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  1. Renegade7

    Does anyone proofread any more?

    I have grammarly on my phone, but because I rush posts it cant save me. This goes hand in hand with my spelling historically being so bad I had to convince my creative writing teacher it was part of my artistic philosophy so she wouldnt mark me off on stuff like poetry. I dont know what that problem is, but ya, I should proofread more. Now if you asking me to second guess my posts before I make them, that's different. This is all about opinions, right or wrong, we shoulsnt have to make them perfect, that's impossible anyway.
  2. Appreciate the feedback, the experimenting part has been the most fun : ) Riverboat Ron and 4-3 is next and trade up for Chase Young if neccesary (likely have to jus switch schemes because firing Jay would still need Panthers to fire Rivera to get him), I did about 10 seasons first time and on my 8th season the second time. Going to wait until the bulge starts retiring to see what the team looks like with another QB in his prime with those picks all about as good as they going to get to. At this point I'm hoping this next season is a wildcard then unsubstainable contender until the bulge is gone. Not true, I set the AI as high as I could and made the playoffs the first season in both franchises then the second franchise all 4 of Haskins first 4 seasons until the collapse in his contract year. Again, a video game, if I actually played the games myself thatd be a different story because I'm still pretty good at this, like riding a bike.
  3. You only have one chance to impress someone not from this country with your red kol-aid making skills. I passed my test, can you pass yours?
  4. Renegade7

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    I cant support that kind of player salary cap considering how much revenue the NFL owners bring in. I got what you trying to say, but not being able to cut a player makes the contract guaranteed.
  5. Renegade7

    Redskins Meme Thread

  6. Renegade7

    The Outer Space Thread

  7. How many states have the equivalent of the Baker Act and how many Mental Health Organizations have endorsed it for this purpose?
  8. More then fair, and he does deserve credit for if and when he never pulls that off : ) I wonder how many folks made to part where I had as many first rounders in the second franchise in two years as some have in a decade. In fairness, that's some Madden **** right there.
  9. I offered it early, if he goes somewhere else and learns from his mistakes, you have no one to blame but yourself : ) I thought about giving you a shoutout where in the OP I got rid of him, I actually did it twice, lolz
  10. No ****, 15 years, bro, feeling this out : )
  11. I think the last thing I'll say in this until anyone else responds is Madden has done much better job of simulating the delicate balance in relation to not being able to pay everyone what they are worth and having to rotate veteran contract that are worth it with rookie contracts while staying within striking distance of a championship. That's actually really f'n hard even in real life and makes what the Patriots have done all the more impressive. And I'm probably convinced now more then ever that tanking in the NFL will never work, the rosters are jus too large for a single draft class to have the impact you need and too many draft picks developing at the same time can be far more trouble then its worth. Extremes dont work, need balance and luck. No **** right?
  12. I can only imagine trying to reading this on your phone and realizing that scrolling it kept going into some sort of singularity. No doubt in my mind some folks saw that and left, others saw that and realized they had to come back later. So ya, thanks, hope you got some value from it, and if no one else responds that's fine and completely understandable. If people pick certain things from it to talk about that's fine as well. If it falls off the front page, that's fine, too. "No offense..." "None taken." : )
  13. Honestly, I was impressed, and jus unloaded all this information without expecting responses because of how long the OP got. Maybe I shoulda made it a blog post, but it made me ask myself a lot of questions in regards to my stances on certain things, like BPA vs need. I changed my mind on coach vs GM because it doesnt matter what players you get if the coach wastes them. In context, it's still a video game. But in hindsight, I cant think of a single thing in the OP that really shocked me outside of what franchise mode can now compared to 15-20 years ago. We joke about stuff like "that only works in madden", not anymore. Even madden trades are very strict now, but its hard to tell if pick values are closer to Jimmy Johnson model or Rich Hill type models. I didnt get a bunch of first round picks for the players during the tank because teams hated the contracts they were on even if they fit needs, plus it was in the middle of the season. All those 1st and 2nd rounders I mentioned earlier were end results of trading up a lot and with teams and some that sucked as well so their value being higher then I trade for the following year. That would suggest Rich Hill model because the pick values arent astronomical different from each other like Jimmy Johnson model.
  14. Renegade7

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    With Alex Smith still on the roster *squints eyes
  15. Renegade7

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Our current governor is a former pediatrician and already said he doesnt support full legalization. But your right, this is set up for someone like Justin Fairfax to get it done once hes in charge. In other good news: