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  1. Hero. Individuals like him deserve the Medal of Freedom when Biden becomes president, IMO.
  2. Good for these companies finally taking some responsibility for the disastrous misinformation that's been allowed to be propogated. I'm all for free speech, but pushing that to the extreme is where these echo chambers form, and radicalism is soon to follow.
  3. Pretty sure if 9/11 happened today, MAGAs would be talking about how Bin Laden pwned the libs in NY and DC, or that it was actually ANTIFA behind the attacks.
  4. How many frickin American flags do they need on that stage? Just because you fly a flag doesn't make you a patriot.
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/georgia-senate-runoffs-loeffler-warnock-ossoff-perdue-live-results-2021-1?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=referral
  6. Georgia Republicans Join Trump, Democrats in $2,000 Check Push Georgia’s two Republican senators now say they’ll support President Donald Trump’s push to increase stimulus payments to $2,000, breaking with most of their party just days before their re-election races. Senator David Perdue said Tuesday that Trump is right to demand more than the $600 payments to individuals included in the round of virus relief signed into law Dec. 27. Perdue’s opponent in the Jan. 5 runoff race, Democrat Jon Ossoff, has been criticizing the incumbent senator for not embracing the proposal
  7. Bret Baier of Fox News was grilling the RNC chairwoman just a couple of minutes ago. He was not letting her throw out the vote fraud allegations without being able to back it up with evidence, so that's something.
  8. Pretty sure he said it had something to do with being run by radical left-wing Democrats.
  9. As someone that only tunes into Fox News for the lol factor, it makes my blood boil that there are millions and millions of people that listen to people like Hannity in a vacuum and base their whole world view on his viewpoints. Dangerous disinformation is in the process of, and is going to continue to, rip this country apart.
  10. I put that up there with protesters waving the American flag while shouting "Stop the count". Hypocrisy is the Trumper way.
  11. True story. I was incredulous then, and am even more incredulous 4 years later.
  12. No matter who wins this election, I'm depressed. I really thought everyone would come out of the woodwork and show the world who America is. Instead, quite possibly the worst POTUS in history has a decent shot at reelection. What a friggin joke.
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