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  1. So, is Mitch McConnell "everything that is wrong with the GOP" or is it Donald Trump? i'm getting mixed messages...
  2. You are under the mistaken impression that Americans actually care about facts. Let's take another look at how that plays right into the President's machinations: https://www.businessinsider.com/dilbert-creator-scott-adams-explains-trumps-persuasion-style-2017-10
  3. Definitely a lot of wackadoo's at the march like this Duck Dynasty look alike. But glad to see normal people who are not extremist jackasses either. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/election-us-2020-54922927
  4. My Bing election page shows Georgia 100% reported, and Trump still ahead by 0.37%
  5. She is heretical. Part of the Benny Hinn & Kenneth Copeland family tree.
  6. That's not unique to Republicans. That's most politicians in general.
  7. At the rate this is going, we may need the Avengers.
  8. I oscillate between this ^^ and "crazy... like a fox."
  9. Dan Snyder, prove to me this organization can win consistently. Until then, this is too little, too late. Yours, A lifelong, but now barely interested fan
  10. Bless you my friend. Worse than that, I am an evangelical church leader who has left the GOP and advises youth to not go to Liberty U.
  11. maybe. Cape Cod is full of old people. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people who hate him there. Many more than not, but I was surprised when it came up several times at parties. I was expecting one thing, which I agree with btw (he should be removed from office, #nevertrump), and got another.
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