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  1. It's the same thing as the Right saying celebrities should "just shut up and entertain us." It is a dangerous and stupid notion that is inconsistently applied. For example, while the "right" believes that entertainers should only entertain that does not pertain in their book to country music singers. While athletes should shut up and entertain, by and large, that has generally not applied to NASCAR drivers. The other side of your point is a fine one too. Republicans have made sure that "Money equals speech" through Citizens United and other actions. Their attempt to silence athlete
  2. I feel wary of us voting in judges. First, I don't really like the idea of judges campaigning though I know some do. It feels crass. Second, I know when I see judges or school board members on my ballot I feel ill prepared to vote for them. I do think the idea has merit. Perhaps they could be selected through the Bar Association or some combination of that, universities, and amongst the pool of sitting judges.
  3. I think that too is an artifact of McConnell. In his condolence message less than an hour after RBG's reported passing, the **** couldn't resist adding that the Senate would vote on a new judge. A Senate that has sat on so many critical things for years and months... This, it would do immediately. So, McConnell immediately turned the narrative to a new judge because he said, "We're doing this. We're doing this now." The smarmy creep didn't even allow the country a weekend to grieve and get its head around her passing.
  4. That's a good call. Some laws that really curtail gerrymandering would be awesome, too.
  5. I think it's also useful to remember that the case of Merrick Garland was not unique under McConnell. Despite the Constitutional imperative to vote on a President's judicial picks, the GOP sat and refused to hold an up or down vote on more than a hundred benches. This led to the infamous recess appointments which the GOP decried so. It also led to them packing the bench under trump, very often with candidates who the bar said did not meet the qualifications to be a judge. Garland is remember because he was a Supreme Court nominee, but we really shouldn't discount the hundreds of ot
  6. They were under pressure. The pressure of precedent and the pressure of their oath to the Constitution to advise and consent. What they did in refusing to hold a trial was unique. It actually would have been much more normal to vet Garland, question him, and then reject him (for any or no reason). The route they chose was unusual and morally dubious which makes their turnaround now all the more glaring. In the end you are right, the Republicans are not compelled by law to morally consistent. They do still have that duty to advise and consent. That doesn't mean it doesn't stink. Tha
  7. Given the way Republicans think (money equals speech), the fact that Republicans are being significantly "outraised" because of the judicial fight is a strong indicator of the people's mandate. Not that they will care.
  8. If Dems win Senate, I'd immediately have them charge Kavanaugh with libel during his Senate questioning, convict him (which should take no effort at all) and remove him from the bench. I'd then increase the bench to fifteen.
  9. I think part of that is just about size. Moreland is like five foot two and Hopkins and Fitzgerald are tall six footers. The NFL should allow Moreland to play with a sling
  10. I think there's a difference between fourth and four from the goal line and fourth and four on your own 28 when you have a multiple touchdown lead. But I hear ya.
  11. I think some of the almost really hurt Haskins today. Mind you, three of those almost would have required circus catches. Right now, he isn’t good enough, but I do wonder how much his receivers, o line, etc. limit him? If we gave him Arizona’s receivers how much better would he perform?
  12. I hope Scherff is not badly injured. I haven't seen any updates yet. That said, it would be really tough to re-sign him at this point. His play is generally fine, but he misses so many games. As for today, it's possible the o line played better without him though I think the o line in general is one that needs to be rebuilt from top to bottom.
  13. Oh stop playing fake mod. You want to talk to the topic that's fine. You want to say it's a stupid topic that's fine. If no one posts on the topic and it dies... that's fine, too. Talking about something that's happened multiple times in multiple games is a worthy topic. As Burgundy Yoda said above, the fact that they are going for it in a place where they pretty much are guaranteeing us points and it has happened in multiple games is a slap. It's basically laughing at our offense and defense.
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