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  1. Taxes are a ****, ain't they Al? RICO the GOP. ~Bang
  2. I am much more confident they will have a three up - three runs inning than anything else. there is no shutting anyone down in the 8th or 9th. We need a lot more of those games with a 9 run cushion. ~Bang
  3. Mike Pence is a traitor. And as far as I'm concerned, so is anyone supporting him and this corrupt, treasonous criminal administration. ~Bang
  4. This bullpen is going to kill me. But DAMN nice play to end the game Series win! ~Bang
  5. Tough game tonight. they are fighting with fingernails. Sox keep filling bases and getting stranded. Need a couple more runs. Need some good mojo from the bullpen. ~Bang
  6. FINE them? throw their ass in jail for contempt! seriously, why do we have laws?? ****ing ****hole banana republic. ~Bang
  7. Oh yeah.. i can certainly see that NOW the typical republican pinhead is going to realize there's a problem. **** that. They'd rather learn russian. This. Is. Exactly. What. They. WANT. Every single one of them that does not stand against this wants exactly what it is. And everything they say to the contrary is a lie, especially if they don't even realize they are lying. Ignorance isn't bliss. it's ****ing stupid. It should be humiliating And it is... if there is enough intelligence to understand shame. ~Bang
  8. @CousinsCowgirl84 Ok, so you say.. I imagine you spend a lot of time arguing from a devil's advocate standpoint? either way.. as it goes for the rest of the people who still have not burned their GOP membership card... do you REALLY think there is any way to force any of them to see any of this as a problem? Trump isn't exposing problems to them. he's doing exactly what they want. They want a bully, a gangster, they want a TV tough guy who doesn't take any ****, and the law be damnd... they wanted Dirty Harry, and they elected Donald ****ing TRUMP... and they believe this lying fat draft dodging new york silver spoon elite who would just as soon piss on every one of them.. IS THAT. dead serious.. listen to the rank and file GOP fox drone complain and he is EXACTLY THE TYPE THEY HATE. Everything. it's not hidden. He is what they hate and they are SO far gone that they can't even bring themselves to admit that even his daily festivals of lying are wrong... that directing his staff to obstruct justice is wrong (They ignored him, so it's all good! they say.).. You think they will say "Say,, that Sarah sanders sure does lie a lot, and so does the President, and now he's telling people to not assist the police.. and i thought we were all about law enforcement?.. gosh,, something seems wrong here." (U can bet if that ever popped into their heads it was quickly filled with "It's Obama's fault") Does that sort of self reflection ever seem likely given what you have watched happen in this country in the last ten years? Historically speaking, the only way people who support a regime like this ever see the light of day is when it is shining through a hole in their head, and there has been a war. I know folks think i dwell too often on the worst possible scenario.. but every day takes us further down that road. Every day this president and the ENTIRETY of the GOP prove themselves to be the exact sort of people that require "the worst possible scenario" to stop. ~Bang
  9. lol "they must apprehend" people for walking. hey Donald,, got news for you,, there's caravans all over the place. We call them "hikes". ~Bang
  10. The first step is being smart enough to know what a "problem" is when you can't blame it on someone else. The GOP's entire propaganda plan is to blame everything on liberals. Everything. The president is a traitor and a criminal. But it's the fault of angry democrats .. not his.. and certainly not the laws he breaks on a daily basis... he clearly thinks himself above the law, and you peasants agree. None of you show the ability to do any self reflection. At all. And your masters know it,, which is why they spend every second of every day lying right to your face and fighting AGAINST the rule of law, and demanding you support it,, and you do. The incorrigible 33% backs it all, without fail. As far as I'm concerned, everyone who didn't realize this problem several YEARS before Trump are too stupid to ever figure it out. Trump is the end result of your problem. And now, all of you are everyone's problem. What you have allowed in your inability to WANT to see ANY problem is unforgivable. People have been begging you clowns to shut your yaps and listen for years. Smarter people, people who can see what is happening, who hear evidence and see facts. (And as much as you pinheads want to cry about educated elites.. it doesn't take any sort of scholar to know what any of this is. But it takes a real class-A moron to ignore it.. or someone who enthusiastically supports it..) The best first step any of you could take in solving the problem you have created through your ignorance and hubris would be in front of a bus,, or off a ledge. Self reflection,, looking inward at actual problems, that won't ever happen. Ever. the incorrigible 33% are completely devoid of the traits that allow for it. Humility. Shame. Compassion. It's burned out of those who are left,, if they ever had any of it in the first place. The party doesn't want it.. there is no room for a person who thinks for themselves and holds their leaders accountable. You are a drone, and they like you angry, fearful, stupid and pliable. in fact, no one left in the GOP wants to ever change a thing. Drones only know how to be drones. Every single lie, you believe it. Every single unbelievable lie... you eat it like hog slop. If you did, then comments like "the democrats should fight harder" when faced with criminal behavior from actual traitors would be recognized for the shocking depth of depravity it shows. Right and wrong are non-existent when "right and left" are used to define the terms. frankly, if the intelligence exists for any self reflection, the lack of respect your overlords have for it would be enough to send anyone with enough brains into fits of rage. Daily lies. Daily fights to prevent justice and the rule of law. Blocking every attempt to answer any questions about the extremely shady nature of everything they do... anyone with any self respect would realize what that means. But, anyone with any self respect would have abandoned this nest of snakes long ago. Defending the indefensible at this stage deserves nothing but spit in the eye. ~Bang
  11. That would be nice, get the first home series win. I think they are a scrappy bunch. Big night out of Cashner, and boy did we need it. ~Bang
  12. As if any better indicators were needed as to the fact that Trump thinks about only Trump and nothing else. He's pathetic. Shallow, plastic, vapid. ~Bang
  13. Some nights it sure is fun ~Bang
  14. Nice to see him getting his swing back ~Bang
  15. Bang

    Uplifting Stories Thread

    Not an article, but this guy will give you a smile ~Bang