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  1. Would hate to see nabers in ny. Hopefully they draft ol or whatever.
  2. What's your point? You are still acting like these 49ers are a scrub team. They had their chance to win but didn't. But acting like they are not the best nfc team is crazy son. 7 all pros...how many we had? How many did kc have?
  3. This was the number 1 tean. You acting like they barely squeezed in the playoffs.
  4. Let's be real here. Wherher purdy ever wins a sb or not... his first full year starting he led a team to the sb. We dream of sniffing the playoffs let alone the sb.
  5. As for edge it gets no better than burns or hunter and we seriously need a great pass rusher. That would be who I'd look at getting before diving in the mediocre bins of has beens. Then al shair accompanied with Simmons. Shaiir would be a nice get and replacing Barton would be wonderful
  6. Our drafting has been very reminiscent to those of the raiders under gruden and mayock. And it burned them just as much as kt burned us.
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