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  1. HoggLife

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We had no choice and I personally love what Portis gave us. He was a leader and personality other players loved. He was a great lock room guy and was willing to add weight or lose weight to do what the team wanted him to do. He also was one of the best blocking backs too. One of my all time favorite players.
  2. I agree. On offense either Hunter or Hooper and also Cooper. Then on Defense Boston, Littleton and Byron Jones. Draft Chase Young and best available at positions of need. With that I could see the Skins making a playoff push and having then most upside in our Division.
  3. HoggLife

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Not as good with his hands? And he's GREAT at keeping his pads low. In fact he turns the corner and dips really low and its unstoppable. Come on have you watched him play? I dont watch much film but I do watch a lot of college football and Chase Young is the best DE I've seen in my lifetime. And I'm a Michigan fan. Sean Taylor is the beat player the Redskins ever has had and Chase Young will really make a run at being the best we have ever had. Mark my words.
  4. HoggLife

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I would love this. Kerrigan wouldnmost likely be cut or trades in this senerio tho. But that would be a GREAT young defense. I'd be a very happy fan.
  5. HoggLife

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    So between draft and Free agency which we should have a lot we can spend in we need like 8 players: 1 Backup Qb 1 RB 1 WR 1 TE 2 O-Lineman 1 CB 1 Safety So in draft we should be able to get Chase Young plus a RB, 1 O-Loneman and backup QB at the very least. That would leave Free agency for WR, TE, O-Line, CB and Safety. Out of those we could spend big money on 2 and medium money on 3 and still have plenty of cap space after. I really dont see it hard to make a huge turn around around in 1 year. Expecially in our division. So how about if we signed: WR: Robbie Anderson AND AJ Green Neither would break the bank and we could get for the price of one Top paid WR. T Mac, Harmon, S. Sims, Green, Anderson would be a GREAT WR core. TE: Eric Ebron AND Hunter Henry. Henry to be here long term and Ebron till we can draft a TE high next year. With Sprinkle, Ebron and Hunter we can roll out two TE sets that are not telling defenses that it's a run. CB: Xavien Howard. One of the best CBs in the game. He will take a lot of money but we need him. Safety: Kevin Byard. One of the best Free Safeties in the game. And I think hes 26.
  6. HoggLife

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    This is exactly what I was thinking. I cant imagine how many false starts is cause by having Sweat with a young behind him. That LT would be so dang scared. Just move Young around and create havoc.
  7. We all have our own views and it's not like the Skins are banging on my door asking my opinion. But I've been a Skins fan since the 80s and we havent had our Franchise QB. Teams that have had Payton Manning, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger ext. have always had a better chance to always be in the playoff hunt. I have always been big on Haskins but he isnt for sure to be good let alone great. Burrow either but I really do think Burrow is special. And so you ask me why? Because in my lifetime I want to see us finally have our Joe Montana. If I'm wrong for wanting that then I'm sorry. But I'd be very satisfied if it happened. As long as we dont trade our pick I will be very excited. I only want 2 players. Burrow or Young. That is it.
  8. Hypothetically that is the best you can get? I mean she is cool but hypothetically you could have had her and Scarlett Johansson fighting over you. So I have been a big supporter of Haskins and all year wishing on my lucky star every night for Chase Young BUT if the Bangels mess up and draft Young I pray we run to the podium and draft Borrow. Let Haskins start all 2020 and then trade him hopefully for a couple high picks. Burrow is a more mobile Tom Brady. I dont care if we are offered 3 1st and a 2nd. Expecially cause I believe Haskins would play good next year and a team will give up a 1st and maybe even a second of he does play good.
  9. HoggLife

    1st Home Game. Help Please.

    Pictures of my 2 year old even during g the 4th quarter not crying or being a brat lol. She had a blast and was wearing a Haskins jersey. I also got engaged on the trip. We had a great time meeting everyone at the ES tailgate. Look forward to seeing you all again at future games.
  10. HoggLife

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    DL depth could be our greatest strength. We would never get the value in a trade rather then having Allen and Payne start and Ion and Settle as back ups. That is a monster D Line we can have for years. And concerning our injury history we need that depth. No. They are still playing for a bye week and Home field advantage.
  11. HoggLife

    1st Home Game. Help Please.

    Thanks. Ive been on ES for 12 years and I also an not scared of no wanna be internet tough guys. My family and I will be headed that way tomorrow and we are more then excited to tailgate with anyone there and enjoy our first home game. Im hoping to see one 40+ yard TD for Scary Terry. HTTR
  12. HoggLife

    1st Home Game. Help Please.

    Like I said shes been to many sports events and also we have flown on at least 15 planes to California and never once even cried a little. She loves crouds and makes friends with everyone around her. Sounds like you have problems with kids. Hope you dont have any or plan on any. It is good to bring children to experience things in life including sporting events.
  13. HoggLife

    1st Home Game. Help Please.

    It might be my daughters first football game but been to plenty of sporting events and not once did she act up or cry. She loves being around people and crowds and she watches football games with me every sunday. And she has her own seat not sitting in our laps.
  14. HoggLife

    1st Home Game. Help Please.

    Thank you and we are excited to see you out there.
  15. HoggLife

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We will best the Giants because it's the 1st home game of my lifetime. Then we will lose to Dallas only to give them hope and then watch them get bounced out of the fist round of the playoffs even tho they get to play at home. Then Skins will draft at 4 or 5 and get either Thomas, Jeurdy or Okudah. And either of those players will fit a big need for us. Thomas will replace William's, Jeurdy will pair with Scary Terry to give us a great WR duo and Okaduh can give us a shut down corner that could put our D over the top. I prefer Okaduh then Jeurdy then Thomas.