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  1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition has just been released for North America If I didn't still have a modded playthrough of ME3 to do, I'd get it now. I've played the series to death and can go awhile before I'll be ready to play it again, so I'll just sit and wait for the sales. And then break down and get it early....
  2. I was a believer, and in some way, I'm still surprised Chase Daniel made a career as a backup while Colt disappeared. The articles I read said that his struggle with addiction came on the hardest after a car accident. He himself said he was changed. RIP Colt, you had a fan in me.
  3. I rarely watch it anymore. When I was younger, I was all-in for Ken Jennings' streak and watched it religiously. Now it's just the fascination of crowning the new host.
  4. When Rodgers was still hosting, I figured that the best voice to try out would be a commentator, like Al Michaels or Joe Buck. A few weeks later, Jeopardy announced that Joe Buck will host a couple weeks in the summer. I'm tuning in for that. Joe's grown on me a lot. I think he'd be loose enough for it, considering his covid commentating videos.
  5. I don't think Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy is serious talk. He doesn't have the voice for it. I listened to him, he just doesn't have the gameshow host makeup.
  6. I'm surprised at how Danny Johnson and Greg Stroman are still around. For being so far down the depth chart, somehow they've managed to stick around for their 4th season.
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