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  1. Just open it up like ABC stores this July you ****ing putzes. Democrats kinda suck sometimes.
  2. Pretty much the only thing I play these days. Only thing I have time for.
  3. As long as schools are open full time by next school year then I’ll be cool.
  4. Same but even that gets boring and repetitive. Also, I feel like shipment and shoothouse leveled guns faster and were less boring.
  5. Its the worst COD in a while. I hate playing it just to level guns up for Warzone. I still **** with Warzone hard though. Too bad Cold War is gonna bleed into that and ruin it too probably.
  6. What’s Shesry doing up with Ovie? I knew he was playing well, but... that well? Where’s Willy at?
  7. It’s funny seeing the same people who believe “taxation is theft” refusing to give taxpayers their money back.
  8. Every single stock I watch was blood red today except for GME and BB barely along with VIX and YANG. I think the market is getting ready to tank.
  9. The squozening Also AMC, BB, BBBY, NOK Might be time to yolo again famz
  10. It **** all over my Monday evening. Only think you can hope is that it turns around tomorrow. it’s very possible. People seem to think we are entering a global downturn so that would certainly hurt China’s market.
  11. I mean I’m good with 15 minutes. That’s plenty.
  12. I read the whole article and I did not, in fact, find the surprising truth.
  13. We are doing Kindergarten at home this year with hopes our kids can go to school full time next school year. If they can’t then the whole thing is ****ed.
  14. I’d be suspicious of investing in an ETF that has done nothing but drop over the last year. If it drops low enough and they’ll just reverse split it. China, and all the other globals, will eventually turn bear. Timing it is nearly impossible though.
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