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  1. i know it's been said,, but WHAT A ****ING MORON. ~DAMN
  2. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    <mod edit---off topic>
  3. Bang

    Favorite songs from the 90s?

    this is SO true. there is a LOT of good music that has been released since 2000, and a LOT of really good bands have come along. ( I actually think it has been better than the 90s) if anyone wants some recommendations to prove it, i'll be glad to. (Course, they will run along my tastes. so if you roll with that, i bet i can show you some stuff you'll probably like...) ~Bang
  4. What in the ****. Maybe "lebensraum" will be the excuse after all. **** donald trump ~Bang
  5. boy, ^ THAT guy sure sounds stupid. ~Bang
  6. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    I think y'all give him too much credit. He doesn't care if bad news comes out, because none of it ever sticks to him, and if it does, he has the senate and AGs office to absolutely cover for him. If all else fails he will rely on his mob not giving a ****. he doesn't have to get out in front of anything because he absolutely does not care about being "caught".. he has made it so getting caught only emboldens his cult. he doesn't care what the media says, because his followers are conditioned to ignore it, absolve it, and go with whatever he says. The rest of us are represented by people who can't do anything about it. The media can and has been screaming til it's blue in the face and have gotten exactly nowhere with any of it. Nowhere. we know what he is, we know what thy say is true, and he just keeps marching us along. As i've said.. his whole attitude is and always has been "**** YOU". he pardoned those guys because he is promising the rest of the upper crust filth that no matter what they do he has their backs so long as they have his while he continues to discredit and dismantle everything that makes us a democracy. It is high time we stop treating this like it's anything normal, and that anything normal will solve the problem. Because it's not and it won't. ~Bang
  7. They don't even care if we know. The GOP will cover for ANY of it. Sold down the river. That is where we are. ~Bang
  8. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    The noose tightens. i am sure none of this would have anything to do with setting us up for a massively rigged election in November or anything. What a load of ****. ~Bang
  9. Bang

    Dirty Laundry

    Definitely do the dishes as you cook. A hot pan is much easier to clean fast. Typically before the dinner is put on the table, the pots and pans are cleaned or at least soaking. ~Bang
  10. Bang

    RIP Neil Peart

    that was great! I think he was truly blown away. ~Bang
  11. Bang

    Dirty Laundry

    I do mine on Friday, my wife does hers on Saturday. My wife has very traditional ideas of what men and women are supposed to do in the house in a marriage. I don't much like it. I don't like being waited on. I don't like sitting there while she works doing all the cooking and cleaning. Just not the way i was raised. She seems to think men are incapable of certain things, and when we first began living together it did cause quite a bit of friction. Look, i'd say, I am a single dad of a toddler,, raised the guy on my own for 6 years, I know how to cook, i know how to keep house, i know how to clean. She never really said I didn't, she just took it upon herself to relieve me of those duties.. and i bucked. (Honestly, one thing that was such a relief when my first marriage split up was i found out i'm not a slob.. she was the entire reason for the mess.. My dishes get done the second i am finished. My laundry gets folded and put away. Bed gets made every morning. ) Anyway, after some wrangling with my then new wife, we compromised. i can clean, she's realized, so i do. We tend to split that duty based on how busy we are. Dusting, vacuuming.. we both do this. The bathroom, I tend to do the fixtures, she does the floors. Laundry we each do our own. (Her clothes are different than mine, so i don't argue with her.) Plus, splitting our laundry like that also makes it so the washer/ dryer aren't running for a full day, which can be annoying. In warm weather i hang my clothes on the line to dry, saves a bunch of cash. The one thing I do acquiesce is the kitchen. That is her domain, and I stay out. She does all of the cooking. In fact, men will sneer at me, but she also does all the grilling. She is much better at it than i am. Steaks are 100% perfect every single time. (and, weird enough, if the steak doesn't have a good appearance, proper grill marks she apologizes when she brings it to me. Me, i'm like ****... beautiful Asian woman handing me a steak,, what the hell is to apologize for?) by the same token, i refuse to let her cut the grass.. wont' have it. It's a lot of ground, it's a push mower, she is small. This is my job, and if it isn't, I will decide to pay some kid to do it. (My son is moved out now.. but when he turned 10 i had him do it until he did. That was a nice decade off.) The garden is hers. So anyway, that is a lot more than just laundry. This is my house. ~Bang
  12. No corruption is too small. Circle the wagons of wealth that will hand him the reins for life. And now Trump says he is the Chief Law enforcement officer in the country. I am the State. Oops! More steps down the paths we've seen in the worst parts of history. ... but i'm probably just sounding stupid. ~Dang
  13. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    One more step. Sorry for sounding stupid again. ~Bang