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  1. I feel we just about there. When states are now making walk up appointments and giving employees $100 to get the vaccine. We are at that point that people have to assume the risk. I would say give it the month of May and in June life needs to get back to normal. With schools and the NFL planning on full classrooms and stadiums come August that will be here before you know it.
  2. At some point they have to assume the risk of not getting vaccinated. Why should I care what happens to them if they choose not to get vaccinated? Yes, you can still get it once you have been vaccinated but all vaccines are 100% against hospital and death. If I get a cold/flu for a few days and it means I dont have to wear this mask anymore bring it on. If they are fully vaccinated they should be allowed to go and do things as normal. I went back to a movie theater 2 weeks ago. I went to Disney back in Feb. Both Wife and I have been vaccinated since late Jan early Feb. As I said
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