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  1. Any idea if we will still get free NFL Gamepass if we defer or refund?
  2. I am surprised we have not received any info from the Redskins yet on season ticket subjects like upgrades and contingency plans if no season. Will we receive a credit or refund if preseason or season games are cancelled.
  3. Have heard nothing but I wanted to purchase sideline access this year. I heard the person who did run this program no longer works with the team. I too was hoping as the season has started it would be refreshed.
  4. I saw on twitter the Redskins are selling season tickets. Why would they not allow STHs to upgrade location first before bringing in new STH. It does not seem right.
  5. I am hoping tshile gets emailed the per game pricing list. I am very curious how they are going to price the games.
  6. Are any of the 200 seats on the home side under cover?
  7. How do I see the payment plans on the website? Or did you call? Nevermind. I see it now as you have to click Process Offline. Single payment or four payments from March 1 to June 1.
  8. I really enjoyed the NFL GameRewind this year. I hope it is free again in 2014.
  9. I just logged in with my account throught the email. It clearly states NEW Season Ticket order. Not renewal. Oh well.
  10. Entering my 7th year as a STH. Quick question. Does the Redskins have a specific charity to donate unused tickets too, espcially for pre-season games?
  11. Maybe we are due for some good upgrades again this year! Last year after the seats disappeared from my invoice it took a week or so to repopulate with the upgraded seat assignment.
  12. I have lower level seats. I logged in to my account online and my seats have not moved. I guess I did not get relocated this year.
  13. For anyone else who has also paid in full: When you log in do you still see where your seats are? Ever since I paid in full I can no longer see invoice or seat location.
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