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  1. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    I counted 18 passes leading up to the Keita goal. A number were just knocking around at the back in the build up, but still. Combine that with the 'long ball' goals from Henderson to Ox and Lovren to Origi against Everton, it's hard to defend.
  2. Corcaigh

    The Impeachment Thread

    Sean Hannity?
  3. If you are going to assign a value to football scholarships you might have to let the kids attend class.
  4. He made his concubine a Major General. I think Trump could learn something from this great leader. He should grant Stormy the same title and keep her at the White House. "Stormy is the greatest general ever. Much better than Stormin Norman loved by the weak President Bush".
  5. Both teams deserve the L in this game. There should be no winner.
  6. Social Services needs to get involved.
  7. Corcaigh

    It's a marathon, not a sprint

    So much for that cliche ... Eliud Kipchoge runs 26.2 miles in 1:59:40, averaging 4:34/mile ... that's 15.4 seconds for the length of a football field more than 461 times in a row.
  8. That beard probably is home to a woodland creature that maintains it.
  9. Corcaigh

    What is the perfect age - WSJ

    Life is like a box of chocolates. As you get into old age there are fewer and fewer choices left, until eventually the only option are the ones with the rough gummy coconut centers. And at that point you might as well throw the 'box' away. For me it's not simply a number, it depends on when you chose to do things: in our mid-20s, kid-free and starting out on our life together was awesome. The time with babies and little kids was magical. Survive the middle-school and high school years as best you can without committing violent criminal acts against them and each other; during this time you will be entirely miserable so you might as well spend no money on yourselves, aside from alcohol, so you can save as much as you can so that when the kids leave home for college money issues are mostly taken care of. Once kids are out of the house hopefully career is really kicking in with fulfillment and money and you can go back to being like your 20s but with more wisdom and disposable income.
  10. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Again showing the need for Keita, or some creative force in midfield, for when the front three don’t get it done. I’d say Fabinho should have been covering that space for the goal, but commentators blamed big Virg.
  11. Corcaigh

    What is the perfect age - WSJ

    Are your best years ahead of you or behind you? The ideal age is a question that Jay Olshansky thinks about often. Dr. Olshansky, an epidemiologist, is researching ways to slow down the process of aging, by studying things like the genetics of long-lived individuals. “If you had a pill that could stop biological aging in its tracks, when would you take it?” asks Dr. Olshansky, a professor at UIC School of Public Health in Chicago. He asks his university students this question. Many think 30 is old, so they would take the pill in their 20s. He asked his father, then 95 years old. His father said 50 was the best year because the kids were grown and he was in good health. Dr. Olshanky, 63, says life is good for him now, but if he had to pick a perfect year, it would probably be 50, too, because that was before he started having little aches and pains.
  12. I think these clowns deserve everything they get, but the people who enabled by cheating on tests and taking bribes deserve much worse. But it also highlights an issue that people with very average talent playing uncompetitive sports are getting an admissions advantage for the nation’s top schools.