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  1. Thats Underestimating the amount of work and sacrifice folks like Elon put into this. He almost went broke doing SpaceX.
  2. I dont like pissing in the shower, but made an exception for an uninvited spider.
  3. Team USA playing slow AF, could lose to Australia, too, I dont get it.
  4. We played spoiled, and on US soil too, gotta come correct no matter who it is.
  5. I watched it, wouldn't call it an ass kicking, but wife was proud of them and they were raining threes better then USA was, which was weird. USA has too much talent to be playing that chill, but Nigeria is a sneaky good team.
  6. Is there any truth the dysfunction rumors in Harris office? Not buying but wouldn't be suprised.
  7. Suns took Bucks best shot early. Could be double digits again soon.
  8. Jesus, Galactus is marvel vs Capcom 3 is hard as hell to beat. Finally pulled it off finally : )
  9. I dont like that Chipotle prioritizes online orders over people standing right in front of them.
  10. Got my own fireworks in PA with cousin today, it was good catching up and. Gdtting out the house. Nothing crazy since easing in, Roman candle shots and 16 shot cake. Now that I'm comfortable, next year could be different story based on where we celebrate the 4th. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Yes, im going there, IT in a lot of places do this. Certain versions of Mac can't install latest version of malwarebytes, half our environment at work is RHEL6 on extended support. Its not like cars that basically come apart with age, this technology merely lacks the willpower to resist going after whats new or having to. We could keep patching if we wanted to.
  12. Terminator franchise wasn't same after T2, sort of same problem with Alien franchise. avp Requiem is underrated
  13. Which is why he should hard and offer to finance it himself on the rfk site. That might win back some folks. Its really hard to say what specificly he did to warrant getting rid of that could be substantiated. It blows, but thats gotta be the biggest reason he's not gone. Teflon Dan, its always someone else's fault and "questionable" he even knew it was going on.
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