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  1. text sent. I assume his bronzing the printout as we speak
  2. trump has lost so much more money than he has earned...ALWAYS.... and it is ALWAYS his lenders/partners that are left ruined and holding the bag. why do we think this one will be any different?
  3. this book was the holy grail of my junior high school years.....
  4. Fox's coverage of this existential crises: "The Mainstream Media is called out for coverage of Pro-Trump protesters...."
  5. and by this i mean the (republican) Cabinet RATHER than impeachment in the House and Senate
  6. it would be SOOOOO much better for the country if the cabinet got off of their own balls, and replaced Trump themselves. the country's healing could really begin at that point (and most of all, the healing of the GOP could begin in honest)
  7. where the **** is that ****bag, Donald Trump right now? we KNOW he is there...he just issued the speech on the elipse to launch these assholes AT the capitol. he has nothing to say?
  8. His is a legitimate point. we have seen the systematic weakening of the social and moral constraints against this sort of action. we have seen the systematic weakening of the public belief that the courts should have any say in this (if they happen to disagree with a specific viewpoint). We have seen the argument that the only REAL defense against this **** is the underlying belief in democracy, and the underlying belief that such egregious actions would be punished in the only way that the legislature CAN be punished... in the "court of elections" (this is what the trump
  9. ok... our league has our championships THIS week. i have already set the 22 year scoring record for our league (as long as our league was on CBS Sports... but it was around for 15 or 20 years even before that...from back in the pre-internet days when the league commish had to find a USTODAY newspaper (the only one that published full stats for ALL games) and tally weekly scores by hand.... but i digress... i have set the league season long scoring record on the back of the powerhouse lineup of my running backs: Alvin Kamara !! yay Christian
  10. the worst.... is 35 degrees and raining. blech
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