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  1. Bang

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Trump managed to lose a war no one had actively fought for 65 years. It can't be just incompetence. So much of it is so backwards.. Next thing you know he will announce we're invading England. ~Bang
  2. Bang

    All Things North Korea Thread

    ****ing idiot. Trump is a complete disaster in every way imaginable. Enemies stronger and bolder, alliances weakened, country ****ed. **** all who enabled this. ~Bang
  3. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    Looks more like Boris and Ivan in drag. Yeesh. So you all know that even though the whistleblower is not needed at this point, they want to know who it is so they can hound them and maybe even give the the Polonium pillowcase to send a message right? I know it sounds like hyperbole, but is there really ANY reason think Trump won't do what Putin does? ~Bang
  4. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    And again, Jumbo speaks much more eloquently for me, except in my gruff and uncouth language it usually comes out something like "**** your civility, You spent decades building an enemy and now that you have it, you want to cry" And for that, I blame the democrats for not teaching me enough of about God in school and forcing me to say "Happy Holidays". ~Bang
  5. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    For the record, this is usually what I am saying when i say "I hope you all die in a ****ing fire, you mouth breathing ****stains". ~Bang
  6. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    Here's to hoping Jim Jordan gets hit by a metro train this evening. ~BangthumpSquish
  7. It hasn't happened o me in the regard of someone shaming me for supporting Snyder or anything about the name. I don't mind if someone wants to talk smack, so long as it's football. We stink and i can take a ribbing, so long as it's football. But if anyone ever wants to shame me for what i like to do for relaxation in front my TV on a Sunday afternoon? They can't go **** themselves fast enough. ~Bang
  8. Bang

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    My favorite bit of ridiculousness today ~Bang
  9. Spread it around! that's the best thanksi can get! Glad y'all like 'em, I do enjoy making them ~Bang
  10. Inside the trade deadline as Dan and Bruce drive for hard bargains Feel free to share anywhere and with anyone, and as always; have fun! ~Bang
  11. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    And the Nazis did exactly this for 20 years leading up to everything everyone thinks of when they think of the Nazis. ~Bang
  12. Worst part is I bet Rutherford and Clara there think they are being inclusive. ~Bang
  13. Toldya. Before he was even elected. I can't see how it's not just ****ing obvious to anyone with even ONE eye. It is a travesty it took this long to even begin to drag it out into the light. The damage he and his band of traitors have done is incalculable. As i have said repeatedly,, good people FAIL to stop evil all too often because they expect the evil will behave in a manner in keeping with their sense of right and wrong. They pretend this will all work out according to their sensibilities. It won't, and they don't. And as we have seen specifically by the GOP for the last 20 ****ing years, they use your inherent decency and belief in the law against you. Impeach. Try to remove. He will not leave, and he will exhort his followers to violence. Best be ready. "toldya" isn't something i like to keep saying, but damn, trouble has a very specific smell, and the entire GOP has reeked of it. And now it is to the point where civility and our way of life won't be back if we just expect it will because it is supposed to. ~Bang
  14. He won't pay a single dime, and nothing will happen. **** all of this ****. ~Bang
  15. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    that **** IS criminal. If someone blew Alex Jone's fat head off with a shotgun, it'd be a good day. ~Bang