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  1. It is not limited, unlike BTC, so it’s hard to see it being a ‘gold standard.’ Maybe the gold standard for joke coins.
  2. The kid has been cashing out when there have been price spikes and made two decent-sized sales over the weekend. He has made enough for a down payment on a nice house. I wonder who is buying a joke coin at current prices.
  3. Y’all are a bit late to the game. My kid acquired nearly 400k when they were worth $0.001.
  4. Imagine how bad you have to be in order for people to be sympathetic with FIFA and UEFA
  5. Isn't that what the National Championship is for? Don't historic rivalries mean anything? And weren't Notre Dame **** just a few years ago? It will be seen as a benefit to the CEOs and some of their managers. But may influence a player to chose say Leeds, Everton, Villa, Newcastle or another big club with history that is not in the 'elite' six. Sure, no player is probably excited play Azerbaijan away in a European qualifier in Winter, but the opportunity to play in the World Cup?
  6. It looks like the only people in the world in favor of this are the CEOs of the 15 clubs. All the supporters clubs have come out hard against this. At what point do the big clubs only play their first team in this 'super-league'? Liverpool don't even bother showing up for what use to be the League Cup. Even though they have won it the most times. And fixture congestion is already blamed for teams not playing their best side in the FA Cup. So let's add the Super League on top. Would the Champion's League become the Super League 'Second Division' in effect? How about Live
  7. Not as a currency yet because it is still a little too hard to administer and so few people accept it. And it would be nuts for a business to accept something subject to that degree of volatility unless a lot of their supply chain and other costs are aligned with that particular crypto currency. I saw that MicroStrategy is going to pay its external board of directors in bitcoin moving forward. But I suspect those folks have 'people' to convert it to cash if they don't want the hassle themselves. I can see more businesses supporting crypto payment methods once there is m
  8. With the Coinbase IPO and now PayPal getting involved, the popularization of crypto will only increase.
  9. Yeah ... he took out another (small) 5-figure sum last night. He still has plenty in DOGE for silly upside but the profits he’s taken will do very nicely in a total market stock index fund, and maybe some ETH. Spread the risk around.
  10. When prices of DOGE are fluctuating by 20% within a MINUTE I don’t know how they can operate.
  11. I’ve mentioned it before but my son, a gamer, mined DOGE back in the day to learn about it. He has sold some during peaks beforebut still has a significant number. He’s genuinely troubled how much to sell and how much to keep.
  12. You can make the argument that crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are like that. Or gold, or diamonds, which are sold for many times their intrinsic value. Or playing cards. At least with BTC (and rare Pokémon cards) the supply is limited, unlike diamonds and gold. Crypto assets that support new applications and ways to exchange value digitally are a whole ‘nother thing. But much like not knowing which early internet firms would be successful, no one knows which ones will play out and pay off bigly.
  13. I had bad back pain years ago when I played a a lot of tennis. Once I started doing more core work such as planks with variations I became way more resilient.
  14. Yep. Orange County is where the Nazi party leadership escaped to, not Brazil. You don’t have to get too far from San Bernardino before you meet some real crazies in the high desert. It should be changed to West Nevada/Arizona. I worked with professional people there who were nuts.
  15. it’s a few years old now but this book is very good start https://www.amazon.com/Cryptoassets-Innovative-Investors-Bitcoin-Beyond/dp/1260026671
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