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  1. So you mean to tell me that Landry way of building mass was incorrect? Lol (just being smart)
  2. When Seattle signed matt Flynn they also drafted russ. Russ won and been lighting the league eve since, i won't say heinicke is russ but man did he have some russ type of magic in that pocket. That td run was vintage russ. Give him some competition and let it be fair. If he wins it let him free
  3. I would agree that something moved. But I mean in an average season 7-9 doesn't make the playoffs so its kind of an anomaly for me. I think next year and what we do is the determining factor to whether or not I return back a greater deal. I've seen 7-9 before. I seen a close loss before. But since I wasn't old enough to remember the glory days and all I know is pain and heartache, I've got to see continuing progression. Can we win the east next year? That would move the needle more than anything
  4. We need to hire portis to teach our rbs how to block lol
  5. If u play a digital game and don't like it you can call Microsoft and ask for a refund and they will. Gotta be quick like a day or two after purchase
  6. I mean...in all realness bro. What has bosa done this year? Oh, nothing right because he is injured? So you want young to replicate those stats next year too then?
  7. At this point dude u gotta be trolling about this bosa expectation. I tell you what if you love bosa so much go become a san fran fan and let his such eliteness make you complete.
  8. Look at the entirety of san frans d line last year compared to ours with a number 2 pass rusher injured. Almost everyone included figured that bosa would have the more immediate impact as he was such a great technician but not as high as potential as young since young waa way more explosive. Once young matches the healthy explosiveness with the bosa hand techniques he will be dominant.
  9. I know. But it makes the comparison chase young to blsa much duller....as its 2 whole different levels ... coupled in with san frans offense that had its way with seemingly almost every opponent...the d line was able to pin their ears back. We always down 17 pts
  10. So if you take...chase young out and put nick bosa in....with a groin injury...and expect same performance last year with this group? If somebody can...can yall post the amount of pressures/sacks the sf d line had last year st this time compared to our players
  11. The fact that he used thr word explosive offense makes me know that it was sarcasm
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