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  1. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    More i sleep more at peace i feel. Jus can't sleep all the time, need to find the connection.
  2. Hopefully they double-down on their message instead of depending on hate for Trump anyway.
  3. Macron almost lost to LePen, Brexit annihilation is almost complete, and NATO nations are slowly becoming authoritarian. Russia is winning. I feel better about the 2018 election then 2016 election, same country, two years apart.
  4. To say the rest deserve this I cannot get down with. Do millenial Britons really deserve Brexit?
  5. Glad I didn't go all in and by my plane ticket to Vegas. And I'm not betting anyone does more damage to people around Trump then Muller did. People get away with stuff for charities all the time now.
  6. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    There's a difference between what you can do with it and what you can do with it.
  7. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    You not one of those excel formula gods who look down on us puny mortals, are you?
  8. Long game, its not like Stone is getting off scottfree, just this part of the drama is over. Glad you said something because I'm curious how Dems treat this. The adults on the impeachment talk look like adults right now.
  9. I'm ready to boo, I'm prepared, dont be shocked
  10. Too many non-profits, this proves the standards need to be higher. Cant get religious protection and support hate. Rather the total drop and be able to live with where that money is going. Start a hate group, your qualifications have been noted and this jus seems like icing in the cake. I cant vote for you with this policy position on carrot cake, some other stuff I can let slide.
  11. Been going after the wrong emails...i want to know everything.
  12. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    I've seen people pull off some nasty stuff with it, over my head and i keep trying
  13. Renegade7

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Only part of me that feels sorry for Jay is that he's never really had a chance to pick HIS guy. This team is going to win ugly again next year, but I don't want to base how I feel about next year based on if we play the Saints and its like Brees senior day again, one game at a time.