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  1. They are asinine now. He doesnt give a **** cause he doesnt think it effects him personally and politically hes not allowed to.
  2. So, let's just say that I have, hypothetically, learned over the last few years that most Trump supporters are either bigots themselves or accept bigotry as long as it's not directed towards white people. And let's say that I see a bunch of white kids walking around in a group all of which wearing maga hats. And let's say these boys are caught on video possibly harassing a minority with smiles on their faces. What am I supposed to think? Let's not bull**** ourselves here.
  3. I think its whoever will listen at this point. Hes struggling to get a grip on the situation and he doesnt trust any of his advisors fully so hes saying whatever pops into that syphilis riddled mind of his.
  4. Argument is easy for the Dems. Open the government and pay its employees or no negotiations. Say that until people hear it in their sleep. Makes it seem like the GOP doesnt want to pay people. Makes it seem like the Dems do. Easy and the GOP would do it given the opportunity. Hell they still might.
  5. State of emergency is the only way for him to win with his base, end this **** and not look like Pelosies other, more orange ****. I really wish wish I could say that to his face it would be worth it. He would **** himself.
  6. Hes not cool enough to serve Huggies
  7. I still think he finishes his term unfortunately.
  8. Unity was the Dems greatest asset in this
  9. Lol I'm not saying shes gonna be the most petty I'm saying shes gonna come out on the other end covered in much less **** than he is. Sounds like captain obvious when I put it that way tho Well **** all that **** lol
  10. Trump making all kinds of friends these days.
  11. Llevron

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    I would very much like to see the defensive rules in football chilled to the point where I can catch some sick ass clotheslines on sundays.
  12. Fun question to anyone interested in giving it a shot: Would Dems not going with two Females as to not turn off some of the more misogynistic dems (im sure they exist but I cant name one) be the same as Repubs not going with a person of color because of the obvious racism that exists in the party? Not an attempt to derail at all just a weird thought that popped in my brain and was curious what yall thought
  13. Yea shes killing it. This is why they needed her verses some young gun just yet. I like the young guns. But she has alot of experience AND nothing to lose. Makes her dangerous.
  14. Well yea I think thats what everyone else is saying too. Pelosi being childish or whatever you want to classify her behavior right now is a tough one for me. Cause I kinda wanna agree. Like she should be able to find a compromise here and keep things running. But at the same time, shes not working with a normal situation. The President is clearly NOT going to work with any democrat to get anything accomplished. At this point any cooperation would be seen as weakness by his base and that fear is exactly what drives him. Add to that, letting him win after holding the country hostage like this would just tell him he can use these methods to get what he wants. And you know he will use it because that's exactly how he ran his businesses. Knowing all that, as much as I want Pelosi to be the adult in the room, I have to give credit to the idea that that simply wouldn't work this time. Sometimes you do need to fight fire with fire. And I think in this case, she needs to be as forceful as possible. As stubborn as possible. And as dirty as possible to win. The country is actually on the line here and as much as I dont Trust any politician, I have no choice but to go with her over Trump. If we would have made THIS EXACT SAME CHOICE with Hillary we wouldn't even be in this mess. Im not planning to make the same mistake twice with Trump.
  15. I cant wait until they try and finger someone for their crimes. And not in a good way.
  16. No getting one past this guy
  17. Honestly asking, what was the lie? I would tell you what you often sound like but I like it here lol
  18. Hes a traitor and you all know it. Hes just going to lie to everyone - again. Like hes has done from day one. Its not petty to stop him from doing that when he has shut down the government. If anything its patriotic.
  19. The dude is a Russian spy who really gives a **** I mean get a grip Yall really think people are gonna look back and be like "THAT was the day everything changed in Russ - The United States" Lol
  20. I mean.....if there is a field of work that you think would be pretty consistantly it would be the ****ing government. But. Naw.
  21. If I lost my job today I would be ultra ****ed. No way past a month without dipping into my savings or cashing out the 401k or cashing out my fidelity (which comes at a ****ING 60% PENALTY!?!?@?@?). I could do that if I had to. But **** you twice (not you, you sexy beast) if you think I would be willing to do any of that because the ****ing government is using me as a pawn in their bull****. I worked hard for all of that. Hell I'm losing about a grand a month to savings just so I can get the house I want. If I lose ALL that thanks to the government you will absolutely be seeing my name in that mass shooting thread. I I'm not really disagreeing with you at all I guess. But **** the government for being so terrible that this is a thing now.
  22. What's the reason the Republicans are using to validate getting rid of the sanctions? Or are they even using one?
  23. Only he can do it. No one else.