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  1. stoshuaj

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida. “A Crawfordville, Florida couple preparing for Armageddon faces multiple serious chargesafter two females escaped the couple's farm and told investigators they were prevented from leaving and were physically and sexually abused for years.” after working in law enforcement in S Fl for 15 years, A: this thread only skims the surface B. I love this thread
  2. stoshuaj

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Maybe, just maybe, try fighting in your true weight class?
  3. stoshuaj

    Fedex Field Open House

    I’d prefer they save on the fufu stuff and give us a $5 hot dog and a Super Bowl please. Goes back to, if they’d handle business on the field, they wouldn’t have to spend so much effort distracting us with minutiae
  4. stoshuaj

    Helping Haynesworth

    Wasn’t really in the market to donate a kidney before (although you can do whatever you want with them once I’m done) and this certainly won’t tip the scales toward doing so. If I were to do so, it would be done anonymously and to the next person on the waiting list, social, celebrity, fiscal status be damned. If a minimal positive were to come out of this, shedding more light on the need to donate would be ok by me and I would certainly give credit to Mr Haynesworth for his contribution.
  5. stoshuaj

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    Stupid pilots, didn’t they know all they had to do was flip the plane upside down so downward would be upward and shazam, it’s all more better now......
  6. stoshuaj

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    At this point it’s wimpy, foreign pilots fault. #lifeaccordingtotwa
  7. stoshuaj

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    I admittedly don’t know jack **** about this stuff to the point that you’re damn near speaking a foreign language but, I do have some play around money I’m looking and would like to learn/know more so please, carry on w the conversation or send me a PM. My interest is piqued.
  8. Call me a skeptic but, I’m going to guess that “worthless without pics” doesn’t apply here and if it’s even possible at this point, make things worse....
  9. stoshuaj

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    Feel free to revise your statement and tell us again about the tone of all those meetings: ”Specifically, the origins of the design highlight the consequences to Boeing of believing that it could keep upgrading a 50-year-old design indefinitely.”
  10. stoshuaj

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    Apparently, the pilots tried......and apparently the mtg went about as well as the supposed satire.......
  11. Here as well. On this graduation day I longed for the ability to caricature. Jr & Trump, arm in arm, Sr and Jesus crying from the sky, cross daggered into the gaudy LU bumper sticker on the mountain, LU diploma burning at the door of a flophouse Not a chance in hell the NewsAdvance would publish it though..... Sr may have been.....something, but I think at least he (and Jonathan for that matter) had/have some level of conviction. Jr?, yeah......zilch.
  12. Yes, it’s painful when he goes on the mound and he deserves better.
  13. In this specific instance, I don’t. Having a spouse that teaches in a high school, I can speak to that one directly. She and I have paid for a helluva lot more lunches than any local churches. Have they tried and been rebuffed?, that’s another question but my cynicism is going to go with “we need another building” and I’m betting if they really pushed the issue, they could. Maybe it goes to the broader topic of if churches fulfilled the social/societal function as espoused, IE: take care of poor, infirm, widows, etc, (I know that’s not a quote but you get the gist) then the gov’t wouldn’t be on the hook to bear that burden.
  14. Churches should step up in the interim. The whole “help the poor” mantra. long term, for all the things we give away as a country, no kid should go hungry.
  15. an actual throwback player who could have played in any era. One word: ballplayer Not sure how upset I’d really be if they let him go to a contending squad when the time comes. He deserves a helluva lot better than this.