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  1. Who doesn't love an anagram. Appealing to the middle class fans in the suburbs ... The Washington Ski Nerds
  2. Invite the kids in the crowd on the field during the interval and the half-time entertainment could be better than the game.
  3. That name belongs to the Wizards heritage but I like your thinking. The Washington Blanks?
  4. This level of personal attack and brutal sarcasm is quite uncalled for. A dumpster fire squeezed between the back of a sewage plant and a fireworks factory is exactly the environment where I'm most comfortable.
  5. Can't say I've ever heard of the G League or the Capital City Go Gos. Apparently they were founded in 2018.
  6. Washington Go Gos. Could lead to great touchdown celebrations. I suggested that many days ago. I even registered the Washington Boaty McBoatfaces trademark and domain name like the other guy who has locked up the popular names.
  7. Comet Neowise seen from the international Space Station.
  8. Contrast with the previous administration ... same location, same song:
  9. That was my point. How are they relevant to a NFL team? How many people who didn’t attend JMU would know their nickname.
  10. Who? Maybe we could learn from our sophisticated European brethren and have Zwarte Piet as the mascot?
  11. For those taking the position that a NA mascot/logo honors their history, or would be interesting to see the owners dedicate, say, 10% of net income to NA charities and development organizations.
  12. I think we should build on the prestige and heritage of Notre Dame and name the team the Washington Fighting Irish Neanderthals. We could license the same logo.