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  1. My favorite word is "paint". It's fun to say for one, and it means new, fresh, change. It can mean beautiful art, it can mean a start, or a start over. Paint hides, and paint enhances, and it can do both at the same time. Paint can show you impossible things, fantastical things, it can give insight, has it's own voice for anyone who wants to speak with it. my least favorite word is "blog". i mean come on.. a whole new thing, a brand new medium, and the idiots who name it make it sound like something you need to call a plumber to fix. ~Bang
  2. "**** it Bob, bring it on in. We were right that none of these idiots read the Constitution, you can bet they never bothered with their Bible". I am an avowed atheist. But it's times like these I wish i was wrong just to see the expressions left on their salt-statue faces when God has had enough. ~Bang
  3. How offensive. Mr. and Mrs Potato head should remain talking potatoes who keep their facial features and clothing IN THEIR ASS. What will we be teaching kids if we don't call one of them Mr. or Mrs? How will they know what they will find when they DIG IN ITS ASS FOR ITS ATTACHMENTS? ****ing ridiculous people. ~Bang
  4. "Cancel culture" is "the free market at work". These morons actually believe that the loud hipster liberal shouting complaints over his IPA creates change. Change is made by the CEO class, the zillion dollar golden parachuters who will fire you and everyone who works with you just to add a new grotto to the rooftop swimming pool. (any bets on which way they usually vote?) And the only reason they move on change isn't to do "the right thing" or out of any "social conscience". Those are marketing ploys. It is because one of two questions was answered "YES". 1. Will not chan
  5. Ron Johnson is a clear and present danger to the security of this country, and he is actively aiding insurrectionists. Why on earth do we keep allowing this? Drag his ass out of there. Haul him out in cuffs and ****ing CHARGE him with it. It is ****ing TREASONOUS. Is there NO LAW that applies to these people? ~Bang
  6. Sorry about that. (All of that stemmed from him asking for a piece of gum and sounding so mincy..) I made fun of him, but I loved how he played. I did that one of him taking over the Eagles and all the fans jumping off the building, but then he went and won something like 8 in a row and got them into the playoffs. Tough SOB. Bet he could probably still play. ~Bang
  7. If Karma was real, Rush Limbaugh would've drowned in a sewer 20 years ago. More stupid ****ing fairy tales. ~Bang
  8. Good. May his grave stay forever soaked in piss. ~Bang
  9. Guess who thinks they can do anything and not have to worry about ANY repercussions at all? Or, i mean guess who just was once again CONFIRMED that they can do anything etc. etc. The easiest ****ing lay in the WORLD, and the Democrats are IMPOTENT as always. the country is lost. Oh yeah, we'll play at it for a little while, but four years isn't very long and two years is even less, and there is nowhere near enough support, spine or ability to keep staving off the onslaught this democracy has been under. They do not have the guts to do i. Plain and sdimple. They s
  10. seems that way. The GOPs only strategy for anything is to delay, point fingers, muddy waters, and in the end do nothing. So lets do it. Call them all. Investigate all of it. (Interesting how Lyndsey threatens with "FBI investigations" when all he and his conspirators have done for four + years is try to destroy the FBI, and ignore everything they already found on Trump. Call them ALL. Do it. ~Bang
  11. Call them. Call them all. Call Lyndsey on his bluff and lets get to REALLY digging. DO it. DO IT. DO IT. ~Bang
  12. I'm sure they'll just stop now. Need to be rounding these people up, and not just the ones who got in. You don't leave a hostile force on your streets unless you want to invite more hostility. ~Bang
  13. You'd be hard pressed to explain to me the difference between being naked in a hot tub or just wearing trunks ~Dang
  14. i should note, i have not stopped wearing it. i work with the F18 program and am damned proud of it. I figure if anyone ever does give me any guff over it, I can maybe show them their preconception is incorrect. I do hate that my own flag has been co-opted like this, because the preconception exists with me, too. ~Bang
  15. My wife gave me a sweatshirt with an F-18 Hornet on it, and the word Hornet is spelled out with a flag motif. I definitely feel self conscious wearing it because I think you're right,, typically that is part of their uniform. ~Bang
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