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  1. I don't know if this is remotely the same, but years ago when I was reporting for WAMU 88.5 FM, I got to cover the opening of Night at the Museum 2. At the presser, everyone was there from Ben Stiller and Amy Adams to Robin Williams and Hank Azaria. As the event developed, one of the reporters asked an awful question of Owen Williams. The guy asked the Califiornia surfer dude, "Owen complete this question, 'You know it's summer in DC when dot dot dot (and the guy actually said dot dot dot). Well, Owen looked at him like "how do I know what it's like to be Summer in Washington?" A silence stret
  2. Well, except for the Sun But I agree. I think the energy puzzle is one in which all sources play a role in a certain measure. It would be amazing if one day there was no need for dirty energy. I don't think we're there yet. However, we can be further along then we are and we ought to be moving in that direction. After all, the nation that leads technologically is today's super power. Innovation leads to strength and security. So, even outside of health and environment, it's worth heavily investing in alternative energy.
  3. Among the things that Trump and McConnell should be investigated for, this ought to be included. McConnell has fought improving our national election security. Trump dismantled watchdog groups. We are less safe because of the Republicans. We are less free.
  4. Damn! That's a whole lot of blank pages. Bet they didn't expect Leslie to open up the book.
  5. I know the GOP wants to win (Senate and White House,) but I wonder how many are secretly hoping they lose. They have to know what they're doing, right?
  6. Makes me sad that this thread is already fair to post.
  7. So we lose on Hopkins missed field goal and Allen’s crap turnovers.
  8. Receiver tackled to the ground on the 2 pt conversation. No call of course.
  9. First F the refs game of the year. Pretty much every call goes against us. Even the snap. This post isn’t about wins and losses. It’s about ****ty one-sided reffing.
  10. Allen’s turnovers are 14 of Giants 20 points. back to five yard nothings.
  11. So, why wasn’t that pass interference? F the refs!
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