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  1. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Water fasts are acts of desperation and you need to take some kind of multivitamin to keep the sample honest so you aren't handing over a sample of aquafina. @Bang PM sent, think we all should be careful having this convo in the open to not put the mods or yourselves in a weird spot.
  2. Renegade7

    Be afraid. Be very afraid....

    Ya know how much money Bruce has tied up in players that arent even playing right now? It's entirely possible that Dan looks at how badly Bruce has messed up and fires him then let's the new guy decide what to do with Callahan. Anyone with a straight face can see Callahan is making th most of the **** sandwich Bruce created, even Snyder. If I'm not mistaken, the Wizards beat the #2 seed in the west in their house then fired Ernie before the Wizards next game. Close only counts in horse shoes, and even though it took far longer for Ted to figure that out then Snyder, Ted figured it out. You are what you record says you are and Bruce has been here about as long as Vinny without a single playoff win and complete disaster from a salary roster perspective. I wanted Scott Brooks gone, but hes still here leading one of the best offenses we ever had.
  3. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    <mod edit off-topic content> mod comment: yes, i think you taking a break is a very good idea
  4. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Formal request to not call this the Random Therapy Thread if this is how we going to talk about suicide. I'm lost, I'll see myself out.
  5. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    Happy belated, Beal. Thanks for re-opening the thread. Are we allowed to have conversations again or is this supposed to back to being a drive-by post thread like I thought original intent was? Believe an emphasis on not having convos that can be their own thread or already their thread is a good idea. We finally got a Space thread and a lot of hip hop talk here I should be putting in the hip hop thread. I know I was using the thread beyond it's original intent, so kinda jus gonna feel this out for now.
  6. Renegade7

    The { Possibly } Sweetest Game Of The Year

    Did yall read the OP? He said "some trades" to get a #2 pick. When we already dont have a second round pick. This should be easy yall. I remember the Griffin trade, there's not a single player in this draft I would make that sacrifice for. And yes, I'd rather bounce Dallas out the playoffs in their stadium regardless of the draft slot. That's what rivalries are all about, pissing off your rival.
  7. Renegade7

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Blood is on the dancefloor!
  8. Renegade7

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I jus turned the game on, I'm crying right now We going to win our last three games regardless of what happens this sunday. Holy ****, this is the worst division in football, what the hell is going on?
  9. I'd say it was Pete who did the most damage concerning how to pay for it, then Klobuchar smelling bleed started doubling down on the fantasy land talk. Theres nothing wrong with disagreeing, but that's not what they are doing. Warren screwed herself by listening to the noise, same mistake Harris made. I dont care what the reason is, they all have to stop saying one thing on the debate stage then something different in individual interviews. Someone mentioned the French format where Macron and LaPen got to sit down together for hours and it was more like a conversation then demand for 15 second sound bites. I think the debate format only works once we are talking presidential and theres only two candidates after seeing this nonsense. This doesnt work when you are trying to get to know multiple different candidates at the same time. It could, but not when run by TV networks that need ratings. The debates should only be on PBS from now on, but they'll never do it.
  10. Renegade7

    The Impeachment Thread

    I'm agreeing with you, but I'll be honest. I jus want them to stop trying and looking, because if they dont they'll either eventually find him or someone close.
  11. This is the problem with the debates, I've seen her talk a couple times, that's why I say she seems cool. But when shes on the debate stage, she is exactly what I described. When on the biggest stage, that's how she addresses progressive programs, so that's what she wants to make sure people see, then tone down in the face to face interviews. That's bogus. They should jus drop out before they say that on stage and it backfires horribly. Obama was a good candidate who happened to be black, these are bad candidates that happen to be minorities. Harris ruined herself, Castro sucks, and no one wants Booker to be President. Them being white wouldnt change that either, I hate this. After having the first black president they the Dems are back to being racist? This is the exact same cannibalism he warned about with this election cycle. Jesus.
  12. Renegade7

    The Impeachment Thread

    Ya know, I can tell you hoping this backfires. My thoughts are we see this so much in other countries that I dont want to take the risk, even though I agree it should fail miserably. His base will see right through anyone that wont go as far as he did or trying too hard to be Trump. The Kentucky governor tried doubling down and lost his job. But that desire for another Trump, that's here to stay if the rest of the world is any indication.
  13. Renegade7

    The Impeachment Thread

    I agree that this desire for far-authoritarianism isn't going away overnight, and worse, doesnt need Trump. I do believe theres more people that support Trump because hes a Republican then his actual base he keeps pandering to. So the hope is the GOP doesnt double down on his ideals looking for another Trump. Trump ran as a republican for same reason ran as a democrat, neither would get elected as independents. There are a couple that latch on his tits but dont a fraction of his charisma. And I hate using that word for him because he uses it for all the wrong reasons, but people saying crazy stuff isnt new.
  14. Renegade7

    The Impeachment Thread

    Small government vs Large government philosophy is not reconcilable by simply changing a party. Shes better off running as an independent, any GOP member that simply cant do this GOP anymore should do that and claim to maintain conservative ideals without having to be part of the cult to do it. It would destroy the GOP and keep someone like Collins from getting elected, but jus saying they are a dem, I wouldnt want them in the democratic party anyway. They have enough conservatives pretending to be centrist. And running as a dem when they dont believe in their platform jus to get elected will be smelled out so fast it would kill her chance to jus run as an independent instead.
  15. Renegade7

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Off topic, but over characterization. The conversation is being had in our church especially among the youth for example on "I thought he was already walking with Jesus" and older folks saying "an album by itself isnt a lifestyle change". That's not why I came in here, going through "Therapy Session" album by NF. That man is the truth, gives me hope for contemporary Hip Hop.