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  1. Has there been any announcement for STH perks for this year such as free Gamepass or Redzone?
  2. Any chance fans will be allowed at playoff game or was the no more fans in 2020 count for this game?
  3. No tailgating is the big reason I am thinking of not going again. Was not allowed to even sit in car in parking lot. Have to park and go straight in.
  4. Another chance to go to a game vs Bengals on 22Nov. I have Monday at 3pm time slot. Not sure how far back I am on list. The Giants game was a fun except for the outcome. Thinking about going again.
  5. I realize there is a pandemic going on but we really can’t find 3500 fans who want to attend.
  6. The email said no Tailgating allowed. Which this would change.
  7. Disappointed to see many tickets on Stub Hub. Went back to team site and they are now selling 200 section tickets. Does this mean they are selling more than the original 3500?
  8. Was happy to get 2 tickets at midfield today. Never been able to sit there for a game and very excited to do so now. I really hope we can get 3000 or whatever the number is of Washington fans there and not see a blue Giant wave. Lots of tickets left at Tuesday 3pm. Seems like end zone was going quicker than sidelines.
  9. Any idea if we will still get free NFL Gamepass if we defer or refund?
  10. I am surprised we have not received any info from the Redskins yet on season ticket subjects like upgrades and contingency plans if no season. Will we receive a credit or refund if preseason or season games are cancelled.
  11. Have heard nothing but I wanted to purchase sideline access this year. I heard the person who did run this program no longer works with the team. I too was hoping as the season has started it would be refreshed.
  12. I saw on twitter the Redskins are selling season tickets. Why would they not allow STHs to upgrade location first before bringing in new STH. It does not seem right.
  13. I am hoping tshile gets emailed the per game pricing list. I am very curious how they are going to price the games.
  14. Are any of the 200 seats on the home side under cover?
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