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  1. I'd also add elimination of the FCC fairness doctrine in 1987 to the list of dumb things that happened during the Reagan presidency that got us to where we are today.
  2. and gangbanged, and DP'ed, and ... wait a sec. Gotta get a copy of my Charlie Kirk porn reference guide.
  3. Did they actually lose? Because more and more it seems like the just went underground and keep on periodically rising up to consume our brains... Lincoln and Grant shoulda double tapped.
  4. Okay Jabby ol'boy...every time there is an obvious downhill joke you don't have to do it. You don't always have to go for the low hanging fruit. You can control yourself. @TryTheBeal! will be along any moment and he'll make the joke. You can maintain class and digni... Don't you mean its an effort to get science into girls? ....damnit.
  5. After an in depth and exhaustive analysis of the lyrics of her song, which may or may not have involved rum, I believe I can put forth the hypothesis that the desire for a temporal shift to Sunday from present time (Monday) is due to her assertion that there exists a homeomorphism between the space of "Sundays" and her "Fun-days" and does not take into account the subsequent existence of further Mondays. Sadly, I have not been able to ascertain if this is due to her belief that further temporal shifts can actually be repeated upon the recurrence of Monday's or simply due to limited planning h
  6. That southern republicans want to secede isn't that surprising. I was, however, a little surprised by the almost 1 in 2 democrats in the pacific region that also want to secede.
  7. I'm relatively certain her "GED" is a set of three magnetic letters on her fridge. One in six chance she has them in the right order.
  8. Chaos and Ergodic Theory Homework Assignment 1: Baker's Transformation Incorrect, sir.
  9. I know its confusing, since Dan Snyder has basically been screwing both for many years, but there is an easy way to tell the difference. If you flip them over the electric tool will say "Made in China".
  10. Interesting...enough q-tards will lie to pollsters and indicate they are democrats or independents to amount to about 13% of the democratic respondents and 26% of independents. Nothing like that conservative christian honesty.
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