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  1. LD0506

    Random Thought Thread

    Now I am loathe to even post anything here. This could so easily be a stealth "Suicide by Mod" snare for the amusement of some.
  2. LD0506

    Next Coach?

    I for one am not as down on Callahan as most here seem to be, I just wonder what he is thinking though. Does he really wanted to tie himself to the bloated corpse of Bruce? Dumping Allen is not just the first thing we need, it is the whole list. Send LilDan on a neverending cruise and turn the franchise over to an actual competent GM, period. HE will decide the fate of coaches, HE will deal with the reeking rep of the team, HE will get to gobble up the credit, because there are a lot of good pieces here, some serious young talent that deserves to thrive in a functioning organization. As bad as it is, can you imagine the upside for being the guy that turned the Skins back into a pro team? Of course someone like Bezos buying the team and contracting Elon Musk to shoot Allen into space might be a nice PR move........
  3. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread

    Because some of us don't have your artistically baroque sense of spectacle and just want something more pragmatic and direct- like running them through a woodchipper to fertilize the Arizona desert.
  4. LD0506

    I'm over the snow already!

    Where at in OH? I grew up there when it was still a part of the civilized world, right up on Erie, "lake effect" and all that, I kinda miss it...........
  5. LD0506

    I'm over the snow already!

    C'mon, that's a flurry, quitcher ****in
  6. LD0506

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    Hey Philly!
  7. In the spirit of the season I'd like to see them all hung on the National Christmas Tree as decorations
  8. LD0506

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    I still feel like there is an undertone of dissatisfaction and distrust amongst the players, some of which is generational. Haskins is a kid, people expecting him to be Bart Starr are kidding themselves. He is a reflection of his demographic, they grown up being bombarded with the notion that if you aren't going viral on social media you don't exist. I write that aspect of it off, I don't agree with it but the kids aren't going to hear it. The play on the field is a reflection of some of that, vets unhappy with the Trent thing, being in the spotlight of a losing season, the whining of fans to sell the team, etc., etc. and so on. There is a lot of **** flying around, I'm glad I am not expected to focus on doing a hard job in the middle of it. I still believe that if we had just had the stones to take our lumps fight up front, start Haskins and play him all season as OJT, he'd be showing all of us more by now. He didn't benefit one iota from sitting.
  9. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread

  10. LD0506

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yes the franchise is a backed up toilet Yes Allen is a worthless bootlicker Yes LilDan out to be run outta town on a Roomba Yadda yadda yadda, I get that, all of it, each and every festering pustule of it, but still, damn! We've got young guys playin their balls off, trying hard to show that they really do belong here after a lifetime of dreams and sacrifices from families, bustin their asses to succeed in SPITE of all those reasons that fans sitting at home with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other seem to feel are more important in their ass-holier than though way. Tomorrow we can debate the relative merits of this win-vs- draft position for a team that will squander it anyway, can we just enjoy one tiny, dust encrusted fleck of satisfaction today??
  11. LD0506

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Holy ****! I have learned over the years to avoid the GDT because of insanity, but check in after the game's over- now the aftermath is people pissin-n-moanin 'cuz we WON!!?!? Some of y'all suck
  12. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread

  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-supporters-california-clinton-fake-news-vote-2020-a9214131.html?fbclid=IwAR0BWGe3tny5XkmJvn5qHVbLQCMSU8tvmMUx4DLeOfrCiTzovKZdw-sMm40
  14. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread