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  1. there is a little bit more to this story. Howard county is all online until Jan. Just like Mont, PG,AA. The email went out about 1.5 weeks ago. With it saying if you can not devote 8 hours a day at home to teaching you should take a leave of absence. What this stems from is parents were not happy with the way the spring semester went and a good amount of teachers didn’t do anything or very little. My wife is a teacher in PG and we live in Howard. In PG there is a push for teachers to teach from class rooms virtually because of the same thing.
  2. It was what ever you got from the state plus $600. So if the Max was $450. You were getting $1,050 a week.
  3. Yeah, I was like really. Of course they wont force you to leave.
  4. He is on vacation next week. But I know contract wise they are all 4 together. So they wont get rid of one without getting rid of them all.
  5. The Junkies had Hogan on again. EB tired to get Hogan to say masks are bad. It was terrible to watch on TV.
  6. The new banner is messing up on safari on my iPad. In private mode it works fine.
  7. ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. This was a complete joke. I am pissed!!
  8. I just posted this on my Facebook page. Feel like this is the place to put it here. Tonight feels like I am saying good bye to a life long friend on their death bed. Yes, I will still be a fan whatever the name is. But it will never be the same. I was born into a Redskins family. I came home from the hospital in a hand made Joe Theisman Jersey. My family would get together just about every Sunday to watch the Redskins game. As a toddler I couldn’t sit still I was in to everything. Turn on a Redskins game I would sit in my Dads lap and watch the whole game. The 1991 Super Bowl. I don’t remember much of the season but I remember going to our neighbors house who was a Bills fan and singing Hail to The Redskins every time we scored. And when he stopped answering we called his house and sang it. We had a lot of bad seasons since then. I remember the Turk brothers messing up a game winning field goal to send us to the 1999 Championship Game. I remember Gibbs 2.0. The Monday night miracle game. This is when I decided no matter what the score I would never turn off a game early. I was in college I remember us Redskins fans running down our college dorm hallways screaming and yelling. The Hand of God game and the Sean Taylor return to set up the game winning field goal. I was at Sean Taylor’s last game. Waking up and hearing he had been shot. This was before really social media. Following NFL network all day about how he was doing. Going to bed hearing he had squeezed a nurses hand. Then being woken up and finding out he had passed. The mourning I had for Sean was like I knew him and loved him. In 2012 learning we had traded for the 2nd over all pick and where going to get RG3. Sarah jokes that I would have left her for him. That is how much I love this team. The 2012 season was the most fun I have had a fan in years. Getting to be a season ticket holder 2013-2018. I named my Daughter after the team Hailey for Hail to the Redskins. What ever the name will be I will root for them. But to me they will always be the Redskins. I will continue to sing Hail to the Redskins every time we score.
  9. https://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/paper-trail/2008/03/11/red-wolves-named-new-arkansas-state-mascot So, Arkansas State change their name from Indians to RedWovles back in 08. Think chick is just playing
  10. For the Phoenix officer shooting above. They released body cam footage. Have to watch to the end of the video officer retrieves a gun from the suspects lap. Way to early in the investigation but he was not unarmed. https://ktar.com/story/3369059/phoenix-police-release-body-camera-footage-in-officer-involved-shooting/
  11. It looks like you are new here. I would suggest going to look at other pages in the tailgate. This statement will not make you any friends here.
  12. you missed my point. It gives Dan time to see if this passes. If the pressure passes they come out with a study staying the polled so many people and what not not. If it doesn’t pass you come out with a plan to change. It gives Dan time. No rushing to change it now