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  1. mcsluggo

    The Impeachment Thread

    a call that the white house has been specifically doctored and cleaned into "partial transcript" ...and refuses to release the actual full transcript (that is known to exist)
  2. mcsluggo

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    i hope that there is either a helluva lot more to that story...or those dudes are getting torched as we speak.
  3. more lanes doesn't reduce congestion ...if it is in an outward artery that spurs more development and sprawl. more bridge capacity HERE isn't ANYTHING like that. It is increasing bridge capacity at one of the most obvious choke-points in the whole country..... which obviously WOULD reduce congestion, but it might not be enough to keep up with a population that has expanded from 2 million when the beltway was built in the early 60s, to 7 million today... with population growth accelerating rather than showing any sign of slowing down. the area desperately needs both this bridge capacity increase AND another bridge further out the Potomac. (connecting the dulles tech corridor population boom with the 270 tech corridor population boom without people having to get channeled IN to the beltway, and then back out again). A metro line that rings the city would be freaking awesome, as well.... but is lower on the pyramid of absolute NEEDS.
  4. I'd be happy with President Klobuchar, but i doubt that 20% know who she is... even after all the debates. Candidate Klobuchar doesn't really capture the electorate's imagination
  5. to expand they are going to have to move mountains on on or the other side of the beltway on the Virginia side ... they can sequence the construction easily: 1) blow up and haul away mountain 2) build lanes and bridge in new smoking hole where mountain used to be. 3) move southbound traffic to new bridge 4) blow up old southbound bridge and build new southbound bridge 5) move traffic to new bridge 6) blow up old northbound bridge and build new one. 7) use all the new bridges and dance with unicorns and fairy princesses (and charge a ****-ton for the new toll lanes) i don't think the construction will make it much MORE of a ****hole ... but it is already bad enough
  6. mcsluggo

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    Bezos is a dickwad, just like Snyder... but he is NOT and INCOMPETENT dickwad. that is a huge improvement.
  7. mcsluggo

    The biking thread.... I am really jazzed that there will be bike lanes on the new Cabin John Bridge! (assuming they also build some bike routes to GET to those lanes),
  8. FINALLY!! next...they need another bridge further out.. and exo-beltway (somewhere between Great Falls and Leesburg)
  9. i won't disagree with your specific points.... ...but its a one sentence meme that gets the broad point across well and quick. I'll say this is something that republicans generally do well (simple, clear, straight-forward messaging) .. while democrats are often anal about being completely accurate. it has morphed into republicans basically learning that they can (and DO) just say ANYTHING, as long as it is simple and straight forward without any regard for whetehr it is true or not (Such as: "Republicans are fiscal conservatives!")..... but the basic idea that "simple and clear" beats "convoluted and technically more correct" almost every time should still be a valuable lesson. "Boo to Death Taxes" has proven to be much more effective than the 2 paragraph absolute correct response pointing out why that <<<<< is a steaming load of bull****.
  10. i posted this in another thread.... but it works much better here:
  11. daughters.... 14 16 18. none of the complain in the LEAST about "the spying app" ... except when their batteries run down and they are looking for scapegoats.
  12. mcsluggo

    The biking thread.... well.. THAT just grossed the **** out of me..... and I bike home either along the Potomac, or along Four-Mile Run... and WHENEVER i bike near dusk i bike through an orgy of about 700-gazillion horny swarming tiny little flies. when i get home my face and helmet basically look like : if i pull worms out of my eyes... it is likely going to be with a rusty fork, and it ain;t going to be pretty.....
  13. mcsluggo

    Fantasy Football 2019

    my RBs rock.... its a dynasty league, and i have kamara, Mcaffrey, ingram and James White. my receivers SHOULD rock, too (hopkins, juju, odell, emmanuel Sanders)..... but all of their panties are bothering them this year. I just went to CBS-Sports, and Russell Wilson has the "cold player" symbol next to his name .... the week he tossed FIVE TOUCHDOWNS..... yeah...he has been sucking-ass, i'm glad the redskins aren't saddled with trash like that.... (edit:: but there IS that ONE interception he has thrown in the last 9 games...against 22 touchdowns. he is pretty careless with the ball)
  14. everyone in my family has that app.... In theory we can all see where everyone else is.... in reality it only works some of the time. My kids are such nerd that it isn't really any invasion at all...