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  1. mcsluggo

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    $1 million isn't close to rich anymore.... particularly if that includes house equity, cars...etc... if you are single, childless and 85 and have $1 million in cash you MIGHT call that rich... but it also STILL might not be enough to cover your healthcare/assisted living if your body chooses to drag out the dying process.
  2. mcsluggo

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    but... do you get your ripple in brown paper bags???
  3. mcsluggo

    The Impeachment Thread

    which one???? there are so many putrid choices.... the choice to formally adopt Rudy G's investigation, and place the seal of approval on it? the choice to climb on their knees and drop their pants for trump after he whined about the recommended sentence for one of his flying monkeys? there are just toooo many choices
  4. last night, after 8 pm, i got a mysterious knock at the door. it was the shady girl scouts collecting on that promissory cookie note that i had foolishly signed up for weeks ago when the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and the future looked bright. but these midnight goons show up at the door, demanding payment, and not accepting cash or credit. (AND not having any change, to boot) I actually (seriously) had to BREAK IN to one of my daughter's piggy-bank, to find $15 in cash (the highway robbery of charging $5/box for 7 nickel sized cookies is fodder for a DIFFERENT thread) . artist rendition of what girl scouts collecting cookie contraband payouts late on a sunday night might look like....
  5. a wood-burning stove? something that generally costs from $1,000 to $5,000 or so? just one question...... pennies? or nickels?
  6. I went to the Tysons Regional Library about 6 months ago to use their "Consumer Checkbook" database <<** footnote below**>>. The guy on the computer next to me was not only watching porn, but was on headphones and LOUDLY grunting "**** yeah.... **** YEAH!!!" I politely asked him to grunt a little more quietly.... and he gave me the ****-eye, and then eventually started leering at me and grunting something about stuff he was sure i wanted to do with him... it was insane. ** Consumer Checkbook is the local consumer reports -ish magazine that rates things like local electricians and contractors (they rate them on price, and then users rate them on reliability) its good to have ... but it is a pain in the ass that they don't let you use that one online, and you HAVE to go to one of the branches. this is also the clear evidence of what happens when I venture out of the McLean cocoon. build that wall...BUILD THAT WALL (around McLean)
  7. mcsluggo

    The airline experience has become miserable

    they probably named it 18 months ago, when they bought their phones...and then just forgot about it.
  8. you have just perfectly encapsulated the complete and utter hole of turds that the GOP has become. the system had always been different individuals/groups/partys/whatever having their priorities, and then there being horsetrading to end up with a final compromise budget. (compromise...right?) but instead the way YOU HAVE DESCRIBED IT is a STARTING point of the useless party for booger-eating morons (that translates to GOP in when you say it in Greek) is "we will not allow ANY start of discussion on ANY budget until there are major concessions. but conveniently for them.... their base is nicely divided pretty much completely into 3 groups. (make that 4) 1) The booger eating morons that actually buy their vacant booger-eating moronic "economic" message 2) the people that don;t care WHAT they say/do overall , as long as there are tax breaks, because they are very rich and happy with a budget that screws the country as long as it lines THEIR pockets 3) the people that don't care WHAT they say/do overall, as long as they give lip service to hating abortions. (i guess one more group.... 4) the people that don't care WHAT they say/do overall, as long as they piss off snowflakes) i will let you choose for yourself what bucket is appropriate for you
  9. what an utterly ignorant and turdish position. WHY SHOULD THE DEMOCRATS HAVE TO BRIBE THE REPUBLICANS TO DO THEIR JOB AND PASS A BUDGET????????
  10. whadayamean? You've been a sellout for years...
  11. mcsluggo

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida. what could be more Florida than driving 95 mph with an outstanding warrant and bag full of drugs clearly labeled: "Bag Full of Drugs"?
  12. mcsluggo

    Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With Advanced Lung Cancer

    he is a dickhead... vut there isn;t hard evidence that he actually said THAT
  13. mcsluggo

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    does this count....?