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  1. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    RIP Neil Peart

    Pshhh, I smoked weed before every Rush song. Thanks but 20 years too late.
  2. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    RIP Neil Peart

    My interpretation of 2112: 2112 is about a man in the year 2112, where humanity has split in to two civilizations across planets - The Solar Federation and The Elder Race. The man finds a guitar near a waterfall, and presents it to the Priests of Syrinx - who are the rulers of The Solar Federation. The man thinks guitars could revolutionize their culture. The priests wholeheartedly reject it. The man gets pissed, plays an aggressive guitar solo, then goes home depressed. He goes to sleep angry, hoping his dream shows him how to make the guitar part of his culture. His dream is about the rival civilization - The Elder Race. They are open-minded, artistic, and wanting to reclaim the planets that The Solar Federation have taken from them. He slowly wakes up in a deep depression, because he doesn't want his dream to end. When he finally accepts that he's awake, he freaks out. He imagines how great living as an Elder Raceman would be, then he becomes suicidal. Which he carries out. Kills himself. After that, an instrumental representing an incoming invasion from The Elder Race happens. In the end, the Elder Race takes over. "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation, we have assumed control." Lesson to this is that art breeds strength and unity, IMO. Lyric video:
  3. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Pretty busy at the hospital this past weekend. These bammas route for the Kansas City Chiefs. Least I had my boy. Sweater, lights and setup provided by mua.
  4. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Winter weather thread: 2019-2020 edition

    3 pages by February, that has to be a record for these threads. We in Oklahoma might end up with more snow than you guys. 4-6 inches of snow predicted Wednesday. Will by far be the biggest snowfall I've seen here since I moved here in 2015. I plan to play fetch with my dog all day long.
  5. Got my Marcus jersey ready.
  6. My neighbor before I moved did that. Got him towed and he still partially blocked it a couple more times. Some people, man.
  7. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    HA! Great name. Looks very sweet.
  8. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    For what it's worth, I was accused of raising my hand as if I was going to slap a woman. Complete and utter lie. I was raised stringently by my military mother, and my two older sisters - to be a gentleman, but not a pushover. This woman was mad that I called her out on her BS. It put me in to a paralysis episode when I heard the accusation, then a depression. How can I, who tries to lead other men to be gentlemen, be accused of this? Felt my reputation was annihilated. She then fessed up. "Oh maybe it was just his shadow." People who wrongly accuse should face very harsh penalties. You tried to ruin lives through selfishness. I've always imagined a time where people start to beat themselves up physically, and then accuse another person of doing it. At the very least, the accused is going to prison for a little bit, and then having to go through a ton of trials and tribulations. At the very LEAST. Stone Cold's "DTA" keeps getting realer and realer.
  9. Nephew is moving back to Maryland today. My parents had him and I over on Tuesday night. My nephew left at 3 a.m. Wednesday, I left at 6:30 a.m. Man, my fam can shoot the s*** with the best of them. Going over there for the super bowl. Going to arrive a few hours before the game so we can go through some old photos. Got my Marcus Washington jersey out.
  10. That's always been enjoyable in Call of Duty. The game is so bad that the developers are getting fired right now. Predicting that Infinity Ward never makes another Call of Duty. They have made four terrible games in a row.
  11. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Let's Talk about Pets

    I Iove me a Pit, but I love me a Navy SEAL. If one goes rogue, that's your worst case scenario. Their heads are built like tanks, the bodies are compact and muscular like an Olympic wrestler. I'd rather fight a 150+ pound Saint Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, or Mastiff - than a 50 pound Pit. I'd rather fight G Sheps and Dobies that are heavier than Pits. Again, Pits are easy to make goofy, funny, sweet. Great dogs. Easily the most capable of doing damage. @Bang same s*** happened to me last winter. I was walking my Maltese, and a Pitbull busted through a chain link fence. I had to reel my dog up like he was being hung. Afterwards, he was kind of in a shocked state. Could be blood flow to the head being cut off during a down breath, could just be traumatizing and something the dog has to process. Luckily, dogs recover from most mental trauma very quickly. They are extremely good forgivers and forgetters. That said, wouldn't hurt to get an exam. Your judgment call. F***ing idiot owners, man. They're infuriating.
  12. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    I thought he cheated on his wife. Rape? Damn. I'll never understand why people rape, especially if they can get a freaking group of 10s to hop on it. I'll have to do my research, but without that being confirmed... I was on the phone with my dad, watching the Maryland game. Bam, Kobe Bryant 1978-2020. F'ing F. I said it's like Stevie Ray Vaughn.
  13. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    RIP Neil Peart

    My (now) favorite living drummer, Danny Carey, choked up when mentioning Neil Peart after winning a Grammy.
  14. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    RIP Neil Peart

    Bwahahaha!!! Gold. This was made 6 months before Peart's passing.
  15. Watched the movie "Flight" last night. Denzel plays the lead character. Why did I never hear about this movie? Fantastic. No spoilers but I somewhat relate to his character. This one hit me hard, man.