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  1. he lost the popular vote, and wone the electoral college vote by something like 100,000 votes (with over 100,000,000 cast) It was a razor thin victory
  2. mcsluggo

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    its the same old playbook.... somehow in 1920s Mississippi (for an example), illiterate white country folk always managed to do fine with the "literacy tests", but college educated blacks and immigrants just couldn't quite make the cut... its an old tired story..... that WAS a badge of shame from the past that we as a society tssked about and asked how that could've ever possibly happened.... and then..suddenly ...old is new
  3. mcsluggo

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    does NOBODY remember their 9th grade civics class?? Poll taxes and racially-biased-literacy-tests ... these are LITERALLY chapter 1 and 2 of the Jim Crow voter suppression laws don't ****foot around .... if an asshole tries to restore jim-crow laws, call these racist asshole ****sticks what they are.... RACIST ASSHOLE ****STICKS
  4. mcsluggo


    I used to love playing around with film cameras (particularly in grad school when i lived right next to campus, and could use the darkroom for free). I've got a bunch of film cameras, most of which were chosen because they were pretty, and most of which were purely mechanical (i had to carry a light meter with me). Ive got all sorts of old exactas and knock-offs of Rollei TLRs, and a few more "modern" (from the 60s, or 70s ) cannon rangefinders and a couple of Pentax .... all fun to play with. But now a roll of film, fully developed and with prints costs about $50, cradle to grave. for a while i used a fuji fine pix point and shoot ... until it broke. i use cellphone cameras and a gopro...... all in all moving in the WRONG direction for the fun of composing and setting up your own pictures on your own terms (getting to choose your own depth of field, and speed and whatnot...) i'm really not all that serious about photography, and realize it would just be a waste of money to buy any real good quality stuff...... but i WOULD like an older body that was considered fairly decent in its day, and one decent lens. question to all you grizzled old DSLR veterans.... what older body would be cheap but "good enough" to fart around with??? (emphasis on cheap... because i really am a cheap bastage)
  5. so ... i have been offline for the most part the last few weeks. did this corona virus end up being the big liberal media hoax i kept hearing about?
  6. mcsluggo

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    .... if anyone wants the throne?
  7. i have had apple tv for the last 3 months ---- free with my phone, but i haven't tried it yet. Is there anything good i should watch?
  8. you (and this post could be aimed at about 50 people in this thread) view christians different than EVERY SINGLE other group, and are completely blind to the fact that you do so. there are pro-poor people that still drink $50 bottles of wine... but NOBODY thinks that this means that it is disgusting for people to be pro poor. there are "fiscal conservatives" that vote republican (the OPPOSITE of fiscal conservatism)--- but this doesn't automatically mean that a stricter budget is bad the fact that there are cheating spouses doesn't mean that nobody should ever get married.... there are environmentalists that refuse to carpool... there are a BAZILLION examples. you can make the example for every single ideal that anybody anywhere has ever espoused.... Christianity (in its teachings) puts forth an impossibly high standard (the only person that has ever truly been Christlike... is Christ himself), and then Christianity explicitly TELLS us that it is an impossible ideal, and that NOBODY will EVERY live up to it.... but it is still an ideal that they say is good to strive for. but you also have 65%-plus of the country ostensibly as christians ... this in and of itself has a BUNCH of implications: ----- many really really are "christian" just as a happenstanse of birth...they have always been told that is their they "root for that team", without any thought whatsoever about what it means. take 65% of 350 million people divided by ANY characteristic/affiliation you choose, and you are going to find a pretty big group of flaming piece -of-**** dickheads. (including fiscal conservatives, environmentalists, married people...etc...) it just IS. ---- take a group, and carve out a 65% majority team, again, by ANY basis, and see what sort of flies that sort of grouping of power attracts? there are alot of chritians, there will be a lot of people that exploit that dominant position no matter WHAT Christians believe or don't believe. there are a ****load of assholes out there (like Jim Bakker) that are zooming in to take advantage of the masses of resources that have sprouted up because of fighting the corona virus.... does that mean that fighting corona is therefore evil? no...that would be an idiotic position to take. personally... i can't convince myself to buy what Christianity is selling, just because i know human nature.... the whole story of a god that loves us and will reunite us forever in happiness with our loved ones after we die is just TOO GOOD... and i know that if it didn't actually exist, somebody would've made it up by now to take advantage of how much people WANT it to exist. But i like the story, and I wold like for it to exist, and i envy those that can TRULY believe it.... and it REALLY doesn't make someone an asshole for believing it. Christians are no more or less hypocritical than the rest of us.... they basically are just the same amount hypocritcal as every one else but you (and many others) are MUCH MORE willing to smear the entire idea of Christianity than you are willing to smear any other group, because for some reason you hold it up to a higher standard than you are willing to hold yourself up to (or hold anybody else up to) .... and it leads you to call christians hypocritical ..... .....................can you not see the hypocrisy in that? Really???!! do you know what you are if you look at something a black person does and say "black people suck" ?? are a racisit. do you know what you are if you look at something a woman does and say "women are skanks"? .... you are a misogynistic asshole. do you know what you are if you look at something an immigrant does and say "immigrants are rapists and criiminals" ?? ...... you are a nativist p o s. and perhaps the WORST part of it is that this intellectual y feeble, hypocritical type reasoning that seems to be gettign more and more and MORE prevalent.... is just enough of a kernal of truth to feed the oooohhhhh soooo annoying christian persecution complex. the war against christmas? it exists as a thing because the Jim Bakkers of the world can point at people like YOU. The bigots on each side feed each other, and can't live without each other. There could be no Netanyahu, if he didn't have and Assad to point to.... and vice versa. it is a self perpetuating poison.
  9. like all of us.. hopefully there will be a massive shift towards teleworking
  10. i have seen PLENTY of facebook posts blaming CNN and the NYtimes for this. Donald ****ing Trump HIMSELF called coverage of this the "Corona Hoax". The Steaming-Turd in Chief.
  11. if you are going to use that example... its a HELLUVA lot worse than that 2 to the hundredth power is .... 1,267,650,600,228,230,000,000,000,000,000 that would fill quite a bunch of lakes. the surface area of the earth is 5,100,720,000,000,000,000 sq cm .... so if the lily pads are 1 cm each ... then at the end of the 100 days your lilly pads would completely cover 248,523,855,500 (over 248 billion) planet earths (this is my quick back of the envelope... so might be absolutely and completely full of ****?)
  12. i can get CERTAINLY get across town faster on a bike than in a car.... easily. with or without traffic (i work east of the white house, and live NW of the whitehouse.... and i can through that mess MUCH faster on a bike) once outside of the city, cars can go faster.... if there is not much traffic. but, all said..... it takes about 45 minutes to drive to the metro, park, ride a car, and then walk one block from the metro stop to my office (IF THERE ARE NO DELAYS). I can bike from McLean to downtown faster than that.
  13. complete and utter bull****. most people that voted for hillary clinton were looking for a moderate. the dip****s that stayed away from the polls in disgust, or voted 3rd party in protest were the ones that were (and are) fed up with moderate democarats. It wasn't people flipping over to Trump that handed him the election.... it was people staying home. and these people made absolutely moronic arguments that there was no difference between clinton and trump. it is what a disinformation campaign MOST tries to achieve. Turmoil, disgust in the system, and an attempt to suppress voter turnout. and it works
  14. it is economic populism at is most basic and purist form. "conservatives" (if those actually exist anymore) like to clutch their pearls and say that if we elect a democrat we will end up like Argentina and/or Venezuela... but REALITY is that the democrats have been the "grown-ups" and have been every fiscally conservative president we have had since Eisenhower (except Bush senior...and he got eviscerated by "conservatives" for the very sin of acting like a fiscal conservative) the two LEAST economically conservative presidents we have had over last century were Reagan and Trump. Then comes W, and Nixon (with his widespread Kirchener-esque price controls). then comes Johnson (trying to pay for both the great society and the vietnam war at the same time). Carter was TRULY an economic conservative. went completely against the grain and tried to rein in spending when there was a supply shock (OPEC oil crisis) and simultaneusly hired a vicious inflation hawk as the chair of the fed. THese conservative choices cost himself the election ...and also were THE reasons that there was huge growth in the 1980s (in spite of Reagan being an absolute economic ****-show of a president)... oh yeah.. and he was ALSO the only truly religious president we have had in the last century.... it is clear why conservatives hate him above all others. Bush SR, Obama, And Clinton all had pragmatically (economically) conservative administrations, that at the very least reduced deficits during periods of growth. Bush Sr was the ONLY republican president to come even close to TRYING to do that in the last 70 years. seems odd to people that have zero understanding of economics. that is precisely how we got into this **** show.