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  1. Given we got shredded by the rams, I want to see us slow down or shutdown a good team first. This defense is supposed to feed on weak olines.
  2. Oh lawd, I hope they keep him as long as they kept the clapper : )
  3. Election Day hurricane? This one is this week, but what if, right?
  4. Allen winning games is no different then Alex winning games, it removes desperation to address QB so we don't do something stupid. I agree that hasn't proven to be anything then someone who knows the system. But if that works, it buys us time.
  5. Who cares about Haskins, we jus suplexed Dallas, he's last thing on my mind right now.
  6. Its a helluva gamble on Winston because he's not playing, right? At least we wouldn't have to trade for him, but at what point do Saints stop letting the heir to Brees leave the house? Hope no bidding war, ya know?
  7. Packers are cheap when comes to free agency, that was I felt their biggest problem. What they did recently is too little too late.
  8. I really didn't see this coming, I liked McCarthy and felt ARod ran him out of town. Guess not, he's toast within 24 hours of us sweeping them.
  9. Aye, im off the Dalton train as well. Still leaning towards trying to get Stafford. Our division is so bad we are going to win games by accident and have to trade up. No thanks on having to trade up for a QB again.
  10. Dallas so bad they may pick higher then us. Wow.
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