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  1. Team branding/names will be announced on Wednesday.
  2. Kurt Gouveia is the linebackers coach for XFL DC.
  3. No. They will be splitting the the officials into two groups of four, and the teams will alternate attempts. The XFL announced it's television deal and schedule today. They have contracts to put shows on two legacy networks and two cable networks. The networks will be paying for production costs and splitting the advertising revenue, so it looks like the XFL will be getting paid (unlike the AAF).
  4. I suspect even though all of their players will be ready, and on the field at the same time, they will still only be playing one at a time (the "shoot-out" alternating between the two teams will just be expedited by the fact that both teams area already out there). Team "A" will take a shot at one end zone, and then team "B" will immediately take a shot at the other end zone until one team scores a conversion and the other does not.
  5. Ron78

    The alliance of American football

    Vince McMahon wants to buy the app for the XFL. I can't see someone paying anywhere's near $70 million for an app though.
  6. Told you so. Markets like Birmingham, Memphis, Salt Lake City, etc. are **** markets that don't generate enough revenue to support a professional football team. They need revenue sharing from much bigger markets (like NYC, LA, and Chicago) in order to support the league. Other sports leagues have learned that lesson, so I was surprised that the AAF was ignoring it. The XFL may not have a chance either, but at least revenue potential in the markets they chose is very high. The AAF was definitely doomed from the start. They lost over $100 million.
  7. Ron78

    The alliance of American football

    Here you go...
  8. According to the article below, Vince is $1.5 Billion richer than he was a year ago, which is pretty significant. The income he gets from the WWE will more than cover the expenses of the XFL for as many years as he chooses. The AAF does not have that kind of backing. Vince will end up crushing the AAF.
  9. Based on what I have read so far, most XFL players will be making upwards of 100 K plus some rookies will be eligible for a signing bonus of up to 100 K. It's the AAF that's paying their players about 80 K. There is no way the XFL is going to put high school grads with no NCAA experience on XFL rosters. I think they are probably more thinking about college sophomores they can snag before the NFL draft (and even then its probably a pretty select group they are looking at).
  10. The XFL has also stated they are not following the NFL's guidelines of requiring 3 years of NCAA experience to be eligible for the draft, so they are undercutting the NFL that way too.
  11. It looks like the XFL will be making a play for NCAA rookies to snake them from the NFL... Gotta love Vince's ambition.
  12. Ron78

    The alliance of American football

    Yes. Here...
  13. Ron78

    The alliance of American football

    The AAF is a sinking ship. He can retract his investment anytime, and probably will when he realizes just how many millions of dollars of his money they are losing each week... How is putting teams in primarily mid-sized media markets that don't generate enough revenue to support a real professional football league "solid footing?" This league was designed for failure from the very beginning.
  14. Oliver Luck and Pep Hamilton's interview with the Sports Junkies... Some bulleted takeaways... Quarterbacks will make between 400 K and 600 K, which will allow them to steel some NFL guys off of NFL rosters. Pep Hamilton Coached Andrew Luck for 6 total years between college and the NFL Luck announced the end of March beginning of April for XFL Team Names The money behind XFL league is all Vince McMahon’s money. No silent backers 18 years since the last XFL iteration New XFL will reduce the gimmicks of the past XFL to a 0. Focused on quality football. Extra points will be 3, 2 or 1 point but no kicks. Field goals will still be in the game. As has been reported, TV deal will see games televised over basic and cable TV. Pep Hamilton attracted to the XFL because he can “Shop for the grocery’s” as well as coach. Pep Hamilton interviewed in 2014 for the Raiders Head Coaching Job. Only time he interviewed for head coach job. Took the job because of Oliver Luck, always maintained an offseason home in DC and family is from the area. Pep’s biggest challenge is finding the staff, that share his passion and vision. XFL DC team will be practice at RFK. XFL will start signing players during the spring and summer. Asked not to play in fall on their contract is signed. Big XFL draft will take place after the NFL cut down day Sept 2nd of 2019. QB’s will make more money than anyone else. Contacts are in a tier system XFL not part of NCAA/NFL eligibility rule. So players out of college due to grades or personal issues can play for XFL. A salary cap for each XFL team. Players in the AAF are eligible for XFL Players will sign one year contract
  15. The XFL will be in a position to steal some of the NFL's revenue (especially since they are operating in many NFL markets). It's just a matter of how much. The longer the XFL sticks around, the longer it will cut into the NFL's revenue, so I am sure the NFL doesn't necessarily want the XFL around.