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  1. Yeah, well that's cool and all, but where else are we going to find the plays to showcase Samaje Perine and his low-momentum bowling ball technique? 4th string RB might be the make-or-break position of the season! Thinking it over, though, I suppose it makes sense split reps between passing and running. With how our O-Line is patched together and the left side up for grabs, they need to be judged heavily in both phases, especially with how we'll probably be a run-heavy team again.
  2. Hey, Blacklist wasn't that bad! Except for the wedding/death/birth episode. They kind of nuked the shark on that one. And all the seasons after it... Okay, yeah, it has been kind of not good for a while.
  3. Reed is fragile, he's healthy for maybe half the games of a season, sitting out or playing injured through the rest. Vernon Davis went through a slump last year, I recall him dropping several easy catches. Maybe it really was just a slump or maybe his age is starting to show. Chris Thompson hasn't been so explosive ever since teams realized they should plan for wheel routes when he's on the field.
  4. If you're waiting for Martin to come along, then we're going to get 2 games of Lauvao, and then the rest is going to be Flowers starting until Martin comes along. Lauvao will never be healthy enough. He is the Colt McCoy of our guards, mildly okay when he's healthy, always too injured to put that mildly okay performance to use.
  5. NickyJ


    A fascinating read, and it does a decent job of explaining how people like McCown are able to stick around for so long. Honestly, it's weird to think of how some quarterbacks like McCown and Kurt Warner can be so willing to train their replacements. I can't think of many jobs where someone who enjoys his work is willing to train the person who is clearly taking their job in the near future.
  6. NickyJ

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I'm not seeing dead white space, it looks like a standard roster page for me.
  7. I still say Ggregg was the best thing that happened to the Browns. If they fail, I'm going to ignore all other completely valid reasons and blame it on not keeping him.
  8. NickyJ

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Mullens strikes me as a Case Keenum type, career backup with an occasional good showing as a starter. Beathard hasn't really shown much better, maybe in the Colt McCoy vein of having a hard time staying healthy.
  9. It doesn't matter whether you dress up Cooley's opinion as a "diagnosis" or an "insinuation", the result is the same: Cooley thought that Doctson not playing because of a foot injury was wrong, and that instead he was simply soft/homesick. Doctson was injured, that became clear years ago when he played all but one game since then. Cooley's insinuation/diagnosis/opinion was wrong, because he has no medical knowledge. Now we are supposed to be believe that Cooley and the hype-man Doc Walker, who hasn't played in 30 years, know more about how to run a medical staff than the team, the people use that staff outside the team, and the rewards committee? The idea that we're supposed to value the opinions of two talk-show hosts over the opinions of every other qualified source around them IS the joke lol. In any other scientific field, we'd mock the people who would trust two talkshow hosts over EVERYONE else. It's the equivalent of two retired meteorologists trying to discredit a whole field of climatologists.
  10. NickyJ

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Maybe "looks" is the new slang for glasses?
  11. So instead of thinking that the medical staff should have diagnosed Doctson's injured foot as homesickness, Cooley thought that the medical staff should have diagnosed Doctson's injured foot as "being a lil' B." That's even more comical, and further reinforces that Dr. Phil Cooley has no medical authority whatsoever.
  12. Chris Cooley professed to know better than the team doctors and said Doctson's injured foot was actually homesickness. Ever since then, I have had great disdain for any talking heads claiming they know better than our medical staff. When it's two talk show hosts vs. everyone else, including those that give the rewards, I'm going to have a hard time picking the talk show hosts as being the experts we should listen to.
  13. NickyJ

    Should The Skins Cut McCoy?

    It's weird. Colt McCoy's great value to us is "knowing the system." But when he did poorly last season, it was because he needed more practice in the system. The guy had been here for 5 years. Either he knew the system or he didn't. Either way, he sucked and his knowledge meant nothing. I still have a crush on Collins. McCoy could have made a good Collins if he was healthy.
  14. Did Doc graduate with a PhD from Chris Cooley's college of alternate medicine? Otherwise, I'm sort of curious what he uses to assess how well they do their job besides his nickname being "Doc".
  15. I like RICE too. Wild RICE is extremely effective on it's own, but white RICE makes a great base for anything else you incorporate. I wonder what white and wild RICE mixed together would taste like? @bakedtater1, you ever had potatoes and RICE? I haven't heard of a meal like that, but if it's ever been made, I'm sure you'd know of it.