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  1. That make sense. Can't just tell them to take the greyhound.
  2. I would really like to hear a response to this!!
  3. I notice out of all the "isms" that Pompeo listed none of them started with race. Day after MLK day in fact.
  4. He sold the masters for all of his music for this Pardon lol
  5. According to him his whole town did burn down but nobody talked about it outside of the Richmond forums.
  6. My office works closely with the Pentagon and the Mark Center for a lot of things. Staffing and opening/closing due to weather and stuff being the one I see most often, outside of just plain ol security. They just told us to stay home until Thursday. ****s freaking me out. They never do this.
  7. People are trying to survive this madness. Pandemic, economic crisis. In general people work so much and are so distracted they ignore stuff they feel like they have no control over. It’s why this stuff works. It’s crazy. And sad.
  8. I wanna say that’s totally her but I don’t want to be JFK Jr guy so ima wait. But it would explain how she’s been in there before and why **** face was tweeting the location of Pelosi.
  9. Ima start referring to myself as openly fat and lazy and see what folks think of that.
  10. This **** is gonna be around for a long time. Much longer than Trump himself will be
  11. Ah ok. Though I would rather believe he’s stealing it, I appreciate the correction
  12. That’s so ghetto. This mfer stealing statues from the White House. He gonna clean that **** out. How are you filthy not rich white trash lmao
  13. I very much do. That and the panic buttons being taken out. And AOC saying she can’t say why but she didn’t trust the police. None of it makes me feel like this is going to be resolved soon. Thanks for the correction btw @PCS
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