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    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I actually said " But not so good on quality of life if you are not in the top, say 20%, economically" which you quoted as " But not so good on quality of life ..." And looking at the quality of life of the world's population as a whole is hardly an admirable standard. If the USA cannot deliver an equal or better standard of living for most of its population than other western democracies, it is some way off being the greatest nation.
  2. Holocaust deniers chanting 'six million more'?
  3. Corcaigh

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    So long as they will pay for an ice sculpture of the Fun Bunch end-zone celebration everyone should be on board.
  4. Corcaigh

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Deserves its own thread, although I think it's been done before. I've been to 56 for what it's worth. USA would be at the top for entrepreneurship, cultural influence, world-class universities, and global power of course. But not so good on quality of life if you are not in the top, say 20%, economically. The USA has been very good financially to this immigrant, but if I was, say, a teacher or nurse, there are at least 25 countries I can think of where you would have a better family life. And if your family is poor, the USA ranks very poorly compared to western nations.
  5. Will they pay for the wall too?
  6. Corcaigh

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    Actively looking for a new car at the moment. Very torn about the Tesla 3 or S, but have my heart set on a two-door coupe and $250k for the Roadster seems excessive.
  7. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Yeah ... the margins between winning and losing are incredibly small with two good teams, but the Barcelona defense should be embarrassed by the fourth goal until they are in their graves.
  8. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    I didn't see it. I don't know why my DVR didn't automatically record it. Hopefully TNT will have it on Demand very soon. All the other Champions League games are on there.
  9. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    I'm in a WhatsApp group with my family who are all Liverpool fans and still live in Europe. After the game they started chatting about the result indirectly and I couldn't believe it. Is the whole game available here? I didn't see it to DVR on any of the channels I get.
  10. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    LOL 8 minutes of stoppage time.
  11. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Liverpool without Firmino and Keita just don’t create enough.
  13. 105 mass shootings so far this year. Incident Date State City Or County Address # Killed # Injured 1-May-19 Massachusetts Boston 32 Windermere Rd 1 3 30-Apr-19 North Carolina Charlotte 9214 South Library Ln 2 4 28-Apr-19 Ohio West Chester 4637 Wyndtree Drive 4 0 28-Apr-19 Tennessee Nashville 1407 Dr DB Todd Jr Blvd 0 7 28-Apr-19 Alabama Birmingham 514 19th St Ensley 0 4 28-Apr-19 Maryland Baltimore 2544 Edmondson Ave 1 7 27-Apr-19 Michigan Jackson 800 block of Homewild St 0 4 27-Apr-19 California Los Angeles 700 N San Fernando Rd 0 6 27-Apr-19 Mississippi Jackson 700 block of Monterey St 1 3 27-Apr-19 California Poway 16934 Chabad Way 1 3 26-Apr-19 Oklahoma Hugo 400 block of W Bissell St 0 4 21-Apr-19 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1500 block of South 31st St 0 4 20-Apr-19 Tennessee Memphis 761 Chestnut Ave 0 5 20-Apr-19 Texas Corpus Christi 2900 block of Sunrise Ave 0 4 19-Apr-19 Kansas Wichita 1628 S George Washington Blvd 0 4 18-Apr-19 Kentucky Louisville 4000 block of Bells Ln 0 4 16-Apr-19 Maryland Germantown 18700 block of Curry Powder Ln 1 3 14-Apr-19 California Stockton 2539 E Main St 0 4 14-Apr-19 California Vallejo 100 block of Princeton Ave 1 3 14-Apr-19 Florida Miami NW 19th Ave and 60th St 2 2 13-Apr-19 California Moreno Valley 23500 block of Alessandro Blvd 0 4 12-Apr-19 Illinois Carbondale 119 N Washington St 0 4 11-Apr-19 Maryland Baltimore 2200 block of Ruskin Ave 1 3 11-Apr-19 California Los Angeles E 103rd St and S Main St 1 4 11-Apr-19 Arizona Phoenix 7112 W Minnezona Ave 3 2 9-Apr-19 Missouri Kansas City 5339 Michigan Ave 1 3 7-Apr-19 North Carolina Winston Salem (Winston-salem) 515 N Cherry St 0 7 7-Apr-19 Indiana Indianapolis 3600 block of Roosevelt Ave 2 2 7-Apr-19 Louisiana Shreveport 433 Flournoy Lucas Rd 0 4 7-Apr-19 Delaware Wilmington 940 N Pine St 0 6 6-Apr-19 Florida Tallahassee 500 block of Kissimmee St 0 4 6-Apr-19 Illinois Chicago 6300 block of S Seeley Ave 0 6 4-Apr-19 Georgia Stockbridge 300 block of Eagle Ct 3 2 4-Apr-19 Florida Panama City 100 block of Allen Ave 1 3 2-Apr-19 Mississippi Hermanville 13195 MS 18 0 4 2-Apr-19 Kentucky Covington 300 block of 13th St 0 5 31-Mar-19 Illinois Chicago 500 block of N Hamlin Ave 1 4 31-Mar-19 Georgia Atlanta 3041 Landrum Dr SW 1 4 31-Mar-19 South Carolina North Charleston 1900 block of Jacksonville Rd 0 7 28-Mar-19 Maryland Baltimore 6200 block of Boston St 0 4 25-Mar-19 Nevada North Las Vegas 2400 block of W San Miguel St 0 5 24-Mar-19 California San Francisco 1300 Fillmore St 1 6 24-Mar-19 Arizona Phoenix 2202 W McDowell Rd 0 7 19-Mar-19 Arizona Phoenix 8526 N 27th Ave 2 4 17-Mar-19 Georgia Augusta 900 block of Broad St 0 4 17-Mar-19 Georgia Rochelle Dennis St 1 3 17-Mar-19 Nevada Las Vegas 600 E Fremont St 0 4 16-Mar-19 New Jersey Camden 619 Ferry Ave 1 3 15-Mar-19 Alabama Mobile 515 Dauphin Island Pkwy 2 4 14-Mar-19 Montana Missoula 5145 Airway Blvd 1 3 13-Mar-19 Illinois Harvey 14701 S Wood St 1 3 11-Mar-19 New Jersey Paterson 291 12th Ave 0 4 10-Mar-19 Louisiana Shreveport 2700 block of San Jacinto Ave 0 4 10-Mar-19 Colorado Denver 15th St and Market St 1 4 3-Mar-19 California Oakland 316 14th St 0 4 3-Mar-19 Illinois Chicago 2900 block of E 79th St 0 6 2-Mar-19 Arkansas Pine Bluff 723 East 25th Ave 1 4 28-Feb-19 California Oakland 9755 Edes Ave 1 3 22-Feb-19 Alabama Birmingham 1100 block of Carnation Dr 2 2 21-Feb-19 Maryland Baltimore 500 block of Bloom St 1 4 21-Feb-19 Kentucky Elizabethtown 600 N Miles St 2 2 21-Feb-19 Texas Houston 12800 block of Eastbrook Dr 2 2 20-Feb-19 Tennessee Covington 529 N College St 0 4 17-Feb-19 Texas Henderson 504 S Van Buren St 2 2 17-Feb-19 Indiana Evansville 664 E Illinois St 0 5 17-Feb-19 Louisiana New Orleans Tulane Ave and Elk Pl 1 5 16-Feb-19 Mississippi Clinton 1214 Foxhill Dr 5 0 15-Feb-19 Illinois Aurora 641 Archer Ave 6 6 14-Feb-19 Florida Jacksonville 5905 Redpoll Ave 2 2 11-Feb-19 Texas Livingston 3628 FM 3126 5 0 9-Feb-19 Virginia Petersburg 109 Perry St 0 4 6-Feb-19 New York Brooklyn 1778 Fulton St 1 3 5-Feb-19 Texas San Antonio 538 Hot Wells Blvd 2 2 4-Feb-19 District of Columbia Washington 2341 Pennsylvania Avenue SE 0 4 4-Feb-19 Louisiana Baton Rouge 4000 block of Topeka St 0 4 3-Feb-19 California Palm Springs E Sunny Dunes Rd and El Placer Rd 4 0 3-Feb-19 Illinois Chicago 938 E 75th St 2 5 1-Feb-19 California San Diego 6800 block of Springfield St 0 4 28-Jan-19 Texas Houston 7815 Harding St 2 4 27-Jan-19 Alabama Birmingham Avenue O and Warrior Rd 0 5 26-Jan-19 Louisiana Gonzales 42350 Church Point Rd 5 0 26-Jan-19 Indiana Indianapolis 2957 N Sherman Dr 0 5 26-Jan-19 Georgia Albany 300 block of West Roosevelt 0 4 26-Jan-19 New Jersey Newark 612 Bergen St 1 3 24-Jan-19 Georgia Rockmart 148 W Church Rd 4 1 24-Jan-19 Pennsylvania State College 1450 S Atherton St 4 1 23-Jan-19 Florida Sebring 1901 US 27 S 5 0 20-Jan-19 Florida Miami 26133 SW 139th Ave 0 4 19-Jan-19 Pennsylvania Lebanon 1140 Church St 0 4 19-Jan-19 South Carolina Gaffney 1435 Wilcox Ave 1 4 19-Jan-19 Texas Houston 7041 Sherman St 3 2 19-Jan-19 Illinois Chicago 4400 block of W Madison St 0 4 19-Jan-19 Florida Jacksonville 11445 Brian Lakes Drive 3 2 17-Jan-19 Kentucky Owensboro 940 Audubon Ave 3 1 16-Jan-19 California Palmdale Ranch Center Dr and 40th St W 3 1 16-Jan-19 Florida Jacksonville Emerson St and Spring Park Rd 1 5 15-Jan-19 Arkansas Little Rock 5420 Baseline Rd 1 3 13-Jan-19 Arizona Phoenix 2445 E Van Buren St 1 5 6-Jan-19 New Mexico Roswell 1300 block of W College Blvd 0 4 4-Jan-19 Virginia Hurt 3197 Shula Dr 3 2 4-Jan-19 California Torrance 22501 Hawthorne Blvd 3 4 3-Jan-19 Arizona Yuma 3800 block of E. County 18½ St 1 3 2-Jan-19 Arkansas Jonesboro 3516 Galaxy St 1 3 1-Jan-19 South Carolina Columbia 1709 Decker Blvd 0 5 1-Jan-19 Florida Tallahassee 2020 W Pensacola St 0 5
  14. Let's ban making eye contact or speaking to one another as that can be very threatening.
  15. And there's work and "work'. A study quite a few years ago By HP showed that with distractions and interruptions, most people struggle to do 6 productive half-hours a day. i.e. 15 productive hours a week.
  16. Corcaigh

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    He got attention from the 41.4 he ran in the 40.
  17. I went to the zoo the other day. It only had one animal ... a small dog. it was a shih tzu I think my mom would like a new pet to keep her company.
  18. Eh no. Your social security taxes have already been spent on today's retirees. The problem is that there will be more retirees than workers paying into the system by the time your turn comes.
  19. The state has taken a 12.4% tax on her income over her working lifetime with the promise that they will help cover her living expenses post work. But she's greedy to expect any of that money.
  20. With a personal retirement account there is clearly an amount saved and how long that will last based on a rate of consumption. Social security is not supposed to work like that.
  21. You mean that the poor outlive the amount they pay in. Eliminating Medicare is a simple solution to take care of the problem so that they live shorter lives.
  22. How much can be accomplished by kicking age where full benefits are paid? I.e. have the peasants work until they are 75+ to earn the full payout.
  23. Corcaigh

    What was the best vacation of your life

    Hard to pick one, but my favorites are active vacations ... driving/rail tours in Europe (Ireland's coast, Scotland, Wales, England, French Alps & Pyrenees, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Greece) taking in scenery, history and great food with some hiking too to get away from crowds. Also had great times hiking alone in the wilderness in various places. If we go to the beach it's when they are deserted in the Spring or Fall and we can walk for hours with the dogs.
  24. Corcaigh

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    Trump is strangely silent on the three black churches that were burned recently.
  25. Corcaigh

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    "WTF is he supposed to say?" How about something that aren't the words of a ****ing moron. Something simple like Obama wrote: "Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can."