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  1. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I never downloaded that movie btw. **** said it was 40 gigs hahahhahahahaha
  2. The more they hype Jones the More Haskins is going to kill the Giants personally once he gets his shot.
  3. Why do we want to discriminate against gay people? Anyone one of you Conservatives feel free to answer. Im not trying to fight you over it, just curious the reason why we would want to discriminate against Americans.
  4. Im having alot of "oranges" moments these days lol. "Hes about to go all in with his Russian friends AGAIN"
  5. Hes about to go all in with his Russian friends
  6. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yea I already got a few, actually. Planning for the eventuality (and some were free on PSN)
  7. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Funny you bring that up. She has more than once exclaimed about how cool it looks. And her Bday is next month. I may have to hook her up. She is a gamer (now)
  8. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Will give my review on that tonight. The Wife/fiance was just asking about something cheap to do tonight.
  9. They should be commended. I don't know this America
  10. Llevron


    Hope y’all enjoyed seeing Reed. Dude is in mid season form already. By that I mean concussion protocol
  11. Is it actually his base thats into this? I dont know why but I get much more of a wacky hipster feel from this. I feel like the Quanon crowd is busy looking for JFKs real body.
  12. We could provide help with that as well (for a cost). Anything we can do to make it easier for them......
  13. Which one of yall would like to help me plan group #MAGA trips to Greenland? We can provide hotel reservations (at a cost) and tours (at a cost) and provide maps, and hats, and ****s and even help with flight reservations (all at a cost). I really feel like we could pocket some good cash from these folks. Ill do all the work I just need a white guy or hot white girl to be the face of it. Hell we could provide the same services for trips to Russia and NK. We could call them Trips for Trump or something. They wont care as long as the logo is red and has a bit ass T on it. Im not joking at all someone get with me on this.
  14. I kinda wish he woulda done it
  15. American Jews - I have heard that distinction a lot over that last few days. Is that a “Right” or “Trump” thing or are we really classifying people that way for real? Like African American? Sorry not not sure how to properly ask this question