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  1. Think some cultural differences here on the egg in the head thing. An American teen might throw an egg at a politician, but smash it point blank on his head, then have the old dude counter with a left...? Aussies man.
  2. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I feel Biden would've beaten Trump in 2016 with a strong ObamaWH endorsement. Will this country come out to vote for Joe Biden in 2020 though? Phrasing the question that way makes me feel like Biden will lose because we all know MAGAland will be out to vote. Biden/Harris I believe is a winning ticket though.
  3. Mooka

    Starting QB 2019???

    Realistically there aren't many options. Limited cap space and the 15th pick aren't good ammo for landing a starting QB. Keenum for a 6th/7th swap and 3.5 million is pretty damn cheap. Hard to be excited for Keenum though; he's serviceable on the surface but isn't a QB that can really deliver. He can seemingly make all the throws, has a mechanically sound play-action, can throw on the run, throw inside or outside the pocket, progress through his reads, etc. Yet, even though he can say scan the field and find his 3rd or 4th option he doesn't have great field vision or a great feel for where his WRs are. He also doesn't have a great feel for the pass rush or his blindside even though he is able to get outside the pocket and make a play. I feel like he'll be dogmeat with 6 games in the NFCE.
  4. Mooka

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Kinda Marvel'd out. Will watch some of these when they come out later. Captain Marvel looks really good in the effects department. I'll def be missing out there. Have zero interest in the story anymore and Captain Marvel isn't a character I care that much about. Last Avengers was good enough ending IMO.
  5. Gotta admit, he was beyond weird, he was at feakazoid level. So weird no one of sound mind would ever expose their children to him at any level... Of course that doesn't say anything about the vulnerable kids he abused or his own children. (havnt seen doc yet)
  6. Mooka

    R. Kelly... Smoke and fire it seems.

    Yea, let's not go nuts here. RIP Tom Petty.
  7. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Dangerous territory assuming anyone can beat Trump. Better recognize Trump is the favorite by a large margin before the denial leads you to his 2nd term.
  8. Hey now, he did throw the Muslim scum a bone there. This guy lived in Silver Spring though? Scary. Some good info from this WP article: Hasson has been working at the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters in Washington since 2016, according to court documents filed by prosecutors. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps between 1988 to 1993 and in the Army National Guard for about two years in the mid-1990s, the filings state. ... Court documents do not detail what prompted federal law enforcement to begin investigating Hasson, but contend that Hasson had been studying the 1,500-page manifesto of right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who unleashed two attacks in 2011 that killed 77 people in Norway, and echoed Breivik’s attack preparations. ... When law enforcement raided Hasson’s apartment, they said they found a locked container loaded with more than 30 vials of what appeared to be human growth hormone. He has also ordered more than 4,200 pills of the narcotic Tramadol since 2016, along with synthetic urine to allegedly bypass possible random drug screenings at work, they said. ... Breivik encouraged identifying targets and traitors. In recent weeks, according to the court filings, Hasson developed a spreadsheet of targets that included top Democratic congressional leaders and media personalities. The list includes “JOEY,” what prosecutors say is a reference to former congressman Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.), now of MSNBC; “cortez,” an alleged reference to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York); and “Sen blumen jew,” presumably about Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.).
  9. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    She tried the ancestry thing; shows IMO she's taking the wrong approach or doesn't know how to handle the negative press.
  10. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Its not just Trump though, it's an entire media machine, online propaganda campaigns and millions of MAGAS running around pushing all sorts of nonsense 24/7. Judging by how she's handled the Pocahontas thing so far I have doubts she'll be able to handle things when they ramp up.
  11. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Warren will get eaten up during what's gotta be a ****show of an election with President tabloid running again next year. She can't dish out or take all the bull**** required.
  12. A death certificate obtained by the Forsyth County News states that Horsford’s autopsy determined that Horsford was killed by “multiple blunt force injuries” at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018. The death was classified as an accident with “acute ethanol intoxication” (or alcohol intoxication) being a “significant condition contributing to” her death. Not sure how you get multiple blunt force injuries from falling off a deck. Xanax+Alcohol makes you blackout though, can easily fall and hit your head or something like that. Some facts missing from this story unless the deck is 10+ft off the ground.
  13. If your dumb fb friends represent the left in this country, then all the dumbasses, racists, and dip**** MAGAs running around represent the right. Which is part of the reason why you come across as you do around here.