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  1. Burgold

    A tight end by any other name

    I think sort of. I think it was more of a sheer desperation move when we just ran out of tight ends during the season. I think drafting an undersized tackle with the intention of retraining and making him a tight end from the get go is a bit different. It probably would be hard to find the right candidate because the tackle will have to be athletic and have enough movement to make the transition, but also the characteristics that made him a notable blocker. I'm thinking DII just because I'm guessing there are some guys because of size or other reasons who just couldn't make it as a DI athlete, but still might be a player. Agreed. We could argue though that neither Reed nor Davis blocked. Sprinkle blocks but seems at best okay at it. Not sure about Hentges.
  2. Burgold

    A tight end by any other name

    I've been hearing that it's a bad draft year for tight ends and only a so-so year for tight ends in free agency so I've been thinking it might be a good year to try something out of the box. What if the Redskins should draft in the sixth or seventh round the best athletic undersized division two tackles they can find? There's got to be some helacious blockers and underrated athletes at Division Two who never get a real NFL looksee because they're 265 or 270. Why you ask? I think there's a chance you could convert that player into a really good blocking tight end. Sure, you probably aren't going to get a Kelse or a Gronk this way, but maybe you can get a modern day Donnie Warren. Who knows? Maybe you can even get a poor man's George Kittle. At the worst, you waste a sixth or seventh round pick. At the best, we finally have something we haven't had for years... a tight end who can help out in pass pro and the running game. With a sketchy o iine, a tight end who blocks like a tackle might actually be what the doctor ordered. Now, I realize the modern tight end isn't supposed to block and really they aren't supposed to be anything but gigantic wide receivers, but I still think there is a role for a blocking tight end and if they are athletic enough maybe they even can find a hole or two in a zone and be taught to catch. So, is the idea crazy or worth the space of an off-season thread?
  3. Sad that it ended this way for Reed (at least with the Redskins). I hope for his sake he retires. Still upset that he got taken out by a cheap hit in a meaningless preseason game. This is the right move for the 'skins. It should be the right move for Jordan, too. If he thinks about how thin the Redskins are at TE and how they're willing to let him go even before the opening of free agency he ought to realize that this move is not about football.
  4. Burgold

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I suspect Dunbar or his agent looked at the Redskins’ roster and thought. The team is screwed without Dunbar. He’s their only corner. We’ll never have this kind of leverage again Mwahahaha! I am not on Dunbar’s side here. I love his story and root for him, but not only is he coming off a contract he just signed, but IR. This isn’t his first injury either. on top of that, this trade me or cut me stuff runs me really wrong. Maybe he feels the old regime owes him, but this new one doesn’t know him. Maybe he ought to show them how good he is in their system before making ultimatums.
  5. Burgold

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    I'd try to do the right thing which would be to sit down with him with doctors or trainers, explain the health risks, recommend he look after himself and then release him. I wouldn't try to trade him, I wouldn't try to use him, I push him to retire. I'm not sure if there's anyone on the team who he'd listen too. It took him nine months to get over his last concussion. I'm sure he feels young, strong, fast, and invincible again. At some point though, you have to listen to the warning signs your body is giving you.
  6. I don't think I would want Diggs. I see him doing exactly what we want Terry to be doing. Diggs is a little speedy guy and while you can never have too much speed it's good to have players who can do different things on the field. In a way, that's why the potential of McLauren, Simms, and Harmon excite me. Harmon is the big, tough position guy. Simms is the electric jitterbug, and Terry is the speedster who scares the hell out of defenses. The other thing is, by the end of the season, despite bad quarterbacking and a season of iffy playcalling they became a credible unit in their rookie years. Each, hopefully, will be better in their second year. Each has room to grow.
  7. I would have liked an Olsen signing, but am not really upset with him going elsewhere. At his stage, it makes more sense for him to sign with a contender. Warning: The paragraph below is overly rosey and looking at a what if where things work out. Cynics should stop reading here. I do think that the Redskins are a lot more interesting weapon-wise than their rep would lead people to believe. Simms is a playmaker who really improved. McLauren looks to be exceptional. Adrian Peterson is still pretty good. Now, I'd agree with people who say that this team's weapons are still more about potential than certainty, but I actually like a lot of the pieces we saw on the field last year. Besides, if Haskins, McLauren, Simms, Harmon, Guice, and Love all wound up becoming a productive corp... we'd be in for a really great ride. This team (minus tight end and questions on the o line) looks to be set up if we have the right coaches and play callers to back them.
  8. Burgold

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    That sucks. Makes me almost wish he has one of those achilles injuries that are impossible to recover from. It would be fair in a way. Injuries happen, but that was dirty and unnecessary.
  9. Burgold

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Slightly different topic, but what I thought would be fair is that players on injured reserve count for half. That is, if I'm injured half my salary counts against the cap. I think you could do something similar with retirement due to injury, creating a partial cap hit, as the cut was not the fault of player or team.
  10. Burgold

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    What sucks even worse for Jordan was that he was taken out with a dirty hit during a meaningless preseason game. It was unnecessary and ugly. I can't remember who did it, but I hope he was heavily fined and suspended. Yeah, if a year later he is still in concussion protocol, he better hang up his cleats.
  11. Burgold

    Does anyone proofread any more?

    I blame Twitter. Being serious, I think gremlins run the internet. I have noticed that I compose perfectly brilliant, elegant, and clean text, but when I hit send it changes. Suddenly, there are missing words, misspellings, room for innuendo! An outside source must be manipulating my posts, tweets, and other social media correspondence... and it's about time we do something about it.
  12. I think it was Bruce in terms of trying to get a high potential guy for cheap on the hopes that if he could ever get past the injury bug he'd be a producer. I did like Richardson's fight and he seemed tough, but his body just couldn't hold up to the game.
  13. Burgold

    The Impeachment Thread

    While I agree that he doesn't understand it, I think the bigger issue is that he has no interest in understanding how things work. He wants to be King not President. The laws are inconveniences that little people have to contend with.
  14. Burgold

    The Impeachment Thread

    It takes strength to do this. We've had a bunch of tussles about this over the years (always respectful which I appreciate.) Good post.
  15. Burgold

    Richardson released

    His first year, I appreciated His fight. He toughed his way through a bunch of games and made plays. It was a case of a willing mind tied to a body that just couldn’t do it. I hold no I’ll will and actually think Richardson was a good Redskin while here. His body just couldn’t hold up. it was a bad signing, but not because of the payer’s effort and want-to. Cutting him also makes sense. Richardson couldn’t live up to his contract, but I put that all on Allen and not on Paul.