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  1. ****ing Nazi you mean. This is exactly how they behaved in the Reichstag as they began to be elected. They shouted down all opposition, and acted like bullies. She didn't just decide to go out there and spout this garbage directly at AOC (ie: someone at the top of their enemies list.) This is a planned confrontation. Now they can use mass media to paint it in any way they see fit. AOC was right to not respond, and that is also part of the plan. If she had, her facts and reason would not break through the bellowing. But her not responding is exactly what they wanted as well. Thi
  2. .. in before he falls out of a window. Its only a matter of time before all of Putin's tactics are happening here. ~Bang
  3. At this point, this poem is what sounds like the deluded fantasy. War HAS appeared. And those pushing it are still pushing it. They are painting the violence as patriotism, and even worse as no big deal. But there is no action taken against any of them. In any way. They are traitors who spout treasonous rhetoric all day long and nothing is done. Folks need to stop pretending it is anything less than what it is. This sort of thing doesn't just go away, and while 'reasonable people' try to go about the regular everyday, these people are non-stop plotting against all of us. ~Ban
  4. I think we're beyond this. The GOP isn't going to find out anything other than what they already know, which is to cheat, lie and steal, and if all else fails turn to violence. They won't court any moderate votes, they won't offer any lip service that does not match the fascist agenda. Any candidate that does attempt to do so will be Cheney'd. Any candidate running on the right that doesn't go full on trump will see their own party run a horse or a blade of grass against them, and the idiots will laugh while they vote for the horse or the blade of grass.... that is if they don't just star
  5. "God".. don't you know that is the party of God? They love that ****. They're as fanatical as any of the theocracies that control other nations with iron fists. Idea: Stop pretending a myth can help any of us. ~Bang
  6. Wow,, i mean it's just shocking that all these things EVERYBODY ****ING KNEW WAS TRUE are turning out to be true. ~Bang
  7. Uh oh.. "grumbling Republicans"! you know what that means for the GOP!! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. None of these "grumbling" morons will cross the party line when it matters, none of them will stand up for any principles. Tired of hearing them "grumble" about what every person with a brain knows is wrong, only to watch them fall in line like the spineless Nazi ****s they are. More likely: The "grumbling" is a show to keep democrats and people with a brain believing that justice will prevail, and that cooler heads will rule the day in the end. They are to
  8. The owners of the item decided not to sell it. The modern day GOP thinks the GOVERNMENT should be able to tell you what to do with your own personal property. I'd say it's stunning, but it's not. And so I repeat **** THESE ****ING PEOPLE. ALL OF THEM. ~Bang
  9. They don't have to fake a thing. All they have to do is say whatever the **** they want and the Nazis will bellow and scream and dare anyone to stop them. It's the playbook. It doesn't matter how outrageous it is. repeat a lie enough and it becomes a fact. And the only people they need to believe it are just enough to be able to force their way. The United States needs to immediately end arguing, debating and entertaining any more of this bull****. **** these people, and **** them NOW. ~Bang
  10. Such a fun movie! If you never saw it, you'll love it, it's on Prime, and it's in Norwegian with subtitles, but you won't care. ~Bang
  11. Odds Fox runs a "D" next to Gaetz's name when he gets arrested: 0% because as of now, i have no faith anything will happen to him at all. It's been about 2 months since the evidence started coming out, his partner has been cooperating for at least 3 weeks right? He's still in congress, still goose-stepping around the country on his Nazi bull**** tour. Has he even been contacted by any law enforcement agencies regarding any of this? There is no law for those ****s. But if the unlikely happens and he DOES get arrested, Fox will 100% run a D next to his name.
  12. It'll slow some, you'll think it's settled into a familiar pattern, but stick to it. YeeHAA. ~Bang
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