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  1. Thanks for putting up with all my crap. The last couple of years I've sort of become that street corner loon in the cartoons with his "the end is nigh" sign, and I hope I can continue to be thankful for a peaceful future. And thanks for teaching me and helping me keep fresh perspectives. So many smart people here, i learn something almost daily. John
  2. I will submit with the sworn testimony that until i saw this in a store I thought it was just a joke name made up for some TV sitcom. It is literally named after a better-check-em wet fart. ~Blatz
  3. I'd like to order two cans of Scott-away.  Just in case.

  4. I like to bet football games. Not a lot, i am not some high roller.. but i like to bet 3 NFL games per week minimum (almost always i pick 3, and only 3. I can USUALLY go 2-1.. and if i can do that.. it's a nice Christmas.) . i set myself a budget to start the year and when i run out i am done. ( a few hundred bucks. this year I put 400 bucks in, which the booking site doubled.. i use mybookie.ag... so I have 800 bucks to play with for the year. Luckily, i don't lose very often. So I figured I am not the only one, and this thread is to either talk about bets or post the bets we've made
  5. I really respect your opinions.
    I always appreciate your input on the various topics we all kick around.
    Figured i'd say so.



    1. Renegade7


      Likewise :cheers:


      We don't always agree, but us being able to recognize that and fighting to respectfully find common ground is another reason I'm glad you're here, too.  We both want to do the right thing, the hard part is always going to be trying to figure out what that is, but absolutely worth it to try and keep trying.


      Thank you,


  6. You better not be in here touchin' y'self.


  7. Howdy Z
    As you may or may not know, I'm with TheBayNet.com, local southern maryland news website. I wanted to let you know we'll be doing something interesting for churches this Christmas..  we are going to make a page that have small-self contained little websites  for churches that want in. (in comparison to newsprint, they are about 3¾" x 4¼)
    It will have your events calendar, worship schedules, and google map pinpointing your church so folks can get directions, links to your site and social media pages. it offers a lot more info that the usual newspaper ad on their worship pages, and a viewer can navigate within your ad to a lot of different information.
    we're going to promote it heavily, offer an alternative to the costly (and underperforming) print options.
    if you'd like more info, let me know and we can get you together with one of our account staff.
    A full time worship section is already in development and should be ready as we begin the new year.



    1. Zguy28


      Cool. I will take it to the other pastors and see what they think. Thanks!

  8. New BANG CARTOON coming soon. A Shanny Christmas Song.

  9. BOLD Prediction: AMERSON 2 picks today! Redskins ROMP 31-10!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. skins214428hail


      man i hope your right

    3. HapHaszard


      Thus it is written, so shall it be.

    4. rabidskin


      24-0 Eagles start of 3rd qtr. You guys don't have a clue how bad Haslett and Shanahan are.

  10. HEY! My riotously funny podcast "THE BANG RADIO HOUR" is up for a People's Choice Award. Go vote for me in the sports category, and I'll be eternally grateful until at least 2:30. http://www.podcastawards.com/

  11. Rather than mope all day, have a laugh with the funniest NFL podcast there is. http://www.bangradiohour.com/

    1. DaGoonie55


      SWEET! Streaming at work....didn't know it would work!!!!

  12. I think the NBA playoffs were designed specifically to bore me to death.

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