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  1. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Heard this song for the first time ever. Preached to girlfriend that it has to be a band from Philly or South Jersey. Whole song I upped the stakes. By end of song I was willing to put up 75 dollars. She was like nah chill but I Googled that s*** and BAM, Philly.
  2. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

  3. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    That happened to me with mustard in my late twenties. I f***ing love mustard. Makes me break out with pimples and redness for days. I can still have a little here and there so I save it for when I eat dinner at my 'rents. They don't want to hear that allergy bull****.
  4. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Well I'm finishing up my first shift at the new hospital. Already some drama. Dog got its leg wrap off and it's stapled incision came apart. Doctor is a hard-ass and he expects you to learn quickly. He told me how he wanted it wrapped over the phone. I had trouble finding the supplies. Here goes nothing. Then back to the main hospital where I have 23 animals waiting for me. Updated wrap:
  5. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Got weed for the first time in a while. Forgot about the paranoia. *Sprays self with febreze and hides*
  6. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    The Guardian: Google Made Large Contributions to Climate Change Deniers

    Nah, I don't believe it, I'm Googling this.
  7. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Visited my mom and aunt visiting from Australia last night. Dad's chillin in the VA hospital to literally stay out of their way. He's fine. Hilarious.
  8. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Winter weather thread: 2019-2020 edition

    Ayyyeee 37 in Tulsa.
  9. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    About to go get my key from other veterinary clinic. Nerves are rattling, even though I know these people. I feel like it's an opportunity to make an excess of money finally. I literally do not know how I'm going to manage this, but let's wing it. Holler at your boy.
  10. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    I lived in G-burg and Laurel. Which are war zones compared to Rockville. I still ran around at night without any fear. Takoma Park, Upper Marlboro, pretty tough. But let's not even start with the real areas. Rockville is Glass Joe.
  11. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Born and raised in Rockville, mom lived there for 60 years, dad lived there for 40. What in the absolute ass are you talking about? So wrong. The REM song isn't about that Rockville. Don't get me wrong, they built the residential up too much there... but relative to the vast majority of cities in the local region, Rockville is cupcake s***. Soft.
  12. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Favorite Metallica album. Slightly edging their debut album.
  13. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    It was in the 80s today, steam bath. A couple storms later, we are in the 40s. Wind chill in the 30s. Cold front moving through soon, which will solidify it. Gfys summer.
  14. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Neil Giraldo in beast mode.
  15. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    I think someone else in this thread has a dog named The Dude. Taze? Very cute.