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  1. 50% non-refundable deposit is required for the whole trip. If they don’t have a passport that deposit is 100% profit.
  2. Just eliminate the top three or four tax bands that impact the ‘job creators’. SCIENCE!
  3. Flat earther idiot should have got corporate sponsorship from Red Bull and Go Pro and then maybe he could have funded a more impressive stunt. And for those suggesting that steam powered is more eco friendly, where does the steam get its energy from? A nice coal burning furnace?
  4. If they keep it to themselves, only to themselves. But by supporting wilful stupidity over reason you end up with idiots in charge. Actual science research is defunded and progress is lost because knowledge is no longer important.
  5. Do you understand the difference between understanding how a television works and believing in miniature worlds existing inside the screen on your wall?
  6. Corcaigh

    The Brexit Thread

    You couldn't make this up ... the newly elected leader of the UK Independence Party is ... Dick Braine Clearly we are living in a simulation and the writers are getting bored and starting to show their twisted sense of humor.
  7. * except the Irish of course.
  8. One of the stickers says free health insurance for working people. Damn liberal socialists.
  9. The baby was brought back to the hospital at the request of the White House. How did this play out? Did King Trump demand "Bring me the baby of the parents who were murdered!"
  10. Corcaigh

    Romantic places to stay in Virginia

    He is looking for a romantic stay, not a very brief and disappointing one.
  11. Corcaigh

    Emerging Technologies

    You just gotta persuade your marketing person that it's the new Patagonia bro vest, and to order some for the office to look cool when you are with tech clients.
  12. Corcaigh

    Emerging Technologies

    Here's a description without the journalist filtering the content.
  13. My wife and I binge watched this over the last few nights. Really enjoyed it.
  14. That article is just full of gold ... During an attempted coup in Thailand in 2014, a film was published online of his third wife dressed in nothing but a black G-string while she sang happy birthday to the royal couple's beloved pet poodle, Fufu. In 2009, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra spoke of his doubts about the then-Prince's suitability for the role of king. In 2007, footage published online showed the King throwing a party for his now dead pet poodle - who held the rank of Air Chief Marshall - at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Princess Srirasmi, who sang happy birthday to the dog topless, also got on her knees and ate from a dog bowl in the same video.