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  1. I kinda feel like it’s Kamala Harris’ job to lose at this point.
  2. @TryTheBeal! There a protest scheduled a week from today at the intersection in front of my shop. I think the plan is to provide the protesters with water as well. I believe it will be a peaceful one.
  3. So I’m stealing this from a fb friend: America right now sorta looks like it would if Vladimir Putin were to install a puppet at the head of our government and destabilize it entirely
  4. His words say one thing but his actions say another.
  5. Not to sound insensitive, but wouldn’t the Lincoln Memorial be close due to Covid anyhow? Also, why guard it anyhow? It would be dumb af to deface the Lincoln Memorial. Like, seriously disrespectful and counter to your reason of protest.
  6. So I agree, but I also see the benefit in using social media in countries that are oppressed. So to me, it’s a double edged sword. I’m not the most well versed on the subject but wasn’t the Arab Spring largely possible due to social media?
  7. Springfield

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    And it only remained around that long because of police and taxis.
  8. Springfield

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    No, my money is on “ignore it just like he did Covid”.
  9. Gen X can get outta here wit their non caring asses. Might as well be baby boomers. You all are just happy to watch the world burn. Dont worry though, us millennials will rebuild all that you’ve ruined.
  10. Real talk. Both my wife and I come from broken homes. Before getting married, we both talked about the things we hated about having divorced parents. We don’t want to put our kids through that ****.
  11. Just turned 38. Live in my own house with my wife and our 2 kids. Maybe 3 soon enough. Got married when I was 28. We bought our first house in 2011 when I was 29. Had our fist kid when I was 32 (second at 34). I do think we waited longer that our parents for sure. We spent most of our 20’s partying with friends and kinda settled down around the same time as our friends.
  12. Springfield

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    See, I don’t think that the rioting is wrong. It sucks for the businesses that are being destroyed. But nothing else is working, so here we are... Shoulda never come to this. Did he say that or are you projecting that on him?
  13. Springfield

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    So here’s my white thought for the day: This shouldn’t have ever happened. Countless black men have been murdered at the hands of the police. Kaepernick decided to kneel and he got thrown out of the league. Nothing changed. Black Lives Matter started protests and rallies. Nothing changed. Baltimore burned and nothing changed. I don’t want to watch the video and I probably won’t, cause they’re all the same. I don’t blame people for rioting. When they tried to do things peacefully, nobody listened. Maybe this time they’ll have their voice heard. My guess though, is that nothing changes. It’s sad. It’s a real sad time in this country.
  14. Springfield

    US Government vs Social Media...

    I bet Twitter tucks its tail between its legs and lets their biggest attraction run the park.
  15. Springfield

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    I still don’t really understand. If there’s hockey soon, then great