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  1. NickyJ

    Starting QB 2019???

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Drew Brees is kind of successful. Maybe. I guess. Matt Ryan has been successful, and I don't see him hurdling linebackers very often. Ben Roethlisberger hasn't really fit the "athletic" description in the past decade, Jared Goff's athleticism is questionable, Kirk Cousins and about 20 others are sitting on the border wondering what your definitions of "successful" and "athletic" are.
  2. In that case, I think we can turn him into something even better than a TE. Let's make him an "offensive weapon", like Taysom Hill. Nothing like a 285 pound receiver doing an end around!
  3. Wes Welker, David Akers, Andre Carter, Graham Gano, Dustin Hopkins, Michael Turner, James Farrior, Mike Vrabel, DeAngelo Hall, Kurt Warner, and Brett Favre. Those are the local or famous ones anyway. Not many people get mentioned nationally for turning a bust or a nobody into an average player.
  4. I'm okay with the Flowers signing. I was banging the table for a new, cheap, and hopefully healthy guard. If there's one thing Flowers has covered, it's that he's been healthy. Go get us another guard, and I'll be downright not-dissatisfied with our line.
  5. I don't think I'll ever lose my pride in knowing that Adrian Peterson played a part of his career here, no matter how short a time it was or how many wins we got during the stay. For years I dreamed of what it would be like to have AP on our team. At least we get to see a little of it before he rides off into the sunset.
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on Clay Matthews, who I figure should be on the cheap end these days. I have zero expectations for SDH, and going in with Mason Foster and a sketchy Reuben Foster does not make me happy. I'd happily jettison Mason for Clay. Or put him in as an OLB since I have zero expectations for Ryan Anderson too lol
  7. We had 8 selections in last year's draft. We're no more locked for getting a guard now than we were then. Also, there's already a mega-bumload of UDFAs on the market, as there have been every year. We just don't talk about them because they suck... Like the vast majority of the UDFAs will this year as well. So again, we pass on the sloppy joes because we're expecting a 5 course meal. Then we go to the restaurant and find out there are no 5 course meals left; just garlic bread sticks that are vastly over-priced (that was the excuse last season). So we pass on them too. After the draft, there are no 5 course meals, garlic bread sticks, or sloppy joes to be had. Just moldy bread. I'm tired of moldy bread.
  8. And so, you see my point. There is trash out there right now and the longer we wait, the fewer even trash-tier players will be left on the market. By preseason, if we don't draft anyone to play guard (we didn't last season when it was a huge need, so I won't hold my breath), we will be stuck the trash that literally NO ONE wants. Again, it is insanity to not give a cheap contract to a cheap player and call him "Plan B". Let's reverse this: Based on who is in the draft, who would YOU pick to be our guard? Who do we ride if we don't pick one, like last year? If we don't get anyone in the draft, we're going to be picking from UDFAs and the leftovers of the trash heap, the ones that are less desirable than the people on the market now.
  9. Josh Sitton, TJ Lang... Even Zane Beadles. Jonathan Cooper even, though I wouldn't really be satisfied with that since he went down with injury so fast as well. By the way, this time last season, Shawn Luavao was off the team too, all the way to May.
  10. The bums that are available now are better than the bums that will be available after Shawn Luavao goes on IR week 5. The best bums are going to be picked through and signed from this first free agency. We'd have to be very lucky to get a more rounded bum than what we got last time. To trust that luck to change this year is a bad plan. Besides, what's to stop us from cutting our own bums after preseason if they're really that bad?
  11. True, but we did the exact same strategy last year. The draft didn't pan out, so we got left with rejects that were worse than bums. At the very least, we should have an emergency plan that doesn't involve hoping our injured guard doesn't get injured.
  12. Good bye, LmAo Dicks. I won't miss you, and I won't feel bad for you when you shrivel up and cry in a corner at the sight of LeGarrette Blount twice a season.
  13. NickyJ

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    In the end, it should be up to Sean's family, but I voted that it should not be given. 21 was Sean's number, he owned it. Being killed in the prime of his career, in the middle of the season too, means to me that he never gave up the number like a player who retired. Call it stupid sentimentality, but I don't view number #21 as not being used because it's retired; I see it as not being issued because Sean still owns it. With that line of reasoning, since Sean Taylor isn't here, it would only be right that the Taylor family would be able to decide in his place.