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  1. Don't make Obama mistake of not pushing through as much as possible while can, go for jugular. He did that then so we wouldnt have to today.
  2. Weed can make movies appear better then they actually are. Can one truly like computers if they don't trust them? Given computers are still not smart enough to not need us and form their own country, is it really jus not trusting us because of seeing the way we use this technology to do what we normally do, jus with a screen? Computers don't play politics at work, people do.
  3. Wouldn't say the overlap is that large or relationships those players had with the fan base was the same. I know me, Beal now rubs me the wrong way and I need to get over it.
  4. Finished what to expect when expecting, the pregnancy one, now bout to dive into year one. Have the toddler one after that.
  5. Blow. It. Up. I miss him more and more, I could better deal with the losing when he was here. I dont like this squad, only Rui right now.
  6. We should trade Beal, convince me season isn't already over...
  7. Both Taylor and Kyle are psychos that can get themselves killed, concerns me and love it.
  8. Really small sample size of Kyle and Taylor, I van see arguement for wanting to run with them, two guys that are young and play hungry. I'm not buying it jus to save a buck. I really hope we get a preseason, but we should still add a vet to be on safe side.
  9. Oh where this thread is gonna go now, lolz
  10. Thats what I'm saying, off 1-2 games? Yikes.
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