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  1. Gotta hand it to him. He lived the American dream. I so wanted a pocket fisherman when i was a kid. ~Bang
  2. While i think there is truth in this, it's sort of a moot point. no matter what the messaging, the idiot right in this country would have perverted it, misrepresented it, denied it and done everything they have been doing to spread as much misinformation as they can, like they have been since day one. The left DEFINITELY has a messaging problem. I think if the democrats decided to have a "day for the children" or something, they'd probably label it "Lets kill all the kids" or something completely off what they're trying to say. it is incredibly frustrating watching them say things that
  3. and the sooner the better. ~Bang
  4. "Not sharing" could also mean "It's none of your business", a phrase too many people have forgotten. Not everything has to be shared for the public's approval. I'm not sharing unless it has to do with my job. It's my business. Any guess on whether i have or not? ~Bang
  5. I always get a chuckle when they scream "YOU are the experiment!!" .. from the control group. I am convinced that as usual, none of this has anything to do with freedom or choice, but more in sticking it in the eye of anyone who they believe thinks they are smarter than them. (You know, medical doctors, research scientists, clearly the same educational level as the guy hanging drywall and your mailman.) And i would bet a dollar that if Tucker Carlson and his reeking ilk wanted to, they could convince these morons that a cow did indeed jump over the ****ing moon, and the fact scientists te
  6. An attempt to place themselves above a fray that they can't be above. ~Bang
  7. There are no undecideds left. Those who claim they are undecided are known as "****ing idiots". As you said, a person would have to be an idiot to be unable to understand what happened and is going on continually. The other option is they are republicans without the backbone to say they are. "Undecideds" at this point deserve spit in the eye. ~Bang
  8. Did Burgold's name change, or have I been reading it wrong all these years? ~Bong
  9. Newt really established the idea of two sets of facts. The facts, and the facts as we say they are. If i recall right, Predicto used to lay the blame of the water being so muddy around everything at Newt's feet. ~Bang
  10. I have a feeling they all sound cheesy to start off with, lets face it, most of them are. We just haven't seen too many teams change names in our lifetimes,, so it's all going to be weird. They need time to steep, then it'll be business as usual. ~Bang
  11. This isn't a molotov ****tail thrown at the radio station that originates such garbage.. But it should be thrown through their window anyway so they can look at all the non flames it causes. How long does decent society put up with this ****? ~Bang
  12. People who still believe this is all about being PC crack me up. In a way it is, but it's not about anyone's feelings, it is about MONEY, just like always. The name is outdated. And who says it's outdated? The next generation of fans. Increasingly, young people are making choices on what they will buy, who they will support based on political ideals. Much much much more-so than when most of us decided which teams we follow. Sports franchises life's blood is in that next generation, and the generation following that. But nobody cares or caves to protest. Boycotts rarely work. Prote
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