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  1. I do find it fitting that Bloomberg entering this race just to stop Bernie with his **** you money, and his ill buy you and this Presidency if I have to mindset.....will be the exact thing that pushes people to support Burnie in the first place. Also this Why are these people acting this way? I used to watch this channel everyday, and they never acted like this before lol
  2. That CNN clip is wild. I don’t even know what to say about that.
  3. At my pops funeral they said he had a saying he would repeat often he got someplace. That you can judge a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him or to help him. Something like that. That’s the closest I got!!
  4. Hotel I’m in only has one working channel and it’s Fox News. This is a conspiracy
  5. Don’t you threaten me with a good time (Joking)
  6. When do I start freaking about about this?
  7. They just brought this up at RSA. Fun when my social media life smashes into my business life. Some of y’all would like this stuff. I wish it wasn’t so expensive cause it’s a really good conference. Keynote speaker recommends reading this. Y’all should check it out https://carnegieendowment.org/2019/09/10/moving-encryption-policy-conversation-forward-pub-79573
  8. ^^^Thank you I have never read the details personally - but I think that illustrates the problem.
  9. That may be true. I have no idea how to measure that. I know i pay attention less on a daily basis other than what people i trust (you, basically) share with me. I wonder how easy it will be in the general election to reactivate people if thats the case?
  10. Honestly I think a lot of this is due to Trump activating people. Just my small circle but I know a lot more young people paying attention even if it’s just superficially because they are appalled by him in particular. That and I think the more aware people become of others the more the slide left. I don’t mean that as a negative for anyone that doesn’t feel that way. I’m just thinking of all the bleeding hearts and hippies out there with access to the internet and google. They are able to see more than just what’s in their circle and maybe that leads them more left? I dunno I’m just rambling with that last bit Add to that, the socialist hand has been far overplayed to the point where it’s almost meaningless. Bernie calls himself one and look where he is.
  11. Right. For better or worse he’s going to run on exactly what he believes. This again is another thing that reminds people of Trump but with context it has a different meaning. Its exactly what makes makes people like him and hate him.
  12. The Russia stuff does make me uncomfortable with Sanders tho. Not really how much they like him, but how cozy he is with them. The thing with his wife on RT bothers me way more than it probably should.
  13. I wonder if the Russians are supporting Bernie because they want him to be president or because they know half of the country is still scared of the word socialist and plan to use our fears against us.
  14. I too remember how stupid that was. And the consequences of that bs
  15. Burnie Sanders has had the exact same message for the last 40 years of how he plans to help people and we are comparing him to Trump who came on to the scene with the Mexicans are murderers mixtape. And you are telling me smart people see them as so similar that they are gearing up to leave the country over it. Ok. I’m reminded of all the times I said the same thing in 2016 because of Trump and these same smart people told me I was crazy and none of the crazy **** he said he would do would happen. And then it did.