugsome-are-even-trying-to-cook-it-themselves?via=newsletter&source=DDMorning&fbclid=IwAR3nIhXUNi_9cV40cnzf4QOTpBS4Cb9YFiZpv7lv_uHt-9x3g58owdr2IyI
  5. LD0506

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    People have been conditioned like Pavlov's dogs for generations to buy-buy-buy shop-shop-shop with the help of the never blinking eye of the boobtube, and they just can't shake that jones. Being forced to quarantine, being forced to look around at their lives and associate with their families, is starting to clear their minds the same way the atmosphere is starting clear a bit without all the aimless wandering around in cars. We can only hope. In spite of however snarky or cynical I might sound at times, I still believe in an innate decency and normalcy in people. Yeah, there will always be that % who are so broken that they are beyond repair, but most just want to live. The 'Rona does have a silver lining y'all.