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  1. Prediction: "Pizza deliveries" are going to be through the roof in the UK. They are also going to be embracing our great American standard of tipping employees.
  2. That's exactly my point lol. They wore white on white tons of times and never won the Super Bowl.... except for in 2009, when they didn't wear white on white for the entire season.
  3. The Saints haven't won a Super Bowl since 2009. The Saints never wore all-white in 2009. Coincidence? Probably. But all white still is super unimaginative when you have all the colors of the rainbow and instead choose uniforms that gain more color through grass stains than they lose.
  4. White on white is what teams wear when they are embarrassed to show their official colors. It has no creativity, it has no character, it has "generic visiting team" written all over them. I'm sorry, St. Joe, but it's the truth. We are Redskins. Don't just tell people that. Show them.
  5. NickyJ

    The Quarantine Thread

  6. NickyJ

    The Quarantine Thread

    Someone wrote edited a book about me.
  7. If a vaccine comes out, I'm not getting it for a couple weeks. Knowing how the old swine flue vaccine went, I'm going to let other people give the "Warp speed" vaccine a shakedown run. I hate anti-vaxers as much as the next, but I don't have blind faith that there won't be mistakes. The absolute failure to manufacture reliable tests gives me enough concern.
  8. NickyJ

    The Quarantine Thread

    I read an article a few days ago that infected people who still show some symptoms are non-contagious after the first couple of weeks. I can't find it now though. So many different articles and studies have been cranked out over the past three months that it feels like you have to start picking guidelines blindfolded to decide which to follow and believe. 3 months in and there's still no clear info that my cloth mask is for anything but appearances. I can probably find 3 new articles today that reiterate that 'nobody really knows'. Meanwhile, the people who broadcast those articles....
  9. NickyJ

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Thread

    I'm still on my sci-fi binge. I'm always devotedely waiting for the next Expanse book, but Faded Sun Trilogy has moved up into my top 5 of favorite books and series. There's just nothing I find more fascinating than books about different peoples and societies learning to interact with each other.
  10. "coming from a redskins fan, your getting a beast. Not ideal hands at all, but his route running is superb; super underrated. " - Some dude on Twitter explaining why his Ryan Grant fanmail was being redirected to Indianapolis.
  11. I hate the Eagles more than any team in the league, but I'd kill for our "experiments" to give us a Super Bowl trophy.
  12. Of course he can't get 5 witnesses to say that, the police confiscated the gun he'd use to threaten them.
  13. NickyJ

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    I've never watched Dunbar celebrate before. Watching it now, it's an absolute gem:
  14. NickyJ

    Tracking former Redskins around the league

    Rough month for our ex-CBs.
  15. Judgemental people who focus on mundane people, self-doubtful people, cynical people, passive aggressive people, fat chicks people, overly positive people, selfish people, vapid people, dishonest people, close-minded people, and mean people. You have no idea what could be happening in those people's worlds. For example, consider the scholars at WalMart who set their grocery carts perpendicular to the end of the aisle so that they can catch our attention and enlighten us with their commentaries on neo-classical existentialism. They do this all for the benefit of us who might not be able to consider the full repercussions of purchasing the 2 pound jug of fire roasted peanuts instead of the 2 pound jug salted peanuts. Such people are the moorings of our world, the gate keepers who hold the darkness of ignorance at bay that could bring our society crashing down. They are the people that solve the problems we never knew we had. This is true of everyone except that guy in the produce aisle who pulled down his mask so that he could blow his nose into his hands with no tissue or cloth whatsoever. **** him.