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  1. Burgold

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Hey, the liberals ought to have at least one candidate Russia supports too! Fair's fair.
  2. Burgold

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    I don't know. There were a number of teams just last year (including the Redskins) that made it pretty damn obvious that he had been blackballed. Teams that chose absolute bums and never wases to start. I want to say the Bills with Pederman is a good example. I think you can make an incredibly strong circumstantial case esp. with all the little bits on the record about how various teams said they would never consider him. If it's clear to you and me it still might not be legally clear, but I don't think there is any real doubt that the NFL decided this was a guy who was not going to get any more opportunities.
  3. ^^^ Hopefully, that has the dubious accuracy that Wiki is sometime known for.
  4. "It's a national emergency! I didn't really have to do anything! It's a national emergency! Yeah, the numbers are at a ten year low and my own party doesn't think there's any problem and the wall is a waste of time and money, but it's a national emergency. Any more questions? Good. I'm going to go golfing now. Sure, I have time. it's only a national emergency. It's not like I have to monitor the situation or anything."
  5. Burgold

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    With this statement, McConnell officially changes his status from Majority Leader of the Senate to lackey.
  6. McConnell. Trump may get there, but McConnell's policies have led to the hyperpartisanship, composition of the Supreme Court, and indescribable amounts of debt and other damage... all for the sake of keeping his party in power.
  7. Others have taken this on so I don’t have to, but let me suggest this. The argument over the wall is not political. Polls show the American people don’t want it, neither liberals nor conservatives. The Democrats in Congress don’t want it. The vast majority of Republicans don’t want it. So, who does? The President and probably his base though polls suggest that even a majority of the base doesn’t want to pay for the wall. The fight against the wall isn’t about politics. It’s about the will of the American people.
  8. When looking at an action that is not an emergency in a situation where you see the numbers getting better it's important to weigh the risk as opposed to the benefit in addition to the cost. Will fencing help drive down the numbers? Maybe? Will it do so in an effective way? If the problem is people overstaying their visas is it of any use whatsoever? There is a real argument as to whether the barriers serve any real purpose beyond PR, propaganda, and boogeymanism. Additionally, what problems will the fencing cause? We have begun to see reports of people losing their homes and livilihood due to eminent domain seizures. Is that worth the price? There apparently is going to be an environmental cost as well that impacts migration. Do we care about that? To create a solution where there is no problem that creates additional problems at minimal benefit is not smart governance nor is it wise use of our tax dollars.
  9. It's a joke. Dante described the various levels of Hell. Trump supporters exist at one of these levels.
  10. Technically, it's called the Dante Continuum.
  11. Burgold

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, but there is only one true Paris! (Clearly the one in Iowa)
  12. Burgold

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Paris, Texas?
  13. Burgold

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I probably agree. I didn't hate the Alex Smith move per se and he brought grit and professionalism to the team which was good, but the original move did feel like a PR move more than anything else. His re-signing even more so. Bruce wanted to declare the world, "See! We can sign a quarterback. All our woes was the reasonableness of the Cousins' camp!!!" Getting Smith wasn't a bad idea, but I still think it was done in haste and more for PR reasons than football ones even though we clearly needed a QB. Mind you, it wasn't a bad move. Just one that turned out badly.
  14. Burgold

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think the Broncos just made the same move with Flacco that we made last year with Alex Smith except Smith had a far superior year previous to the trade. Question to be seen is whether Elway will go full-Allen and sign Flacco to a costly extension and make it almost all guaranteed. In a sense, this goes to show that acquiring Smith was not an unNFL like move. The problem was really the bad luck of the injury and contract that really hamstrings the team going forward.
  15. Be fair. Jay was a helluva an Arena League QB. I say he hand over play calling duties and suit up. It's been way too long since the NFL had a player-coach.