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  1. I think you did. I think Trump's sendoff is scheduled to be at Andrews
  2. I would say that they are satirizing themselves and knowingly poking fun at their images, but I doubt they have that kind of self-awareness.
  3. I like what Nancy Grace has been saying publicly. I hope she's on the level and just not a smarter brand of Trumper.
  4. Pretty sure Trump wants that big military sendoff and Hoopla so he can say that his sendoff is bigger than Biden's inauguration.
  5. So, I remember being really strong and aggressive when this thread first started. I really got into it with some posters. Looking back, it turns out I was too mild.
  6. Apparently Trump is trying to fire the FBI chief and replace him with another Acting Stooge. With only five days left, this smells really bad. I'm sure in his mind, it's part of his coup.
  7. A hell of lot more than Rush Limbaugh, Tobey Keith, or Bill Belichick. I also wouldn't be surprised if they went after media. MSNBC, CNN, NYTs, Wash Post, etc. After all, they are the enemy of the people and probably not going to be defended in anything other than their normal fashion.
  8. Republican argument seems to be crimes don’t matter if a politicians time is nearly up.
  9. The partisanship in this country really is a poison. Even insurrection is not enough to move most.
  10. You can vote your conscience, but we trust you will vote in favor insurrection and against US interests as you always do.
  11. Right. Or how the anti-pedophilia crowd can say Jeffery Epstein’s pal is their champion.
  12. I think Rivera is resistant to that. Obviously, last year that move would have been signing Cam. Rivera showed no interest in bringing his old starter.
  13. Cornelius Lucas... I think. But the fact we don’t know his name because we’re cursing bad play, penalties, etc. kind of builds on my point. Invisible offensive linemen are good offensive linemen.
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