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  1. You lasted 3 whole posts before you brought up Hillary. Good Job Homie! Thats progress!
  2. So just **** my security clearance huh? Bunch of ass clowns
  3. Not your vote, no. I could go on and on about how he most closely represented most of your Republican values when compared to Trump, too. But I think I have squeezed enough juice from this rock for a week lol. But when talking about the "God sent him to us" thing, One is silly because come on....God sent him? And one is asinine cause you can hear him talking about assaulting hoes and breaking up marriages for fun. That was my only real point. You can keep your vote.
  4. Which one of them more closely follows your Christian values?
  5. No breaks on this ride homie. Wait until they start referring to him as God King
  6. I just wanted to see him say it
  7. Really if Muller came to the table with crimes that are impeachable offenses do you think any body of congress would just support impeachment because Muller said crimes happened? No, they wouldn't. And to that a significant portion of the country wont believe a thing Muller has to say because of *reasons*, so a separate body doing an independent investigation from the one Muller is doing would be absolutely necessary to prove anything beyond doubt anyway. If anything, the way Republicans and Trump himself have politicized everything Muller has done (17 angry democrats) made congress' investigations necessary. If you cant trust one source you need another. This is the only other one we have available to us. So it has to happen. Also I notice you dont have a problem with the senate investigations that have been going on for 2 years now and under republican control. Whats the difference?
  8. doesn't go into any great detail. Says some guns will be reclassified as "military style" and others will have exceptions made for business and hunting.
  9. Thats what shocks me. How fast it was. Our government is holding us back so bad that I couldnt even fathom a response this fast.
  10. I think this hurts us as a country though. We could have a common enemy, instead we fight each other so much we dont even notice them. Not that I dont understand the business nature of it. But I dont like it. Its not much different than what Fox does in the grand scheme of things - besides the constant lying of course. By that I mean driving the narrative that make money and not the one that makes sense.
  11. Serious inquiry: Would you take Trumps sloppy seconds? I won't judge you
  12. Whats continually crazy to me about that ^^^ is not that he says this stupid ****, but that regular ole patriotic god fearing republicans find NO issue with the sitting president spitting on the grave of a man that literally was fighting for the country when this dude was stealing money from tax payers. Its incredible how little their values mean to them. And for this guy. Smh
  13. Couldn't happen to a better couple, honestly.
  14. Yea they couldn't figure it out. Im sure you have worked with bad software before that didn't make sense. Im imagining thats about how this went down. You really shouldn't have to fight software thats actively trying to crash a plane while you a flying a plane though. Especially when people already knew it was a problem. Clearly there is something wrong with the system lol. There should be no argument there.
  15. They couldn't disable it. You know thats not the same thing.
  16. I dont even know how to address white people who are upset over black people being upset over slavery. Honestly.
  17. Thats ****ing great Lol. I wonder who slid that provision in there.
  18. Llevron

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Cute dog is cute
  19. Llevron

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Context only matters when you arnt this cute. *was gonna post a picture but ima just put it in the other thread*
  20. Llevron

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Honestly there is a lot of stuff I wouldn't know about if it wasn't for yall. Like this ^^^
  21. Llevron

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I was just listening to someone say that. Young dems are gonna hold him accountable for things they are just discovering he did. I cant disagree with that. The way the internet works these days, you have to answer for your past. People dont forget. Thats how it is now. And the dems will eat their own if you make them.
  22. So, uninformed. Thanks for confirming!
  23. That has to be atleast part of it. His patterns are so obvious by now its hard to believe this doesnt have something to do with his behavior.
  24. Llevron

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Hes one of the heroes from the Marvel movies who cured world/universe hunger by reducing the amount of starving people in the universe by half. Instantly. He is also named after my dog for some reason.