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  1. 757SeanTaylor21

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    Youre a glutton for punishment.
  2. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Its bad that i would takethe necessary evil of losing to get the higher goal achieved of bruce allen getting fired is more important
  3. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Lmbo another penalty
  4. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    So far, 6 penalties total with 2 of them being multiple penalties and one being declined . Were on pace for 15 penaltiss
  5. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Here we go early, they gonna punch us in the mouth and you know we cant come back from it
  6. 757SeanTaylor21

    Favorite tools?

    Im a maintenance supervisor, so i have quite a selection of hand and power tools yet the most productive and efficient tool ive ever invested in is a basin buddy. My goodness has it made changing faucets a breeze. Best pair of pliers ive ever owned are knipex cobras. Nail guns and compressors are always great and handy. Oh and impact drills. Which a magnetic sleeve is a necessity That pilot g2 is amazing and my favorite pen as well.
  7. 757SeanTaylor21

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    I think if flacco out they should really let rg3 run the o
  8. 757SeanTaylor21

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    He threw a laser on that 4th down and 22.
  9. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Haha witj another terribly taken angle
  10. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Hey gruden lets try running ap out tje i formation
  11. Maybe i should clarify a few things and what i disagree with and my points in totality: I quoted you on saying that we would be better off with stop worrying about others and focus on our own paper. I replied to you in disagreement to highlight that as a society if we turn a blind eye to only focus on ourselves we alienate a village raising a child. And i stated that for way too long we have turned our eyes to focus on our "own" paper and i feel its the reason why our society and youth are going the way they are. And so i brought forth examples in life that would challenge you to "focus on your own paper". And which you stated, gender identity, sexual orientation, or whatever......You focus it solely on "it has no impact on my life, so why would i care" when kids making grown decisions you should care. Which now...In my examples, no matter the extremity...they still would have no impact on your life. Which is my question to how you would go about seeing those examples and what would you do. If you advocate minding your own business, then mind your own business because if it has no affect on YOU in those extreme cases as well. If you gonna say mind your business in one manner, yet not mind your own in another, when they both have no impact on your life then it gets quite hypocritical. So ill lay this out for you point blank to know where i stand: if a kid to me came and said they was gay, or trans or whatever...wanted to kill, hated blacks, whites,...i would talk to them. I would have a serious dialogue with them whether they are my kids or not. So i wouldn't just mind my own business. I disagree with that philosophy whole heartedly. If i see a man disrespecting a woman, or vice versa i SAY something. Or whatever the case may be that needs to happen. Your too many people worrying about other peoples lives really said which i loosely quote..."religious people need to stfu". Ok hold up. So now you single it to religious people, who have a different view than you. Which the irony in it all was...you said if i couldnt see the difference between xx and zz then i have issues. Ok. Also, religious people need to stfu...why? out of a difference in philosophy right? So they tend to see things one way, you see them differently. But to you, they need to stfu. Not only do they need to stfu, they need to mind their own damg business which meanwhile youre not doing the same. Because youre up in arms about this persons beliefs. You dont find this ideology controlling and any shape hypocritical?
  12. You dont see how minding your own business when it comes down to self decisions that has no impact on your life vs minding your own business when something dumb happens around you that still has nk barring impact on your life one bit should be looked at the same? Some may say you try snd intervene a robbery, fight, etc that you may get hurt or killed. Yet now, my perception of this issue doesnt agree with yours, and i got issues? Is your way the only way to see things? Doesnt that boil down to the same exact thing you feel "religious people" tend to do and need to shut up about?
  13. Is it your issue in those extreme examples? So now you picking and choosin...ok
  14. I honestly, strongly disagree with that entire premise. You walk down the street...see a girl getting beat....would you keep your eyes on your own paper. "La ta da da dee...i didnt see anything" and skip your way to the coffee shop? Or somebody getting robbed, or just overhearing someone saying something ignorant as all get out about killing folks. Or your neighbors kid skipping school, whatever. My point is...it takes a village to raise a child. I personally feel and believe that we transitioned to a society of let me keep my eyes on my paper and not ever say anything to anybody. And now we can see how it has impacted the youth. And its all around. Yet, if you only look at you and yours what kind of impact are you making? And thats general speaking applying to the principle. Theres simply something horribly wrong with american society.
  15. 757SeanTaylor21

    Terminate Manusky

    Even the offense hasnt had any of those ...wow moments where we are unstoppable. Last time i felt that was rookie rg3. I remember trent dilfer gushing about our offense saying it was gonna be super hard to stop. Cousins to a degree but i was always scared he would turn it over. Jay gruden has alwYs been a mediocre OC...even in Cincinnati. The painful thing is...mcvay gonna be rams head coach for a lonnnng time...while were still gonna trot out different names every few years. Ask me how i know, i dare someone.