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  1. @TryTheBeal! This is freakin cool. Cooler than you. Great perspective on the backbone of the song.
  2. Nah, it was definitely the weed. You vs me, co-main on the next Jake Paul card.
  3. Blockbuster was the tittie biscuits delux back in the dizzlepiece. First time I saw the cover of the Terminator 2 VHS, displayed on an entire section of a shelf, and there were only a few copies available... That's a moment I'll never forget. Renting a video game there? Actually browsing the games section, then picking one...and trying to beat it within 3 days? Have to rent it again or pay the overdue fee if I couldn't beat it. Blockbuster was awesome. I still go for that expierence rather than getting my entertainment from the internet. Vintage stock places rock.
  4. Take a big step back...and go frack your own oil!!! Trippin. Jones NG is for real.
  5. Why do you always make me depressed musically? I looked up one of their songs...music video of "believer". Ivan Drago is officially a D list celebrity. Holy **** music...holy ****. I need to listen to some music off a 45 after that.
  6. @TryTheBeal! likes this more than Rush and Tool. So do I...
  7. I'm taking note of you and the people concerned about about the comfort of their lazy-chairs. Just saying.
  8. My first time back on the full drums, and I had to be quiet. 3AM.
  9. That's a day that will always feel like yesterday. Crazy it will be 20 years. I was 18. All I say to the young people now is "that day..." and then SMH. --- I was so good at "Combat" on Atari. I'd beat my older brother and his friends who were 11 years older than me. That feels like yesterday.
  10. My dealer, who is a pretty hot single chick, just gave me a 1/2 oz of the weed "Dream Queen" and a 1/2 oz of the weed "Puntang". She said I can always come pick it up at her place. I would. Not just pick it up at her place. I'm saying I would hit that Dream Queen Puntang. Nah dawgs...I'm back. Sucked being without a significant stash for a while. Damn damn damn. Weed 4 lyfe.
  11. Incredibly great point. Jersey beaches are the same. Nobody causes trouble. However, the "carnival" theme is not there in the Outer Banks. More hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants. South eastern Jersey created the Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi sounds. You may hate them, but their carnival themed music is derivative of their upbrining.
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