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  1. "Through no fault of his own, he’s unable to brace for contact, anticipate the hit, or protect himself in any way from Wilson who is approaching from outside his field of vision." ****, please. He dropped his head RIGHT BEFORE THE ****ING HIT! No chance to protect himself through no fault of his own my ass. "What separates this hit from others is the direct and significant contact to a defenseless player’s face and head causing a violent impact with the glass." What direct contact? He drove through the guy's arm and shoulder. DOPS is a ****ing joke, but sadly this result is
  2. If that's the one by Ronald D. Moore, I've heard good things about it.
  3. If he was a couple feet off the boards then it would be bad proximity. Directly on the boards is one of the best places to be when getting hit. Head was not first point of contact. First arm, then shoulder/collar-bone area. Heck, Carlo's hand/arm made contact with Wilson's head first. If you go into the boards with the puck and then drop your head, that's an accident waiting to happen. And the only thing remotely blind-side about it was that he wasn't looking at Wilson. The actual blind-side was being protected by the boards. I really don't understand the blind-sid
  4. I dunno about that. Looked like the hit went through an arm and shoulder/collarbone area to me. And the guy ducked his head down just before contact was made. As an aside, I'm tired of all these super-slow-motion replays that get analyzed to death as if the game was played at 1/10th speed.
  5. Given their tendency for projection, I'd say they meet in the basement of a pizza parlor.
  6. Xenoblade has real-time combat. Ain't no long-ass battle animations you gotta wait through.
  7. Right, but if you hate them because of Final Fantasy, and I've never been able to get into Final Fantasy, it means all the RPGs I like, by transitive property, you like.
  8. You were supposed to be the chosen one that most understood my video game tastes.
  9. Allow me to specify Xenoblade Chronicles 1/DE, not Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which decided to go all fan-service-heavy anime.
  10. Can I interest you in a little Xenoblade Chronicles? That's the game that really got me into RPGs. And try as I might since then, I haven't been able to get into Final Fantasy.
  11. If they believe the accused is an undercover Antifa, won't they push for the death penalty?
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