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  1. Sorry in advance but I snatched him up in my dynasty. He’s dead man walking....
  2. Shocker alert: Liberty Univ. is lone holdout on rescinding Pres. Trump's honorary degrees https://wset.com/news/local/liberty-university-only-university-to-not-rescind-president-donald-trumps-honorary-degrees
  3. Meh, new information bah, just say no to silly tank talk. Lol but it’s all good tonight
  4. Huh, wonder where all those “but we gotta tank to get a qb” folks are now?
  5. I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears but this is going to be a stressful enough game so respectfully requesting that the negative Nancys, eeyores , ****ers, moaners and whiners go ahead and exit the building.
  6. “ He was a coward and an embarrassment.” That’s the quote from CapsMAN. You tell me where there gray area is. I have zero problems w fans being over the top when it comes to judging a player as a player on the field. I don’t know Alex Smith from Adam and I highly doubt CapsMAN does either so he makes that definitive statement, sorry, I’m going to strongly request that he support that statement.
  7. I’m not comparing your talent or ability to an NFL qb or a doctor in your comparison. Talents and ability have nothing to do with courage. You chose to take the narrative beyond Xs and Os. You took it upon yourself to set the bar. I’m simply asking how you, an apparent arbiter if cowardice, became such a subject matter expert from the cozy confines of your keyboard.
  8. At this point “ He was a coward and an embarrassment.” you’re not analyzing, you are questioning someone’s heart and courage. I’d simply like to know what qualifies you to do so beyond keyboard commando status. Don’t worry, I don’t really expect you to answer.
  9. For somebody sitting at a keyboard typing missives about cowardice, what people should and shouldn’t have done, and embarrassments, I’d be marginally interested in what trials and tribulations you have overcome in order to become such an expert.
  10. You’re already giving up on a game that they’re not even in yet? That’s a lot even for around this place, sheesh.
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