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    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Just for arguments sake, lets say those three picks were all on the Oline? Do you think it would be worth it to sacrifice Young for a young, complete and powerful Oline? Not asking for any particular reason, just that I know you have an opinion on this kinda stuff and im curious.
  2. Llevron

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    I think you should give yourself more credit. The statement in bold exactly what I think the answer is at all positions in football unless you find a T. Brady. And even then, he took a deal so I cannot really say that he is an exception to it. Its a game of resources, as I believe you so eloquently put it. The answer has more to do with how you manage them than anything else. Whats crazy (to me) is that the argument can be made that after your management of resources, the next most important things are luck, and getting hot at the right time in no particular order lol
  3. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Thats crazy. Like so much about this dude its such an obvious lie but they accept it anyway
  4. Most humans I would imagine
  5. It’s why they run the best system imo. Don’t need a 30mil Qb. Though they have one anyway which is.....useless
  6. It’s gotta kill you that people that know what they are talking about might actually like him lol. Burrows will be drafted somewhere. I bet that team will have a board too! You never know might be a good move for everybody
  7. Yea I think thats the only option they have left. Which sucks cause it give him all the control. And what happens if he wants another fully guaranteed deal? If I was him and in this position I would ask for another 3 year fully guaranteed one. They cant do anything about it but replace him and they have no replacement!
  8. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Intangibles and football isn't played on paper. Easy example, everyone played harder with Ray Lewis around because they knew he could kill you and get away with it. Ok that was (kind of) a joke but the point remains, some guys are leaders and football is a sport where leadership and emotion does make a difference. A more realistic example is that KC comeback a few weeks ago. Yea they hard the horses to do it, but they also didn't let themselves get down mentally. Its a thing, its valuable, and it doesn't show up in stats. The coach up there can explain it to you better but basically this is what im getting from him. And actually, the stats back it up which is fun.
  9. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Well Laura is a liberal nazi hack so of course she won’t answer her.
  10. I feel embarrassed for this dude and I dont even like him. Someone explain that to me. I just wish he would go away.
  11. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    No one says that. Shut your *filthy lying mouth *Knows literally nothing about his mouth
  12. Llevron

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Thats funny but its scary at the same time
  13. Yea and I get that. But they had to have at least considered what would happen when the deal was up. I would have.
  14. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    You wont catch me defending them or the move in anything more than a devils advocate type of way tbh. I thought it was dumb, and I thought the QB was not worth the money. I saw the cap stuff coming. ---Althouuuuuugh lol. I can see why they thought that AS AS FAN. But their FO should know more than a fan does. Conceivably it made sense that the Redskins were holding Cousins back. Lots of people thought that. Lots of people still do. And conceivably, the Vikes worst position in 2016? 2017? Whatever year that beat the Saints on a magical throw and catch....conceivably the Vikes worst position that year was QB. So I can see just off of that logic it makes sense to marry the two. But if thats as far as they looked into it is soooooo stupid. I thought Oline was a strength of theirs around that time, too. Could be wrong. But I believe it wasnt until Cousins got there that injuries started to kill the line, then they changed the coach, and its been down hill from there. I dunno. Im just talking now. No real point other than the Vikes really ****ed this up. I would have given anything to be in thier position 3 years ago. Now I personally think we have more upside than they do. Its a real ****ty situation they are in. You think they would trade him if they could get Tua? Eww I would hate that just cause if Tua is healed I would have to root against him. Thats fair tyo bring up though. Cause if hes just sitting there at your pick, why wouldn't you take him and sit him until Daks contract is up or it obvious you wont keep him? I hate that you brought this up. Thats a good point. They did have a mean screen game and the run game was their bread and butter so obviously the line did something right. Kirk had his chances. He didnt take them. Blaming it all on the line is a fallacy.
  15. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Well yea If you cant control the line of scrimmage on O the majority of the time then you need a guy behind center to can make something happen when it breaks down. The Vikes have none of that and if they don't fix it it will be hard to do much of anything. I would say its impressive they got this far but looking at the cap situation its seems the mortgaged the future to do it in about as stupid a way that you can. They must have really believed Cousins was the last piece to the puzzle.
  16. If thats true then they are sooooo stupid for letting this happen. Its one thing to sign Cousins to s ridiculous deal, but to have NO plan whatsoever to avoid this is just criminal lol. Its hard to me to believe this is true just because they had to see it coming and say "Yea ok this works for us!"
  17. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Can you imagine if Tua is drafted by them, and they dont address the line? AND they get rid of cook who is basically the offense? Not only are they done but when the eventual injury happens, they are all fired. Fans included. They are fired too. And Ragnarok or whatever his name is.
  18. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Didn't most mocks have Haskins going in the top 5 or 6 though? **** happens. These guys outsmart themselves all the time. I dont think the Vikes take him though. They need to address Oline regardless of what they do. And its seems to me contractually speaking they really have no choice but to re-up with Cousins and ride or die with him. Which again isnt the worst position to be in. You atleast have a chance if you give him some good pieces to work with. I might even consider letting some defensive FAs slip in order to sure up his line *if thats even possible. *Again, no ****ing clue
  19. Llevron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Awww now I wanna do this
  20. Llevron

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I dont even know if you are going to have to go that far up to get Tua to be honest. His injury *I would think would put doubt in alot of peoples minds *Literally knows nothing
  21. Llevron

    The Impeachment Thread

    Its still pretty crazy to hear it out loud though, for me. I knew it was happening, and I knew we would find out about it eventually. I just never thought I would see this happen ever and for it all to be happening so fast is a testament to how stupid these criminals really are. And even though they were so stupid they still got away with it because the government is involved with it. Its crazy. I do wonder if it can get so bad that someone like Moscow Mitch would actually flip sides to save his own reputation.....but then they probably have so much dirt on him he cant. Who knows. Its crazy though. Also the way Trump was so focused on media perception and announcements and stuff like that is telling. These people know republicans are brainwashed for real. Like will do anything you tell them as long as you say what they want "You're right"