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  1. Bolton has always WANTED a war with Iran. Trump probably did not. But Trump (stupidly) believed Bolton that the US could provoke Iran scott free, because Iran would buckle under pressure like a dime-store mobster (Bolton never believed this...but it was important to Bolton that TRUMP believed this... but in any case, for bolton it was a zero risk game: If Iran caves, then Bolton is seen as the master poker player/negotiator; if Iran fights back, he gets the conflict he wants anyway. Bolton is getting exactly what he wanted all along. he is the very DEFINITION of a war-monger.
  2. why wasn't he already fired for shooting his weapon at a ****ing shoplifter???!!
  3. you are right statement was too forceful... Instead, let me say i think lots of people (here and elsewhere) err on the side of giving too much credence to statements/stories/theories that cast the criminal justice system in a negative light, in much the same way that the "thin-blue-line" crowd resists holding the criminal justice system to task for ANYTHING. healthy scepticism serves us all well. It just has to be more broadly applied.
  4. i haven't seen the show... but 'm going to make a general statement.... i don;t like wild bandwagoning... the rah-rah rush to prosecute and convict is terrible.. and gets us into a lot of trouble as people trample rights in the rush to "justice". However, the rah-rah rush to absolutely buy 100% into every conspiracy theory involving the police/justice system gives me some shivers as well.
  5. i liked dark... but thought it tried too hard sometimes.
  6. mcsluggo

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    our on the ground news team was able to locate a rare picture of the Manatees just hours before the incident..... The use of Rohypnol was neither confirmed nor denied
  7. i got fios before EVERYONE... before i had even heard of it. Out of the blue, they came in and wired my house as a beta... so who knows?
  8. that is what i assumed.... but you know the good 'ole "do not assume" old man joke...
  9. ... what is a cable disconnect?
  10. it is not wireless.... it is direct wired to the router (and so is the TV) and, I am in central McLean
  11. sorry..i started this thread, and then went out of town! i have fios... and it drops continuously. If i am watching something on netflix/prime/youtube.... perhaps 30% of the time (meaning every three evenings i watch a show), it will have to re-buffer several times during the show. It also just completely dies a couple of times a week... and some days it just dies repeatedly.... the internet portion of my bill is over $100 and this is the speed test i just ran (i have run it other times and shown 5 mbps also)
  12. doors that require a key to get in .. .is the function of doors. yes, a good thing. how much bullet proof glass are we talking about? where ? for who? bullet proof glass at the IRS headquarters, or Comet Ping Pong, or the NRA headquarters .... (places that can consider themselves actual targets of animosity) ... it makes some sense. but should all churches be locked up and have bulletproof glass? the offices for every business ? or every podunk municipal offices? How much safer does it make us? at what cost? (both the $$$ to retrofit EVERY building, AND the acceleration of the attitude that we are all one trigger finger away from an attack at any second... ) THere are ALWAYS an INFINITE set of possible risks out there. And there are ALWAYS INFINITE possible risk abatement measures that could be taken at any given time to control against some possible risk. But we have to ask whether each and every one is worth it, everyplace, or not? We could set codes that require ALL buildings to be able to weather a Cat5 hurricane or tornado. And it would be shown to absolutely save lives ... when a Cat5 hurricane comes around. but should we do that? (the answer is no, we shouldn't) for bulletproof glass... same question.
  13. on the other hand, i am fairly certain that spouses are far and away the most common victims of individual (non mass) shooters. (im not sure, though ????)
  14. what is the benefit cost analysis of this? putting up bulletproof glass EVERYWHERE versus the actual impact this would have on this type of incident? it seems like more of a veneer to me... the sort of thing that you can do to look like you are doing SOMETHING, without having much of an actual impact? In my home, i have glass french doors leading to my back porch, and large picture windows for every other window back there (none of them are bulletproof). If i am designing for the zombie apocalypse, or trying to keep out active shooters, then it isn't the optimum design.... but should that be the primary design objective ? If i lived in Lagos or San Salvador, or Westeros .... i would HAVE to incorporate more defense into my architecture. But that is because of societal failings in those places. It is not what the homes in Copenhagen look like, and that is what i would rather aspire towards.
  15. How much do you pay for internet? Where do you live? what is your download speed ? how often does it seize up go catatonic on you? mine is expensive as crap, and sucks donkey testicles.