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  1. After 20 years of war they're surprised how many people in the angry super-pro-military mob have military training? Come on. Seriously, who the **** is in charge? Anybody? Are there ANY adults ANYWHERE? Connecting dots can't be this ****ing hard. ~Bang
  2. they tried the "we were only following orders" excuse once. Didn't work. I'm not buying the even worse "we didn't realize what was going to happen". Against the wall! ~Bang!
  3. Favorite moments: "wow".. and of course. "We don't want to dizzy people with numbers". ~Dang
  4. Remember that bill introduced in Texas a couple years ago by some whacko trying to ban masturbation? Crazy bills are introduced all the damn time. The good thing, we have a Constitution for such things, and a Supreme Court to make sure that even if those whacko bills pass, they fit within that framework. Cuz if they don't... well. Oh hang on. Knock on the door... There's some gun control people here again, i need to go get rid of them. I mean how many more decades do we need to listen to them complain about the 2nd amendment, what with all the gun violence statistics, murdered c
  5. Feel free to publish it yourself. No one will stop you. But if you use a platform someone else owns, play by the rules they set down, or they have the legitimate right to remove you. ~Bang
  6. So this is fun. As to "Cancelling Taylor Heinicke".. look, we see what happens when we let fringe lunatics control things by simply screaming louder than everyone right? The bottom line is this. The people who "cancel" things are the CEOs. And they cancel things because the thing being screamed about will A/ lose them money B/ Not make them enough money, or c/ they can make more money by cancelling it. (See: Redskins, Washington) No worries. ~Bang
  7. Picking up Richard Atkinson's "An Army at Dawn" from the library today. About the US's first steps into WW2 in North Africa and how unprepared everything was, and i'm assuming how it got it's **** together. ~Bang
  8. I swear to GOD if Stephen Miller tries to squeegee my windows, i will run his ass over. Twice. ~Bang
  9. Not discounting that there are people who are with them in among the cops. We know this already. After all THEY opened the gates like it was a concert crowd or something. Root them out. Prosecute them at best, fire them at least. ~Bang
  10. Buzz and Sisko, i totally get what you're saying and i will not disagree. These are just my opinions as to why the response was what it was, I'm just trying to think on it, but it is hard because I DO believe there was inside orchestration, i DO believe Trump installed people in the pentagon specifically to slow reaction to whatever was going to happen, and he incited this mob for the purpose of attempting a coup. I think once the order was given to open the gate, which they did, they took defense via force off the table. I'm holding on to see what happens in the coming months,, no
  11. Nah, never ignore you. And I'm pissed too. I think right now my main anger is directed toward the GOP who is trying to worm out from under with patriotic words in the aftermath. No no no. They enabled this. They bent over and kissed it, they put a clearly corrupt and CLEARLY unfit president above the law, and they created this. NEVER ever let any of them forget it or live it down. EVER. EVER ~Bang
  12. Well, i understand, but you get what i'm saying. They get into a major shootout in that situation, we have definitely got a full blown civil war on our hands. AND, the count is stopped.. Trump can declare national Emergency,, they get what they want, at least temporarily. | If there is a battle, the congress isn't coming back that night to certify. I am going to toss this out as well as food for thought. I am friends with my county sheriff, play pickleball with him a lot. During the BLM protests we had one here, and he deployed tear gas. As he said,, the result was nobody
  13. Folks are upset because of the lack of arrests, rightfully so, and while I do think trump's toadies and fanboys in the pentagon and police DID act to prevent aid and assist the insurrection, I think trying to confront this crowd as opposed to a BLM crowd is decidedly different. As in, this crowd is likely to be heavily armed, and a confrontation would lead to absolute worst case scenario of a LOT of blood being shed. There is no turning back from that. A BLM protest is largely organized to be peaceful, there are not likely to be hundreds of people with rifles and other weapons in the mar
  14. they will turn that woman into a martyr if she was one of them. Surprised her name isn't already being used if she was. ~Bang
  15. Is trump smart enough to plot to install his people in the Pentagon immediately after losing the election specificvally so they would not deploy the Guard while his Nazi jackboots take over? ready? ~Bang
  16. I will feel a lot better when Pence actually does his duty at 1PM. I don't trust any of them in any way, especially after yesterday's bull**** in Pennsylvania. ~Bang
  17. Well, here's to hoping McConnell takes the news so hard he hangs himself in a closet. ~Bang
  18. My main takeaway here is that this guy probably spent 50+ bucks on that stupid ****ing "Stop the Steal" hat, never realizing he was robbed when he bought it. PT Barnum would be laughing himself SICK. ~Bang
  19. i used to not like Sally Jenkins, but it turns out she was 1000000000% right about Dan Snyder in every single criticism she had. JLC can suck it. His still grinding axe he has with this team makes me roll my eyes at every rumor he comes up with concerning the WFT. He still reports from a position of extreme prejudice, and it seems to me he knows that the hive of morons that make up a lot of this fanbase will eat up every negative thing he writes, so he never HAS to be right. Just enough shadow to make him sound credible, and no meat backing up any of it. With the way the interne
  20. See, i would not do that. i would issue an executive order and take them back. Strip them of it. Publicly proclaim that they have no business wearing it, and never earned it. Say out loud that they were given it by a traitor to these United States, and disavow them and him permanently. Don't let them taint it. We owe it to the others who have earned to keep the honor intact. ~Bang
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