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  1. And they couldn’t even manage that! All we got was a measly tax cut.
  2. Well, here supports my theory that asshole parents make asshole kids.
  3. Too pretty, blind passes, overskating, too many shots from the point. Just fundamentally bad hockey right now.
  4. Why won’t we shoot the puck? Jesus get this guy out of net. Even so. Something. Have to do something.
  5. Also, never EVER take Jaskin out of the lineup. I’d say pull Holtby but Copley sucks.
  6. Bowey is not an NHL defenseman, that much I know. Seigenthaller looks better, decent for 3rd line. I thought Rierdon was a defensive coach. Wtf?
  7. No heart, no energy. This team isn’t gonna make the playoffs at this rate.
  8. Just absolute **** defense. Get Madison Bowey off the damn ice.
  9. If this wall was truly important to Trump then he would have secured funding in the first two years, like he did with his giant tax cuts for the rich. This wall is nothing more than a diversion for Trump. Democrats won the house by a huge margin so now he’s just clogging up the system with this dumb wall so they can’t do anything. It doesn’t take a genius to see this for what it is. Give him NOTHING.
  10. At this point, here is a Trump supporter: Someone who simply doesn’t care about government. Their main concern is making the Democrats looks bad. Trolling is their method of communication and memes are their forte. They have no real concern with ACTUALLY making America great again and couldn’t define it if you asked.
  11. He is the epitome of a filthy politician and the embodiment of everything wrong with our system. Also, doesn’t really sound like Trump offered much at all. Seems like he’s offering something that costs him nothing in exchange for a 5 mil border wall. Not much of a “deal” if you ask me. Plus, Americans voted in Dems by a large margin in part because they DIDN’T WANT A STUPID WALL.
  12. I agree. Both him and Oshie have been off since their concussions. Maybe it takes a while to get it all back. Maybe they were worse than the team lets on.
  13. It was the one that won the Stanley Cup for sure. Then Backstrom Vrana Oshie, Eller Connolly Burakovsky, Beagle, DSP, Stephenson... if my memory serves me. Changing up the lines may spark something but I don’t think that Ovie/Backstrom has worked for a LONG time. I feel like Ovie likes playing with Backy and that’s why they’re on a line together. I sure hope that the inmates aren’t running the asylum in this case, cause that means that the coach is already compromised. I also think that Oshie and Kuzy have sustained multiple concussions this season, which may account for their lack of physicality. I’m just projecting at this point. Something is wrong though, for sure.
  14. There is nothing worse than a scared person with incorrect information.