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  1. The Guardian: Starbucks worker says he was fired for union organizing and 'to create fear' “I was fired three hours after another union organizer was fired,” Mejias told the Guardian. “They took me to the back of the food court, in a dimly lit area, and a manager fired me over a third write-up for drinking water. That was their way to get rid of me, for drinking water, because they know I was one of the strongest organizers. They targeted me specifically to create fear for my co-workers of joining the union.”
  2. The GOP has passed multiple versions of basically the same bill over the last 8+ years. (mostly DOA or veto'd by Obama) They're all variations of Tom Price's plan who was Health Sec for like 10 seconds under Trump. Its basically Obamacare-light, with weaker caps, and it tackles pre-existing conditions with some sort of concurrent coverage. (meaning they're covered if you have concurrent coverage, something like 18months)
  3. Bummer. Hell of a game. ****ing Brad man... before I could look we turned it over. Such a key possession there.
  4. What even happened there? How did we turn it over?
  5. Because Trump's foreign policy is who kisses his ass the most. If you don't then you're a ****house country.
  6. Unfortunately you start getting into the more underlying problems that have little to do with voting. 18-29's don't vote, not just because they're young or uninvolved, its also logistical; they're less likely to have a physical address. They might be at college, might sorta live at home or between addresses, have less bills/expenses/property, obviously far less likely to have school-aged children. Same deal give or take for poor people.
  7. So, country wasn't lost when we elected Trump? Tad overboard there. I actually know several people that moved to Europe and then back in this short Trump timeframe because they discovered pretty fast that the rest of the world aint so enlightened either.
  8. Where do you think people get their news from? The false equivalency has somehow gotten worse this election which means Trump is almost a lock. The candidates aren't helping either. One problem is there's nothing else to talk about because these candidates suck and are uninspiring. Attacking Bernie gets interest and ratings because he's a polarizing figure. The left has till yesterday to get their **** together unfortunately.
  9. Warren is and has always been an attack dog politician. It just looks better when she's grilling sleazy banking executives.
  10. I bet if Jeb Bush was on this stage he'd be winning this debate. He'd answer some question in Spanish or start flirting with this Telemundo lady and it'd be over.
  11. This just a highly mediocre field across the board. Being President must be a **** job.
  12. Mooka

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Good Luck to Jordan. ' My favorite catch against GB 2016 (WAS 42 - GB 24) : Jordan Reed's Incredible One-Handed Catch Between 2 Defenders! | Packers vs. Redskins | NFL
  13. Mooka

    Dirty Laundry

    I dont fold anything and go to work with wrinkled **** every day.
  14. What do you mean we? She needs to ****ing fix it. Liz's campaign has been absolutely horrible. Not a single voter I talk too can say a single thing Elizabeth Warren actually does/did/wants to do. I try to explain to people that if you pay attention to what politicians DO rather then what they SAY then who to vote for is very obvious. Liz is one of the few that's made her career in Consumer Protection and Oversight. She's one of the few out there willing to represent the average American. How is Mayor Pete not a progressive? His platform is identical to Warren/Sanders' platforms. He has trillions in new social programs that will be paid for primarily by a wealth tax and a capital gains tax.
  15. Mooka

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    .....sorry lol