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  1. Listened to an interview with Ron who said that he is a big fan of "prove-it" deals. He likes to get guys who are coming up or guys who are hungry to prove others wrong. That said, he said he hoped to re-sign a bunch of last year's prove-it guys. Not sure if that includes Darby, but Darby definitely made plays at times. I thought our secondary was good and not great.
  2. Certainly the narrative the NFL most wanted was Brady vs. Mahomes. The GOAT vs. the anointed one. The thing about the reffing that bothers me is that if the refs choose to not throw flags all day and "let 'em play" how do you do a reversal on a play that literally is one that will decide the fate of the game?
  3. This is totally a both sides issue. If the Democrats weren't so experienced and competent then Republicans wouldn't be forced to make **** up. Cotton's lying about his resume is the Demoncrats fault!!!
  4. Listening to Marco Rubio on Fox News Sunday say he opposes Biden's immigration proposals because without a punitive component it will encourage bad actors and bad actions just after stating emphatically that Trump should not be impeached because the country and all of Trump's followers deserve healing and unity. Apparently, Rubio is not worried at all that allowing Trump and his followers to get away with an attempted insurrection would encourage future bad actors or actions. :doh:
  5. I'm not sure that Kyle Smith being gone has that much to do with Bruce Allen stink. The argument that Kyle failed to step up while Ron was dealing with cancer resonates somewhat, but I think it's simpler than that. Kyle saw the writing on the wall. He was not wanted here. He was not interviewed for the GM job and his star was not going to rise higher during his tenure here. It's likely that good drafts will be attributed to Mayhew/Hurney and not him. So, Kyle had to hit the road. Staying put would be moving backwards.
  6. Perhaps, but if Shumer brings up all 300 bills that the House passed last year that McConell refused to allow a vote on... the GOP could run out of subpoenas in a week
  7. I'd be against killing the filibuster. An idea I had while reading this thread was that I might be okay if we changed it such that each Senator had a limited number of filibusters. Let's say six, one for each year of their term. That's still a ton of filibusters, but may still create a pause in the decision whether a specific bill is worth blocking.
  8. Sure we can. Just got to get them and their agents drunk enough first. Dude! We're talking one million dollars! One million bucks! Cash money. In the clear. That 's five times more than the President of the United States pulls in. We'll even pay the taxes on it. Just sign. Sign right now. Who can turn that down? Would you?
  9. From what we are learning this morning, the most important trait the next President needed was organizational competence. All those who criticized Biden for choosing a hyper-experienced cabinet were wrong. The first step is not anyone’s agenda, it’s rebuilding the engine of government. We’re not ready to plan the trip until we have a car that can make it out of the driveway.
  10. Unsurprising, but it’s being reported that the Trump Administration had no operational COVID plan and the Biden team needs to start almost from scratch when it comes to mitigation efforts, vaccine distribution, etc. I don’t know how hyperbolic they are being, but hopefully they can organize quickly. At the very least, not viewing the CDC as an enemy will help.
  11. Listening to that first press conference was like stepping into air conditioning after helping someone move furniture on a hundred and fifteen degree humid day.
  12. The inauguration is supposed to be a celebration and a feel good day for the nation. For at least half the country, it usually is.
  13. Flipped on FOX and only lasted 30 seconds. Hanity’s guest was talking about how Biden considers every non liberal to be a domestic terrorist and they will be coming after us. Such dangerous bull.
  14. I suspect once you got Hurley (as GM) Stokes and Cowden became impossible to hire because they were lateral moves. Color me intrigued with Mayhew. San Francisco and Detroit were both dumpster fires before he got there. Both seemed to get considerably better during his tenure.
  15. Good solemn, strong, low key speech. Not rah rah, but we’re not in a rah rah moment
  16. It's a different argument, but I really wouldn't mind if the GOP split into the Republican Party and the Patriot Party while the Democrats split into the Democratic Party and the Progressive Party (or some such). I think more parties would cause confusion, but also benefit the country. For instance, I bet there are quite a few issues that the Republicans would like to support, but can't because of their base. Would a party of traditional Republicans and conservative centrists be able to have an honest discussion about gun control reform, immigration, and climate change? Maybe.
  17. I hear you and agree that the sky isn't falling. That said, there were many of us who said that Haslett, Barry, and Manusky were uninspired/awful choices... and we were right. So, we may not be right about the people we let go, but we are sometimes correct in our assessment of hires. Hurney is the easy choice. Is he the right choice? I dunno.
  18. One of the really interesting features of this draft will be that it will be conducted without a Combine and probably without a number of the other usual features. What I suspect that means is that more small college players will slip through the cracks. Even more than normal, the Front Offices that really do their homework on game tape have a chance to pull some late round gems.
  19. Hurley seems a rather uninspired choice. The Panthers were a good team, but they weren't a perennial Super Bowl team. I get familiarity and I get comfort, but I think if he was the guy then we'd have heard about him being brought in for interviews elsewhere. What I've heard speculated is that Hurley is a very good administrator and maybe we do need that organizational guy, but I don't know that should be the top qualification for a GM choice. I think it matters because we seem to have turned the corner on drafting the last couple of years and I think many are worried that we could do wor
  20. Here’s what I don’t understand. Wouldn’t the election of Biden be a greater tool to get out the Republican vote in Georgia? I mean the entire push could have been, “We need to check Biden.” On top of that the Dems may have relaxed and not show up which is what Dems typically do. instead, the rigged election talk deflated the GOP base and revved up the Dems. It was a terrible strategy.
  21. I guess this is a good thing, but considering the Secret Service's job is to be the most paranoid, suspicious buggers on the face of the Earth, I can't help but feeling unsettled. I mean I'm glad they are taking this super-seriously and dotting all i's and crossing all t's, but I just hope tomorrow goes well.
  22. I've heard speculation to that point and that there are rules about how such charges must be processed, but I think what we know right now is guesswork... which is probably for the best.
  23. When I was a lazy young lad, my parents signed me up for piano lessons. The instructor handed me a journal and told me to note how long I practiced each day. Right before our lesson, I would dash down and fill out the journal. I'd put down fifteen minutes here, a half hour here. It looked pretty good to me, but somehow I never fooled my teacher. I still don't get how he saw through my ruse
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