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  1. You're a great dude. Lucky dog, great dad.
  2. That last line got me. Good luck, we're here for you.
  3. My mom messed me up on my birthday. Classic narcissist. The research I've done on the condition is frightening...checks every box. I was so corgial, trying to get the convo moved on. Let's reminisce - have some laughs. Nope, all yelling and scoffing at me. I had a great outpour of positivity this week. Bottom line, I am still going to be nice to her...but if she wasn't my mom I'd have nothing to do with her. Ultra Karen.
  4. I am not in a good way. Let myself go diet-wise during the birthday week. From stringent for months, to eating a ton of steak and candy. Pray for me. And for the toilet at work. Bowl lookin like a Picasso. I want to buy a bike this week. Refusing feeling like this. Weed girl is being rehired.
  5. I am not a fan of anything wrestling since Goldberg's WCW streak. That was the encore for me. My man looks skinny af. But! I'm starting to feel a vibe here. Always thought the key was to make Cena the ultimate heel. Hollywood Hogan.
  6. Aight...before your bull****...it was flowing. But you trip it up, because you need to matter. Okay. It would've been fine. Ban me.
  7. Heeeere comes cancel-boy! Only when you can cancel s***, eh?
  8. Figured it was me overanalyzing. Here we go. Another summer weekend. Yeah, your pets are safe. ❤
  9. Why the sadness from @skinsmarydu? When the animal first gets there...it's first-impression time. Even if I know them like hell. Gotta lock em in to the mode. Meanwhile perhaps a owner is like deebalabablahhblahblah and I'm like hey....I'm the captain now! Whatever.
  10. Trying to deal with scammers... They prey on old people, for the most part. One just called me from 3 different numbers. A voice machine that some f***face hears my answers with and presses the buttons for responses. Is it OK that I told him his mother is a whore, and that I'll kill him? *whoops*. Called back 7 times. All numbers. Same voice machine. Someone please stop me. Too aggressive. **** those pieces of ****.
  11. I'm still stuck on Buccaneers, Raiders and Pirates being perfectly ok.
  12. Guardians and the Seattle Kraken (sorry, that name seems to be cool w most people, but makes me cringe) makes me ridiculously worried about our name.
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