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  1. I know lots of people don;t like Paul Krugman.... but the fact of the matter is that he is almost never wrong.
  2. Alex Jones was never a true-conservative anyway.... and no true conservatives ever REALLY followed him... obviously.
  3. posting on a social message board that he is completely off social media....
  4. mcsluggo

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I wouldn;t worry so much about whether or not he finishes the series. the first three GOT books are great... and then.. not as much. i would bet 10 to 1 that he hasn;t finished the last books, because he doesn't know how to. chances are really good that if he ever DOES finish them... it will be a giant disappointment. read the first 3, and enjoy them as a trilogy.
  5. maybe you can return it for a different model??
  6. this picture was from April 2017 ... anyone care to guess what that stat is now? Its a favorite expression of mad-dog conservative screamers to yell "Cuck!" at everyone that they don't agree with..... sad truth is that the Republicans of today are the true cucks of our society..... plenty willing to just bend over, spread their cheeks, and ask for another serving from their bull overlords.
  7. Republicans USED to present a real economic and social policy alternative to Democrats. Traditionally there was, at the core, a rational choice to be made between marginally more services provided by government, with the cost of a commensurate increase in the level of taxes required to pay for those services. You could have a real debate on identifying how to best address the needs of the poor, and whether the direct provision of services zz service by the government was more effective/efficient for whatever long run policy objective... )or any other important issue at hand)... Now, instead, there is a choice between supporting spoiled lying whining little booger-eating-moron ****head populists --- and people that are not those turd-nuggets. its not the choice we deserve. we NEED a viable and intellectually based conservative alternative voice on how to address this country's needs. the GOP has abandoned this role, and no matter where you lie on the liberal-conservative spectrum, we are ALL much worse off for the lack of a real conservative opinion or option.
  8. this is actually COMPLETELY ass-backwards. we ended up with the GOP becoming current swamp of Tea Party nutbag idiots because the lunatic base primaried out many of the most sane centrist Republicans. Those that were not primaried out are either leaving the system or are (have) rushed to the lunatic base to protect themselves. I think she has a quick wit, and zings out 1-liners with aplomb. but overall i am not a fan. she is (at this point) not at all seasoned enough in her tactics, nor well-though-out in her proposals. She is primarily a knee-jerk populist, and from a policy point is basically the left version of Trump---one you take away the booger-eating-moron and evil parts. She has the presence, and her heart is in the right place , and she MIGHT develop into something better... but she is not there yet.
  9. that is not surprising, it is Trump at his core. He actually doesn't even really try to hide it.... when you don;t believe in anything, why NOT align with whomever will defend you...? what SHOULD be surprising is that the Evangelicals have aligned so squarely with trump..... they PURPORT to strongly believe in all the things that Trump clearly is not, in all the things that are the polar opposite of Trump... but in the end it just doesn't ****ing matter what Trump believes in nor his clear immorality.... it only matters that he gives some things that they want in the here-and-now. it really lays bare a deep deep and disturbing evangelical hypocrisy and lack of actual belief in the principles that they claim to champion. This ****-stain should stick to the evangelical community for a really long time, and i HOPE some of them have opened their eyes and can remember and sill smell and see this taint the next time they are whining about how America is becoming less Christian. THEY (not atheists, not Jews, not Deists, not agnostics, not ISIS....) are the biggest enemies of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the world today. And they SHOULD be ****ing ashamed of themselves
  10. mcsluggo

    Random Thought Thread

  11. mcsluggo

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    ^^^^ yes ^^^^ (except THEN then they depict your favorite fantasy in scintillating artwork... what could be better??) I never thought it would happen to me.... edit... and to hammer the comparison point home: if you google (at work, preferably) "outdoor life it happened to me" .... you get a full 4 pictures of "Outdoor Life" magazine <like above>, before it evolves into gifs of getting a hummer whilst camping. the internet... it knows its audience.
  12. mcsluggo

    Spider Nightmare in related news...