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  1. Since we’ve pretty much beaten the hell out of the current options and with this in mind: “so we end up with a name like the Ravens (agree with whoever saidit--excellent marketing and strategy behind that” what would be some DC centric cultural/historical references akin to Poe/Ravens? It used to be referred (by somebody I guess, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it) to as Chocolate City but that damn sure isn’t going to work. There are certainly legends and historical stories aka Poe. The Exorcists The place was built in swampland that nobody really wanted. S
  2. Bloody hell....... Who knew the color red could unearth so many deep held angsts? For the record, I’m pro-wolf. Red, grey, gray, brown, paisley and polkadot. forgot werewolves, my bad. I know it shouldn’t surprise me but that some of you have planted lines in the sand over a name and/or an adjective is.....something. Admittedly though, I’m a pretty simple fella. Lacking in depth of though bc mostly ultimately I’m pro-DC sports, whatever the name or no name. hell, go Washington color pallet neutral runny turds. Super Bowl or bust
  3. No red please, the color is burgundy. No yellow either, the color is gold. Thanks in advance.
  4. authorities in Louisiana say they were called to the scene of a 12-year-old’s birthday party on Saturday where six people were shot following an argument...... .......The gunfire comes amid a particularly violent yearfor shootings across the country, with CNN tallying at least 45 mass shootings ― incidents where four or more people, excluding the gunman, are wounded or killed by gunfire ― since March 16. That’s when eight people were killed by a gunman at three Atlanta-area spas. more at link: https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/laplace-birthday-party-shooting-20205
  5. I was handed my card with the follow-up shot appointment when I rcvd the 1st shot. Have you spoken to anyone at the location of your first vaccine? Seems like they would/should(?) be the best source of information regarding your 2nd shot.
  6. Female crab. Here’s a picture of one during the egg bearing process. That’s right, look at her and hear the cries of her offspring as you rip them from her......womb(?) for your frigging soup. Ya bastahds
  7. To add to the Va/Md debate, until Va stops ripping sooks out of the mud in Dec. and harvesting sooks that are in the process of laying eggs in the summer just for some soup, you ****ers are cannibals.
  8. Why does SC hate Nebraska of all places? Admittedly could be my color blindness kicking in but purple, who else is purple? over/under on @mattsurelee having more than 50 fellow instagramers to have input on his poll?
  9. Black Walnut Point Tilghman, Md Family legend has it that this may be where my brother was conceived in the back seat of a ‘55 Chevy. It’s where my ashes will be scattered on an outgoing tide.
  10. sleazy (looking or otherwise) and rich has been the exact recipe for getting laid down through the centuries.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/former-olympic-wrestler-khetag-pliev-finger-cffc-mma-050226478.html Former Olympic wrestler has finger torn off during MMA fight.....more at link (you’re on your own if you decide to click on links in the article that have pictures associated with them)
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