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  1. But seriously what else is he but a game manager?? I don’t think that’s a negative at that position. But he sure as **** ain’t a playmaker. So what is he lol
  2. He is the definition of a game manager. And that’s ok. Y’all need to come back to reality lol
  3. I dont know why hes so worried about it to be honest. We all know his followers and those on the sideline really wont care if they show anything. It doesn't even have to be arguable. None of their arguments even make sense anymore. Whats one more?
  4. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    I used to try and fake it, but then I realized I could just copy and paste responses from another site without any context whatsoever and it did it better.
  5. Llevron

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Yea and thats what I mean by faulting them. Not saying the officers should be fired or even reprimanded. But if they are not trained for this stuff, then either they should be or there should be a plan of action to get them out of the way and get a swat team in place or something. Im not at all im saying the police are bad guys in this particular case.....right now. Of course im never going to discount the possibility. But they could have legit made the wrong decision thinking it was their only course of action and in that kind of situation I can understand it. But that would still make them wrong imo. Its not even worth it man
  6. Llevron

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I know the story. Whas your point?
  7. i skimmed it, admittedly, but none of that seems that odd to me. The whole sensor for traffic thing has been done in other places for years. If yall ever been to the Mosaic District in Fairfax, that so something similar to that and have for years. Its not as effective because they wouldn't pay for it. But I remember helping them put in "Free wifi" so that they could track where customers were going, what time of day, how many daily visits, how many repeat visitors and where they went to most frequently. All that stuff. Not for any bad reasons either. They just wanted to know what made people come to the property and how to get them to come back. So they could ultimately make more money. Data is everything these days. That **** worked to a degree too. They could have done it better though.
  8. They get away with it because people who find themselves to be so high up that this cant effect them see this as some kind of game. TWA is a good example of what I mean. He strikes me as the type of cat that would cry foul if he or his family were ever in these kinds of situations. But because to him it seems impossible for it to happen to him, its a joke. I dont know how to characterize it better than that.
  9. Llevron

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Im pretty sure there are rules for firing that many guns on a highway with innocent people on it. If not there should be. Same idea behind not getting into a high speed chase in some cities. That being, civilian lives are more important than catching the bad guys. I would think that if the bad guys are fleeing and not shooting people in public, you risk aggravating them by engaging in a public area. Thats what I would think, no way do I know what the rules actually are so this is just my opinion. But I, personally, would fault them if what I described above was the case. I do get your point though. Violent guys, armed, with a hostage, fleeing to god knows where pose an obvious threat too. I just dont think unloading 19 guns in the middle of the street with civilians in the cross fire is in any way a good judgment call and I would fault them for that.
  10. Llevron

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Wow. Are you really going to make excuses for this stuff? Its not hard to do at all. But its unreasonable without knowing exactly what happened. These cops really could have been firing back when fired on, which to me makes sense. I would be happy to pin it on the cops if they instigated a fire fight in the middle of the street though.
  11. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    The Schiff Show hits new lows. This is a prime example of abuse of power and projection. The banana republic Democrats are doing exactly what they accuse Trump of doing. This is truly disgusting
  12. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yall think there is a lane for someone like Susan Collins (only saying her name cause it seems to fit, I dont really have any ideas on who) could vote for impeachment and then run as a dem with promises of support from the dem side? I feel like if I was only worried about having a job after this next election, and I was in a place on the cusp of turning blue I could be persuaded to turn on him and convert to conservative leaning dem. But im not sure if thats realistic at all.
  13. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Woah Matt gates. I would love to have a fair pissing contest with him. He couldn’t pull up half the dirt on me I could pull in him. Talking about an ivory tower while escaping his 4th dui or some ****. They would have to hold me in contempt. Aye
  14. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Ah. Well that makes a lot of damn sense.