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  1. Soon to be Older American History Month, as in, let's remember the time period back when old people being alive was still a thing.
  2. I assume that will be the "new" (re-hashed) talking point if the deaths do end up on the low side of things. "Coronavirus was one big hoax, more people die from the flu than died from this." Never mind the fact that we've basically had to shut down the entire country to get to this point. It's not hard to easily see through that faulty logic, but I am constantly amazed at what many people fail to see when presented with the same information as everyone else.
  3. And then he'd blame having to do it on Obama.
  4. None of those people are engaging in social distancing.
  5. skinsfan999

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    Assuming these stimulus checks go through, has anyone heard "who" the checks would apply to? I've heard the term "Americans" thrown around, so I wasn't sure if that meant checks would only go out to citizens, or if that would include other tax payers like permanent residents.
  6. Not everyone is following the whole social distancing thing:
  7. Yeah, this upcoming season getting cancelled might actually be as ideal for the Redskins as any other team. Young QB who is learning a new system with a new HC, we draft high (assuming draft order remains intact), etc. If they had some type of lottery to determine draft order, I assume it'd be weighted towards teams that had the worst records in the most recent season, so that'd still benefit the Skins.
  8. That would make sense, thanks. I'm not directly impacted by the shutdowns (yet), but I have some family very affected and may need some financial assistance so we're weighing options at the moment.
  9. My question is whether this applies to quarterly estimated taxes for 2020 as well or not. I would assume so, but I haven't seen anything that says one way or another explicitly.
  10. Doctors/nurses with coronavirus and spreading it sounds about worst case scenario as it can get.
  11. I want to know what Adam Carolla has to say on the matter.
  12. Just like how coronavirus is going to disappear one day, like a miracle.
  13. I feel like I'm watching a North Korea broadcast right now.
  14. Fox New has a stock market ticker on their headline as the speech is ongoing.
  15. It does seem to be a pre-requisite for speaking to praise their leader first and foremost.