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  1. Best glove ever even if it did fail to make me a major leaguer. Worth some coin now wish I would have kept it. RIP to a legend.
  2. Got a doozy in the mountains a couple hours from me. Learned to ski up there when I was a kid. Offered up our place to a couple we're friends with who live there. They did make it to Roswell and got a hotel room last night. The whole town is wood, and it's hemmed in by forest service land and the Mescalero Apache Res so it's uncharecteristically densely developed. https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/18/us/ruidoso-new-mexico-south-fork-fire-evacuations/index.html
  3. My idiot buddy is in St John right now. I guess I know better than to ask him if it's hot down there. He's no doubt hungover too, maybe I will anyhow Slow response to submit today
  4. Just got back from a quick trip to 9k and a high of 77 yesterday to 98 at 10:30 am at home. Thank all the gods for ac.
  5. Everytime the left does that (woke, black lives matter, etc) the right co-opts it. They are just a lot better at that sort of petty nastiness. We're usually better at satire and sarcasm.
  6. It's impressive, the amount of use you get out of that thing. So many of them are no doubt rusting in backyards. Your neighbors must be continually drooling lol.
  7. So hard to make that call. He had my back there like he always did. I appreciate the kind thoughts from all y'all. It's what we sign up for owning pets and we still get the better end of the deal.
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