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  1. Ok...<gulps more coffee>.... here goes... I get what you're saying here, and a lot of what you state is true, but we run up against that difference between truth and facts, they are not even remotely synonymous. I disagree with some of your conclusions although I am completely sympathetic to why you reach them. This didn't just start with Trump. This wasn't all done by the Russians. This is the very logical result of a longterm progression of factors in politics and society at large. The growth of mass marketing politics from the spread of TV/media/etc. in the 60s to a generational burnout as the hippies shot their wad and just wanted to settle in the suburbs transformed campaigning into an extremely expensive enterprise. You needed big bucks to even consider it, TV et. al. saw it as a cash cow, you drove out anyone that wasn't already preinfected with a greed is everything mentality, and then just set it running across the countryside. Politics didn't used to be a reality show genre, public service wasn't supposed to be just an shuck to feather your nest and debates used to actually be about substance (I know, shocking, but it's true). But when you had this confluence of campaigning and money and marketing and money and celebrity and money and money and money, guess what, greedy ass people acted on their greed- greed for money, for power, for attention, for status, greed for all the all there is. The Republicans always have been about the greedheads, they are actually the same people that ran the world economy into the ditch in the '20s and gave us the great depression, it is amusing to see all the pearl clutching and hand wringing going on now, as if this terrible dragon just appeared out of nowhere. The difference is that the Dems used to have a committed faction that genuinely believed there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and dreamed of better things. Of course they were viciously attacked by other Dems that were too cynical to believe in any of that. But once you made the essential prerequisite to running for office a multi-million dollar buy in, that sunshine n moonbeam **** had to go. They chased their donor base as hard as the Repubs always did. Problem is that the Dems have much higher overhead costs, so it doesn't go as far. And people tuned out, kinda like reading the news about the Germans and Russians duking it out on the Eastern Front, you figured hell, they both suck, rage on. But things have changed in the last couple years, important things that are going to change the game. We have seen a lot of new candidates run against the money, without the institutional support that compromised their ideals, with PACs getting a lien on their souls, and this really rocks the whole money barge that politics has become,so you'll see both sides rising up to protect the status quo. Once you get the passionate idealistic ignorance and vigor of youth in there that doesn't even know or accept why you can't do it their way, you see people actually perking up and listening to someone talking about real things that directly effect them. Mindboggling! That's fun and interesting in the way that street performers are, but you walk on because you have to get back to work, etc. But when you begin to get multiple candidates across the spectrum from a wide range of constituencies you start assembling enough voices, enough contacts, enough networking and cooperation to actually DO things. We're not there yet, but the attention that the freshman class in the House is already giving them momentum and energy far beyond their numbers. Do it again in '20, add 40 more new faces to this class with a couple years under their belt and their connections and crowdfunding and all that and you can see change, momentous, cosmic change in a short period of time. It's not only possible, it is historically probable. So catch your breath, take a break, make a sandwich, we are nowhere near Armageddon yet (in fact we are further from it than we were two years ago).
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    Actually? Yeah, we know a couple IRL that have been in a tizzy for the last few days but they were well known assholes so no one is too surprised
  3. oh hell, my eyes ache from rollin' em....... The sticking point is that Trump got dissed by mean girls on Fox and now has to man up to show 'em he's not a wimp, THAT is the major malfunction behind the the whole vanity wall fiasco My poor eyes, they may pop right outta my skull........... He DEMANDS 5.7 billion NOW, specifically for the wall, this isn't the cost, it is the first installment, and if he gets his way with this tantrum he'll be shuttin **** down every other week This has nothing to do with border security or immigration or his delusional caravan or anything real, this is a mean spirited little man holding his breath to get his way. The facile attempts to spin it off into something else would be amusing if they weren't so pathetically weak