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  1. So going back to the players. I lose a lot of respect for the ones who choose not to get vaccinated. If Chase Young is one of those guys then so be it. I doubt he’s here after his rookie contract expires if he’s a non vaccinator.
  2. There are only two genders. What is what you’re born with is what you get. Same with race, eye color, hair color, skin pigment, etc. Its genetics.
  3. Probably won’t make it past his rookie contract here though. Especially if his amount of respect for Rivera, a defensive coach, is to forgo vacation.
  4. Waiting for the report to come out that says Snyder didn’t mind if the players were unvaccinated.
  5. Nearly every NFL player was identified at a very young age as exceptional. Most of them were recruited when they were in high school at the latest. They've been told for years and years that they are special. That amount of coddling leads to an overconfidence in one's own abilities. Great for playing football, probably not so great with other critical thinking. That amount of coddling leads to self centered players who don't care for the greater good as long as they are successful. This type of thing is probably exacerbated for first round draft picks who are at the top of the nation's most po
  6. At least if he's too ignorant to get vaccinated he could learn how to wear his mask properly.
  7. The unvaccinated players aren’t teammates. They don’t care about the team at all. They’ve been coddled the vast majority of their lives and only care about number one. We should lose them. Nobody wants a coward on their team.
  8. How did Cleveland just like, uh, change the name? Like, they uh… didn’t go two seasons without a name? Something is wrong. Aren’t they supposed to drag it out and come up with some big social media blitz to hype up the next name? How the **** are they supposed to underwhelm their fans for the millionth time if the just change it suddenly like this?
  9. Heading to the Nats game tonight. If I buy some bud in DC before that, can I carry it into Nats park or is that a no-no?
  10. I don’t really have much interest in growing herb. I’ve got 3 kids in the house. I’d prefer just to toke or have an eddy maybe once a month or two and just zone and get my mind right. Growing has always been a game of care and I’d probably **** it up.
  11. I mean it still might be like DC where you buy stickers and then someone gifts you some herb, no?
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