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  1. Dallas lost.........I shall sleep well tonight
  2. DazedSkinsfan

    Next Coach?

    With the right coordinators I'd be cool with it, although it would still feel kinda meh. I feel the same way about Tomlin also, yeah I know his record but we're talking about the Steelers organization. There a ton of younger competent coaches out there waiting for the opportunity.
  3. DazedSkinsfan

    Next Coach?

    Greg Williams is doing a pretty damn good job with a young Jets Defense. I hope we at least interview him. As for trading draft picks for Tomlin, oh HELL no!!! I dont see it happening but with Danny boy anything is possible. Now......I would be all in for trading our next five 1st round picks to get Bruce the hell out of town lol
  4. DazedSkinsfan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Is Trent worth a 1st?? Dont get me wrong I would take that in a heartbeat but honestly I don't see us getting anything higher than a 3rd for him. Possibly a 2nd?
  5. So I'm sitting here on my recliner putting down a few cold ones enjoying the beatdown the Jets are putting on Dallas and during the commercial break had a serious WTF moment. Did I just see Montez Sweat in a Old Spice commercial????
  6. Watching them jump up and down acting like they just won the Super Bowl might have been the saddest thing I've seen in a very long time. We just lost Tank Bowl 2019 and now I'm sad
  7. DazedSkinsfan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Your Vols picked up another W today!!! Maybe things aren't as bleak as most thought in Knoxville. Side note...... As I sit here watching Bama play I must say I really want Tua lol
  8. DazedSkinsfan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Would really be nice to recoup a second rounder some way. What do you guys think about Jalen Hurts? His first few years at Alabama had me thinking lower round project but with the change in offensive coaching and system at Oklahoma hes looking more and more likely like a late 1st to early 2nd. Watching him makes him comparable to Dak but a little bigger and much stronger. His arm is strong and he has the allusive feet to move around in the pocket.
  9. DazedSkinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just hang on to the fact that "we're close" if Bruce says it then it has to be true.
  10. DazedSkinsfan

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    I'm in full tank mode, it took 42 years of my life but here I am rooting for defeat. The only thing a win will do is give Bruce ammo about us being so close and justifiably firing Jay. Sadly we can't even lose right Redskins 16 Fins 9
  11. DazedSkinsfan

    Redskins Tank-A-Thon: Your Creative Idea Of How The Redskins Could Throw A Game

    Activate Alex Smith and install the triple option
  12. DazedSkinsfan

    Next Coach?

    I wasn't too big on this idea, but the more I think about it, I love it. Smart comes from the Saban tree, he is a defensive minded coach and his Georgia team always looks ready and disciplined. Pair him up with a solid young offensive coordinator and we certainly couldn't do any worse than what we've had for the last 10 years.
  13. DazedSkinsfan

    Redskins.com: Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    I have this terrible sinking feeling that Callahan is going to be the permanent HC. It would be so typical of this FO to do that. Maybe a new DC, and some minor tweaks but a lot of the same faces will be back. Instead of doing the right thing and cleaning house from Bruce all the way down to the towel boy, I can see the same old story and we'll be right back here in a few years.
  14. DazedSkinsfan

    I Fear Bruce Is Here Until Stadium Deal Is Done..

    So its obvious to everyone Bruce sucks at pretty much everything that involves anything football related when it comes to being a GM, but from what I see hes a pretty terrible politician because hes yet to secure a stadium location. So my question is how can you suck so bad at your job that everyone in the world knows you suck but yet hes still employeed? Everything Bruce has touched since being here has turned into a steaming pile on poop. Any of us hardworking fans sucked as bad at our jobs as Bruce does as GM we would have been given the pink slip. I just do not understand what goes on in that brain of Dan Snyder, I really don't
  15. DazedSkinsfan

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    One can only hope that someone has the guts to roast him. No doubt Gruden shares a huge responsibility in this mess, but so does Bruce Allen