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  1. I rock with the $20 Walmart Blackbird SR-71 Ankle Breakers
  2. Yeah, those mancave/Skins vehicle peeps...ugh. I'm just preserving my jerseys, hats and headbands over here.
  3. I often wonder what people have done with their Skins gear. Thousands of dollars invested. I stored mine away.
  4. Ayeeee. It's that trap (addiction, dependancy) that got me in back in the dizzle. Drinking Vodka, only blacking me out for 3 hours at a time, don't have a clue how I functioned the next day. Hair of the dog trap is the worst.
  5. I hate it BECAUSE I loved it, lol. It's about the amount of experience, man! *passes out*
  6. Sleep and Alcohol: My Review. Best: Ice Beer. 5.9%. Get ready for a very cloudy hangover, and regret that you drank the bottom tier beer, but you'll sleep like a baby. Sleeping medicine. Cheap. Second place: Chardonay/Wine. Gets ya sleepy, ok. You'll be angry the next day. Get ready to fight the cobweb you walk in to. Third place: Craft beer. Sneakily bad sleep and nasty hangover. You think you were classy last night, but realize you spent too much money on almost the same hangover you have with... Fourth: Hard Liquors. You might w
  7. Man had months to prepare, but still almost lost it. Respect to the GOAT player, honoring the GOAT host.
  8. Good call. I enjoy the half-time version with so much texture involved. Although it got them in legal trouble with the Valens estate, the Zep version hits perfectly, for me. ("Boogie with Stu" was a jam session with Rolling Stones pianist Ian Stewart based around the Ritchie Valens song "Ooh My Head".[c] It was recorded in 1971 at Headley Grange during the same session that produced "Rock and Roll" for the fourth album.) They pumped out that and this in the same day.
  9. I think the Crystal Pepsi commercial with the mega-hit song "Right Now" from Van Halen first aired during our Super Bowl against the Bills. Might be wrong. Holy s*** was that stuff terrible. Bench it for Heineken, NOW!
  10. If that doesn't represent every cat ever...lol.
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