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  1. Service games are dead to me. I spent a few years grinding a game, enjoying the community and waiting for a "legendary" item to drop and get excited about. Everyone got a chance to loot one, not a high chance but enough to make it interesting. 3 years later, my 1 legendary weapon I got from a tournament. The community was cool, but constantly grinding for little reward took its toll. I'm all in on story games now. Someone gifted me Jedi Fallen Order a week ago. Took me the weekend to download it. and the 1 hour I've played it so far have me intrigued. I'm not much for Star Wars, bu
  2. And Ryan Grant, and Trey Quinn, and Samaje Perine....... Ryan Kelly was a good player in the first round of the draft. Keeping quiet about him wouldn't have gotten him to us. There were more teams than just Washington that would have wanted him.
  3. I don't see ESPN being part of the Super Bowl rotation unless they keep it on broadcast TV. Restricting bowl games to ESPN has killed college's bowl game viewership, I doubt NFL wants to do anything to chip away at the dominance they have.
  4. ABC did Monday nights, ESPN had Sunday nights. When NBC took Sundays in 2006, ABC was dropped and ESPN took Mondays.
  5. Tre Boston out there, Eric Reid too. It just wouldn't be the same without 15 pages devoted to each.
  6. All these kids going on these days about having "diamond hands", RG3 was the OG with diamond socks.
  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick is my "Okay, I guess" QB pick. I have no idea whether he's expecting to be paid well for kind of but not really taking the Dolphins to a 10 win season. If he's cheap, I won't lose my mind over it like I would for Darnold, but I'd kind of rather have Mariota over him.
  8. PFF expects us to sign Newton? I think I can toss out any predictions PFF makes for the rest of free agency lol
  9. Darnold is damaged goods to me. I put him in the same bucket as Josh Rosen. Rosen I was willing to trade 2nd rounder for in 2019, but that was because we had NOBODY on the roster. We have Allen and Heinicke. I don't expect them to do great things, but I'd rather spend more time and effort on them than taking an expensive flyer on damaged goods in a cap-strained year. If Mariota is cheap, go for it, but if Alex is still on the roster by training camp, 1 of our 3 QBs not named Alex better be on a cheap enough contract to cut loose, and I'd rather it not be the younger QBs who still h
  10. The Bucs should get all the Gronkowski kids back together. When they make the Super Bowl, it could make for great followups on Family Feud.
  11. I just see it differently. It could be that Henry remade himself between weeks, or it could be that benching the starting QB made the offense perform differently. Seeing so many other teams, including ours, benching their QBs and doing better, I think the simplest explanation is the answer. We had a clear difference going from Smith to all our different QBs and then back to Smith, we saw it from RG3 to Cousins over an offseason, and even from Jason Campbell to Todd Collins. I don't think Tannehill is a particularly great QB. So for him to have such wildly different results from Mar
  12. Mariota started all of 2018 through week 6 of 2019. Derrick had 3 more weeks of mediocrity in weeks 7, 8, and 9. He dropped below 100 yards only once for the rest of the season.
  13. Mariota doesn't give me Smith vibes at all. Tannehill did. Tennessee took off after benching Mariota. In a season where all their success came from having the QB hand the ball off to Derrick Henry, I'm impressed that he could somehow hold the offense back.
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