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  1. I got LED lights, too, but as an adult I've never lived in a place that was remotely energy efficient, even down to what's available today from insulation standpoint. Before we chastise people for wasting AC, what we gonna do about the buildings themselves doing it?
  2. Do we need to do a poll or something asking people in Africa? I'm not against everyone adopting this recommendation, but that's not going to solve your legit concern about the grid. And the way to deal with people that want AC in Africa to get it is demand our elected officials make a grid that can handle even these basic recommendation because thats their job, not ours. Should we be energy conscious as individuals? For our survival we should, but let's be real, no one in this thread owns a coal plant. This is a big problem that requires a big solution. I've never heard anybody hungry say we shouldnt do what we can to solve world hunger, it's usually people with plenty of food saying **** like that.
  3. Renegade7

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I jus envision a room full of square suits coming up with this idea for a solution to a problem that's really a good thing but only a problem for them.
  4. Renegade7

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Ya. That's a negative, I jus have more respect for her then I imagine many hip hop puritains will ever give her. Smh, how many of yall even watched the videos I posted?
  5. Behave? We'd die. Most stores have a 30 days supply of food tops, a solar flare would wipe out at least 90% of the population because we needed the technological advances to keep up with the population growth. You ain't feeding 7.5 billion people by hand, sorry, its 2019 and we still have people dying from starvation. Although... my understanding was New Orleans had a birth rate spike after Katrina. End of the world, I'm having sex, too, believe that.
  6. First world problems, huh? My girl is from Nigeria, last time I teased her about the heat bothering her her response was they have AC in Africa, too. I'm sure there are people in say Bagladesh that are making good with what they got, but they arent celebrating their toughness about not having AC like they dont need it, getting their ass kicked by malaria. I'm not a fan of stereotyping my generation because of us taking advantage of advances in technology. Ya know, back when everything was natural by force the life expectancy was half of what it was now. I try to keep my AC off as much as I can to keep the bill low, but that's because I live by myself, I wouldnt do that if I had little kids.
  7. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Was wondering where you got your sig name from, thanks for the clarification.
  8. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Theres specific bedbug RAID that takes your point into account
  9. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Sister drives trucks, she got me into not even checking anymore, jus spray and pray, even at hotels. And pull back the headboard if you can to get behind it, too. I got bit up one time in Pittsburg, never again.
  10. Renegade7

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Agreed, if Guice comes out and flashes like he did against the Pat's last year, we'll be wanting to take him out quick fast to protect him.
  11. Renegade7

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Sonys response will be people will go to a spiderman, venom, carnage movie even if it sucks I wish they would jus write them a check plus royalties that they just cant turn down. If theres any company in the world that has that kinda guap, its disney
  12. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    We said the same thing about netflix wiping out video rental stores in regards to not enough people having high speed internet. I downloaded a game, it doesnt need internet access that I know of (of course it would for updates, but I can decline that)
  13. Renegade7

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Let me get this straight, he got hurt catching a ball when his job is to catch the ball? It's not like that never happens, but for someone that cant stay healthy that's a bad sign.
  14. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Outside of saving money buying used because somebody's cat was chewing on it, what's the advantage to getting hard copy anymore besides nostalgia? Do I feel. Ad not being able to sell softcopies could destroy used game stores? Maybe, but anything I want that's used is usually priced like it's new anyway, like PS4 controllers, so I'm not as empathetic as I should be because they arent.
  15. Renegade7

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Bruh, that's DMX in the last video, lol It's not like I jus made her a top 5 lyricist, maybe I'm jus glad she's not mumble rapping and still a teenager. But I like her vids and little F U attitude, we'll see if she grows into something more or caps out like Bow Wow did.