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  1. That’s generally how I feel when I hear these guys talk at work. Like, science is all you have done with your life. And you don’t even believe in it. Why? How? I mean I get it. I just can’t wrap my head around it
  2. I actually heard a dude at work talking to a co-worker in one of our closed rooms....he didn’t think anyone was there but them.....saying the same. He was saying he had inside info though. Because he does have some connections with government officials I feel like he really believed it, but the lady he was talking to clearly didn’t. it’s wild though cause this guy is literally a rocket scientist. I have talked about him before when he cornered me in his office about fake news like 2 years ago. I just thought a man with his kind of knowledge would have noticed how stupid all this stuf
  3. I wont accept the election results if Trump wins. I know that my acceptance is not necessary. Or even wanted at this point.
  4. I have been trying to drown the same fear in Ron Zacapa Cenetenario for like 8 months now. Welcome. Take a shot or 12 and catch up. It gets darker (and not in the good way)
  5. Whats fun is that the President of the United States actually thinks Weezy is what will get him black support. Cause thats how that works. What else could they want??
  6. Honestly I wouldnt run him ragged yet. We could slip into the playoffs this season and then I would feed him. Or, we could be working with something next season. I guess Im saying I wouldnt run him too heavy until it possibly means something for the team. But its football so you really cant protect him forever.
  7. How could you not? I stalk the **** out of yalls opinions just so I can call you out done day in the future. Like....oh really @Spaceman Spiff?? I thought you were confused about Griffins childhood trauma in 2013???? Why the change!? WE SEE YOU
  8. Saw one just like that during the debate or a football game (cant remember which, but they feel like the same thing now anyway) here in MD
  9. Da fuq kinda dishwasher takes 3 hours? What are you people doing to/with your dishes????
  10. Thats exactly what im trying to say. This situation just keeps escalating....its not going to calm down on its own. Its scary when you think about where this could lead without someone trying to take the air out of it.
  11. Christians for Kanye at a Pence rally is the best thing to happen so far this week lol
  12. I dont know why but I feel so embarrassed listening to Rudy. I dont empathize with him. But he is just.... beyond belief. And hes gross!
  13. I dont understand how him being the only offensive threat on a terrible team and putting up good numbers means hes not a star. I mean in that case hes literally the only man to stop, and you cant. What else does it take?
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