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  1. Another game we ain't got no business winning this year, usually these are spread out like once a year : )
  2. I can't like this enough, you're my hero.
  3. You might, but that's not the typical history of this board in regards to reasons for intentionally losing. Promise you if this was a better QB draft, the suck for whoever arguments would be in damn near every thread again, think most of us have just finally had our fill of huge swathes of the franchise again. A lot of upsets, blowouts, and **** we saw coming. If you were at this one, would you have cheered or sneered?
  4. That's @ConnSKINS26 argument, Allen should already have an anvil tied to his foot and ready to push off the side of the boat at the end of this season just from the last couple months alone with what happened to Alex Smith, Reuben Foster, and the now practically empty FedEx Field. Unnecessary.
  5. You didn't correct me because you didn't get my point, they only one 10 of their last 12 games, which was a high enough pick to get talent in the draft that also had Russell Wilson, a smart franchise wouldn't of picked Griffin regardless of where we landed. Where we disagree is you believe we need to lose out to make sure Allen is fired, that's how this started, and I took it to tanking because they are two sides to the same coin, both sides I've seen you defend before. We both want them gone, that isn't even what we are disagreeing about. The final straw should've already been broken by now with Allen. It's not like we're going to the super bowl this year, so being happy with individual wins is part of the short-term joy you get from watching a sport. There's a balance in being a fan, of course I think long-term, but to get from one day to the next, no, rooting for losing doesn't help that. If that works for you go for it, I don't agree with it, a lot of people don't agree with it. Who is 3-3 in the playoffs, no Super Bowl appearences, and up until this year some people were concerned about his shoulder may shrinking his career. Colts are a terrible franchise that completely collapsed at the first sign of adversity with Peyton, and they are still screwing up. This is the perfect example for why tanking should not be on the table, but I'm sure you ignored that thread and disagreed with premise and research of a better front office winning the day, so I guess we can just stop talking about that. Which comes back to getting upset with fans that are happy we won, what did you think was going to happen when you said that after a win like that? I see, so you want them to lose, but you don't want them to want to lose. You can't be mad when they win then, can't have it both ways. I've said repeatedly if they don't care, they deserve to lose, if they do care they deserve to win. Let it happen, and stop raining on the parade of people that are happy they cared for a change. Keep in mind, this started with you calling fans happy about this win short-sighted, if addressing everything that comes with that position because you didn't clarify rambling, so be it.
  6. Renegade7

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    I think that still matters even separate from any success or failure of any particular cryptocurrency.
  7. I started a thread on my feelings about tanking and even brought research papers into the discussion, one I paid for. Having a solid organization making picks no matter where they land is more successful then intentionally losing in hopes of getting a high one and it being a franchise changing player. If any organization is convinced that the only way to win is to lose, they probably don't have a real plan for once they get that star player, which is why typically when you see a team do that even if they get that star player they can't surround it with anything to really take it over the top. My Wizards are an example, the Colts only getting on ring out Peyton and collapsing the second he got hurt is another, Rodgers about to miss the playoffs is the perfect example of even having an elite QB not being enough if the front office can give him what he needs to be successful and win multiple rings. Yes, it would've been just as bad to pick him no matter what. How do you instill any sort of accountability in a franchise when you are basically giving people a free pass on being accountable? That's what you're saying when its okay to intentionally lose, you want to kill that, not encourage it. That was after being down 34-0 at halftime at home, not hitting a walkoff FG on the road. Don't you see the difference there?
  8. What's wrong? That doesn't happen or wrong that we shouldn't be in the stadium rooting for our team to lose? You paid to go root against them in person? Did they or just acknowledge the reality that this does change our draft position? Those are not the same thing might I add, which I think you're missing in this conversation.
  9. I see how this works, fans that want the redskins to lose can call fans that want to win whatever they want, but when they push back its pulling the fan card? Please with the BS, if you're still here you're a diehard, but this is not the time in this thread to be talking about how it was better for us to lose. Seriously, like i wouldn't be having this conversation in the actual stadium, dies that make sense?
  10. I started a thread that year to see how many people wanted to lose our last home game to the Vikings and it was close to 40% and we only won two of our last 12 games, our last two not being one of them. How about a losing culture with a losers mentality would pick a QB that didn't have a routing tree in college even if we didn't have to trade up? Rooting for losing won't fix that if the reason we're losing is still keeping us losing. The stadium is half-empty now most games, if that doesn't get Snyder's attention, nothing will, we're at that point now.
  11. FFS, we just won on the road with a game winning FG and people are mad? Why are you even here? Go do some yard work or something.
  12. Actually I do on Allen, but I'm tired of saying it since some people would rather lose to make sure. Getting rid of Allen is more important anyway, a smart GM will replace Jay. We've had this discussion before, i figured the last time people got their wish in losing games for better position to get high draft QB it worked out so well for us we should do it again, right?
  13. Good move on the knee, especially since they ran a kick back.
  14. Rooting for a loss is a joke. If they aren't going be let go by now they aren't going to be. This is only other team that would seriously take a QB in the draft then us, we'll get whichever is first or second best regardless if we want.