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  1. I don’t think our IDL’s net a first rounder, but with the scarcity of quality IDL in this draft, you have to be prepared if someone overpays. I’m not totally convinced we can’t keep all four first rounders across the line as the cap increases. But Settle is up after this season with Allen so a decision needs to be made on him sooner than later. I don’t think they can keep him if he makes it to FA.
  2. I’d feel better if they could get Settle to extend before dangling Payne. I thought Payne had a really good year last year, but he’d provide the most in a return, IMO. Definitely wouldn’t force a move, but if we could get Jax or Cleveland to give up 25/26, then that creates more flexibility.
  3. No impact because they already released him.
  4. Paulo Espino makes today’s start for Strasburg. Don’t understand why it’s retroactive to Thursday and not Wednesday.
  5. How is Wood not charged with making threats to four Presidents and their families?
  6. Today was a good day for the DC sports parlay. +520 for the Caps, Nats, Wiz wins.
  7. He threw three innings on Thursday. They’ll ramp him up every five days. With no set backs, I’d be he makes two more sim starts before coming back.
  8. For those that have made it to the park, is The Bullpen open?
  9. Nice bounce back effort today by Fedde. Not sure if gets another spot with Lester coming back, but we needed him to get right.
  10. Going back to Max, if you look at the all time strikeout list, he easily has the fewest seasons among the greats. You don’t have to squint too hard to see that he has a decent chance to end up in the top 10.
  11. Reading that this guy was arrested in March, 2020 and transported to a hospital after showing suicidal ideation. He bought the gun within 24 hours of the complaint.
  12. Would be pretty happy with this... JDavis - 36 ALeatherwood - 45 EMoore - 54 JCox -73 BJordab 82 Trask - 88 Sterns - 124 Shakur Brown -163 Briley Moore TE - 244 Chris Evans RB 266 No lost 2022 picks. Added IND 7th.
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