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  1. So I wonder... what kind of drugs is Trump on? he’s gotta be an adderall junkie, right?
  2. I'm looking forward to this debate. I think Biden is going to **** this piece of **** right up something proper.
  3. Seems to be a pretty run of the mill conservative that’ll strike down roe v wade and expand second amendment protections. Fairly polar opposite of those woman she’s replacing. Also, watch republicans fold up like lawn chairs.
  4. I only really pay attention to Fairfax County and so far it’s still virtual aside from the very few students that they’ve decided to do in person with. I think I read that they were special needs children.
  5. I think you're hung up on the underpaid part. I agree with that. Being denied cost of living increases is not good. I don't think that teachers going home and grading papers is anything extraordinary. Lots of people who make $50k+ go home and do work "off the clock". People who make over $100k regularly work 50-60+ hour work weeks, plus they go home and do work at home as well. Most workers who make six figures work 5+ days a week, work at least 10 hour days if not more, often work on the weekends, don't get off any of the minor holidays (sorry Columbus and MLK and Presidents). Als
  6. Good news for VA as far as I'm concerned. R0 number is less than 1.0 statewide for a second week in a row. At this rate, we will see case load to decrease. Hope that going into the fall seasons we can keep it up.
  7. I'm trying to draw an apples to apples comparison, which is hard when teachers only work (roughly) 9 months out of the year and get a multitude of time off in that span as well. There are at least two, week long breaks, every single holiday one can imagine as well as multiple padded days off. Obviously some are "teacher work days", but I could imagine that a savvy teacher can wrangle that into a day off to themselves. So this article states: Nurses are paid, on average, $73,550 Teachers are paid, on average, $58,950 Now to compare the two (both wh
  8. I don’t know how teaching pay scales work but is it possible that they are vastly underpaid compared to their college equivalents because they only work for 8 months out of the year? Maybe their way to increased pay is working a full year.
  9. So then what you’re saying is that we are just going to go all virtual until probably next school year at the very best. To me, that’s unacceptable. The metric can’t be 0 to return to school and by the time there are enough vaccines available to give the kids attending it’ll be well after this school year is over. I’ll add that we don’t even know how effective the vaccines will be, if they need boosters, if it’s a yearly vaccine, anything really. Teachers can’t actually believe that they are doing an effective job of teaching by doing virtual learning, especially teachers of younge
  10. I’ve been homeschooling our kid for the past 3 weeks. Ready to send him to school. Tell him to wear a mask and I’ll take his temp every day. Teachers are better at this than I am. At some point, teachers are going to have to go to school. There’s never going to be 0 cases and there’s never going to be herd immunity due to a vaccine. There will ALWAYS be a risk. We can’t do virtual school indefinitely.
  11. I doubt the far left will like Biden’s statement but I think it’s perfect.
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