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  1. Unfortunately I missed the entire game last night, I'm a firefighter working a 72 hour shift and of course we ran our tails off last night. From what I'm reading on here it sounds like we might have found a QB??? I know the sample size is small, and so is the QB, but now maybe possibly we can pick up a cheaper vet or draft one deeper in the draft and maybe someone like Harris will fall into our laps.
  2. Just reading that makes me want to vomit Seriously though, I would love to have Watson, even if it was a costly move, but right now I'm going to believe that he stays in Houston. With that said, if we're going to trade away the farm for a franchise qb, then if we can't get Watson, why not trade up and get our guy in the draft.
  3. I gotta confess, those orange cycle unis were awesome
  4. Are there questions about Wilson's character? I ask because I haven't seen anything about it and after sunshine he's my favorite QB in this year's draft
  5. That's why I am starting to kinda warm up to the idea of Sam Darnold. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with the guy, but I've read several places that folks around the league still believe his ceiling is high and that his career so far is victim of the Jets organization and terrible coaching. I dont want to give up the farm for just one position.
  6. I'm sure sunshine is breathing a sigh of relief today
  7. I think you have said it several times and many folks would agree that a big upgrade at QB and this team is a legitimate Super bowl contender. I would love to see what Stafford could here but feel like its a very expensive pipe dream. So that leaves us with Darnold, a more reasonable and cost efficient choice. Do you believe he would be a "upgrade" compared to what's already on the roster? We all know what he's accomplished so far or better yet what he hasn't accomplished, but is that due to skill set or more so being a part of the Jets organization?
  8. So the more realistic option would be Darnold?? Like I said earlier, Stafford is a pipe dream. I've read several places that many folks around the league are still high on Darnold and that he drew the short stick with the Jets.
  9. I keep seeing folks posting about Stafford, and while that would be a HUGE upgrade over what we have currently, is that even a realistic possibility??? I am really warming up to that idea because it would allow us to fill other needs in the early draft. I just feel like it's a pipe dream
  10. I really hate the idea of us being in that range, but if we are then personally I'd like to see us go LB or Oline then fingers crossed our scouts see something in the 2nd tier QBs for round 2...........I had my heart set on Fields or Wilson though
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