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  1. That's tough, I put a high premium on Rivera being straight with me as a fan, media will have something to say regardless when we are losing. But I get where you are coming from.
  2. I almost went through this with my Haskins jersey, after the first realization I was possibly being f'd with I canceled the order and got my money back. I'm not buying this is a Washington Football Team problem, this is an NFL.com problem. ES did it to itself out of desperation, I don't put blame anywhere on that one, losing is getting old. We HAVE to stop calling things better then they are just because they are better then we've had in a while.
  3. It's not my opinion, its literally how the franchise treats them. There never is. Miss me with that find a new team nonsense because folks disagree. Its not fear its a pattern, and ignoring that pattern is denial. Standing pat at a veteran unless Lawrence falls in our lap. Haskins fell in our lap and that **** is over before his second Thanksgiving here. Its OLD.
  4. Word on the street is 37, Dallas wants to do 35.
  5. I know you meant "no sense", and don't agree with you, but Stafford can do his job and wasted out in Detroit.
  6. Because I'm tried of all or nothing, there's this middle ground called being competitive that we used to demand. Why can't we chew gum and walk at the same time? We used to. Andy Dalton is a FA this offseason. Just saying.
  7. Fair, this will play itself out where like you said our pick order answers this question for us. I want to emphasis that I'm not saying we should never draft a qb again, just after what I watched today, I'm in no rush to throw another 20 year old out there and hope he sinks or swims.
  8. There's 7 playoff teams now, we could be talking about sneaking in and trying to find our QB outside the top 10 or trading up when we find a guy that fits our system instead of our dreams. Does the young talent have to be at QB? If we are that bad next year, we can draft somebody next year. What's wrong with that? I'm not ignoring anything. And plenty of teams that tried the next rookie after the other and it NEVER worked for them. Still isn't, still lost in the wilderness.
  9. It shouldn't be, but that's how they get treated once they are in the building. Franchise has lost all credibility with me on dealing with rookie QBs right now. Just continuing to bang our head against the wall isn't the solution. If we end up with the #1 pick, I'll shut up. But just getting a new guy because we are supposed to, nah, we can wait, and we should, there's nothing here for the new guy, who doesn't have to be generational to win a superbowl. At least one or two every year : ) If we aren't #1, then we have to trade up for
  10. If he keeps it up, I'll give you that on Goff, every example I gave still stands. Rather us do our homework then hoping the #1 pick does our homework for us. Which is exactly why I don't want to do this, but we will anyway. Watch.
  11. Exception exception exception. Look if this is how we're going to do this where I make a point on how we can buy ourselves time like someone else did and you say we can't, why are we going in circles. It's fine, we will get Lawrence just like we got Young, ignore me, we all know its coming. And will probably trade up to do it. Yah.
  12. My argument is to pump breaks on just getting the next flashy toy when our house is still on fire.
  13. Generational? "The extension is worth $134 million and includes an NFL-record $110 million guaranteed" worth it?
  14. And traded because Andy knew he was done. I know what they did, that's why I brought them up : ) The point is they traded for someone, waited until he was almost done then drafted someone, then waited until ready to move before drafting the next guy. To me, THAT'S how it should be, and it worked, they got two rings in that span while we keep trying this same approach and have none. Broncos didn't draft Peyton they signed him, Saints signed Brees, this is not unheard of to be competitive with a veteran QB without a plan for a future young face of t
  15. And just as many Tim Couch's, Heath Shullers... Goff Winston Bradford Alex Smith David Carr Jeff George...
  16. McNabb was done, that's different. Is it, or just what franchises that can never find the right in between guy do? Green Bay didn't do that, hell they traded for Favre.
  17. Mahomes was #10 pick, Rodgers was #24, Brady #199. Kyle needs to do his homework so we don't have to lose as many games as possible to get the #1 pick and hope the first pick is the best guy because logic says so, because that isn't always accurate and I refuse to believe that's only way for us to get our guy.
  18. As has been mentioned, it's fair to ask where we are drafting. Because top 3 might not be good enough, its may need to be #1 or #2, preferably #1. Are we the worst team in football and ensured a #1 pick? Would a veteran like Stafford leave us at 6-10 in 2021 with another offseason to work on the roster? Getting the guy of the future is half the battle, how many times have we proven that or seen other franchises prove that? The rule is if you suck at QB, keep drafting them. How much draft capital have we been giving up to figure this out? It's not working
  19. Waiting for smoke on Stafford, even ARod.
  20. It'd require not only an aggressive FA period, but folks wanting to come here. I didn't get that vibe at all this year, didn't Cooper turn us down for less money to stay in Dallas? I'm concerned we are in Washington Wizards territory where stars don't want to sign here and waste their time. Can anyone blame them with ownership being in flux? Why I'm at either trade or put Allen out there again in 2021.
  21. I again am not against this at all. Even a veteran for two years at a high price is better then finding we ruined another guy with a top 5 pick.
  22. I agree with needing one eventually, just why does it have to be now? We just watched them go back and forth with an 0-5 football team and I can't say it was all QB. I want a stopgap for a change, can't we get ourselves together first, this get them as soon as possible thing isn't working. It's just not.
  23. I'd need to see the carfax on that one, we are playing the odds game here, going for two is a coin flip at best.
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