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  1. I knew that was coming with Samuel when he didn’t train at all and we haven’t seen anything from him. ****ing sucks. I hope it’s not serious and I hope he’s back quick. Really was excited about seeing him this season.
  2. @Jumbo I knew you were going to have to type much and more about it, that’s why I just liked the post and kept it moving. That you didn’t is one of the rare times I get to feel like I know something you don’t. So rare that I wanted to make sure you knew it happened lolol
  3. Shannahan was a douche but that was the best shape Albert had ever been in during his entire career lol
  4. Indeed. The riot was scary by itself. This makes it much more human.
  5. Sgt Gonell story about his wife really upset me more than anything for some reason.
  6. Your religion is totally not a way to control you though don’t worry just do what he says or it’s hell I guess I dunno
  7. Republicans haven't had any actual policy concerns outside of Taxes for a while. Though they faked it, ultimately they motivated people to vote through fear and anger for the last 20 something years as far as I can tell. They were bound to eventually see that they didnt have to fake it any more and the pandemic (something scary, that took your whole life from you and make you mad) just played right into it. So yes, it was inevitable. They were barking up the vaccinations cause autism tree at least enough for it to be a commonly known 'question'. Thats an easy example, im sure ther
  8. They certainly look cooler with the clouds though. At least from the old historical photos I can view from the internet
  9. Would like to remind everyone that our coach is recovering from Cancer and what this COVID **** would do to him if it were brought into the building. His immune system is an easy target too. How ****ing selfish
  10. I understand why some players wouldn’t want to get it. It’s not smart but I understand and acknowledge the circumstances we find ourselves in. At the same time, and unvaccinated player at this point is a liability. They will hurt the bottom line. It’s just a matter of fact. And the NFL is a business. Just like they decided that players cannot kneel during the anthem without consequence, the same thing is happening here. And again they stay true to themselves…..they don’t virtue signal and they expressly do it for the bottom line. Money. They are consistent and it should be
  11. I hope they hold these ****ers responsible for all the lies and bull**** they spread over this. They killed people and some continue to.
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