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  1. why do ppl think that using “believe me”, “trust me”, “I guarantee”, “Ron will”, “”Ron is”, etc. in an attempt to impart some implied familiarity/validity to their respective opinion? here’s a hint, it doesn’t
  2. The Lions just beat the team that whipped the **** out of the Team last week. The Lions. Yeah, Houston, we have a problem.
  3. Please tell me we’re not at the point of being critical of a child for his behavior while under the care of his nanny just because a dad is a moron.
  4. more of a general statement. Ppl seem to boo hoo and whine in the Stadium about former, now non-WFT players for months after they are gone. Hell, I forgot about Trent. People are still ****ing about Trent. He didn’t want to be here. All that poon is gone, get over it. (Course, that is just my opinion. Want to whine like a jilted cuck?, knock yourself out). (Not yourself as in you specifically, again generally)
  5. Guice, AP, Kirk and now Reed threads bumped in the Stadium..... you all are like a bunch of ****es (non-gender specific of course) stalking a hosebag that dumped your ass
  6. This Curl guy. Neeeeever heard of him until he was chasing some dude around
  7. This is going back quite a bit but the dept I was with had insurance for such things.
  8. This one is going to challenge the Guice thread for longest running non-Team player thread to stay open in the Stadium. And, there is an actual RB thread already available. He’s a Lion. Good luck, good bye.
  9. That was a physical AND mental ass kicking. Props to the game day thread as well. Has a cpl randos go sideways when things got rough but nothing like years gone by. well done ESers
  10. Win, lose or draw, body bag these mother****ers.
  11. 17-13 not-Skins win also just put $100 each on, the under, the spread and the win for the good guys and $100 on the season win total over (it's posted at 5.5 right now)
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