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  1. I won my 2 bets yesterday. I got 600 on the Nets -1.5 tomorrow. I wanted to bet on the Cubs today bit couldn't get down there in time.
  2. If people are meeting up at that game I'll go. I just moved to Reno so I'm pretty close.
  3. Nope there is always a trap game. We will lose one game.
  4. I see talks that there isn't room for Julio Jones and his contract with Falcons. I know he's injury prone but he has a few good years left and I think he could put this offense over the top. Would you trade say Matt Ion and Moses for Julio? Really wouldn't hurt our offensive or Defensive lines and would give us another huge weapon on offense.
  5. Jeremy Patterson. Ex high school teammate of Chase Yoyng signed. This dude is a freaking bowling ball at 5'7 197lbs.
  6. I remember when we drafted Betts in the 2nd round back in the 20s
  7. On top of my list is Nick Bolton. Seems like a high Carsten guy and then our LB core is young with our D Line. I'd say JOK but I don't think he would fall that far.
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