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  1. I was joking, but not as clearly as I should have put it. I do know of people who prefer to just sim, and if that's what they want to do, so be it. I still can't find the fun in doing it though. The games are about the only strong point I can find in Madden (I put mine at 8 minute quarters, usually a solid 45 minutes of game time). The way the AI handles contracts and playing aging players over younger ones makes it hard for me to really feel like I accomplished anything after the first couple of seasons instead of the other teams just shooting themselves in the foot.
  2. Anyone who plays Madden just to sim through results is insane to me. Imma just spend $60 on a meal at the restaurant, take a picture of it, and then throw it in the trash. I bought this awesome Tesla, it's even-self driving. The self-driving part is extremely important, because I'm not going to be in it when it drives. I just want to look at the odometer when it comes back from it's 5 hour trip along the Parkway.
  3. McGloin spent a lot of his life winning at Penn State, as did many of the players going from NCAA to NFL. But when he went to the NFL, he failed. He failed because he loses in the NFL lol. Danny Wuerffel won a lot in college, even winning a Heisman. It's weird how people disliked Spurrier playing him considering he spent so much of his life winning against players who mostly failed in the NFL. If I win a local snooker tournament, go pro, and then consistently finish in 2,300th place, I don't think many people are going say it's a "bad take" to call me a loser lol. They might love me for my charming personality and brilliant conversations, but when it comes to snooker tournaments..... I'd be a loser.
  4. Hardly. The old argument I was being told earlier was that as long as someone tries their hardest, they're not a loser, even if they're never good enough to win. I'm sure McGloinn tried hard. He just happens to have that problem with sucking.
  5. There are 53 active players on each NFL team. 10 players on each practice squad. What with injuries, I'll take a blind stab and say 10 players end up on IR at the end of the year. We'll round it down and call it 70 players on an NFL team by the end of a season. With 32 teams, that comes out to some 2,200 players on rosters, give or take a hundred or two. With that in mind, we are watching players who weren't good enough to make those teams. A huge amount of these players got to be in training camps, but didn't make it. These are the people who simply weren't good enough or fell through the cracks. However they ended up here, these are the people who are deemed less valuable than more 2,000 other players. Out of 2,000 jobs, they didn't win a single one of them. People lose. Sometimes it's because they don't push themselves, sometimes it's because no matter how hard they push, they were born to be the pavement that the stars walk on. I am from the latter group. They have to win to get into the NFL, and they are very clearly not in the NFL. It isn't a judgement on their personalities. It's a judgement on their ability to play football at the NFL level. Which goes back to what I said when this whole conversation started: Cardale Jones is walking all over people who couldn't hold an NFL roster spot after the preseason. If he's going to make it back into the NFL and stick, this is the minimum of what he should look like
  6. It's not a strange take at all. To win a roster spot in the NFL, you have to "win it". If you are benched or cut from the team, you "lose" that roster spot. We are watching people who "lost" their NFL positions. Do you think Matt McGloin is a winner? What about the CB who dropped the easy interception in the first half? (One that fans would call ours DBs losers for dropping too). Cardale Jones is on his 4th team after getting traded and cut from 3 other teams. At what point would you consider that a winning, successful career? This is Last Chance League. They don't make it here, their careers are done. It's harsh, but it's true. They didn't get down to their last chance by winning. Would it make you feel better to call them "not winners"?
  7. Most of the XFL is a league of Has-Beens and Never-Were's. So I take it back, they aren't losers. They'd have to have played to get the chance to be losers. I like another football league as much as the next one, but NFL caliber players, the majority of these people are not. Cardale Jones out-dueling Matt McGloin is the stuff of LEGENDS
  8. With how hard New York sucks, it shouldn't have had trouble sucking in that interception.
  9. Cardale Jones is doing a great job auditioning for an NFL backup job. Playing against losers help makes him look better, but he's looked accurate both games. I will say, though, this game is dull. DC has been cruising through both games.
  10. I hope Jared Norris' Super Bowl ring is made by Jared and given to him by Chuck Norris.
  11. NickyJ

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Why? Because we'd still be saddled with Bruce Allen as our GM and maybe Jay Gruden as our head coach1? Then Dunbar wouldn't have to feel bad about losing his BFFs? This isn't related to Trent Williams because there's nobody left in the front office for it to be related to. I wouldn't believe for a second that Dunbar would walk into Rivera's office and say "You replaced a terrible staff that mishandled another players and deserved to be fired. This upsets me and I want to be traded."
  12. If this isn't in a movie or Netflix series in the next 5 years, I'm going to feel cheated.
  13. It really is fascinating. Especially how they repeatedly dunked on the Iranians, even after the Iranians interrogated one of the salesmen lol My favorite part though: In every TV crime series or movie where there's a cash drop-off in a parking lot, I couldn't help but roll my eyes because they all use the same idea. Now it turns out the government used the same idea too lmao
  14. I love hotdogs. That picture disgusts me. I want a hotdog. You're worrying too much. Dunbar is cool and a good player, but not so great that we have to straight into mourning. He's going to need more time to ketch up to Breeland and Fuller before I shed tears. Speaking of Fuller, didn't he get benched partway through the season because he didn't cut the mustard? The type of hero worship he's suddenly getting after the Super Bowl is pretty cheesy compared to what was written in November: Lastly, Moreau: He's not about to leave. If Dunbar goes, Moreau is going to have a very, very clear path to playing as a starter when stacked up against Norman and a free agent. He's about to audition for the starting job, and you're already going on about him being toast? Put your panic on the backburner and get back to us when it's the end of the season and Moreau is asking for a trade. Anything about Moreau before he says anything or even has any reason to complain is half-baked.