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  1. I think a fifteen yard gain is too easily attainable. Onside kicks were supposed to be hard. I could see a lot of piling on with this rule. I'd make it at least fourth and twenty. Make it a distance where 90 percent of NFL teams call a screen or draw because they think it's all but impossible.
  2. That's really bad captioning. Using the words "former" and "final thought" in a screenshot about Covid is terrible. I guess that's the name of the segment, but it's bad form.
  3. Burgold

    The 2020 DB thread

    He wasn't fast to begin with. So,if he lost speed and quickness after putting on muscle that would really make it tough for him at corner.
  4. Burgold

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    Settle? Not sure I'd trade Ion, Payne, or Allen. Doubt they'd think Settle was enough though.
  5. I think they base it strictly on stats and haven't looked at film or games at all.
  6. I dunno, man. Last season you were one of the last guys in the boat and I'm pretty sure that when that rabbit attacked you screamed, "It's only a flesh wound!"
  7. Burgold

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    Straight up deal. Jamal Adams for Latimore. Make it happen.
  8. Wait? Aren't you the ever-unrealistically-optimistic one. C'mon, dude. Get your lines straight.
  9. Honestly not sure if this is fair or not. I actually feel pretty good about the trio of McClaurin, Harmon and Simms. By the end of the season, they resembled a pretty legit receiving corp despite the injuries, QB play, and the fact that they were all rookies. I can see why outsiders looking primarily at broad brush statistics would look down on our group, but we have a speedster, an excellent possession guy with gluey hands, and a electric jitterbug at the slot. It's doubtful they displace the Posse as the best 'skins receiver group ever, but it's equally unlikely they will be the NFL's worst by the end of the year. In fact, I'd be really surprised if they weren't rated at least in the middle of the pack. As for TE, the fact that I'm trying to get so excited about an UDFA rookie and hope he can start tells ya all you need to know. But who knows? Maybe Logan Ryan is ready to explode? Maybe the flashes we saw from Hentges were foreshadowing to a really solid year? Maybe Sprinkle gets bionic hand surgery?
  10. A little behind the times, but I'm enjoying the off season Haskins seems to be having. I like that he's working his butt off, arranging private workouts with his receivers, and seem to be ready to do what it takes to take the next step. Heck, I even enjoyed reading his breakdown of his struggles last season. They seemed reasonable and honestly self-critical.
  11. Burgold

    The 2020 DB thread

    I like the idea of follow corner vs. playing a side. I would think it would help in homework too as the corner could really hone in on the tendencies of the player he's going up against when it's man and not zone. For some reason, I think Del Rio is a zone guy, but I also think I don't know what I'm talking about.
  12. Burgold

    The 2020 DB thread

    I think this is true, too. I also think that he thinks his philosophy doesn't require great corners. It's more about teamwork and pressure.
  13. Burgold

    The 2020 DB thread

    Yep, most of our hopes are pinned on the idea that last year's defensive staff was so incompetent and miscommunication was so rampant that we will see a huge turnaround just because of a the new brain trust.
  14. Burgold

    The 2020 DB thread

    I'm hoping something clicked for Moreau last year. Once they put him on the outside, he looked better. It could be a question of coaches using him right and him finally getting game time. Maybe he can take another step up. That said, no one on defense looked good last year.
  15. I’m sure it’s a private workout the players arranged among themselves.