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  1. And God forbid if Haskins starts going North/South. This offensive philosophy is for East/West and Smith can show him how it’s done.
  2. stoshuaj

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Guice has too much time on his hands and should get off social media other then friends/family. It’s a cesspool and if he tries to tackle it, his head will explode. I know the gameday experience can be a bit much for younger kids but I saw only a handful (if that when I really think about it but don’t want to exaggerate) of Redskins fans between what I would guess to be 12-21. The Redskins core fan base is just like the church, older and dying off.
  3. stoshuaj

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Dogfight, good
  4. I’m only parroting what both players (specifically BMitch and Doc) and Drs have stated. Im sure there is more than anecdotal evidence available but, I’m tired
  5. He hyper-extended his right knee at LSU. Injury history in general has shown that compensating for an injury is conducive to leading to other injuries. I too, hope for the best but, Redskins....
  6. “He suffered a hyper-extended knee at LSU but never got surgery,” Rapoport wrote. also, it is not atypical to sustain another injury due to compensating for a previous injury. Source: injury history through the years, BMitch, Doc
  7. stoshuaj

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    BMitch roasting Gruden. said D-Jax called it at halftime. “I know these guys, they think it’s over and will be patting themselves on the back” after the game the sentiment was: “it’s ok, the game plan worked” wtf?
  8. stoshuaj

    Skin -(A)-: S.C.L Thread

    Lmao, have you been to FedEx during Dallas week lately? But to continue with the actual thread topic, I do look forward to your future prognostications. The annual iterations of this type thread are always good for a chuckle. But yes, I do wish you well in your endeavors.
  9. stoshuaj

    Skin -(A)-: S.C.L Thread

    Awww, salty after week 1? C’mon you gotta have at least enough marbles to cover your losses through week 4. At least you got bailed out on the garbage time cover. Curious leap from marbles to the fan card angle. Not sure what one has to do w the other but whatever gets you in your happy place. But yeah, I’ll be in the sea of silver and blue next week at FedEx to renew my 40+ year fan card. You?
  10. stoshuaj

    Skin -(A)-: S.C.L Thread

    Let’s not let this beaut die so easily. You’re about to lose all your marbles. Lol McD5 is back!
  11. stoshuaj

    Skin -(A)-: S.C.L Thread

    And yet, the under is still a lock....:(
  12. stoshuaj

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    back story: bought a condo via on-line foreclosure auction. Nominal amount of expected work completed. Tenant is in the process of moving in and taking possession of the property on 1 Sept. A contractor comes up and says, "um, Mr Stosh, I need to show you something." Short version: every time the toilet flushes, water comes through the basement wall. ........oh boy Had to in very short order completely replace the waste lines. Apparently in the '80s they used a type of pvc that became brittle, coupled with a settling of building = el problemo for ol' Stosh 30 years later. On a positive note, damn glad it was found before the new tenant's 4 person family took up residence and, while it was a helluva oh **** moment initially, nothing some get to it couldn't take care of. Also, really, REALLY glad that the place was vacant for ~1 year so that the um, "residuals", had a chance to dissipate.
  13. stoshuaj

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Let’s see if this works: Jack and Booger (my name for her, doubt it will stick) Their stories: We got Jack when he was ~4 mos old. He was being keep outside in the woods chained to a tree. His shelter was a 50 gal water barrel w some straw. He was so scared of people we had to carry him to the truck and on the ride home he vomited constantly. He’s 6 now and while he’s the perfect dog, he still shows some of the effects. Booger is the latest of our annual summer rescue kittens. Her mom was hit by a car. We already had a foster cat with a litter of kittens that was found in a box on the side of the road. None of those kittens survived but Booger and her siblings were placed with the mom. Booger and the mom are the only survivors. And yep, if you care to donate, Jack is gonna win this motha.
  14. stoshuaj


    Meh, decent preseason showing. Guice looked good, offense had signs of life w both qbs, defense looks like they have the ability to turn it up, even “won” on ST. The Reed hit was unfortunate. And, most importantly, game day thread looks to be in midseason form already.