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  1. Ummm. since Trump and his troll army have been embracing, encouraging and echoing the NaziLARPers and their ilk? No, not really one bit surprised Was this a trick question?
  2. And again, not arguing your premise, just perhaps the conclusions you draw from it. America was not the same country after the Civil War that is was before, it was not the same country after the Great depression that it was before, WWII, the 60's, you can pick other examples, we remake ourselves a lot relative to other countries and their business models. I feel like we are on the cusp of something, something terrible and scary and promising in ways we do not and can not predict. Yes, there will be blood and death and horror, but we will persevere and find a future that makes that price worthwhile. We have before, it's what we do. You have to demo before you begin building. We have been repatching the patched patches in the patchwork for generations and the seams are showing, time for (another) fresh start. And no, I don't expect any of the people that have subverted the systems to their own ends and use that power to maintain the status quo with them on top to do anything good, keep that thought in mind, there is no conversation or negotiation or conciliation that can or will make that happen. Historically there is really only one option that ever works.
  3. Disagree Llev, I genuinely believe there IS hope, just not for us all. Gonna be some Darwinian thinning of the herd
  4. Man, I really need to step away from this conversation this morning before I get off on a rant about just how much bull**** is floating around vis-a-vis Trumpies. Giving them the benefit of the doubt or making some excuses for that infected demographic only encourages them........
  5. LD0506

    WP: Most independents are just moderate partisans

    Well that cluttered up my brain, need more coffee................... I have to tell ya, if someone put my feet to the fire I'm not sure anymore just exactly what I am anymore. These days I am running pretty simple metrics, I am not on the side of/in favor of caging children, supporting Nazis, gutting the rule of law, trashing the environment, destroying all of our international relationships, etc., etc., so it makes things easy. If things ever do return to normal I will have work to do, but for now............
  6. He should, and the "mother" should as well, something slow and painful, like scaphism
  7. Just in case you needed another reminder of what utter filth we are talking about with the deplorable demographic...... http://www.cleveland19.com/2019/03/15/trump-supporters-drive-build-wall-float-past-mourners-new-zealand-massacre-cleveland-city-hall/?fbclid=IwAR209d_klU0PEilTo77D_eK7s4kss4ktNp6noZK6CJy-L5aQb5CKaLfG8Fs