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  1. Question @Jumbo: there's been some talk on trying to get elected representatives to block public funding for a new stadium if Snyder doesn't change his ways. Is that automatically a tailgate issue, because it's something I support just as much as your post here. Jus making sure so I don't get in trouble for this.
  2. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Someone made the mistake of going in on the black QB being labeled as a mobile QB without knowing anything about them stereotype. They tried to backtrack and I tried to stop them both, but it was too late. It doesn't matter how I feel about that one in the stadium, not place for it, similar to now I almost got temp banned in ATN for my calling out Kirk on him being "religious".
  3. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    I'm not a fan of constantly seeing black QBs labled as mobile QBs even if a person knows nothing about them. At same time, please be careful with that convo as it could very well belong in the tailgate with the reasons why.
  4. I thought about that, and the hell wed go through once the relationship between the two countries improve and we try to find them all. GPS linked bear traps?
  5. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Mess around and Andy Reid get to WH and find out there's no food because of the shutdown
  6. Wait...not even a dynasty or even a single super bowl win?
  7. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    I don't agree with this logic considering what matters at this level versus high school.
  8. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    @Dont Taze Me Bro I never said you did say you wouldn't support the Griffin trade if it worked, I asked if anyone would feel that way if it went down that way. And no, I'm not offended at all by you or anyone in this conversation. What's happening is people are coming at me either directly or indirectly in this conversation and it's very difficult because everyone has their own way of going about it while I'm trying to stay respectful and not pulled too far away from my original point. I'm trying to stick to defending my point versus feeling I have to defend myself, but no, this is not easy trying to make sure if or when I gotta do both. Sometimes I wonder if this is the proper medium for something so obviously unpopular even if many are empathetic to the reasoning behind it. This one just kept eating at me, I had to do it. I don't trust the point system either, but some have pointed out that a lot of GMs do, so its closest we have to go on versus me throwing darts to try and make my case on what that trade might look like (which is still very much up in the air now). There is a huge difference between trading up to the #1 overall pick or the Jaguars pick. Of those three guys I mentioned wanting to trade, those are the ones I wouldn't just cut, that even if we get a little we should try to get something before their value drops any further (or in CT's case we either have to pay him or let him leave for free). Yes, there is a higher probability Bruce will hit with a first rounder then any other round, which is another reason I'm suprised anyone would use this in the same sentence of not trusting Bruce at all to pick a QB. There's a lot of different voices on this one, but when you drill right down to it, I do believe most people just don't want to trade up to get a QB first and foremost, either consciously or subconsciously, everything is going to come back to how bad that Griffin trade went, and understandably so. I feel like I'm being a little more realistic on this considering what and who we are actually dealing with here in regards to Bruce then I'm getting credit for, but that Griffin trade is just too recent a burn to expect anyone to dive headfirst into another trade like that like I am. I understand, but I'm likely not going to change my mind until something like the combine results force me to. I just hope we're all on the same page with what's at stake here if either side on this issue gets their way and its wrong, think that would be this franchise's event horizon.
  9. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Thought crossed my mind, its very early, but entirely possible. Things have funny way of working themselves out sometimes
  10. Rather it be tax refunds then food stamps
  11. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Newest CBS mock draft has Jaguars trading up to #2 for Haskins despite Murray declaring and us trading up for Lock. @Cooleyfan1993 I wasn't a fan of his transgressions in the tailgate, but that's a different topic all together...that I didn't forget.
  12. Renegade7

    Starting QB 2019???

    I'm still laughing that NO ONE has picked "trade for a veteran" yet, and I am not surprised. That failing for us seems about as reliable as gravity right now
  13. It is, and if in my not mistaken Jay came back begging for mercy after it didnt work and Wade went to work with McVay instead
  14. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    It's all good, man the truth is I dont know for certain this is going to work, I know it's a risk, the Griffin trade was a franchise killing risk that didnt outright bury us only because our 4th round QB turned into a quality starter out of nowhere. But I'm also just as certain of what will happen if we dont do this and it doesnt work as some of yall are on what will happen if we do and its doesnt work. No one has said a word about what if Bruce screws up these draft picks I'm talking about trading to get Haskins plus we dont have a franchise QB to build around, I dont feel it's complete convo until that's addressed, but it can wait, we might not have to trade up that high if at all with Heisman winner declaring now. I've never in my entire life seen a consistent winner here, so if I have choice between being safe and possibly losing for another 4-5 years or going for broke again and possibly losing for another 4-5 years, they arent as different to me as they should be. And I apologize to anyone, including you, that might of been offended by my comments on not living in the area. I knew there was no way to say that and people not take it the wrong way, but I absolutely did not mean it maliciously or that yall were not aware at all. I dont like dealing in absolutes, I jus wanted this treated with a different level of severity then saying we can do 2018 again or that it being worse in 2019 will somehow be better for the long run, I vehemently disagree on that. This is completely unsubstainable, and no, Snyder will run this franchise into the ground before he sells its hes that arrogant, so I have no hope for that or what this will look like if it gets to that point. And you know me, it I say I dont have hope in something you know I mean it : ( Theres already a thread about what to do about QB. I said I'd wait to answer, then made my own thread for my answer. I'm not against that discussion, but wont support it here, this is a Haskins thread, not a trade up for anyone thread.
  15. Renegade7

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    That's a fair question that I asked myself as well. To me, if Urban Meyer said he had to change his offe se because it didnt make sense to nit take advantage if how good a passer he is, that speaks volumes to me. If we can agree hed be a great fit in Jay's offense, which is something Jay has never really had here, that has to matter. This isnt jus any QB I'm talking about, hes also from here, I believe hed be a great fit here. I think we'll know more when combine comes. We .ight not have to trade up to #1 now that I heard the Heisman winner just declared for draft as well, but I want Haskins here, he'd be perfect here. You dont have to other people are saying hed be a great fit as well. Refuse to lose, get used to it, and some more facts if you want to participate in this discussion. I'm not interested in a pissing contest with you, I'm trying to save my favorite team. If some of yall are not scared of sucking a couple more years, guess what I am, that's the disconnect.