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  1. The academic fraud I could understand being difficult to track if you have skillful operators taking the SAT on your behalf, but how does the Georgetown tennis coach manage to get paid $2.7M in bribes to offer places for kids who are not close to being viable recruits. One kid didn't play a tournament during her high school yet claimed to be top 50 in the nation Doesn't every D I sport have websites and fans analyzing every incoming class? Or is the coach somehow telling admission that he is 'recruiting' kids who are never announced as recruits?
  2. Corcaigh

    The Brexit Thread

    I had a family member working in Canary Wharf on the day that Brexit happened. Everyone looked around and asked who's going to occupy all the skyscrapers? Because all of them were predicated on being part of the EU. They had NO reason to be there if the UK left.
  3. Much like you get a home insurance "discount" by having an alarm, maybe the insurers should do the same. Keep packs of dangerous dogs on the premises ... higher premiums. No visits for checkup to GP or dentist in the last X months ... higher deductible or premiums No vaccinations on file ... MUCH higher deductible or premiums
  4. Corcaigh

    The Parenting Thread II - Advice, Tips, Etc

    Because that sometimes isn't enough. Anyone who coaches will sooner or later come across parents who accept that their kid doesn't deserve more playing time based on ability, but they still argue that they deserve to play because of seniority, that lack of playing time is upsetting the kid etc.
  5. You're not a fan of the BBC? You're missing out.
  6. Serious question ... should insurance cover treatment in such cases? I mean, if my home burned down because I decided to light a campfire in my living room would the insurance company pay for the loss?
  7. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    But it doesn't have to be like that. Send it up to the VAR and they watch it from the angles available and make a call. If it's not a clear error then the decision on the field stands.
  8. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Aside from the whole team playing with no touch, Liverpool need something more creative in midfield.
  9. It's common when the golf course is owned by the mob.
  10. Corcaigh

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Having the meeting in the first place is a total failure in diplomacy.
  11. Corcaigh

    The Brexit Thread

    The situation is quite different between the U.K. Norway is a Schengen country and Norway Parliament "rubber stamps" most EU laws.
  12. Corcaigh

    The Brexit Thread

    We can do that too?
  13. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Liverpool are not close to creating enough. Milner's crossing is just awful. United seem to be giving him the space and he's not punished them for it. Maybe Shaq will create something different
  14. Corcaigh

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    Are you sure about that? I was flicking through the news channels the other night and Tucker Carlson used this story to claim that hate crimes are so rare that people have to make them up .... and segwayed from this story into a claim that anti-Semitic attacks are inflated and over-reported
  15. Corcaigh

    Tax Bill

    I've yet to look at ours. We are very light on deductions as we don't have a mortgage. Maybe I'll get all your cash.
  16. Yeah ... why does society make such a big deal about the heroism of escaped slaves traveling the underground railway. It's really no different from elementary school PE class.
  17. This is why we need a border wall to keep the Marylanders out of Virginia.
  18. Corcaigh

    The Brexit Thread

    At 1.3 USD it's well down on historical levels which have been around 1.6.
  19. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    I'd love to see retrospective bans. It happens in other sports.
  20. According to the statement by the lawyers, the autopsy by the county coroner stated the cause of death was falling off a deck and reported high levels of alcohol in her system. and Xanax. Is the husband claiming 'beaten to death', or just internet warriors? Are the people claiming 'beaten to death' accusing the coroner of a coverup?
  21. Corcaigh

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    That struck me as very odd too. It sounded very staged. And that he was attacked with a corrosive liquid but apparently there was no damage. An assailant throws a container of drain cleaner in your face and you are going straight to the ER and probably suffer life-changing injuries. And that he went for a Subway sandwich at 2 in the morning in a Chicago winter, and happened to meet two racists at random at that time who were familiar with him and his career. And had the materials on their persons to stage an unsuccessful attack. Or that Bill Cosby is not America's dad. Or that Gary Glitter, JImmy Saville and Rolf Harris don't have a healthy relationship with children.
  22. Corcaigh

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    Reprehensible if true. If one of his co-conspirators had appeared on the show Empire, that would at least explain how he was recognized.
  23. Corcaigh

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    You wonder ... collusion is what he needed to prove and that's really hard unless the NFL Executives or a couple of teams had been really dumb in writing. Or I wonder if the NFL just wanted it all to go away? Who's next up?
  24. Corcaigh

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Six dead, 11 injured in today in a mass shooting in Aurora. Two dead yesterday in a mass shooting in Florida. Five dead Monday in a mass shooting in Texas. 4 injured Saturday in a mass shooting in Virginia. 39 mass shootings (multiple deaths or casualties) so far this year and we're only halfway through February. No one gives a **** and no solutions are even being considered.