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  1. I recently got going with sports betting. Been hot the past few nights, but a lot of that has been from some timely in-game wagers (thank you Portland, last night). Here's where I'm looking so far this morning. Basketball: NO Pelicans -3.5 Thunder ML Hockey: Islanders ML Hurricanes -1.5 Soccer: Everton ML
  2. Georgia Republicans Join Trump, Democrats in $2,000 Check Push Georgia’s two Republican senators now say they’ll support President Donald Trump’s push to increase stimulus payments to $2,000, breaking with most of their party just days before their re-election races. Senator David Perdue said Tuesday that Trump is right to demand more than the $600 payments to individuals included in the round of virus relief signed into law Dec. 27. Perdue’s opponent in the Jan. 5 runoff race, Democrat Jon Ossoff, has been criticizing the incumbent senator for not embracing the proposal for larger payments. Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler said earlier Tuesday that she also backs sending out more stimulus money. She will face Democrat Rafael Warnock in her runoff race next week. “I’ve said absolutely we need to get relief to Americans now and I will support that,” Loeffler said on “Fox and Friends.” She earlier said she would consider larger stimulus payments if other spending cuts were made. Click on the link for the full article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-29/georgia-republicans-join-trump-democrats-in-2-000-check-push?utm_source=google&utm_medium=bd&cmpId=google
  3. Other than constant tying this all back to Dan's "bigotry" for clinging to the team name for so long, the article makes good points. Women are a big part of the NFL's current and future growth, and the WP article is a bad look. I would think the NFL has a pulse on the situation (the minority owners want out, which includes the CEO of FedEx, fan attendance/interest has been plummeting for years, these scandals involving women,etc.). What better sacrificial lamb would there be to say "we care about women" than Snyder?
  4. Soon to be Older American History Month, as in, let's remember the time period back when old people being alive was still a thing.
  5. I assume that will be the "new" (re-hashed) talking point if the deaths do end up on the low side of things. "Coronavirus was one big hoax, more people die from the flu than died from this." Never mind the fact that we've basically had to shut down the entire country to get to this point. It's not hard to easily see through that faulty logic, but I am constantly amazed at what many people fail to see when presented with the same information as everyone else.
  6. Assuming these stimulus checks go through, has anyone heard "who" the checks would apply to? I've heard the term "Americans" thrown around, so I wasn't sure if that meant checks would only go out to citizens, or if that would include other tax payers like permanent residents.
  7. Not everyone is following the whole social distancing thing: https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/03/17/clearwater-beach-spring-break-coronavirus-mxp-vpx.hln
  8. Yeah, this upcoming season getting cancelled might actually be as ideal for the Redskins as any other team. Young QB who is learning a new system with a new HC, we draft high (assuming draft order remains intact), etc. If they had some type of lottery to determine draft order, I assume it'd be weighted towards teams that had the worst records in the most recent season, so that'd still benefit the Skins.
  9. That would make sense, thanks. I'm not directly impacted by the shutdowns (yet), but I have some family very affected and may need some financial assistance so we're weighing options at the moment.
  10. My question is whether this applies to quarterly estimated taxes for 2020 as well or not. I would assume so, but I haven't seen anything that says one way or another explicitly.
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