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  1. LD0506

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    It's beyond denying, we're cursed. The team should pro-actively sign one marginal player every year, pay him a specifically designed contract to be a sacrifice to the football gods.
  2. "fixing" the Republican party...................... I'm sorry, is this supposed to be some ironic or sarcastic thing that I'm not getting? "Cuz if you're serious, I recommend this
  3. Kid would make one helluva blocking TE though.........
  4. LD0506

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    John Fugelsang 20 mins · I don't have any idea who's going to take the Iron Throne so I'm just going to be the first to claim that Bernie could've won it.
  5. While I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you say LSF, I still think your focus is too narrow. This isn't just about women or gender(although that is a huge theme within it), this is about power and control PERIOD! Women, gays, blacks, immigrants, multi-racial children in commercials, artists, comedians, intellectuals, loudmouths, boatrockers, snarky T shirt wearers, yadda yadda yadda, absolutely anyone that disagrees or even doesn't support their disease enough can fall into their crosshairs. Zyklon B does not discriminate.
  6. Ha It is to laugh Subtlety is not and never has been my forte, not is it aspirational. For reasons that don't belong here, any chance for subtlety was burned off of me long ago, and TBH I can't say I miss it. All those charming attributes like subtlety and diplomacy and the rest are little more than excuses to avoid uncomfortable truth. The uncomfortable truth here is that women WILL be forced back to the days of coathangers. If it doesn't literally come to that it will be more because wire coathangers are an anachronism more than them having better options. Talibama has actually floated a Fugitive Slave Law to pursue and punish women who leave the state, a goddam coathanger meme is the problem here? Again, it is to laugh
  7. Oh hell, now we're arguing about the stat lines on sub-coaches??!? What is Tomsula's 40 time? Gruden's vertical? Dammit we need to know NOW!
  8. We're talkin' about the car et. al. because after getting seriously goosed by the draft in ways we didn't see coming, we're in the dead zone with nothing whatsoever to focus on, so we're hittin the pipe and makin up **** to pass the time. None of it means nothin', blah blah blah<check the calendar> blah blah<calendar again> blah blah blah
  9. LD0506

    Winter of 2018-2019

    TBH though, I grew up on the Great Lakes and winter wasn't a season, it was a lifestyle in many ways. All summer you played around the plow and the shed full of salt, etc., I remember seeing snow still back in the shade on my Bday (which is next week ), and I kinda miss it. We had crazy fun, snowforts three stories tall, racing anything with an engine on the lake once it froze, and winter, REAL winter, not the namby-pamby (Oh I had to walk in slush) day of flurries where everything shuts down winterette I get here now, real winter has its own beauty, it shows you things you won't see elsewhere, it teaches you respect for the power of nature, and respect for each other. Where I grew up, if you saw a car, any car, on the side of the road you stopped, period, no exceptions, just a check to see if they needed a hand, because that day you were there you hoped someone stopped for you. This was a difficult thing to adjust to when I moved to the Mid-Atlantic, people would lock their doors if you stopped, wondering why anyone was approaching. The whole neighborhood would be out shoveling walks and driveways, up and down the block, reconnecting after being cooped up after the last blizzard erased the world. The glow of Xmas lights is always better when snow is falling. The quality of sound and light is different, softened, diffused, almost ethereal. But my ass is too old for that **** now, **** nostalgia