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  1. The dude is a Russian spy who really gives a **** I mean get a grip Yall really think people are gonna look back and be like "THAT was the day everything changed in Russ - The United States" Lol
  2. I mean.....if there is a field of work that you think would be pretty consistantly it would be the ****ing government. But. Naw.
  3. If I lost my job today I would be ultra ****ed. No way past a month without dipping into my savings or cashing out the 401k or cashing out my fidelity (which comes at a ****ING 60% PENALTY!?!?@?@?). I could do that if I had to. But **** you twice (not you, you sexy beast) if you think I would be willing to do any of that because the ****ing government is using me as a pawn in their bull****. I worked hard for all of that. Hell I'm losing about a grand a month to savings just so I can get the house I want. If I lose ALL that thanks to the government you will absolutely be seeing my name in that mass shooting thread. I I'm not really disagreeing with you at all I guess. But **** the government for being so terrible that this is a thing now.
  4. What's the reason the Republicans are using to validate getting rid of the sanctions? Or are they even using one?
  5. Only he can do it. No one else.
  6. Llevron

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I like things about Barr. Not least of which is knowing when he is losing and shutting the hell up and listening when he is. Not many people can do that. Even less people who feel like they are in a position of power can do it. Maybe he just understands the game better than most. But any one of these republican senators would have kept running head first into that wall and that woman doesn't often talk about **** she doesn't have facts about. He was smart enough to understand that at least.
  7. That sounds like a bad idea
  8. Part of why its so difficult to have any faith in them. Thats what my nephew has always said 9 shots in.
  9. Good point. We need land mines. Humane ones are preferable.
  10. Llevron

    To be a man

    Agree. I’m just not sure that’s what it means to be a man.
  11. So what is “American” food anyway? Or is that another topic?
  12. Going with what works I see. So why the need for 5bil? God you’re smart.
  13. Llevron

    To be a man

    Don’t know. Not sure any of us do if you are speaking realistically. Now if we are talking about idealistically then that’s something entirely different.
  14. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Download a demo of Disgaea 5. I say the demo cause the style of this game isnt for everyone. But if you are into grinding out levels, stats, skills, upgrades and ff tactics like turn based battle you cannot find a better game imo. I have over 500 hours in this game. And I have it on two different systems lol. Edit hell if you wanna try it, if I got the hard copy on Ps4 (cant remember if I do) I'll send it to you.
  15. Its would be the most disappointing episode ever. He absolutely paid for this with the money he stole from an orphanage full of cancer ridden bunny rabbits. And if that sounds unrealistic it's only because bunnies dont get cancer. (Right!?)