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  1. Might as well head to a casino and play slots at this point.
  2. I recommend you take however much you're drinking and smoking, and cut it in half. ...and then send the extra half to me please .
  3. Rowan Atkinson...underrated...except his movies which were all pretty crap. Blackadder and Bean tv shows...legendary.
  4. Neal deGrasse Tyson. Now let me be clear...I like Tyson...quite a bit actually. Its just he is marketed as the second coming of Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan he ain't. He has never produced anything like the poetry of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.
  5. Apple. Can basically get the same functionality for 1/2 the price elsewhere. But they got their fan bois.
  6. Jabbyrwock


    Finally a thread about the Newton-meter! Bloody pretentious physical unit...I get wrapped around an axle just thinking about it.
  7. Please tell me this had a manual transmission. I just want the headline "Naked Man Gets Wood Mishandling Stick". Curiosity: how far is Jacksonville from Mar-a-Lago?
  8. She likes long walks on the beach, guns, and taking away access to health care. Good luck.
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