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  1. No, I don't believe we'd be where we are if he had knocked it out of the park. But that's the whole point. The campaign set this up to where one horrible debate determined the swing. The job of the campaign over the past year should have been to make the outcome robust to one or two bad days. This is like people ****ing about the ref on a end game goal line stand costing them the game. If they had been playing the game better to that point, the ref wouldn't matter.
  2. First let me make it clear I am neither leaning to or against replacing Biden. I simply don't know. But its more than a single "bad day at work". They've had a year of a well funded campaign to change peoples minds about who Biden is and what he has accomplished. Fairly or not, they haven't...and this is the campaigns job. So Biden and his campaign team have had a bad year of work, not just a bad day, in changing the perception of people regarding Biden. Hell, he's no more popular now then when they started. If they had been doing a good job for that year, then the one bad debate probably wouldn't matter much. People would know all the good things he's done, foreign and domestic. They could've framed the "old" narrative by highlighting the people he surrounds himself with and should have spent that time boosting Harris' image to bolster against the "what if" narrative further. None of this happened. And again, I stress fair or not. I don't think the media has been fair at all...but its the campaigns job to figure out how to manipulate the narrative in the environment they are immersed in. They haven't. Over the past year they took a far to passive approach. I speculate that they assumed Trump's convictions and the issue of abortion would carry them easily, so were content to sit back in a passive posture. They were wrong, and now the narrative is baked in. Fair? No. But make no mistake Biden and his campaign bear a significant amount of responsibility for where he is at right now.
  3. I have no idea how the media is going to characterize this speech, but any description other than "vacuous sack of bull****" will be well short of accurate (I fully expect something historically stupid out of Van Jones). I'm done.
  4. The man could literally get up there and fart into the microphone for two hours and these morons would claim it was motivating and inspiring.
  5. So this thing has been pretty much a clown show from start to finish. This has been days of people sucking Trump's dick on national television. God I hope the democrats, whoever is the nominee, DO NOT try to compete on this kind of playing field. I am so very tired of politics in this nation being this god damn dumb.
  6. There is always a new bottom...this is what Trump has taught me.
  7. Someone called it a clown show. It totally is. I know this because its sad and not funny.
  8. He probably finally discovered soap and running water and wishes to sing about it.
  9. I swear at this point I'm just assuming everyone speaking at the RNC is wearing ridiculous amounts of eyeliner just to make Vance seem normal.
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