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  1. I really didnt think this was going to effect me this much. Max will be a Nat for life!!
  2. To me the messaging has been all wrong from the start. I even had a discuss back in Jan with someone on here about it. I got told I dont know what I am talking about. These Vaccines should have never been called vaccines. In people's minds vaccine prevent you from getting the virus. We always knew that this virus was going to mutate and that there was going to be break through cases. The messaging should have been this is a pretreatment just encase you get COVID. Find away to compare it to the Vitamin C and Zinc that all the anti-vaccine people are spouting on about loading up on.
  3. The Learners need to look at what happened to the fan base with WFT, the fans will give u some slack. But you have to sign these home grown guys. If they trade Trea, I have no faith they will keep Soto.
  4. Please let me know if you know for sure, my parents are reaching out to my Dad’s autoimmune doctor. Every 6 months he has to get an infusion which wipes out all antibodies he has. That type of autoimmune disease he has his body starts to attack the good antibodies. Well of course after he gets his infusion it wipes out the vaccine. He got the J&J. His doc finally convinced him to wear a mask after the infusion again. But I am almost positive that won’t last to long. I want to take him up to a clinic after the 6 week period he has to wait to get vaccines.
  5. I think about 3 years ago they went both digital and printing. Then in 2019 it was all digital, if you wanted to have printed tickets you had to contact the ticket office and pay for it. I am not sure for 2021 if it is even an option to print. We have always had to pay for printing of the tickets, it was a processing fee.
  6. Yes that is what they pitched to us yesterday. That every new stadium has done it. The issue right now is you can’t give away season tickets. Let lone put a PSL on it. If we still had the waiting list. I would be pissed but it would make sense.
  7. @Skinsinparadise we are talking about it in the season ticket thread. 2 of us were in different groups last night. Short story, they will more than likely be PSLs for the new stadium
  8. @hail2skins first I have been tweeting with this dude all day. He posted the confidentiality, I called him out on it. Nothing was ever said to keep quiet. Has for FedEx, my group we did not talk about Fed Ex. When we did we were told the team has decided they are not putting by more money to upgrade the stadium experience. Maybe stuff for players ie the new grass
  9. Cool, I think they have had 6 groups they said they started this week and 2 sessions each day. We were told we were the last group. The reason I got pissed with them is that they are the ones that are going to give the team the report telling saying we should have PSLs. They did the research for the last 14 teams. For them it was just a fore gone conclusion that PSLs are happening
  10. What time was your group? I was the 730 group. I called them out on the BS and they seemed to get really pissed. They were like 14 other teams do it. I said if the other 14 teams juump of a bridge does that mean we have to do it to? I think I pissed out the main guy. I went up to him afterwards and blew me right off.
  11. I had an interesting night at Fed Ex last night. Last week I got contacted for a Fan Focus Group. This one was centered around the new stadium. I did get a $100 Gift Card to the Team Store. This was not know when signed up. The Team has hired a 3rd party group to look at what Fans want in a new stadium. They just started this week. My group was the final focus group. They had one before us yesterday. And many over the past few days. My group had about 8 people in it. We first started on who we are are, current or past season ticket holder, if we buy single games. What
  12. Yes there is a cost to anything. You can say this about many many issues (Most of them dont have anything to do with this topic).
  13. I can see this point for kids and kids only. At this point if you refuse to get vaccinated you have to assume the risks that not being vaccinated has. I am not changing my life because a person is to dumb to get vaccinated.
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