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  1. There’s a whole additional set of pressures with Biles. Many of the gymnasts abused for years by Nassar and actively ignored by USA Gymnastics have suffered terribly, and a number have been suicidal, including Biles. She stepped up to help her generation of gymnasts who suffered to move forward from the history, but it all turned out to be too much. I don’t know how anyone could not be sympathetic in the circumstances.
  2. I came here to post the same thing. And the NBC Olympics app is a great way to watch. You can filter by sport and watch live and replays of every single minute of coverage including stuff that was never on TV. The streaming quality is very good on my big TV
  3. The IOC does this thinking it will attract casual fans who will get bored with the regular format. Rugby 7s vs 15s, 3v3 basketball and they are also considering other formats such as five a side field hockey. And … I’m finding the street skateboarding tedious. Might be more fun if they release a Doberman on the course who is trained to chase people who wear baseball caps backwards. (Yes, old man shakes fist at clouds)
  4. The hottest new meme coin … Karen coin. https://www.karencointoken.com
  5. EDIT: Never mind. Between reading the post and responding I should have considered whether what I saw was actually what was written. I blame society's conditioning that made me lash out.
  6. In the past few years I’ve been doing some meditation and ‘discovered’ many years into my life that between stimulus and response there is a space and time to think. And then those thoughts are not even my thoughts. Society, culture, parents and god knows who else are having these thoughts inside my head. ****s! His prognostications do remind me of those on the right who argue that if we allow gay marriage then it's a slippery slope and before we know it children will forced to marry farm animals.
  7. With the Olympics about to start I wanted to share that I’ve recommended to the International Olympic Committee that they add a new sport to the Summer Olympics … throwing someone else off the high diving board.
  8. You can keep that Scottish piss.
  9. McGregor is an asshole. Glad he lost. And hasn’t he seen the Karate Kid? Show us The Crane Connor!
  10. Been reading the latest popular literature on if humans have worked it out yet that we live among you.
  11. Can we replace the Lee statue with something Jewish? Just to trigger the Tiki Torch Bros.
  12. Once you get far enough outside the Charlotteville city limits I would think they sell it by the half cord.
  13. Flicking through the channels I saw that on One America News they are running a replay of Trump’s speech from Mount Rushmore last year. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with the fires and BLM rioting that has laid waste to Richmond!
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