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  1. Got a call from the boss tonight that a dog somehow got out of our fenced-in yard at work. I live less than 2 miles away so I got in my car and started driving around. Luckily the same kennel Tech who let the dog out found the dog. At least that's something to redeem herself for. The dog did run at least 1 mile away from the hospital. We scrounged 4 employees to comb the streets. That fat ass old dog couldn't break out of a wet paper bag. Unless it heard fireworks. Keep your animals on super check today and tonight.
  2. We need to move as far away as possible from names that will make people upset. The Washington Hello How Are You is good. I think this could Snowball Effect and the next in line are Pirates, Raiders and Buccaneers.
  3. Washington Warthogs. Imagine having the A-10 as the logo brrrrting its gattling gun. In all reality, I just can't imagine separating from our main logo.
  4. Broken Arrow Oklahoma has the best neighborhood fireworks show I've ever seen. My parents live there and it's become tradition for us to sit out on the patio and watch the neighborhood people battle it out. They even have it down to where they go back and forth, pausing for each other to see what the other neighbor is going to counter them with. It's hilarious. I'd say these people drop a couple grand each on these fireworks.
  5. Whenever there's an emergency alert on the phone, whether it's for and abduction, murderer, tornado... I end up feeling like the boogeyman is somewhere around me.
  6. Look, forum creep. You're the cop in this scene.
  7. I've been addicted to meticulously studying Tarantino flicks lately. I watch scenes over and over in order to find all the nuances. Reservoir Dogs is so damn good. When I was younger I really liked it, but now I really love it. When Chris Penn walks in the warehouse at the end and finds Michael Madsen dead on the floor then gives his speech and all hell breaks loose... Sorry Sean, but your bro has the best scene of the fam.
  8. Of course. Once you get the rebound of a fast DSR down, you can make them triples, quadruples, Etc. It's the easiest cheat in drumming. One strike and you get two hits, three hits, Ect. Takes some time to practice, but once you get it down - it becomes an incredibly valuable weapon. To be honest, the people who make most of their bread off of single stroke rolls are straight badasses. Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews Band comes to mind. Same with Neil Peart from Rush. They will both bust out doubles and higher here and there, but not much. Usually they are just smacking the crap out of the drums with one rebound each hit. That said, rebound strikes add so much to the feel of a song. My favorite example is The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin. The way he very subtly puts the doubles triples and quadruples lightly on the snare drum during the versus and instrumental is what inspired me to learn the double stroke roll.
  9. The new thing that is blossoming on YouTube are people reacting to classic music who have never heard the songs. I posted a couple before so just look in to it. Brings you back to the time you first heard the songs. Hip hop heads hearing Rage songs for the first time is hilarious.
  10. Good for you, and thanks for being a good person.
  11. I was ALMOST high enough last night to buy that bag. Instead I helped my neighbor fix his bro's motorcycle. I walked out there with my battery powered lantern and the Allman Brothers playing on my phone. I'm still high. And outside
  12. Holy s*** I forgot it was 4/20. It's weird how I don't smoke much anymore. Have a half ounce or so, toke a few hits every night or two. Was going to the gas station to fill the gas tank up, but now I'm going inside the store for Swishers.
  13. Watching this makes 1997 feel like it was 50 years ago, and 2007 feel like it was 5 years ago. It was oddly special to have high quality media, without social media. The color TV era without everyone zoning in on a phone to put their two cents in was special. God damit, I'm getting old.
  14. I OBLITERATE to you, a conscientiousness, wheras I SUPPOSE, the PROHIBITION of the NAYSAYERS, lies a TUITION, brought upon by our FORFATHERS - AND FORMOTHERS, to EXIMILATE and EXTRICIZE the IMMILATION this debatical encremulates!
  15. Boss, "So those are the pills that keep you short... Or are those diet pills?" Walks away. Monster.
  16. @Mr. Sinister You were thinking how it'd be if you had a beastly dog. These dogs only trust me bc they know me well. They put folks on notice if they're 100 yards away.
  17. With no sports going on, this is a blessing. Can't wait.
  18. I typically don't have time to train dogs properly, even my own. So I go the Hardline route. For example when my dogs were puppies they would all want to chew on wires. That was a stout NO, while holding the wire and pointing to it, even tapping it with my finger. It established me being leader of the pack and the only enforcer. Repeat yourself, stand firm, no leniency. Some dogs like to defy leadership, wanting to become the leader of the pack themselves. Nope. YOU are. Period! The kids shouldn't do much avoiding of the dog, as it will give the dog a sense of dominance over them, but they should also respect it with love and not being so rambunctious around it. Chaos can be a trigger. Teach the dog, but the kiddos too.
  19. "If you want some friendly advice, get a haircut and take a bath. You wouldn't get hassled so much." RIP to a great actor.
  20. Past few weeks I've completely revamped my apartment. Parents moving back east and they have been "giving" me items that they don't want anymore. Well I gave most of those items to the city dump, along with a lot of my own stuff. Ruthless - nostalgia had to be completely turned off. Now I have a ton of space, relatively speaking. Home gym is coming together, enough space to shadowbox correctly. A little depressed, throwing away relics from the past, but f*** it. I ain't living in what felt like a storage unit anymore.
  21. Thinking about taking up hunting as a hobby. Morning songbirds only. Just for the sport. Leave them rotting. Or for vultures. I like vultures. They're quiet.
  22. Cold front gave us a lot of lightning yesterday. 38 degrees.
  23. Thread needs to be opened! @Jumbo Love to see Billy Cobham and Lenny White posted in here, good taste fellas! Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews also plays open-armed - lefty on a righty kit. He's heavily inspired by both aforementioned drummers. Perhaps the most controlled, calm, collected drum god of all time. @mistertim have you seen this?
  24. I always tell new drummers to learn how to play: It's a 4/4 beat over a 9/8 guitar and bass riff. 1, 2, 3, 4...for the drums! Separate your senses from the guitar and bass. The drums sound wicked, but once you learn it, it seems like the easiest beat Bonzo laid down. Now you're ready to learn odd signatures and polyrhythms.