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  1. Renegade7

    Racist costume?

    I'm glad i waited to say anything, my initial reaction was "no", but now I realize I jus wasnt personally offended. I wouldnt wear it simply because its attempting to be a stereotypical Mexican, but I wouldnt say anything if I saw an actual mexican wearing that costume or white person trying a redneck cosplay. The more I think about what Northam did, I think about people doing blackface to play characters in a script that actual black people would feel too demaning to do themselves. Northam was jus going to a party, he wasnt doing that because he felt he was superior to black people. Racially insensitive, absolutely. Racist? I would see it in his policies or it doesnt matter, he was talking about taking down Confederate statues when he was running for governor. When it happened I wanted him gone because how insensitive he seemed about it, not because I thought he was a racist.
  2. Renegade7

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I wish there was a way to watch the game with the audio from the stadium and not the broadcast team. I've seen that during commercials breaks for streams.
  3. Worse, he stumbled every answer, that's new. I like Petes idea to expand supreme court
  4. Need more target specific town halls, these debates are becoming useless with this many people.
  5. Every answer Kamela has should be finished with some form of "that little girl, that little girl was me"
  6. Beto getting annihilated for his moment in the last debate. Good bye. Pete with the finger snap on challenging his courage.
  7. Who drops out age related reasons first, Biden or Bernie?
  8. Israel still a beacon of democracy in the middle east?
  9. Tulsi and Pete aren't talking about the same thing, Liz thinks we should leave, just not the way we are doing it.
  10. My sister right here agrees, this is sad Stories aren't plans...please all of you, f'n stop!!!
  11. That was horrible, Pete, what is this scortched earth BS?