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  1. Springfield

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    It’s the same as adding a rider that authorities would be notified if you had any outstanding parking tickets, or didn’t pay your child support, or any number of other unrelated crimes. That’s the point.
  2. Springfield

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    The specific ones. Show me some none Steve Miller numbers on illegal immigrant murders. I'll give you a hint, there aren't any because it isn't being studied. There are private studies but no official numbers. I can tell you that the private studies suggest that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens. Not that it makes their crime OK in the least. But trying to shift a universal background check bill to something that focuses on illegal immigrants is shameful.
  3. Springfield

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Got it. Reads to me like the democrats started a bill about mandatory background checks. Republicans countered that with, "well hey, if an illegal fails a background check then ICE should know." So now, republicans can claim that democrats care more about illegals than they do about white people citizens. Nevermind the fact that illegal immigrants aren't shooting up people in large numbers or anything. Let's just shift the commentary to how democrats want to protect illegals. Who cares that the bill will already notify "specific law enforcement agencies when an individual fails a background check", the democrats didn't say "lets deport illegals if they fail a background check". Shameful of republicans and shameful of both of you if you're falling for this BS.
  4. Springfield

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I can’t find anything that confirms that story on official congress websites.
  5. Thanks. Funny they’d leave him out.
  6. Springfield

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Never in my life, have we had a president that attacked the foundations of our great democracy with such veracity. Every day, there is some sort of accepted norm that is being put up for debate by Trump. Its embarrassing.
  7. I guess Biden isn’t running?
  8. Springfield

    David Koch has died

    Celebrating anyone’s death is in poor taste. Except for Bin Laden. I was glad when that mother****er died.
  9. Well, apparently there aren’t any suspensions for testing positive for cocaine so he should be in the clear from the NHL. Just won’t be able to play in the Olympics or any of those dumb tourneys after the playoffs are over.
  10. Springfield

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Cruise control probably doesn’t work cause your abs light is on. Have that fixed first. Although the cable does look fairly frayed in your second pic.
  11. Springfield

    The Forthcoming Recession

    I can’t help but look at this graph and notice that the bottom 50% increased under democrat presidents and decreased under republican presidents. The top 50% generally increased as the stock market did.
  12. I know more people who voted libertarian to protest Hillary than I know that voted libertarian to protest Trump. Pending any democrat nominee, I wouldn’t guarantee that a 3rd party would automatically hurt Trump.
  13. Springfield

    The Forthcoming Recession

    There’s a cap on failed emissions... for the poor folks. If you spend $735 (I think) towards a failed emissions repair and the car still isn’t fixed then the state can issue a waiver assuming the repairs were done at a state approved facility. The fail rate is fairly low, maybe 5% of the cars tested. And it’s of my opinion that emissions components on cars are important. Wasn’t around in the 70’s with the massive smog issues around LA, but I surely wouldn’t want that in DC right now.
  14. Springfield

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    You’re probably talking about a ground strap. Bare braided metal wire? As long as it isn’t broken it’s no problem. Much more likely to be a bad speed sensor like twa said.