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  1. Garry Kasparov with a not especially optimistic take on things: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/31/opinions/trump-after-the-election-prepare-for-unimaginable-kasparov/index.html
  2. The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. A drama set during the Cold War about a female American chess prodigy. I was thinking the chess was very well done and then I read that Garry Kasparov was an advisor on the series.
  3. LOL. Just got an email from Coinbase saying: “You’re invited: borrow up to $20,000 from Coinbase” That would be a hard nope.
  4. Got to pace ourselves. This thing won’t be over on Tuesday night. I’m afraid we’ll be following the counts, recounts, and court challenges all the way into 2021.
  5. Even if there was a huge market for coal, there will not be many mining jobs like the old days that supported entire communities. Mining is mostly machine-based in order to be cost effective and the jobs that exist will be in engineering and a small number of operators. The retraining challenge is huge as if you grew up in a mining town you often were not well-served by a high quality high school and knew that the mines were your future at 18. The odds of you having the education and skills that make you a good candidate for retraining in information-centric careers are not good.
  6. This election is now the ‘Trump Crime Family & their Cronies’ versus The World.
  7. I saw a sign in Western Maryland today. It said Trump 2020 - No More Bull****. Talk about cognitive dissonance.
  8. Lincoln Project just ran a brutal ad on Jason Miller on CNN during Don Lemon’s show.
  9. Trump is Elon Musk/Tony Stark! Even if he believes a vaccine is imminent, you would have thought fixing healthcare, international trade, building a moat as well as a wall ... would have been on his list.
  10. I wasn’t clear how many of the undecided CNN panel are currently suffering from a severe head injury. At least 10?
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