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  1. That's not unique to Republicans. That's most politicians in general.
  2. I oscillate between this ^^ and "crazy... like a fox."
  3. Dan Snyder, prove to me this organization can win consistently. Until then, this is too little, too late. Yours, A lifelong, but now barely interested fan
  4. Bless you my friend. Worse than that, I am an evangelical church leader who has left the GOP and advises youth to not go to Liberty U.
  5. maybe. Cape Cod is full of old people. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people who hate him there. Many more than not, but I was surprised when it came up several times at parties. I was expecting one thing, which I agree with btw (he should be removed from office, #nevertrump), and got another.
  6. spent the holidays in a pretty liberal area of Massachussetts and was very surprised by the amount of people who said they were against impeachment and that their party (Democrats) was embarrassing the United States. Most of them were older democrats, and some were immigrants. It honestly took me by surprise.
  7. I imagine Google doesn't really care what you think about what they do with their money...
  8. But we have Hulu, video games, and pro sports to binge on... we're too fat and lazy as a nation to care (generally).
  9. I don't know. War would likely escalate to thermonuclear.
  10. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on motive. I was just talking to my wife (former teacher) about this. She said due to overcrowding and over-zealous attempts at full inclusion, many public schools no longer have dedicated quiet rooms for special kids like this to retreat to.
  11. As a father of an autistic kid who also has OCD and Sensory Processing Disorder, this is why we homeschool. Because he can learn better in the quiet environment and get one-on-one teaching. As far as stigma and stuff, we've raised him to not be embarrassed of who he is and how God made him. He's not afraid to wear his 3M ear muffs in public if too noisy.
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