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  1. I don't get the argument for a city inside a state wanting to be a state slippery slope argument. That's not what's happening here, this is more like Puerto Rico becoming a state then NYC getting two senators.
  2. Wifey, Lil Ren, and I took afterwork nap together and I was first one up...
  3. If you want it to encourage carpooling, try to get more people in bigger vehicles. I still believe we are jus used to thinking of a hummer as destroying the environment, prototype for electric is already out. Besides there are whole states that prefer trucks over anything, like Texas. This could be vehemently unpopular based on state, and going to need a collective buy-in with some olive branches.
  4. Tractor trailers are a lot of weight and log a lot of miles. I don't see the point in trying to price cars and suvs differently other then that's what we do now with the gas tax. We don't have to. If anything, bigger cars that hold more people should get the reverse of getting taxed more in pay by mile. Less variation in taxes may be more fair.
  5. Im never worried about the Wizards doing the right thing anymore. Im happy to watch them play with fam, tanking will get us a bust, thats the curse, jus win as much as you can with what you have. They dont play to their potential enough to say what they really need, ive wanted a better coach gm combo for since what seems like i followed the team when Jordan was here : /
  6. I did the same thing with my pokemon cards, still have them, still worthless. All my redskins stuff except for jerseys and signed items are in the same plastic bag. It's brutal just thinking about it.
  7. As a Godzilla fan, the movie felt familiar, so wasn't shocked by the human parts (comes with territory). The fight scenes were off the chain. I don't know how many folks in here that saw Godzilla vs Kong watched the older films, but if you were a fan you were rewarded. Word on the street is they don't know where to go next. I can understand that, a lot of the monsters were killed in the new films in a way its hard for them to come back compared to other older movies. And there's only but so many baddies that are worthy of Hollywood stepping in (like SpaceGodzilla).
  8. And no rings, always complaining about a problem everyone wishes they had but can't find their way out of. It's pretty to look until you realized they are maxed out ceiling wise until they snap out of it, which they probably won't before losing some of that talent. I'd like to see everyone healthy with a better coach. I do not trust Shep with a rebuild yet. I did believe OKC was letting him get the rebounds, but watching him here its like you can't stop him. 20 assists in one game. 20 rebounds in another. BS that's not impressive.
  9. Nah, too many pieces can not work as well, ask Boston. They need another piece to go with Beal and Russ, I'm really high on Rui right now, but I don't know if he's ready for that role yet. His midrange game is legit.
  10. I'm not sure I'm feeling the Jim Crow comparison or throwing that around. Unless we talking about literal segregation, can't we just stick to the times and the current language of what the GOP is trying to do?
  11. I was jaded when I posted that, and do still feel out of 330 million people not as many people feel about her the way as we wish. I say that because I'm still can't get over electing Trump and what that says about many of the people that make up this country, such a reality check. Half the country is still reminding us they haven't changed, simply lost interest with the Trump now that he's out of office. I don't believe we collectively appreciate history enough to fully appreciate her as a country, bigger then a profession, and why we keep repeating history like a broken record.
  12. Just pass as much as you can in 2 years and campaign on that in the mid-terms. At minimum you get a whole lot passed that in some cases would be hard for GOP to overturn, like an infrastructure bill. Can always draw the line if they lose congress and say "hey, at one point bills were getting pass then they weren't, what changed? hmmm...
  13. I had to stop, too. One time I missed my exit on the interstate not once but twice after busting a uie before a tunnel. That was a long time ago, I agree it doesn't make someone a better driver but a less aggressive driver.
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