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  1. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Got a half oz of Happy Haze. Hits ya slowly. Cottonmouth starts about 10 min after the first hit. Soothing, but still a sativa. Good for methodical work.
  2. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    When we have rains of significant proportion, my windshield wipers will randomly do one and a half motions in the off mode. I will be driving down the street after big rains, when it's not raining anymore, and my windshield wipers will suddenly freak out. Water in the computer?
  3. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    My friend Bishop and I:
  4. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    I hear what you're saying, but at a distance. They can compensate when the fighter dodges and counters/closes. The more I think about it, the more I think this has been the case since perhaps Anderson hit the scene. It's just that the bases for all the fighters have been getting better over time. You get the timing and tendencies down and BOOM, Double Dragon wheelhouse. I'm not trying to be a forseer of the future, but once everybody is a beast at everything, I think the surprise s*** is going to make (and break) wins and losses. I will also add, most of the s*** is already in Muay Thai. Axe kicks, front kicks, wheel kicks...
  5. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    That's what I'm saying. Since people have solid bases, they include some wild techniques from other traditional martial arts.
  6. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Do you guys feel that since everybody is getting their bases covered - jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai - that outskirt martial arts like Taekwondo are making a comeback? Surprise moves seem to make a lot of a difference these days.
  7. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    One of the doctors has a 250 lb St. Bernard. Largest dog I've ever seen.
  8. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Smooth as silk yesterday, 40 animals poured in over a stretch of 9 hours. Now it's drizzling and cold. Working tonight. Both clinics. Napping then hitting the ground running. Time and a half pay. Had to hold a sketchball English Mastiff for several procedures yesterday. 200 lbs. My jiu jitsu mind was firing on all cylinders. A couple of squirrely moments. Love it.
  9. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I was totally beat up yesterday from work, got home and was lazy as hell. I don't have much weed left, about a half of a pipe bowl. Decided to split that in half n take one big hit. Immediately picked up my dumbbells and did a 20-minute full body workout. Bless the green. An extra Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow smokers.
  10. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Winter weather thread: 2019-2020 edition

    Cold front moving through is giving us a strong wind storm, gusts up to 50 miles an hour. Couple thousand people without power.
  11. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Therapy Thread

    @abdcskins I think we all have our thoughts. Let's celebrate the thread being open again. I think all that needs to be said is that this thread is the best on the entire board. Thanks for reopening it.
  12. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Therapy Thread

  13. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Therapy Thread

  14. Churn the nobles Like moss scowls
  15. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Definitely a pretty girl. Sorry for your loss.