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  1. Keep it going old farts, that will backfire. Bernie is huge with young voters so if you want a major young vote turnout, keep it up!
  2. Thanks TMZ for starting my morning with close up pics of a dude that hanged himself, great way to start the day!
  3. He looks like a walrus.
  4. I have serious doubts, I think most people have discovered that trump brings nothing to the table.
  5. That probably wasn't the best idea in the world. RIP to this guy.
  6. I have absolutely no idea, but I know that the team will be competitive in most contests.
  7. Soooo jail is not an option here?
  8. spjunkies

    Winter weather thread: 2019-2020 edition

    Yeah, it's over.
  9. spjunkies

    RIP Neil Peart

  10. It might be time to bring insane asylums back.
  11. spjunkies


    Hate to see Kenny Ladler go
  12. It might be time to disassemble the office of POTUS, the position has gained too much power and it's clear as day that one person can destroy a once great nation.
  13. Only problem is I think Bill Patriot is playing a heel character, I think our QB is just a prick. Hopefully that changes over time, who knows.
  14. Ewww just heard a clip of the radio play by play and they have Grant Paulsen and his squeaky voice in the booth.