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  1. Zguy28

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Indeed it is... not really. You know how the game is played. The only questions that matter: is it true? If yes, does the truth matter?
  2. Zguy28

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I'd rather have a well read president than one whose a social media and cable news junkie. That said, I'm voting for the meteor.
  3. Let's see you make a Hallmark murder mystery out of this one Lori... I know, it will be set in a prison...
  4. I'm a self-described conservative, but believe climate change is real. However, even the article admits that the example farmer's fallow fields were salted from hurricane Florence. The deniers will latch onto that.
  5. Some of the richest people are the dumbest. Not saying that's the case, but a general observation after 30 years in business.
  6. Zguy28

    Tax Bill

    I for one don't mind paying more taxes. It goes to meet less fortunate people's needs right?
  7. Zguy28

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    interesting if true. Ironic as well. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/02/24/2020-hispanic-voters-donald-trump-225192
  8. Sadly, our own backyard, Baltimore, is one of the biggest human trafficking points of entry in the North America.
  9. Zguy28

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    Already seeing re-posts of Nancy Pelosi's tweet on social media and comments like "I bet you'll never hear an apology from a single Democrat!!!!!!!!!!!" Like dude, its not wrong to condemn violence, you just care all about winning.
  10. Zguy28

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    It not just far right...
  11. Zguy28

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Indeed. Might as well throw this in: https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/joy-behar-slammed-after-blackface-halloween-photo-resurfaces/
  12. Zguy28

    Tax Bill

    Sorry, while I also saw a significant reduction to almost even, I'm more concerned why my taxes owed to Maryland increased 400% over my 2017 return. I must be paying into the free tuition fund or something. Glad I was ready.
  13. Zguy28

    Tax Bill

    The key is when you alter your witholding, immediately enact your saving plan. Procrastination is enemy of discipline.
  14. Zguy28

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    But sadly a sizable number of Americans do care if you like it or not. The South should be called the fried chicken belt, not bible belt.