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  1. I think if i were Roger Stone's attorney i'd BEG for a gag order. course, if i were Roger Stone's attorney, i'd also beg for leniency on my own behalf when my misdeeds were inevitably discovered, and i'd ask for a 'first ten lies forgiven" ruling. ~Bang
  2. lol.. nah, that's about it. (and be it clear,, not right leaning people in general.. just folks who support what we are seeing now. This isn't even American politics anymore. You and I agree on much mor than we disagree on, for example. I don't see you as a frothing Trumpster, always respect.) The rest.. too old for revolution unless they come to my door. does Prime do revolution? ~Bang
  3. Illegals benefit the super rich by giving them an exceedingly low paid labor force... while they simultaneously fund politicians who scream to the heavens the illegal needs to be stopped. Maybe things would get better if folks would wise up and stop supporting the people who get their marching orders from those who clearly want to sow chaos among us, steal as much from us as they can, bring us to as low a level of expectancy that they can get and bleed us for generations. If i supported that, i'd be pretty ****ing pissed. Especially since I would likely be one of the people it hurts the most. ~Bang
  4. Anyone supporting this has no business being included in any discussions among adults. I'd disenfranchise every one of you if i could. ~Bang
  5. Do that on the corner and you're a drug dealing scumbag who should be in jail. Our pharma companies are no different than any other heroin pusher. A wall will stop this. ~Bang
  6. i don't recall mobs of pissed off people screaming lies that Mexico would pay for 700 miles of fence. Nothing worse than a liar except the ones who believe the lie even after having it thrown back in their faces. I don't like a cult of personality. Leads to bad things. if he had framed his desires and how he'd get it done in a truthful or even good faith manner, I'd be much less angry. But the whole thing was complete bull****, and besides that, showed how weak he was when Mexico laughed in his face repeatedly.. and it failed to change a single mind among the thralls. Since then he has threatened and attacked the lives of Americans rather than ever try anything in good faith at all. He creates fearmongering fantasies rather than try to work to any solutions. These definitely lean to all-or-nothing, and the right's propaganda has been convincing their people that their actual enemies are Americans... and so here we are. ~Bang
  7. Why do illegals come? jobs for one,, to escape gangs and drug cartels is another. What is the source of the problem? is it the people who come knowing there are unscrupulous Americans (like the President) who will hire the illegal for pennies on the dollar and fire Americans to do it and make himself richer? Or is it the unscrupulous American (like our President) who will hire the illegal over an American who needs enough money to survive in America? What is the source of the problem? as far as drugs go... i am so deeply disappointed in so-called 'conservatives' who fail utterly at understanding the most basic of building blocks of capitalism. FAIL. You people are supposed to be conservatives and you absolutely FAIL at understanding the FIRST PLANK IN YOUR ****ING PLATFORM. Supply only exists because of DEMAND. So who is the problem? The seller, or the buyer demanding the product? WHICH is your source of the problem? (Use your old high school math. Bob has ten widgets. If no one wants widgets, how many can Bob sell? None, Bob is an idiot, Bob created supply without any demand and is now stuck with ten useless widgets) Answer up, trumpy. Tell me how the **** a WALL will stop DEMAND. Use your super conservative free market powers and figure it out. Tell me how Captain Hairball (the business expert) expects you to believe the entire thing works BACKWARDS in this case, especially when the demand is being created by people who are addicts. Not just folks who like a convenient product.. ADDICTS. The Pharma companies who are in bed with your masters are turning Americans into junkies at epidemic rates. Is there any doubt of this? Is there any argument over this? of course not. Listening to any discussion on the opioid problem will tell you where the majority of junkies are getting their first hit. Waste money on a wall, and the demand still exists, and will continue to exist because specifically we create junkies here at home with companies using predatory practices to hook people on expensive drugs for as long as they can. Pills.. you know, if the doctor cuts off the scrip,, and the junkie goes out and buys 100 Oxys off the street, the Pharma company doesn't give a ****, they still sold the pills. Thy profit regardless of whether the junky is getting it legally or illegally. If a pharmacy gets robbed and thousands of pills are stolen, what do they care? Pills still sold to the pharmacy. Demand satisfied.. too bad a junky stole it. Order some more. for a moment, an attempt at reason. I've said this a thousand times if I have said it once. These people who demand your fealty, demand you unquestioning defense of everything they do,, they use you. Up in the rare air where these people circulate with CEOs of billion dollar pharma companies and their deeply pocketed lobbies, they don't care how the money flows in,, so long as it does. The fact they expect you to be so blind to such obviousness should be galling to you. tThat they expect you to believe utter fantasies that go directly against the grain of the most sacred tenet in all of conservatism. If you cut off supply, demand goes away. It's absolutely backwards. it should anger you as much as it has angered me (a former member of the GOP) that they have absolutely no respect for your intelligence. They in fact expect you to act as told, to ignore common sense, to ignore everything you should know about what being a 'conservative' is. They piss on you and tell you it's raining. These people lie to you continually. They feed you ludicrous bull**** that flies in the face of facts when every single bit of data there is says otherwise. And you take it. You accept it. You actively work to not see it, and believe me,, if a person still can't see them for what they are, they have been working VERY hard at ignoring the mountains and mountains of evidence that says otherwise. You don't become a liberal by casting off liars and con men. You can hold conservative values and still know a lie when proven to be a lie. You say you want to come here and engage and try to learn something. Here is a start off point. Google "trump lies", and start to read. In fact, google anything you think you know based of of what Trump and his traitors have told you, and you will find out that 99% of it is bull****, and that he is very likely a criminal, and very likely a traitor. No matter what,, if you actually look at him and compare his lie and his actions to the demands of the rank and file Americans who's anger over things put him into office... you will find that he participates happily in every single thing that these voters hate. He IS what they hate, and they absolutely fail to see it. One of my favorite things is when they tell me "He tells it like it is", when almost everything he says is proven to be a lie. In fact he is such a habitual liar that yesterday we read that people in his circle think he actually believes what he says. he tells lies, and your crowd thinks he's "telling it like it is"... when he literally does the exact opposite... and his own staff thinks he's delusional. How does that stand with anyone who wants any respect as a thinking person? ~Bang
  8. Hi I'm a terrorist. I am in Asia, looking to get to America. Choice 1. Go to Mexico, join a caravan, walk a couple hundred miles and try to sneak in across a guarded border, or through the checkpoints. I will let myself be smuggled in a truck, or hike across miles of scrubland in the heat. Lots of kids. lots of scared people. Lots of uncertainty. what will i do if Border patrol catches the truck or spots us as we try to cross? I'll have to start again, or, i will likely be caught outright once they figure out i am not a Mexican and am from Whateverstan, and my entire plot is sunk. Choice 2; i fly to Vancouver. Nice place. i rent a truck or i have a buddy provide me with a rugged vehicle that doesn't need pavement under it's wheels. I get in the vehicle and i drive east a few hundred miles. Listen to the radio. Catch up on a jihadist podcast or two. When i want, I turn right and cross the longest unguarded border on planet earth and soon i am driving through Upstate Washington or through miles of empty Idaho or Montana.. Choice 3: i buy an easily gotten fake identity and fly into NYC Hmmm... which one would I choose? Trump and his minions believe the hardest and most perilous route that is covered with people looking for him specifically due to propaganda induced fear makes the most sense. Now, i know the whole class already knows the answer, but as usual, we all have to move at the pace of the slowest individual. As we know, often (100% of the time) when presented with absolute facts and common sense logic backed up by reams of data.. well, they just decide they know better anyway because Tucker ****ing Carlson and Anne Coulter are their preferred teachers. ~Bang
  9. "Teach". no bigger waste of time. Again, none of this is new. It's been a long slide, and reason has been tried, tried, tried, and then tried again. All we see is a repetition of the same ****... someone else said it before.. all we are seeing are talking points that have been proven to be lies again and again. No one is trying to engage and learn. "Gee, I think i will engage liberals with an open mind and willingness to learn from their point of view" said no Trumpster ever. I believe one of the phrases that they thought was so funny was "**** your feelings". Sounds about right. ~Bang
  10. This was in Minneapolis The bus driver was shot in the head, but from what i understand didn't die ( at least on the scene). There was a student on the bus, and given the bus itself, likely a special needs student. And of course, all the other cars and people in traffic. yay. ~Bang
  11. so long as i am not responsible for any explosions or mayhem ~Bang
  12. i'm the same way. A softy,, i'd much rather help if i can. I don't want to push anyone off the ledge. But i am not opening the window.. because as far as I'm concerned the only meaningful discussion to have is "This Trump is the exact lying criminal fraud we were warned about, and voting for him was a massive mistake, and I better open my eyes and pay better attention and quit being such a stooge that I am easily led down the paths that are so obvious in what they are trying to do." The GOP is compromised. Conservatives do not believe in conservatism anymore. Free market? Get real. the GOP has weighted the entire thing towards the top 1%, and have made fraud easier than ever to commit. They rolled back protections on consumers that were designed specifically to prevent fraud and predation. their orange monkey god routinely interjects himself into the affairs of private businesses, has feuds with private businesses, and affects their bottom lines due to his actions. In other words, direct government interference. and they ****ing love it. (Nevermind he's fleecing everyone financially with all of his own businesses operating through the presidency) They crow about an economy that had been growing, then systemically kill it like they do every time by hacking taxes to the people at the top who never play trickle down with it, they use it to buy crooked politicians and keep the cash flowing. the latest tax cut is just now starting to dawn on these dopes that what economists and every single watchdog group there was warned them against is happening, and they WILL once again fall for the idiotic blame game and continue to champion these people who steal from them. They do NOT support a free market. They support a rigged market and think because they can catch a scrap or two then they are living like lions instead of jackals. Strong military? Get real,, our biggest enemy is currently kicking our ass with ****ing paid infilTRAITORS and they LOVE it. The president constantly belittles his intel community undermines their mission and obstructs. He uses soldiers as political pawns, his generals have quit on him left and right over his incompetence and utter disdain for what they know. Our allies no longer trust us, and the world's despots think Trump's just great. Small government? As little government intrusion as possible? lol.. if this even needs to be explained.. ask any of them if there should be Bibles in schools, if they say yes, they fail. Period. A conservative social agenda is "don't break the law, and the law should not infringe upon your liberty. Which means who CARES if you're gay and want to get married. who CARES if you want to raise your kids in this religion or that. " but they don't. when not prevented by the constitution, they do try to outlaw things that don't affect them because of whatever reasoning.. be it religion or they just don't like it. that they are so wrapped up in the religiously corrupted and letting them write policy says all i need to hear. Social agendas that promote a :morality' at the utter detriment of others is mutually exclusive to "as little government intrusion as possible". The moral stands they make are washed away the second one of their own gets busted for it,, and it happens every single time. Donald trump is exactly what they hate, and they ****ing LOVE him. He is a New York silver spoon elite who pisses on everyone under him and treats "regular Americans" like trash. He is corrupt. he is a fraud, he is a liar, he uses religion as nothing more than a prop, he hires the illegals that took the jobs he refused to give to Americans, and the possibility he has colluded if not outright committed treason with our greatest enemy is ignored. These same people spent their life deriding anyone who thought we should have school lunches or other social programs to help underprivileged people as "Comrade". So much Russian money flowing into our politicians pockets.. and do they hold any responsible for it? No, their biggest enemies are the Americans who are saying "LOOK AT THIS" Screaming fake news, attacking media, encouraging violence.. No more than cattle, manipulated by those who hurt them the most. (Great case in point.. Build that wall! Oh, Trump has hundreds of illegals working for him? Uh... he's the best! build that wall! Its the Illegal's fault!) No respect for that. They put themselves on the ledge. **** 'em. Let 'em stay out with the other pigeons. ~Bang Edit: a liar who thinks what he says is real is by definition delusional. Not fit to be President. At all.
  13. Believe me,, i agree. I've been here 15+ years and for most of my time in this Tailgate i have spent trying to get people to unite... to demand truth, to demand better. Used to be a time I was considered one of the group's conservatives. As time went on I sat here talking with everyone and trying to get the conservatives with me to back off, see the truth, see what their media in particular is doing. (we now see the result.) as things got worse, the board's conservatives left.. and they didn't leave because the board suddenly fille up with rude liberals.. the board slowly turned on them because they were supporting bad people doing bad things. Rather than listen, they left. So none of this is new. Supporting people who support our enemies.. that is a conscious choice. To continue to ignore the lies, the hypocrisy, and the mounting evidence of treason.. this is done consciously. Last thing i ever want is a fight. But i have never been stupid enough to not recognize one when it's coming. ~Bang
  14. Bang

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    reality gets ignored in this situation. For some reason people think that a team signing Kaep will not have to deal with what comes with him, and it's not any loss of ticket sales to pissed off people falling for the distraction. Reality: He IS the face of a movement. His presence causes a stir. reality; This movement has been put square in the forefront by his enemies who want to discredit him and destroy the movement. These folks want to foster racial divide by telling everyone to shut up and ignore it. Reality: These enemies are big.. huge media conglomerates with deep pockets.. and reality: the ****ing president of the united states. Buffoon though he is, 30% or so of this nation believes everything he says and acts exactly as he tells them. The POTUS will be dividing a locker room. the POTUS will be involved in distracting the team. This is a major league distraction that NO team has ever had to deal with. EVER. Reality: the locker room will become ground zero for the racial debates and anger festering in this country. Hannity and Maddow arguing their points through that team. Reality: Media will swarm the team. Unrelenting, not just sports media. They will harass the players. Reality: there's 53 men in there plus coaches. Think all of them agree politically? Imagine a locker room that allows politics in, especially in today's climate. let ONE player slip. Let ONE player say anything that is not bland vanilla nothing.. let ONE player make even an allusion to not agreeing with Kaep's stance. The media will pry that locker room apart. Now.. you go in your locker room as a coach and you tell 52 guys that their careers are about to be upended by this one guy's presence. 52 men who have worked their whole lives to get where they are and who have an average of about a five year career. remember,, of your 52 men, most of them will fall into the 'average player' category, with the avg. career span. Now, go tell them that you just decided to jeopardize all their work and potentially shave a year or two ff that career with this. See how many of them stick with you. for that matter, go tell a coach who has an average stay at a job of three years that you are going to sign a guy who will likely divide his locker room no matter what he does... oh, and that business about winning games still applies or you're fired. No one is above the team, right? At least this is one of the things coaches have to establish to start to try to form team cohesion. And no matter what Kaep does, he will be above the team. he can be as low key as he always is.. sit in a corner with his nose to the wall and never say a peep.. and it won't matter. Blackballed? Maybe. A major team distraction? Most definitely. Bringing with him more than any team can likely handle (except maybe NE) Certainly. Kaep should run for US senate. He can do some real good. I like and respect him.. he's a man of conviction and honor. But his playing career is over. People can say it's unfair or whatever, but those realities are reality.. and can't be ignored. ~Bang