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  1. As you'd expect from a 5 year, it's not quite as good as it's 10 year counterpart, but it still very much tastes like an Ardbeg.
  2. Well, not all of them are aged that long. I just picked up some Ardbeg Wee Beastie last week which is a 5-year Scotch. Granted it is cheaper than their older Scotches. Personally, I use Ezra Brooks for my mixer. Not gonna be confused with a high end bourbon, but better than a $13 bottle should be.
  3. My motto in life is
  4. I would be remiss if we were talking good-and-cheap bourbon without a shout-out to Larceny.
  5. I prefer the term 'depth charge', but I enjoy movies like Das Boot.
  6. The idea of the Darwin Awards is that you are removed from the gene pool. So you can win an award by dying or by being castrated, but if you've already procreated, you've continued your genetic line and thus have not been removed from the gene pool.
  7. To be fair, the fire hazard is a recent development as they're long past their expiration date.
  8. So I assume the conclusion we've come to is "Some amount of time. Probably."
  9. Hasn't Biden asked that flags be flown at half-staff for the 500,000 people dead of Coronavirus?
  10. No, I have no experience with butthole cams. Why do you ask?
  11. All I see is that that everybody gets to have a winter but the East Coast.
  12. I think it's nice that he's getting the opportunity. Let's just hope for the best and wish him luck.
  13. I meant dangerous more in that it would mean there's gas coming out that isn't being ignited.
  14. They could only sell 3x as many if they could make 3x as many. These companies don't own the chip-making foundries. Right now there's a high demand for microchip manufacturing and you can only get what you can get. Just look at the GPU market right now. Generations old GPUs are selling for over MSRP.
  15. Really should have said "Curiosity and Perseverance"
  16. I grew up playing Wolfenstein 3D. I know the dangers of Mecha-Hitler all too well.
  17. It's pretty amazing how well the Caps have scouted and developed goaltending talent over the past 15 years. Varlamov, Neuvirth, Holtby, Grubauer, Vanacek, Samsonov, and even Copely has been competent for a guy we first acquired as an undrafted free agent.
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