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  1. If their judgment call as an organization is that a rookie QB will kill their chances to win at 1-9 or whatever the record is now then I dont trust their judgment anyway. They are neither thinking well in the present, as Keenum is trashing it up, or are they thinking ahead and putting a plan in place for the draft. If hes that bad, then he would all but ensure we are the second pick in the draft. And if hes really not as good as Keenum, we would have lost the dolphins game. So not only is the plan to NOT get the rookie QB experience on a 1-12 team and get something out of this wasted season, but to also win as many games as we can to **** up draft position to get talent we clearly need. The last time we bottomed out. btw, we picked the best And you trust these peoples evaluation. Because they have proven to be so smart. For the record I dont have a problem with him not being ready, but trusting this evaluation so much so that you think hes a bust already is just a weird place logically to go when I know you dont trust anyone running this team.
  2. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    I really dont know how you can deal with that. You must really love him. I think I would have to waterboard the fiance if she went down this path. With love, of course.
  3. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    And its gonna work cause their voters all suffer from some community form of psychosis where none of them can even hear the truth anymore.
  4. This reminds me of the Redskins thing. Seriously no one cares that the most overtly racist president to ever hold office in this country the word lynching. I dont even care if republicans take issue with it. We already know he doesn't like blacks and that the rest of them profit off of keeping us back in one form or another. Who cares if he said one word that to me is more representative of southern whites than it is of blacks.
  5. I hope by not ready they mean we don’t want to do to him what the Giants are doing to jones. He will be worth the pick if they get him ready rather it’s this season or next doesn’t really matter if he live up to his potential
  6. They must be super impressed by your use of the quoting function too!
  7. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    That **** is sweet. And NFL Blitz was my ****. Beat my cousin once 300 to nothing. I’m serious it made him cry. He never played me in any football game again.
  8. First of all he’s mad, so throw everything out the window. You don’t want an angry Kirk Cousins. The Lord allows you to repent. Kirk Cousins isn’t so nice. Secondly if he keeps this up, ima have to take a very old school kind of vacation from this thread. You guys are at your worst when he’s at his best and I’m not gonna take this anymore.
  9. so do y’all want us to win or lose? I know now that’s a funny question but given the current circumstances...... i wanted them them to lose last week. I would be happy with a win this week.
  10. I don’t understand why they didn’t call any play action. Waste of a set up to me (I know nothing)
  11. Name a QB that sucked any place and left to have success. Doesn’t happen. Your first shot is your best shot for the most part.
  12. If he’s actually got the fans and the media against him already then I don’t think he has a chance to be honest. This is not an easy place to play football when EVERYTHING is against you
  13. You really don’t have to