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  1. So l like old movies, and with the shutdowns, seeing new stuff hasn't been very high on my priorities. But I have found some very good older movies some may enjoy. Here are 3 weekend recommendations: Akira is on Hulu. Awesome anime, one of the best. Even if you have seen it, watching it again is worth it. On Prime, check out "The Train". (I think it was made in 1962) WW2 film about Nazis trying to steal art treasures, and the resistance is out to stop them. The resistance is subtle, not so much shoot -em-up and blood-n-glory as you'd think (especially if you look at the movie poster) Burt Lancaster pulls it off very well. the thing about this movie is that when they need destruction,, they DO it. Bomb a trainyard? Collide locomotives? Derail all sorts of stuff... use real ones. This movie wrecks some stuff UP. Another really good WW2 movie on Prime: "Is Paris Burning?" French resistance in Paris as the Germans are losing the war and contemplating destroying the city. This one is long (near 3 hours) but it has good action.. it is shot on location and the camera work is superb. As you are watching you start to realize this happened right where they are filming less than 20 years beforehand.. and it sort of drives home. it is also one of those movies in which major stars appear but are not given top billing.. the 'stars" of the movie are the french actors.. while Hollywood giants like Kirk Douglas just appear without fanfare. (He plays George Patton) "Night of the Hunter" is on Prime. Robert Mitchum as a psychotic serial killer disguised as a priest... Edit,, adding one. Prime HAD HBO content on it up until a couple days ago it seems.. if this isn't still there it hopefully is on the HBO app "Cast A Deadly Spell" is a bit of fun,, 1940s era gumshoe detective in a world where magic is used by everybody. Fred Ward is the star and I like him. The thing about this flick is you can't find too many movies that feature Cthulhu and the Old Ones, but this one does. Also, bad guy gangster is played by Clancy Brown, who was also The Kurgin in "Highlander" ( a GREAT villain).. AND.. he is also the voice of Mr. Krabbs, which never fails to make me laugh. for the record, the best newer movies i have seen recently are The Gentlemen was great, tons of good stuff, but for me, Colin Farrell flat out steals this movie. He's terrific. Ford v Ferarri was awesome. And "Knives Out" was a lot of fun. ~Bang
  2. No way Trump could use that gun. Look how far away the trigger is from the handgrip! ~Bang
  3. Chances a staffer is giving Trump orange Tic Tacs out of a box marked "hydroxychloroquine": 78% ~Bang
  4. Hoping for the best. Get well soon, Dexter! ~Bang
  5. Just setting up campaign slogans and conspiracies to rant about. "WHY won't they call him in??" the facts as to why will only feed the paranoia they will create. Propaganda One Oh ****ing ONE. The lack of reason will only fuel the fire. This 'greatest crime' ever will become the central point of trump's 'campaign'. I mean, that is if Jared doesn't just decide to cancel the election. ~Bang
  6. So up next in the I ****ing TOLD you parade towards the Worst, Jared Kushner refuses to rule out postponing the November elections. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, refused on Tuesday to rule out postponing the presidential election in November, a comment that fed directly into Democratic concerns that President Trump might use the coronavirus crisis to delay or delegitimize the contest and one that contradicted Mr. Trump himself. Don't tell me "he can't". They can't do ANY of the things they KEEP DOING. But, hey, everything will be fine. Forget that the administration is actively trying to sow dissent in blue states, playing politics with essential medical equipment, actively setting 'policy' that is getting Amricans killed, Nazis marching every other ****ing DAY, the ****ing President accusing political enemies of MURDER and high crimes on television, and now when asked, the ****ing kid who seems to be in control of everything even though he CAN'T BE.. won't rule out just putting off the election. GET READY. I mean, l unless you still think all of this is just silly, and their steady march towards dictatorship is just a coincidence with their every single step directly down that road. ~Bang
  7. Bang

    Who’s Worse?

    i don't recall ever seeing a photo of them together.. ~Bang
  8. If'n you ain't by now, you won't ever be. ~Best be
  9. Oh p-shaw. I mean, so they pardoned a traitor who admitted his treason, plead guilty and was convicted. Look, in November we all get to vote and all of it goes away. 'K? There. Now quit all your fretting. Jumbo is right. this is their push. McConnell has already cornered the Judicial to green light ANYTHING they want to do. The AG lets them do ANYTHING they want to do. The President and his administration are actively trying to foster (at the very LEAST tacitly approve of) revolt in blue states, and is trying to limit emergency gear to those states, which is indirectly or directly, whichever way you want to see it causing people to die. Absolutely NONE of their actions suggest that they will even allow a fair election, much less accept the result of one if it isn't in their favor. Believing so is unbelievably naive and totally ignorant of what they are doing and the purposes for it. Every DAY is another step down the road... and sometimes, like this week,, it is a big gigantic LEAP down that road. The ****ing AG says in response to his literally giving a traitor a free pass that "history is written by the winners"... what exactly do you think he meant by that? "We will accept it if we don't win?" They just dropped charges against an ADMITTED TRAITOR. Violence is coming. ~Bang
  10. So no meme, photo or video,, but I figured y'all might want to laugh at me for a minute. Last night I poisoned myself. I wanted a drink, and I guess the last time I washed my favorite high-ball i didn't rinse it out well enough and I ended up making a Vodka, Coke and Dawn ****tail. 3 sips and holy smokes, violent puking all night long. Like Exorcist level. first sip: that tastes a little odd. tries a 2nd sip.. yeah, definitely weird. 3rd sip: RUHAARRRRLLL! Now, when they say Dawn is highly concentrated, they are not kidding. i had soap bubbles coming up my throat all night. after about 2 hellish hours, i need a sip of water.. ONE tiny sip and more bubbles and HHAAARRRRLLL! I think i threw up stuff I ate in 1996. All good now, but whew.. rough night. ~Barf
  11. Leadership, i tell ya. @Larry I commend you for finding people who merely look puzzled when you point out the flaws in their thinking on Trump's policies. Usually if i do that i am met with rage and namecalling, to be followed by laughter at their convincing "owning" of me and my obvious deep state poisoned thinking. 'cause you know, i'm such a liberal who hates America, and all that. EDIT: OK so it seems this video has been proven false. I'll leave it up so the post at least makes sense, but this is apparently bogus. ~Bang
  12. Won't say how I know, but this place deserves the fine, if not more. ~Bang
  13. Shooting,, i don't know,, but smashing his nose all over the pavement would definitely have been in order. ~Bang
  14. Just **** this guy. I hope he catches on fire. and that goes for any of you still supporting this absolute utter ****show of an "administration". Catch on FIRE. ~Bang
  15. Walls and walls of rage-tweets. ~Bang