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  1. Someone has been watching too many Hulk/Green Goblin reruns
  2. We’ve already seen (and generally ****ed about) the whole “this guy just had his leg ripped off (acknowledging hyperbole here) but he was a helluva player before so let’s get him on the cheap and his leg will miraculously grow back” mindset. Finally, hopefully, we’ve moved on from that, except here apparently where: People are right back to advocating the same thing. Let’s draft a broken guy who can’t even stay healthy behind an Alabama o-line that is only really tested 3/4 times a year. Last I checked there are no Ol Miss or La-Lafayette teams on the Skin’s schedule. Hell, if anything, the Skins are the Arkansas of other team schedules.
  3. ^ this NFC East sucks balls. Sweep one of the jag offs and go 4-2 in the division for starters. A RB not named AP needs to figure out how to stay healthy for the full season. Cap room to make some moves. Yeah, the expectation should be playoffs. A step towards respectability via not being a clown show and halfway looking like a professional organization = acceptable
  4. July 4th wknd for a 3 game set
  5. already have tix I’ll be the guy sneaking in a trash can lid and beating the hell out of it behind the ****bags dugout until security confiscates it or I get tossed.
  6. stoshuaj

    Neighbor sucks balls..thread for this?

    certainly not out of the realm of possibility but since this was post my girl high heeling down the driveway, “FloJo” bringing in her groceries across the street and “Red” next door, the full quote was something to the effect “damn, this mfing neighborhood ‘bout juicy. Yo ass must stay in trouble up in here”....yeah, he’s not wrong
  7. That’s what I would think as well but I’m not in that circle so I have no clue. I’m more of a, embrace my impending doom kind of fella.
  8. stoshuaj

    Neighbor sucks balls..thread for this?

    I’ll go the opposite direction as well: Had a concrete contractor do some work last summer. While chatting, he described my neighborhood as “juicy”. I know, I know, objectifying pig blah blah blah and all that but yeah, my neighbors are ok
  9. Nominally related but somewhat off-topic: For those of the prepper ilk, what’s the tipping point to “bug out”?
  10. stoshuaj

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Friend of ours just got here from Richmond for a couple day “vacation” at her company’s advisement and blessing for all their employees. Potential for more to follow which is ok by us. Plenty of room for a proverbial Richmond refugee camp.
  11. stoshuaj

    Local (to the DMV) News and Events

    Soooo, who’s going to Richmond Monday?
  12. Helluva lot easier to stand up on the plate and take huge hacks with a bat that’s damn near as long as you are tall when you know what pitch is coming
  13. Postseason 2017: Manfred’s report says the club continued using their systems to steal signs during the postseason, even after all 30 clubs were warned that September to not use electronics improperly to steal signs. also remember, this was after the Red Sox got popped for the smart watch crap and the league was already put on notice about electronics