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  1. Hello old friend. Been a while. **** your very much.
  2. What a dumbass. He’s been able to get a shot for a couple of months already.
  3. I’m over him. He wasn’t really any better than Vanicek.
  4. Sure would be nice if Kuzy wasn’t a complete dumbass
  5. **** Kuzy. Why is he not playing. Quit the drugs, get some shots and play hockey. Scrub.
  6. So a religious nut job fb friend linked vaccines to somehow requiring a public marking show vaccine status aka the mark of the beast. Interesting thing is I knew he was religious, but not that much until Facebook.
  7. I’m gonna mask up just to trigger conservatives.
  8. Tesla’s are no more safe than most other new cars. “Autopilot” is just a fancy term for adaptive cruise control with steering assist. “Full self driving” is absolute snake oil. They have the exact same safety features as other cars, sometimes even less so. They have sensors that detect occupancy. If someone defeats that using a rudimentary method then so be it. Tesla’s aren’t this supercomputers on wheels that people make them out to be. Their genius is actually in their simplicity.
  9. I kinda like how this thread is half meme and half serious discussion.
  10. Really I was joking cause doge is a joke but thanks for the actual answer and it stands to reason that Musk might wanna transition to doge coin.
  11. What’s the carbon footprint of Dogecoin?
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