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  1. Norm MacDonald successfully pulled off the legendary Andy Kaufmann schtick, where he came off as completely serious during talk shows, and the audience bought it, but he was playing everyone the whole time. Norm's appearances on The View are what I'm talking about. He is 100% messing with them. Each. Interview. Only other person can think of who did the same thing was Crispin Glover. Geniuses.
  2. Word, I tried the chicken salad/gallon of water a day thing recently. Had a setback and went back to crap food. Mad at myself. Going to get a workout going rn. Follow a youtube video type ish. Thinking this:
  3. I've been smoking a lot lately. Coping mechanism for several things. Positives: I'm high Negatives: Diet is insanely unhealthy
  4. Damn. Dude was so quick and elusive. Precursor to the Marcus Allen/Barry Sanders type. RIP.
  5. Bonzo's playing on the drums only. I think my man is drunk on this track. It's the "Purdie-Shuffle" with bombastic technique with every limb. He's basically Mike Tyson hitting a heavy bag with method for a few minutes, to work up a sweat.
  6. I never played the port, but Konami was so awesome. TMNT Arcade, The Simpsons, Turtles in Time, then X-Men. 6 players could play at the same time in 1992, on a 50 inch screen. Think they'd need cargo ships to bring all them quarters back to the motherland.
  7. Yes, I'm super high... Blast this on 500 for about 7 minutes and bam.
  8. Bill Ward's finest drum performance, and funkiest drumming in a metal song ever, IMO.
  9. Ya know, outside of the Animated X-Men, and the arcade game...I never kept up with the stuff. Never seen a bit of the movies, I'm not a comic book person. But that arcade game was the TRUTH. One of the best of all time. Wolverine was my guy.
  10. I haven't seen one second of a Colvington fight. Can't believe that the tank that was Woodley is widdling down. I need to appreciate every day, as the noob I see as Woodley is past his prime.
  11. At least they aren't in the division anymore.... High five!
  12. I am listening to it on the radio...D. Hall and the other newbs are refreshing. Totally new style. They have the timing down to like everybody speaks for 10 seconds or some s***. Clean. But they ****ed me up with their call of Scherrf. I was like welp, 2 year rehab.
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