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  1. Llevron

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I hope its about the training facility and all the injuries.
  2. Whats worse is that whatever Barr comes up with will get all the salacious headlines and sound bites.
  3. Can you do 2? The worst and the best? I won’t tell
  4. You really have become a shell of your former self
  5. So now I have mental images of him throwing puppies from a burning building onto a fire fighters trampoline with perfect touch. Including atleast one back solder fade. Thanks lol
  6. Yea hes actually a mad man. I think of the stories of him EATING notes to prevent leaks. ****ing nuts man.
  7. Griffin was surprisingly good at this! I thought he was sacked for real
  8. He actually said his dad has been making him do that since he was a kid. Its probably something that worked and he just kept it up. He says that particular drill or whatever you would call it is the reason he doesn't have to look at pressure anymore. He just "feels" it, which is want you want from what I understand. Thanks for the good answer. The bold makes all the sense in the world. I had not seen it that way previously. As for the tweets, I do wonder if he helped to alleviate any of the concerns at the end of the year. My understanding was that he improved significantly those last few games. The concern I guess would be if he was just hot. But then you could say that about his entire season and thats, basically, the issue.
  9. @volsmet Rookie question but why exactly is the yards per attempt such a big deal in determining NFL potential? And how accurate has it been?
  10. I think the argument is more about how that talent around Haskins was used, verses how other teams use it. Just watching him (and not the others) it seems the offense he ran not only took advantage of how much better the WRs were compared to the DBs, but how fast his release was and how much speed they put on the field. Its impossible to cover 4 guys that fast across the field all day long when the game plan is taking advantage of it. Someone knew what they were doing and took advantage of it as a matter of theory and it worked perfectly. Im not sure any of the other guys had that of effectiveness with their offenses (cause I didnt watch) Where I have a problem with that argument is that it doesnt account for the fact they planned for Haskins skill set as well. That offense wouldnt go the way it did if he wasnt able to give quality throws.....throws where the WR wasnt killed and he had all the room in the world to run. Sure, it was built to work that way. But not everyone can fly a plane and they are built for that **** too. The concern is, will he get that in the NFL? The answer is ask Jason Campbell. (meaning who the **** knows cause he could have a different OC every other year) And if he doesnt get that, can he make up for it on his own? I dont know that he can yet.
  11. I would prefer to have him sit a year and watch/learn from the mistakes/good of the guys in front of him. A few reasons. First of all it worked for him before. He sat before and it worked. I understand hes a really heady QB. Hes more heady than athletic and I think the more he knows the more he can take advantage of the defense. And I dont think it hurts him. Second is that I dont want him to have early struggles and lose the fan base. That matters here. It may not to him though so thats not as big of a deal. This is my other worry, but you covered it. For me, though, none of this matters if he shows he can do it. And I do trust Jay to know if he can or not. So if coach says go lets ****ing go!
  12. I think dems are taking this for granted. I hope it hurts them if they do.
  13. Here is a fun thing https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/doug-mcleod-mississippi-domestic-violence-wife-arrest-punch-sex-a8924671.html Dude basically punched his wife cause she wouldn't get naked fast enough for his erection to matter. Seems like a swell guy.
  14. True, Leftwich would kill for Haskins release.
  15. Yea that defeats the entire purpose. You cant convince anyone anymore. They all know whats up now and they know exactly what they are doing. Hearing it from the man himself changes nothing unless he says it publically.