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  1. its funny... because Trump is the single worst example of ALL of those that has been seen in a politician in a generation. ... but i realize that it just doesn't matter....
  2. i just noticed from that poll... 92% of people that voted for trump say they either somewhat approve or strongly approve of the job he is doing.... the idea that there are all these dis-satisfied Trump voters that have turned on him.... appears to be crap this means that the massive majority of people that dislike the job he is doing either voted against him already or didn't vote at all last time. History doesn't give a high probability of a whole bunch of people that don't normally vote suddenly deciding to show up at the polls.... ... The key to getting rid of Trump in the next election is to getting those deadbeats to the damned polls. (and republicans obviously understand that THEIR key to victory is voter suppression... and they are clearly (and disgustingly) acting on that imperative.) Edit.... THIS poll ^^^
  3. mcsluggo

    71 posts in 19 years. I guess I need to post more often!

    ahhhh the common "retire from the south to Detroit" path. wha??
  4. it actually boggles my mind more that people think that this sort of thing is only associated with religion (not really only, but only notice, and comment on it when it is a religious group). When there is a report of major abuse at a non-religious school, it basically gets ignored...why is that?? this was reported 2 weeks ago... but there was no mention of it here.. . i am basically agnostic, and am perfectly willing to castigate the church for its scandals (and PARTICULARLY the coverups of its scandals).... but i don;t see ANY attempt by people that rip into these scandals to even TRY to figure out if abuse at Catholic schools (or any other religious schools) is actually systematically higher than at other schools, or not (is there a higher rate of abuse per pupil?) What i DO see is people really jumping on any report of abuse by a group they don;t like, and being perfectly happy to extrapolate in those anecdotal cases against all the schools in whatever group they don;t like. its sloppy.
  5. its not limited to catholics, or christians or religious at all.... Sadly, the abuse happens everywhere. It is the nature of children being vulnerable and NEEDING adults to protect them, and the very adults that need to be protected against have ever incentive to position themselves in places where they are able to abuse the vulnerable. but there IS one difference with the Catholics: they have the strict institutional hierarchy that COULD'VE, and SHOULD have been able to better control this mess. Instead, the bureaucracy was used to to try to bury it. THAT is the Catholic shame. It also means that there are records, after the fact, and ways to (slowly) root out exactly what happened, and report on it (eventually). With the stand-alone (non-hierarchical schools), i imagine that there was/is even MORE abuse that takes place, because there are no internal controls at all. And we will never know the true scope of the problem, except to know that how ever bad it appears.... it is almost certainly actually worse (more prevalent) than we think.
  6. mcsluggo

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    i write this just in time for the Kings to be outscored by almost 30 points.... in one quarter. also some trades in there. Trading their one solid veteran presence, who is also their one solid defensive presence (shumpert) for alex burks doesn;t make ANY sense to me... but i guess when you throw in the second trade as well ... ? essentially they traded Shumpert, J Jackson (young guy with POSSIBLY some upside?) and a fosilized Zach Randolp for Harrison Barnes and a backp SG. the Kings aren't able to attract free agents. ever. so cap space doesn't do them all that much good. getting Barnes might be a good thing for them? but they didn't lose much getting him. I guess they are better right now (and MIGHT make the playoffs) but Barnes could walk at the end of the season, also. (and if they don't like him...he might STAY for $25 mil next season)
  7. mcsluggo

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    You can level many of the same accusations at associates that make partner in big firms, or most business tycoons... hell, you can certainly say the same thing about people that make full prof in some academic departments. its cut-throat at the top, and the people that thrive on that aren't necessarily the people you want across from you at dinner.
  8. mcsluggo

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    but....what everyone cares about.... the Kings! they are fun again and might actually sneak into the playoffs... and then lose to the Warriors in a way that isn;t quite as lop-sided as people expect .... its 1998 all over again... viva la Kings!
  9. mcsluggo

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Virgina (statewide) has been blue because Republicans have chosen gawdawful pretend-VIrginia-is-Alabama candidates, while the Democrats have chosen moderate pragmatic candidates.
  10. mcsluggo

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    since Jumbo hasn;t done it yet.....
  11. mcsluggo

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    On the one hand, 1984 sounds kinda recent --- it was only 35 years ago!! .... on the other hand it was ALSO only 16 years after Loving vs Virginia. which frankly... HOLY CRAP! ... When this ****ty picture showed up in that crappy yearbook at a Virginia University, there was not a SINGLE child from a legal bi-racial wedding in Virginia that had graduated from High School yet. I cannot even wrap my head around that. The year i was born bi-racial marriage was illegal in Virginia. so... things were a bit different then. those crappy black-face costumes actually seemed pretty damned common, in my failing addled memory from the late 70s early 80s. you still saw Al Jolson and other stuff like that on TV. i can remember one halloween when i was around 12 or so (right about 1980) seeing 2 kids in black-face, and another dressed as a "boom-box" ... i remember it so clearly because my ass got chapped over it, and it still stings. When i saw it, I said something to the effect of "omg...that is terrible!" but i said it with a smile... and one of my sister's friends who was there ripped into me HARD about my smile, and really forcefully saying how terrible it was (she was like 4 years older than me). Honestly, up until that point i saw it as tasteless, tactless, and icky.... ...but, you could use the same adjectives to describe MY costume of a murdered cheerleader. Clearly "tacky" works for murdered cheerleader (hell, tacky is what i was going for), but in retrospect "tacky" isn't strong enough to describe blackface. But our society, which accepted Al Jolson and Mickey Rooney's awful performance in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and all sorts of **** on sunday morning cartoons... as a society we were still feeling our way towards the current (general) understanding of how bad it is to use blackface. People that use it TODAY are not just trying to be tacky, they are trying to be dicks. And succeeding. But comedians back in the day (including amateur costume wearers) were TRYING to be tacky, that is what they do.. .but i don't think they were all trying to be evil. So in that context .... Northam could've POSSIBLY played the "we didn't have any idea how bad that was, back in those days.." card. And it might've worked to some extent, with enough "mea culpa" mixed in............ but jeez has he ever bungled everything since this came out. He has come across as a liar, and an insincere one, at that. I am not sure how you recover from the picture AND the badly mangled response to the picture, both. ***EDIT*** wow... a LOT of similar posts between when i started, this, and left for coffe, and then came back... so let me change my post to ... yeah, some of what ^^THEY ^^ said
  12. i always try to remember that i don;t have all the specific facts, and they are probably important.... ...but... jeez. (and this IS Kansas.. a fact that we DO know, and that does not inspire confidence. )
  13. a graphic representation of berries getting sucked up into armpits upon contact with polar vortex air. Twig... nowhere to be seen. be careful out there.