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  1. But on the bright side we got through all that without seeing "sheeple"
  2. Exactly "Undecided" means you don't have the balls to admit the truth of your asshattery, nothing more But we get it
  3. Good job just mannin up with this post, probably wasn't easy for ya but that just makes it mean more. As far as I'm concerned we can all still be arguing the pros and cons of this a year from now as long as we're all still here to do that.
  4. BUT THEY WON'T THEY JUST WON'T WTF are you supposed to do when they just stomp their feet and refuse?
  5. I think we ought to get a poll going for how many games get COVID'd this year and who pays the tab....
  6. So ship the nurses, etc., that don't "believe" in vaccines to Tennessee or Missouri, get theirs that do and ship 'em to NYC Voila! Problem solved
  7. How the hell would we know? This stopped being a decent society years ago......
  8. "With profound sadness the Washington football team announces that a member of the Snyder family died and it was not TheDan"
  9. Damn, I respect your stamina, but we both know that you are talking to the wind, right? NONE of these people are or can be convinced or swayed by mere facts. We doan need no steenkin facts! We now can see the % of troglodytes in our midst that have been masked by the efforts of everyone else to maintain a civilized society. At the first chance they pop right back into their caves and stop even pretending to believe in science or medicine or hygiene or humanity. Get your tickets early for when they start up human sacrifices and witch burnings again.
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