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  1. Bang

    Is a mountain lion roaming NW DC?

    Bobcat might be possible, but the tail on the one in the video looks longer and has rings. ~Bang
  2. Channel 4 news: Mountain Lion in DC? Not sure how to embed the video from their page Security camera catches a very large cat climbing a fence in NW. I don't think it's a mountain lion, back feet are too small, but it does look pretty damn big to be roaming around DC. Any ideas what it is? ~Bang
  3. Bang

    Random Thought Thread

    Nope,, 100% true. In FACT, they hit you with a screen that talks to you like your dad. Once you delete the tweet your suspension can begin.. Would you like to delete your offensive tweet? Click the button and the clock started. had to be an algorithm, but.. lol.. i mean does it really think taking someone's lunch money over twitter is a real threat? ~Bang
  4. Bang

    Random Thought Thread

    So yesterday I got fed up and made a tweet demanding Greg Manusky's lunch money. Twitter suspended me for 12 hours for bullying. ~Bang
  5. i had no idea it was still running. Cool! Good to find a show i can watch for a while. My wife doesn't dig this sort of thing, but she loves cop and courtroom shows. We picked up on "Justified" recently. Good show. I do like Timothy Olyphant. ~Bang
  6. Yeah, that is what i'm getting,, it can get good and creepy, and it can sometimes be downright scary. Some good effects for regular broadcast TV. A few plot holes, but eh, part of the fun is overlooking them. I don't want any spoilers except THIS.. This is not going to be one of those shows that gets cancelled before solving the underlying mystery, is it? Do we get resolution>? (Whatever killed their mom and the one guy's girlfriend) Yes or no is all i need. ~Bang
  7. an old series, but i've been happily binging "Supernatural" on Netflix. they sure don't just tease you with the monsters. ~Bang
  8. Bang

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Wednesday i'm listening to doc and Galdi and they are laughing,, LAUGHINg at Tony Wylie.. saying'he can't, this TEAM can't control the ridiculous drama that gets discussed in this town day in and day out" And i'm thinking.. YOU can. YOU CAN. You can talk about something football related, you don't have to perpetuate the idiocy that has turned this fanbase into a bunch of reactionary know-nothing drama queens. They CAN. But they don't. They blame the team. Tired of it. It's week ****ing ONE. WEEK ONE. Tell me any reason why I as a Redskins fan who wants to see football should listen to ANY of them? Don't teoll me it is to hear "truth" because i don't. Gladi USED to be respectable.. this show? he's a clown listening to a clown ramble on,, not even correcting callers who call up with OBVIOUSLY incorrect info or ridiculous conspiracies "Im convinced benchin' AP came from up above," said one guy on Wednesday, and do you think either of them challenged him on it? Nope.. let the idiocy perpetuate, do no try to get in the way of ridiculous theories with anything resembling fact. I've said it before, i will say it forever til i see different. The media in this town is toxic when it comes to this team. They want everyone to hate this team, they want anger, discord, they want disruption, they do very little by way of accenting any positives, of which there were plenty on Sunday. The truth o how the game was lost is drowned in all the ridiculous "personal" bull**** people turn a one week de-activation into. And they do nothing to educate this dying fan base at all. In fact they do the opposite. It is pathetic. And it isn't because of Dan, it isn't because of Bruce or Tony Wylie. People take no responsibility for anything anymore. And listening to those two cackle that the Redskins can't control what THEY Ultimately CAN control was disgusting to someone who remembers that this town USED to be smart about football. And yes, the team is bad, the owner is bad, and now the fans are as a group incredibly dumb regarding the game and more interested in contrived soap operas. It sounds like daytime screaming-hens TV half the time. ~Bang
  9. anyone positive Barron is his? ~Bang
  10. Bang

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses)

    We aren't players. If it can't help, don't say it is what I say.. and frankly, i am dead serious,, i'd take my cues from the Pats. They know how to avoid this stuff, and as a player, i can learn from anywhere, right? Why not learn and apply what you can from the best? Redskins players would have to be completely blind and deaf to not feel the overall vibe of sensationalist crap that drives the narrative on the team. They have to know it doesn't help. It causes distraction, whether he feels it or not. I'd agree that it stems from Jay,, but these are grown men. They are capable of handling themselves professionally despite any of that. ~Bang
  11. Bang

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses)

    Hire Marshawn as our media relations coach right now. Let him teach these clowns how to shut up. ~Bang
  12. Here's a cheer we can all do: T is for TRAITOR! R is for TRAITOR! A is for TRAITOR! I is for TRAITOR! T is for TRAITOR! O is for TRAITOR! R is for TRAITOR! What do we have in the White House? A ****ing TRAITOR. **** Impeachment. Haul his ass out in chains. Big fat Quasimodo chains. ~Bang
  13. Bang

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches