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  1. With the new unis with players numbers on the helmets it feels like we really are the NFLs Alabama Tide.
  2. Just because someone has a quick release like Marino doesn't mean he has all the other things Marino had. If we said he has the body of Jermarcus Russell does that mean he is going to eat a ton and get fat and be out of football in a couple years?
  3. Does anyone have a solid source of what the team name could be? Is it between Warriors, Redwolves and Redtails? Or are those just people guessing?
  4. Whats Plaxico Burress doing these days. Big possession WR. Or hey we can convert him to TE. Booooooo yaaaaa. Now our offensive problems are over.
  5. He's being real. Nothing wrong with that. Make a few mil more or win multiple SB rings. Not too hard to figure out what would be better.
  6. I'm by far no expert but I have thought he has a quick release like Marino also.
  7. As soon as I saw our last pick I thought this is gonna be our next pick. We will have a lot of speed and playmakers on Offense. And our D is gonna create turnovers. I'm happy with our draft. But I also think Dallas has done well too.
  8. O.J. Howard reportedly nearly traded to Redskins before Buccaneers got Rob Gronkowski, Patriots still in play https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/o-j-howard-reportedly-nearly-traded-to-redskins-before-buccaneers-got-rob-gronkowski-patriots-still-in-play/ via http://cbssportsapp.com Tampa was willing to trade OJ straight up for Trent but Skins think they will get a good draft pick for him.
  9. I think we would move up to #1 fornnext years draft. So Young and Lawrence:)
  10. Man ES just LOVES to Hate. How can anyone be mad at this move. 5th rounder for a QB that isnt a threat to Haskins and can actually help teach him the system. He is a really good and cheap back up QB. In fact one of our main problems has been injuries and depth and I have seen up fixing depth and leadership. You can not expect the team to be fixed in one offseason. Skins will have money next offseason since they didnt over spend on players. I'm happy with our moves. I did wish to get Hooper but that's okay.
  11. I love what ifs but there is a zero percent chance The Browns trade the #10 in a very very good draft for Trent. In this scenario we can get a high 2nd and then draft Mims or Kmet. That is more reasonable.
  12. Add in Hooper aaaand if Tenn doesnt resign Henry I think Henry/Guice combo would be amazing. I'd be okay with those 4 free agents and the draft spent on wr, OL, TE, LB, FS and backup QB.
  13. Then just keep Sprinkle. Sprinkle can block. The problem is teams know if Sprinkle is on the field the we most likely are running the ball. What we need is a all around TE to keep defenses honest.