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  1. Kids around the world aren’t looking up to Biles right now?
  2. This season, man. Can’t make this up. (If the tweet is true, of course)
  3. A. Wiseman, Wiggins, 7, 14. B. Hunter, Okongwu, Bogdonavic, 20, ‘23 1st I think A has a much higher ceiling, but also a lower floor. I’d go with A given the buzz on Unseld and player development.
  4. I’d make him and his agent publicly turn down 13yrs/$400M before I consider shopping him.
  5. I don’t know. That’s why I ask. If a sitting member of Congress murders a staffer on Capitol grounds, how much can the Capitol Police investigate? Does the investigation go to House members?
  6. This is what I don’t understand. Why can’t Capitol Police do their own investigation? Why do they have to be dependent on Congress — some of whom were the perpetrators?
  7. Look, I thought she was a total quack too. Then she referenced his tattoos. Really makes you think.
  8. What is LAC here? Is that Los Angeles County?
  9. The attached is a good documented timeline.
  10. I flipped to the conservative radio station to see if they were covering this. Nope. They were gloating because their team won gold in gymnastics.
  11. If we were able to get enough assets to move up to 3, would you take Suggs over Mobley assuming Cunningham/Green go 1/2?
  12. Well, you’ve seen the 180 by some of Fox News, the Alabama Governor, and others. The die has been cast.
  13. Seattle has two stud OF prospects. If we could get one plus others that would be real nice.
  14. It was because OKC wanted Barnes and didn’t think he’d get past number 5. Cleveland also gets Kai Jones at 11 and other future picks.
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