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  1. Nah, I approve of her taking her earnings out and getting some vaseline on her face, but that's a little much considering the significance of that address at minimum.
  2. Renegade7

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    Note folks not looking for work, unemployment dropping doesn't make sense
  3. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    @Larry This is what I'm talking about, man, NY Government making statements supporting police without seeing what they actually doing There is simply no way to fix a problem unless you first admit you have one. This idea its not as bad as some folks think it is is denial at best.
  4. Renegade7

    US Government vs Social Media...

    I'd like to see the video
  5. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Again, underestimating how many of them are being filmed doing everything now. Rodney King was a video, how many video have been posted that weren't turned off body cams in the last week? It's a straight deluge of everything we already knew, a barrage, automatic machine gun fire this week if folks wanted to follow this as much as they could, too much for a lot to keep up with. It all needs to go to their particular precinct to make sure their DA sees it and does something about. Put them all in check and make them go on record either defending it or or having to make a statement on what to do. NYC mayor had to backtrack on his "ok to run folks over comments" and getting annihilated for defending stuff I don't think he's seen yet.
  6. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    When I wake tomorrow I'm gonna watch Obamas speech. My hope is its a blueprint for what he wanted to do with DoJ so State AGs could do it themselves instead of waiting for them. All good points.
  7. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I don't think many of them realize how much of this is actually making it to twitter. It really is up to elected officially to see this and do something about it. Even if it makes the news, it needs to be sent to them directly to make sure they see it so there's no excuses. It's a completely different way of dealing with police brutality that I think folks have finally figured out after trying with it after invention of the camera phone. Huge reason why this is different then the 68 riots, as a population we are seeing damn near everything now. They can turn off their body cams, but we in many cases are legally allowed to film them, and I don't think they are used go that in this scale we've seen in the last week. But now we know, so do something. Don't talk, change something. Identify them and fire them at minimum.
  8. Sounds like something Peppa Pig's father would say. You musta been hood AF back in your day, because this "Be Best" routine starting to feel kinda forced sometimes. I've seen you in the Wizards thread.
  9. Renegade7

    The Random Politics Thread

    This mixtape gonna be fire, too...
  10. I've felt this way for a while now. He somehow stops the election and Pelosi takes over in January, the second she orders him thrown out on the front porch via Skype knuckles gonna start cracking.
  11. I'm not reacting to that BS, that dude's a press secretary for Trump, that comes from someone actually in the chain of command, then we'll talk. More big talk from little people. Deputy Dip-****, FOH.
  12. I wasn't a fan of Bowser when she was first elected, but she's handling this way better then most.
  13. Not if you have to run, I'd wear a backpack, that's what I see a lot of folks doing.