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  1. I'm a BPA guy first and foremost, but if I had my choice I'd best prefer a linebacker followed by a offensive lineman. I'm okay with receiver and think Gibson will be better with a year of experience under his belt. Running back, tight end, receiver, corner are all areas that could use depth/improvement, but the Team is not bad at that position. Linebacker and free safety are hurting. Tackle is iffy though I thought Lucas did okay and I still have hopes Charles can step up.
  2. Maybe, but as far as team morale it would still sink the ship. I'm not looking at that as far as fan morale or NFL morale, but team chemistry couldn't take that kind of hit.
  3. It would be a PR disaster and might cost Ron the team if they went after Alex to reclaim a few bonus bucks
  4. Seems to me, if he wants it, Alex Smith would be an incredible QB whisperer aka QBs coach. The mentorship he has provided so many seemed to catapult them into success (with the exception of Haskins)
  5. I think Goskins is right. Most SUV's I've been in still are only good for carrying five people unless you want to forgo luggage then you can stick two more in uncomfortably. Now, a 1970's station wagon could haul a ton of people and stuff, but today's SUV are monster-sized on the outside and have the passenger capacity of a Yugo inside. On a serious note, one interesting side effect of COVID has been that I have been walking a lot more. Since I stopped going to gym I've been trying to hike at least 10k a day. That often means I put a backpack on my back and hoof it to the grocery
  6. @PleaseBlitz Children of Time was amazing. Probably my favorite hard science fiction novel of all time. Just an amazing multi-generational examination of sociology and biology. I call BS. No one writes checks anymore, do they?
  7. That was my first one. It reminded me of an old fashion fantasy. Nice light adventure-escapism. I heard the new one is a little darker/heavier, but still good.
  8. An audio book I just got through was A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab. It was a fun ride. Good characters and energy.
  9. I don't like this framing. Are you really saying that if you're poor you ought to put yourself at risk, but if you are a millionaire you can skip out on your obligations implied or otherwise?
  10. I suspect part of the reason that there weren't more shootings has to be because they were afraid of a massacre. The police knew they were outnumbered by a huge degree and probably suspected that many of these Trumpers were armed. Once the firing started, it could quickly get out of control. That, combined with other factors, white sympathy, Trumpers in the Capital police force, etc. probably explains it all. Frankly, I'm shocked that these 1776ers didn't initiate what Trump probably hoped they would.
  11. We would all be better off using mass transit more. Mind you, that's part of why we need to rebuild the infrastructure. On the other hand, mass transit is pretty expensive. A round trip subway ride to pretty much anywhere in DC is five dollars. Bus rides look to be two dollars a pop. So, just going to and from work is 25 dollars a week minimum via metro and twenty dollars a week via the bus. And if you can find free parking, it's probably cheaper to drive.
  12. It's part of my nature... to crow while being simultaneously humble and self deprecatory Addition to the story, after asking NoF if I could lump myself in with their Hugo nod they asked me if I would write something else for them. I scribbled something out this afternoon and it's already been accepted. The only thing I'm struggling with is the bio. Bio writing is the worst.
  13. Knowing me, I'd probably put... 2020 Hugo Award Winner (sort of)
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