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  1. Correlation does not imply causation...but I was just driving home a few minutes ago, had nod idea about the Chauvin verdict, and good lord there were a lot of cops on the road handing out tickets. Guy next to me got pulled over and couldn't have been more that five-six miles an hour over the limit. If ya got a lead foot...maybe back off on it the next couple of days.
  2. Note to self: in the future when you are not sure about a sexual euphemism, do not google it. ...ever.
  3. Was born in Virginia. Will be back there when I'm done. The Blue Ridge Mountains may just be a little slice of heaven on earth. Glad to see New Jersey near the bottom. I have no idea how they managed it topologically, but when I drove around the proverbial garden state the only thing I could think was "how the hell can the entire state be under an overpass"
  4. Not that I can be critical, but it looks like he had one for sorrow,Two for joy,Three for girls and four for boys,Five for silver,Six for gold and,Seven for a secret never to be told a few too many times.
  5. I'll take politicians for 100 dollars Aaron.
  6. Sesame street is a rehab for monsters. Snuffleupagus is always stoned, cookie monster is trippin and the count is clearly a pimp. "Chocolate chips don't do that to people..."
  7. Don't be surprised if its the city that cut the goal: https://www.chicagoreporter.com/game-over-hoops-disappear-school-playgrounds/ In my area they took all the goals down when the covid restrictions hit.
  8. This grizzly just did more for infrastructure in the US than Joe Manchin and all the senate Republicans combined.
  9. 8. Never call the "MAGA Creed" a "Creed". If asked its a "Credo". "Creed" is a movie about a black boxer and we don't do diversity. 9. In a pinch you can also call it the "MAGA dogma". We don't mind dogs...so long as its a white dog.
  10. Well you see Poker, when a mommy dog and daddy turtle love each other very much... Their offspring will have genetic similarities of both parents: Its just science really .
  11. They won't fight. Every republican senator in the senate will simply pick one of (1) "I didn't hear it" (2) "No comment" or (3) "President Trump certainly has an interesting sense of humor, but I don't think he meant it the way you're implying. I'm sure it was just a joke and as usual you in the media are overreacting."
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