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  1. I thouhgt season 3 was hard to make it through... how was this season? i got apple tv free 2 years ago (for my work iphone) and didnt watch anyhting ... then got it again last year for my daughter's macbook... and watched "Mythic Quest"... i have't finished it yet, but i like it a lot so far
  2. ... big callout to "the rest of the state" (battle mountain, anyone?) https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/magazine/2001/12/02/why-not-the-worst/ce6f476e-3125-4e2a-b675-4d8f3415e807/
  3. you all have clearly never met the central valley.... i lived in no ca in the 90s/early 00s and drove down to so ca 5 or so times..... Rush Limbaugh was the dirt munching hippie pinko leftist end of the radio spectrum for for about 5straight hours of driving...
  4. Biden is doing more or less what i personally want him to do, and this is the reason i voted fr him (in the primary... in the general election i would have literally voted for a colostomy bag over Tr**p). I want the democrats to continue to be the adults in the room. I want them to govern honestly and straight forward and give republicans every opportunity to join in the governing process. The fact that the GOP can do NOTHING right now without ****ting all over themselves is self apparent, keep on giving them the opportunity to demonstrate that fact until they either learn how to
  5. in my old position i used to hire interns ALL of whom wanted to eventually work for the State Dept. or Treasury. I have probably done thirty of those interviews (but my have almost all been with a single guy in a wrinkled cheap light colored suit and a ripped up looking spiral notebook.... they almost all reminded me of Columbo) (its almost all contracted out now)
  6. iran is even more ****ed than florida (i know... i know~!!!) ..... and getting worse. they are about to kick out their "moderate" government for a full scale loony theocracy (given the fact that they are ALREADY a full scale loony theocracy.... i can't even begin to guess what that means in this case...) and already their income per capita has dropped to about 1/3 of what it was in 2012 (this already moved them from being classified as a High Income (rich country, same classification as Latvia) to a Lower Middle Income country (poor country---the same classification as Haiti)
  7. that always sounds good.... but NOTHING gets young people to come out of the woodwork to vote. its nothing specific to <insert whatever generation>, in spite of what <insert previous two generations> say... it appears to just be part of growing up. Young whippersnappers don't vote, and old farts forget everything about their younger selves, and **** moan and complain a lot.
  8. <although... burning it all up and then walking away applies to EVERYTHING this turd has ever done.... none of it is cool.>
  9. Trump was no hard right candidate. He is flaming turd, and deplorable in too many ways to count.... but i don;t even know what "hard right" means anymore.
  10. true story... i just dove alllllllll day to Kentucky, and am spending the night at Werner Klemperer's Nephew's house tonight . (my sister in law married him)
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