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  1. He's too high profile, I seriously doubt anything happens to him in the poke. His days will be lonely though.
  2. Thank goodness, not going to lie I had a bad feeling he was going to get off.
  3. You can change the signature in the account settings portion of the site. It took some clicking around, but I finally located it https://es.redskins.com/settings/
  4. That guy is exactly what I'd expect someone named Lin Wood to look like.
  5. Warthogs is terrible because it's from a indoor soccer league that folded like 30 years ago.
  6. Got the second dose on Wednesday and experienced nothing other than a slightly sore arm.
  7. Oh boy, here we go again with this nonsense.
  8. Sounds like a WNBA team name.
  9. I'm one of the people who thinks that Oswald didn't act alone. That **** just doesn't add up at all to me.
  10. I hate to sound like an old person, but something must be done to stop this nonsense. I don't have the answer on how to reign it back in but the availability of extremely lewd content is a major problem IMO.
  11. You know damn well the wizards will be lucky if they got the 8th pick.
  12. He'll be back with them in 2-3 years.
  13. Man, I am so damn proud of MLB right now for doing the right thing.
  14. I wish I could find it in ke to cheer for another team, but I just can't. I'm probably just going to start treating them like I do the Bullets where I hope they do well but never watch their games anymore. I'm so over it!
  15. So are they going to be on the next Jake and Josh Paul celebrity boxing card?
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