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  1. Uh, what? Rodgers is over has career has been prolific on the run.
  2. The Seahawks were at least called a few times before the Refs stopped trying.
  3. Oh man, I was wondering why the **** Alexander had let him blow by him. I hadn't realized he just tracked the ball so much better!
  4. One thing Williams has shown he can do that Fournette hasn't tonight is catch a pass.
  5. Oh, was he referring to Rodgers? I assumed it was Aaron Jones who'd just had his second fumble of the game.
  6. I don't think his pick-attempt was good enough to even be called a drop.
  7. Yeah, trading you last starting safety for our starting RB wasn't a good trade for TB personnel-wise. Granted they also got a TD out of it, so that changes the equation a little.
  8. I have to say, both of those forced fumbles were really good defensive plays to get that helmet on the ball in the far hand.
  9. They've had a number of drops, but also some key grabs to balance it out.
  10. The difference right now is the Patriots getting an interception before the end of the half on a play at midfield that should have been pass interference. For all we know, GB should be up 3. Doesn't take much to flip the script in a game.
  11. There really wasn't any risk going for it, though. Not really in good position for a field goal, and no time for the Packers to do anything if they fail.
  12. Hooray, ****ed over to the tune of 7-14 points thanks to a ****ty call.
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