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  1. I don't think it even takes political awareness. It just takes not having your ability to think rationally not completely bulldozed by the tribalism of politics. Trump's sociopathic narcissism is on display in its full glory every single day.
  2. Do MGS people even work for Konami anymore? I thought they moved their business model to a 100% Pachinko-based model.
  3. It's assault no matter how you slice it, and that officer belongs in prison.
  4. Yeah, i'm pretty sure 2020 in general was just made to set us up to accept this.
  5. Are they not? Certainly hearing a fair amount of it on NPR.
  6. Ayreon album drops in a few days. Between all the beer and bourbon I've been drinking tonight, and the fact that I was simultaneously playing an indie point-and-click adventure game featuring the voice of Tom Baker, and listening to a new track from Transitus featuring Tom Baker's narration, I just pre-ordered a signed copy of the album along with a t-shirt and a comic book. I won't regret this decision in the morning.
  7. Weird. I am listening to a song from a new album about to drop that features Tom Baker as the narrator. At the same time, I am playing an indie point-and-click game featuring a character voiced by Tom Baker.
  8. Also tell him masks are for people who don't support Trump. Wouldn't want to seem him out in a sea of constituents giving them the wrong idea.
  9. Actually, now that I think about it, in a twist of fate, by Microsoft buying Zenimax, the original creators of Fallout now work for the same company that owns the Fallout IP, because Microsoft also bought inExile a year or two ago, which was trying to carry on the original formula by resurrecting Wasteland. And they also own Obsidian. So it seems Microsoft bought all of the Fallout people.
  10. How much do IPs matter in the AAA game market, anyways? Anything that makes a game called "Fallout" by people not responsible for the Fallout 3+ games more interesting than a game called "Nuclear Winter" by people that were responsible for Fallout 3+?
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