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  1. Also, I had no idea Fink was in lane 3 in the 800 Freestyle. I'm getting chills watching this over again. https://www.nbcolympics.com/videos/bobby-finke-wins-1st-olympic-mens-800-out-nowhere
  2. Ledecky is an absolute champ, dragging USA back into the race. Another 50 meters and she'd be wearing a gold.
  3. Dressel has me hopeful for the swim team's future. Got a lot of young people on this team getting those sneaky bronze and silvers. Can't wait to see what they have in a normal Olympics.
  4. That looks good, but is still a bit off. I'm gonna go make a few accounts there and vote a few times to make it more accurate.
  5. Gotta admit, I cried when I saw the end for old Yelder.
  6. Well, this month, RiggosRag is agreeing with that Redwolves is the best choice, so I'd say it's a legitimate and upstanding journalistic website. Their agreement with me is proof of that.
  7. The locker room won't turn on each other as long as no games are lost. If it comes to game lost, paychecks lost, and playoffs lost, then I expect the locker room to be boiling.
  8. Is there still time to get money back from Logan's contract?
  9. https://apnews.com/article/2020-tokyo-olympics-gymnastics-sports-united-states-olympic-team-491a879c854008aad582f8eb4d0ff2b4 For those it concerns, in a sport where the top 2 athletes compete, the third place athlete is being given the spot. Carey earned her own spot like a champ before any of this went down, so again, no spot another American should have taken. Personally, I think the messages calling Biles a hero are kneejerk reactions to the messages calling her selfish. Both miss the point: She's human, and she's a human that had an unimaginable pressure on her t
  10. Considering Biles is going to do the individuals, that was going to be a spot taken by Biles no matter who competed in the teams competition. Chiles would have been the 4th member of the team's competition.
  11. She didn't steal someone else's opportunity. Jordan Chiles finished the routines. The USA team had 4 performers in every stage of the team competitions, and Biles expects to be back in time for the individual competitions.
  12. NBC has fortunately returned just in time for me to see that Ledecky got blown out in the 200. Not a good first week for USA swimming stars.
  13. From what I saw, they don't cover what they allocated to broadcast TV, the swim meets.
  14. Well, the local NBC provider cut its power again. No Indy 500 for me last time, no more Olympics for me this time. All the streaming services require a subscription to the cable providers that don't run lines down my street. Thanks for nothing, NBC.
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