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  1. It means asking google to find you something on the internet that agrees with what you want to believe.
  2. The guy from that cartoon? R.I.P. Cousin Dusty.
  3. Can we all agree that Ron Francis is a lesser GM than George McPhee? GMGM fleeced a lot of GMs during his entry draft. Meanwhile, we took the guy we hoped Francis would take and turned him into a couple of high draft picks, and then used one of those picks to get back the guy we didn't want Francis to take. How embarrassing.
  4. I liked Dillon's grit, but it didn't step up in the playoffs like I'd hoped from his type of defender which made his cap hit too much for the production given the cheaper options we had available. Needed to make room on the left side for a young defender to come in and play, too. Two seconds is a decent haul for us while we free up pretty significant cap space.
  5. Still, I'd recommend against using it in certain metaphors.
  6. Can't say I've heard about any studies backing that up, but I also haven't been actively seeking out that information since I finished by vaccination regimen.
  7. This... is starting to sound like the police might be getting involved. You can always tell 'em this was Mick Fleetwood and it would be true:
  8. After consulting the regular dictionary(.com), I see what the problem is. Moderately-aged whippersnappers have decided to use the term incorrectly.
  9. I thought it was the other way around. It is OG because they are the original, rather than being some knock-off.
  10. Shoot, I'd much rather a Satanic vaccine than a Christian vaccine.
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