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  1. I don't know what you're talking about, if I were the special teams quality control assistant under-secretary's unpaid intern, I'd absolutely jump at the job.
  2. The Redskins are just being cool kidz like always, they want to high five the new guys on their ways to new jobs. Redskins, real bros.
  3. Big Dick Nick going to get some glory hole? I don't think he'd fit in well.
  4. The same was being said of Mike Zimmer (the guy I wanted instead of Gruden) before he got his shot. Gregg is still getting the same treatment. "He's old, he's grouchy, he's a great coordinator who's passionate but not a good head coach." Zimmer has knocked it out of the park and Gregg shined in his interim stint. Fangio is not a reach, it's an "about time." By the way, Zimmer just signed Gary Kubiak onto his staff. Sometimes people really should just go with the candidate that has better credentials....
  5. Torrian Gray was supposedly let go, but he might be still with us. Ben Kotwicka left us. Jim Tomsula and Joe Callahan want to leave, and they might be gone. Or they might be still under contract. Greg Manusky is likely back, but we're interviewing people who could take his place. Or we might be interviewing them to replace Jay Gruden. OR it could be that one of them is being interviewed to take Torrian Gray's spot, who takes Manusky's spot. Or we're going to have exactly the same staff, minus Kotwicka. I don't know how anyone could be confused by any of that lol
  6. If it's a recipe for disaster, I'd still take it. What's the worst that could happen? Allen gets fired? We replace Gregg with a coach accused of DV? The fans feel apathetic?
  7. Stuff like Greggg becoming a coach is a dream to me, and I want to believe it so much. But I also remember that we brought in Wade Phillips so that we could scoff at him, and then brought him in again so that he could show us the middle finger that coincidentally wore a Super Bowl ring. I rate it at 80% chance that Gregggg walks.
  8. No, it was because the Vegas insiders saw he leaked their plan on how to rig the NFL, so they took him for a swim with the fishies and re-rigged the league with Plan B.
  9. NickyJ

    Gameday Thread

    Maybe, but I doubt it. Foles hasn't played even a full season's worth with the Eagles yet. It would be a big gamble to spend so much time hyping up Wentz and then ship him out in favor of a journeyman, even if the journeyman has a ring.
  10. NickyJ

    Gameday Thread

    Good night. Sleep tight. Tighter than Alshon Jeffery's grasp.
  11. NickyJ

    Gameday Thread

    Oh boy, Rufus is going tinfoil hat on us! Black helicopters are circling the stadium!