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  1. Galdi had a Saturday morning show prior to his weekday morning drive slot. It focused on the Nats and Orioles. It was great radio, something that was missing from sports radio.
  2. Is there a good source that calls out snap counts with pass/run splits? I too like to have personnel that doesn’t provide a tell like Ryan Grant and Desean Jackson. The little I saw of Tenn, it didn’t seem like it was a dramatic split even though he’s not a primary passing target. Would be interested in seeing numbers one way or the other.
  3. Okay, I thought they doubled up this year and had one in 2022. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, since this is a new type of compensation, I wasn’t sure.
  5. They have 3rd comp picks for Mayhew and Saleh. Not sure if they are trade-able or not.
  6. I actually like the other Tenn TE Swaim. He’s a willing in-line blocker and we are definitely missing that currently. I like JSmith too, but I feel like Swaim would be a better deal.
  7. Moses played a few snaps this year at left tackle. Could he effectively make a full time switch there? Just thinking about flexibility if they come across a good RT prospect. (After reading KDawg’s writeup in the draft thread)
  8. Are the asterisks there to indicate which guys could potentially slide inside to guard?
  9. That’s my plan too. Fingers crossed for Columbus Day weekend. I usually go to one away game a year. With no trip this past year, I’ve got some pent up energy. However with legal online betting in Va now, Vegas’ appeal goes down a little.
  10. I didn’t have any difficulty getting into my E*Trade a count about 15 minutes ago. If he meant my balance was down, then yeah, he would be correct.
  11. Is it realistic to think that Heinicke and Allen could combine for 16 starts before we are on our third QB?
  12. Doesn’t seem all that far fetched, but I’d sit out of the Darnold piece unless they are giving him away for like a fifth.
  13. Perhaps a Brock Osweiller situation, but I don’t see it happening.
  14. If you are a rebuilding Detroit, would you rather have 1 year of Allen and a 3rd or the 21st pick? I don’t think that offer will be competitive with Indy.
  15. If you’re Detroit does trading Stafford out of conference outweigh the difference of Was 1&3 and Indy’s 1&3 which is roughly equivalent to a third round comp pick?
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