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  1. I do wonder if part of the calculus here has to be that there are A LOT of white people in this country who are falling for the 'We, the persecuted....its so tough to be a white male....the government wants us replaced' thing and if you do go too hard on these people (and I mean execution style) that just serves to radicalize more of them. And since there are so many, and much of them have military/ police training, that they would pose a serious threat to the country. But I guess that's part of the reason you go after them. Me personally I would kill the fly with a sledge hammer.
  2. Not that I really care about the money, but its a little crappy that we dont get any of it back. I understand it though. And I do find it a bit off that teams wanted to sign him, but he retired instead. But then the media made us the bad guys for cutting him? Meh. In the end everything is as it should be. Dude ended his career on a major high imo and all parties were better off because of it. I hope he comes back as a coach and it would be cool if it were here.
  3. The more their party moves in this direction, the less of a future they have. It’s only a matter of time before this all explodes in their face. I think? Right?
  4. I think you are close to right, but I think the actual assumption or popular thought is that cops in general are biased against minorities rather they are racist or not. Hell IM biased against minorities and have to correct my thinking all the time. Same with my wife and my mother. Unconscious bias, is what I’m getting at. And I don’t think it’s wrong to assume everyone in America suffers from some form of it. I don’t see how one couldn’t, honestly. I totally think you could tell the kid was Latino in the video. I also don’t think it matters in that particular case. That wa
  5. Thats a fair point. Unclear instructions seem just as dangerous as anything else in these situations. Stop and dont turn around does seem a bit safer for the police at least. I do wonder how that is received on the other end though.
  6. The cop immediately went into life prevention mode after he shot him too. In some cases its hard to put yourself in the officers shoes and understand why they took the actions they took. This is not one of them. Maybe you can say he shouldn't have chased him. But even then I think you are grasping for reasons to blame the cop. **** is sad regardless. But i dont blame the cop on this one.
  7. Who is surprised by this? He "killed the right people" so he's a-ok in some books. I wonder how long it will be until a mass shooting is politicized enough that people side with the shooter?
  8. It’s so so bad that nobody can trust anybody about this stuff anymore.
  9. I try not to get mad about cops not killing people. But I always make note of the discrepancy. I have a lot of other things I wanna say about that but its ultimately not constructive.
  10. Oh so the cop car killed him not the cop.
  11. That second video with the old man.....where they kick his ass cause he doesn’t want to be involved with the police....illustrates what I hate so much about the police. They don’t know what the duck they are doing AT ALL and then just throw the badge around without a **** in the world. They were wrong, it made no ****ing sense, and it helped literally no one. And they didn’t pay a single consequence for it. **** the police man
  12. I actually found out the other day my job is paying us to take it. 4 hours. Noice
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