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  1. i completely disagree here. it is a huge tragedy, but not at all what you describe. (discloure i only watched the 10 second clip of the body cam footage from the policeman) the kid DID have a gun, and he had it in his hand as he started to turn around, in a dark alley, after a chase. yes, he dropped the gun and was trying to surrender... but it is SO EASY to see how the policeman in that spur of the moment was unsure of that fact. we can't confuse heart wrenching tragedy and senseless loss of life with having to instantly equate that with finding someb
  2. it is funny/telling/perfect that the least popular state for Floridians..... is Florida
  3. have you ever been outside the urban/suburban areas of california.......?
  4. he is not projecting... Josh Hawley is simply following the traditional Republican platform of heavily regulating corporation power and behavior. It is what Republicans have been saying all along.... nothing to see here, snowflake.
  5. that was quick thinking from Napoleon Dynamite with the massive seventies belt-buckle emergency reflector to the random car passing by
  6. do you think this guy wears a cape and fights crime?
  7. i actually honestly had no clue who Harlon Hill was when i read this post. But when i googled him i found out it wasn't Cotton Hill... it was Gideon from Gravity Falls...
  8. i just looked at zilow at the "estimated rent for my house, and the estimated value. if you put 100k down for my house, and then got a 30 year fixed at 4%... your monthly mortgage payment alone would be $500 MORE than the expected rent. (that is without even paying taxes, much less ANY other expenses) how the hell does that work?
  9. in a different thread somebody stated that because the COVID vaccinations were approved through a rapid process (or somesuch), you couldn't require them. I have no idea if this is true or not?
  10. democrats don't do terribly in midterms... the party in power does (which amounts to the same this time). I will be PISSED if Ron ****ing Johnson squeeks out another victory just because mid-term voters are pissed and/or complacent.... get rid of that ****tard asshole
  11. there is abortion, too. I honestly think over 30% of the support base is based on that issue, and on that issue alone, and NO other issue matters at all to that core group.
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