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  1. My Vikings friend hit me with a Tank for Trevor message after their game against the Packers. I thought he was joking. He probably was. I don't think he's joking anymore.
  2. Guys, this was all part of the plan. We forced the Cardinals to adjust to the "he's already dead" portion of the gameplan.
  3. Ereck Flowers, I miss you soooooo much
  4. He does. Inman is the Brian Quick of our team. He is older, his better days are behind him, and his better days weren't particularly good days. If we're going to go with an old receiver, I'd rather have someone with a better track record.
  5. Michael Crabtree. He's got to be better than Inman.
  6. As much as the notRedskins have me down, remember: The Cardinals beat the 49ers, who went to the Super Bowl last year. They're not a pushover.
  7. Bringing the house works better when the other team doesn't bring a QB who who can run faster than our DBs
  8. I hate to say it, but our offense looked better under Bill Callahan and Kevin O'Connell. McLaurin and Sims were on fire. Just not seeing it this year.
  9. They're mocking us now. We deserve it.
  10. Haskins is the Walmart brand version of vintage 2018 Alex Smith.
  11. The Cardinals beat a team that went to the Super Bowl last year. No matter how many injuries that team took, it's not something to scoff at.
  12. Raised by Wolves is a freaky show. Space Ragnar was my main reason for trying it, but Mother's backstory is what's keeping me going now.
  13. It's disrespectful for a coach to try to put a game away at halftime? If I were a coach leading 17-7 before halftime, I'd rev that ****er up and I'd expect Rivera to do the same. If you believe in your team, you go for it. Pederson believed in his team, I won't fault the man for trying.
  14. Baker, Odell, and Garrett all need an authority figure over them to keep them on the straight and narrow. They all need Ggreg.
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