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  1. And that is my point why would they. The Dems have been screaming it has been the Repubs holding it up. You can now go, see they have control and they can’t get it passed either.
  2. I haven’t been closely following, but right after the runoffs I remember the Delaware Dem Senator say he wasn’t in favor of more checks, unless something has changed I wouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched. Why would the Republican senators vote to allow the $1,400. This could be a see the Dems have control and they can get it done either. With the Dem senator voting no and if the rest party line that is a 51-49 Vote.
  3. Just got my first dose of Moderna!!
  4. @spjunkies That has been the rule here in MD for about 7-8 years now. Do 15 mins of CPR, no shock advised. Call it. We were transporting to many dead people.
  5. The phase out for Married filing jointly is 175K a little higher if you have dependents
  6. Is there a Phase out like the first? Or is it straight 75k and 150k?
  7. This tone reminds me of 4 years ago. This board is ready for full meltdown
  8. If some how Trump pulls this out. Do you guys have buddy system set up to make sure everyone is ok. I truly worry that some of you won’t be ok.
  9. I can’t speak to Delaware. But the state of MD is very republican besides. PG,Mont, AA,How, Balt City, 1/2 Balt County. If I remember correctly Trump won every other county in the state 4 years ago. But the population lives in those 5-6 counties to carry the state.
  10. lol, unlike the rest that seem to think they change the whole boards mind, I just stay quiet
  11. Honestly I won’t have this conversation on this board or social media. In person all about it. But I have to give you credit you called it a Republic and not a Democracy.
  12. As the quiet Trump supporter around here. First that was a **** Show. Trump tired to get under Biden’s skin and it didn’t work. Tonight hurt Trump more than anything.
  13. yeah I smell a lawsuit that will end up at SCOTUS. And just like Congress will never vote for term limits they will do the same.
  14. The term limits. My understanding is the way it is written in the constitution is that you will serve as long as you are in good standing. So adding term limits would require 2/3 the states to ratify it. Do not see that happening.
  15. I think there is plenty of excuses. 1. takes to long to charge even the “quick” charge is 20 mins and only gets you another 100 miles or so, you need to get it so a full charge takes under 10 mins. 2. not enough charging stations. Yes, they are getting more. But until just about every gas station off the highway has at least 3 charging stations. 3. batteries don’t go as long has a normal gas tank. I can 350-400 miles out a tank of gas. Your lucky if you get 250-300 miles per charge 4. cost of them. Yes Tesla is coming in when cheaper cars. But as I said before Americans
  16. It is a lofty goal. Maybe 15 years. I think 25-30 is a better bet. Americans love big SUVs. Chevy is making the Hummer a Hybrid, that was supposed to be announced back in March or May can’t remember but delayed due to COVID. I would like to see battery tech get to about 300-400 miles per charge before I think people make the switch big time. People just can’t wait 45mins for a charge. Maybe 10mins the time it takes to fill up.
  17. That isnt evidence of anything but 1 bad parent saying something dumb. Also, need a little bit more besides a BET article based off a Vice article. And that is a Very Far right view. I wouldnt even call that a conservative view.
  18. I have seen some outlandish views on this site. And I normally keep my mouth shut because it isnt worth the time. But Wow!!! I am left speechless on this view. I think you should be ashamed to even think this. It is pretty much inferring you think Republicans are adopting to mistreat and abuse children. Shame on you! At least have some sort of evidence to back up your outlandish claim.
  19. As a husband of a teacher in PG County. And everything she has gone through. I would like to know more. If this is about the unions, I can understand your frustration. But the teachers themselves I am going to need some more details.
  20. I feel for your brother and all police officers in this time. Every officer I spoke with after Floyd was like that was murder. He needs to go to jail. That is not what the job is about. You see the comments on the news posts about last nights police shooting on I95 in Howard County. After the officer was dragged over 2,000 feet. If that wasnt justified shooting, I dont know what is anymore.
  21. I don’t care what side your on. But if that speech didn’t get to you. Then there is something wrong with you. Tears down my face.
  22. there is a little bit more to this story. Howard county is all online until Jan. Just like Mont, PG,AA. The email went out about 1.5 weeks ago. With it saying if you can not devote 8 hours a day at home to teaching you should take a leave of absence. What this stems from is parents were not happy with the way the spring semester went and a good amount of teachers didn’t do anything or very little. My wife is a teacher in PG and we live in Howard. In PG there is a push for teachers to teach from class rooms virtually because of the same thing.
  23. It was what ever you got from the state plus $600. So if the Max was $450. You were getting $1,050 a week.
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