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  1. The Black Friday traffic this year looks like a regular busy Saturday in the summertime. As opposed to the 9 trillion car funeral procession of years past.
  2. Couple oz on gloves dont do much to protect the face and body. More the hands. 2 minute rounds give them quicker rests, and 8 rds makes it more of a sprint. I like all of that in this scenario. The rules keep changing tho. Comission basically says its an exhibition of boxing skills, not a fight. Tyson and Jones have said they are going to war. Headgear would ruin this s***. Very sketchy.
  3. Who is watching tomorrow? Kind of weird that it snuck up like this. So much hype early on, then really died down/got sketchy with the rules. I don't want to pick a victor, rn I'm enjoying the TG/Washington stuff. But damn... This is actually about to happen.
  4. Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti is the ultimate for any project, personally.
  5. Thanks ES members. Thankful for you.
  6. Obviously this will be transferred to The Stadium. That said, "ST" should only mean one thing. Our guy.
  7. Saw a top 10 list of weirdest Rush songs... Immediately thought of their deepest cut, as far as opuses. It wasn't on the list. It's an epic, but creepy and disjointed. Drum solo with them yelling during the cymbal hits is weird af. Super cool tho.
  8. Alright. I'm gonna fight one yall. These combos come in odd time signatures. For real, always thought drumming and fighting was synonymous. In the standup aspect. Speedbag teaches you that.
  9. Nehh, you can screw with the tempo and mix all you want. Nothing replaces the human art. If a mf Terminator gets artful as hell, we all need to huddle up and make a literal T3 happen.
  10. Can't help myself. Have to come back to this. Rise of the Machines is extremely cringe. The writing, filming and editing is so typical. Do you really think it comes even CLOSE to the first two? If so, you shouldn't have a guitar. Screw the extended storyline, I want spinoffs like The Mandalorian. It ends with T2. John and friends on swingsets, then he gets a job in accounting.
  11. I swear until last year I never heard it called dressing. Person was like "my favorite on TG is dressing!" I said "what like 1,000 Island???"
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