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  1. I imagine Google doesn't really care what you think about what they do with their money...
  2. But we have Hulu, video games, and pro sports to binge on... we're too fat and lazy as a nation to care (generally).
  3. I don't know. War would likely escalate to thermonuclear.
  4. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on motive. I was just talking to my wife (former teacher) about this. She said due to overcrowding and over-zealous attempts at full inclusion, many public schools no longer have dedicated quiet rooms for special kids like this to retreat to.
  5. As a father of an autistic kid who also has OCD and Sensory Processing Disorder, this is why we homeschool. Because he can learn better in the quiet environment and get one-on-one teaching. As far as stigma and stuff, we've raised him to not be embarrassed of who he is and how God made him. He's not afraid to wear his 3M ear muffs in public if too noisy.
  6. Warren got some church pulpit time to stump in South Carolina... preach on... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/in-the-pulpit-on-the-curb-sanders-and-warren-take-2020-campaign-straight-to-sc-voters/ar-AAG1ewl Fear me you lord and lady preachers I descend upon your earth from the skies I command your very souls you unbelievers Bring before me what is mine The seven seas of Rhye
  7. Truman used to say the same thing. It ebbs and flows.
  8. Zguy28

    Fairlife milk

    I don't know, was it "heavily edited"? Yep. Get some Dubliner butter from grass-fed cows in Ireland. So good.
  9. Well it is the PC USA, which is generally politically and theologically liberal (rainbow flags, gay clergy & marriage, and such). So, not much surprises me coming from that camp. But this is beyond wrong and just... ...
  10. Aren't you one of the guys who always gripes about "whataboutism"? By the way, I totally comprehend the position, even if I believe homosexuality itself is wrong. Subjective morality has multiple sides. You just happen to be on the side that is gaining the most adherents.
  11. Simply because lots of people still believe homosexuality is immoral. And that people have a subjective view of what's immoral. What's so hard to comprehend about those facts?