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  1. i stole this from fb... and chances are that somebody has already posted it here..... but i thought it summed up the obvious very obviously (well)
  2. Really? i honestly had seen hundreds, and maybe even over a thousand biden or anti-trump signs before i saw even one single trump sign. now in the last 2 weeks there have been 3 (but the third was over 5 miles from my house... actually in Great Falls, not even in the same town)
  3. i understand (and share) the angst.... but frankly that guy sounds like a booger-eating-moron that could be sold ANY idiotic crap. you are right to never trust his opinion on anything ever again (edit: the part i highlighted above doesn't show up unless you expand the quote...)
  4. there is still 99.9% biden versus trump signage that i have seen in mclean..... i have only seen 3 trump signs in the whole area......... ...... but..... 2 of the 3 i have seen are on the same block, only one block from my house one was this annoying asshole that i already was already finding many reasons to dislke, but the other is a friendly outgoing young family (that moved into a tear-down mcMansion in the last two years) i am not particularly proud of the fact that i simply can NOT view those people the same. ever. it is an un-erasab
  5. i stayed in school forever... and did't save ANYTHING until i was almost 40.... and then i started saving about half of what i made. (if you include saving for my kids college accounts) on the other hand most (early) baby boomers were settled into careers, buying houses and popping out kids by their early to mid 20s. the trajectories are going to look different, for this generation... but it probably won;t be monotonic. (..... but yeah.. millennials (and I) are losing out on a lot of the magic of compounding!)
  6. NOTHING is waking up my brain any more.... do you have any 2020 strength coffee?
  7. me too... but that certainly adds up the costs. perhaps have the social workers ride as partners in some percentage of (rotating) patrol cars?
  8. this is one of the best venn diagrams ever (but do you really think "the media" is forwarding that top view?)
  9. i don;t see the police as the good guys or the victims in this situation... but saying you don't need the police is absolutely ignorant
  10. i LOVE the idea of this... but i also recognize that there is a LOT of missing information between a scene and what is reported to a dispatcher --- and like police, it is not as if dispatchers are hired from the most elite hiring pools (some are going to be great, some...less so) i admit to being a bit concerned what happens when an unarmed woman in a Phish shirt is sent alone into a scary/untenable situation (which is not to say i don;t want to try this.... just to highlight there really ARE no easy answers here)
  11. agreed. but it highlights a basic fundamental problem: that some employees are better employees than others. Full stop. in every single profession. but armed police (with the huge amount of power that is entrusted with them) that are bad employees have the potential to cause a helluva lot more problems than a piss-poor Blockbusters employee.
  12. florida hispanic voters are largely cuban... people that were welcomed here to a much larger extent than people from the rest of latin america, and people that specifically fled from castro-economic policies.... they are hard to compare/lump with hispanic voters from other countries
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