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  1. 757SeanTaylor21

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Florida has a new law prohibiting people from giving homeless people food and has arrested the person twice.
  2. They could beat miami and us and we get number 2.
  3. 757SeanTaylor21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This is what you dont do. Pigeon hole yourself in drafting based on what you feel you need. If the best tackle on the board is rated lower than okudah, or jeudy, or lamb you take him
  4. 757SeanTaylor21

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lmbo I told my boy troy aikman wanted to be a gm..this was his response with him hiring romo as hc The 30 for 30 aikmans return. Intro of aikman ****ing the skins in a cowboys jersey. Open scene. What if i told you, the greatest moment in football history didnt happen on the field. Enter Romo When troy called me and asked me to be his first hc a week before it was announced he got the job, i thought he needed to go back to rehab or something. The Redskins?!
  5. 757SeanTaylor21

    More Ryan Anderson please.

    Pro bowler ay? Wake up.
  6. 757SeanTaylor21

    2019 Game Day Thread

    The fact that the giants have forgotten about getting barkley involved is sad and slaton has worked them in the first half and completely been overlooked in the second
  7. So this equates to taking two animals an mixing them?
  8. What is wrong with scientists and dont that have other ideas?
  9. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    If that pass was on target that's a pick.
  10. 757SeanTaylor21

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    I mean there was absolutely no reason to go for his knees at that angle. NFL gonna end up banning low hits eventually
  11. 757SeanTaylor21

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    The funny thing is...the same type of fronts and disguises the jets did to us...we are now doing. So maybe manusky learned something. All in all...was good to see the offense put up some points and defense clamp down. Tress way needs more stud ratings then you got him for kdawg. He is our mvp. I'm of the mindset that we not gonna win the division. Its easy to know and see. Fun to think about but it just not gonna happen. I'm glad there was progression but we need to find a way to lose
  12. Nah bro thar was a legit laser in an extremely tight window and those are some throws u want to see him make to instill confidence.
  13. 757SeanTaylor21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Jeudy reminds me of AB and Chad Johnson with his route running. Jerry rice the goat never ran a 4.3 bit was such a great route runner that he was always open. Mclaurin actually is open a great deal. Having both jeudy and mclaurin is a great problem to have but if he was the best option you gotta try and trade down cause like many others have said this is a super deep wr class. If you cant then ok cool take jeudy and be happy you got two elite route runners that are about to expose nfc east corners for 8 games a year for the next 8 years unless Bruce is still here then mclaurin would get greatly low balled and walk. Didnt they trade for Emmanuel sanders? A pro bowl wr...and drafted deebo in the second while we drafted mclaurin in the third.
  14. 757SeanTaylor21

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Does there have to be a reference?
  15. 757SeanTaylor21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    No you're absolutely right that wr/db presents the best value in a player. You and I are in the same boat as yearning to get chase young. That's worth this season and I feel like he only one worth it enduring this season. The whole trent debacle, firing of coaches that was long overdue, the Bruce saga, the tumultuous and tiring effects of this front office. The ineptitude and suckiness of the entire team. Just get me chase young so I can be happy for a few months til we ask him to gain weight and play as a run stuffing end. Anyhow I recall reading someone asking if we switched back to a 43 who would line up where. You have young as your rushing end, ion and Payne as the dts and Allen as run stopping lde. You have foster as mlb, sweat as a Sam or will.