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  1. Man, at some point past like 2am his informercial would be the only thing on TV. Had plenty of nights watching the Showtime Rotisserie informercial for hours straight, completely lit with my buddies at like 3am. RIP
  2. Im no expert, but the girls on the Russian team that won gold are 16-20. Being younger and smaller has to be an advantage in a sport where you're tumbling/flipping around.
  3. Simon at 24 is simply old for gymnastics and she didn't perform. Its a young sport.
  4. Luca serving up 48 points: You don't need to believe in magic, All you need to do is watch this man play, He will make you believe.
  5. The intention is clear, if you put Westbrook at the 1 its a ridiculously big and physical lineup in LA. Other teams won't be able to matchup. Other then that, Westbrook is limited offensively these days. He doesn't have a jumper, is suspect from 3 and had an abysmal year from the FT line. His 100% go motor creates havoc in transition for opposing defenses but also creates some really boneheaded, unforced turnovers. His game is 100% more hustle then you. Russ gonna Russ is the best explanation. Off the court he might be a positive. He's all about the game and putting i
  6. Its really expensive to transport the vaccines. Even with the eased restrictions.
  7. I agree, i don't get it from GS's side. Id rather have Wiggins/Wiseman and the picks.
  8. New Vegas is definitely my favorite modern Fallout. It feels the most like the original 2. Had fun collecting/crafting in Fallout 4 and played through a few times. I remember before launch it was announced the game wouldn't have any NPCs? Suspect from day 1.
  9. Looking a little further, Greenberg was guilty of all sorts of ****. Guy was a straight crook. This asshole was stealing tax money to party and bang whores. He also was spreading lies about his political opponent whom worked in a school district. (ironically, he was making fake social media accounts accusing the person of sexually assaulting a student and being a white supremecist) Its hard to tell in all that what he's really giving the feds for the plea deal I see your point about the girl; you're right she doesn't have to press charges to prosecute statutory rape, but is she act
  10. Did they even have anything on him in the first place? Media's probably just rolling out this story for clicks. I don't know much about this case, but unless the woman whom Gaetz allegedly slept with when she was 17 presses charges i doubt anything will come of it. We're talking about a prostitute/adult film star too. Not sure what that means for credibility. Otherwise, Gaetz's shady friends aren't going to incriminate him. Not directly anyway.
  11. Great effort from Trey. Guy is still only 29 years old. great feature story on ESPN if you missed it: https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/31790458/trey-mancini-remarkable-return
  12. Always gotta chime in and remind peeps that Daron lead the DLine in snaps and he's the biggest guy out there. He also played on special teams last season.
  13. Im still in the anything but Warriors club. Redwolves is slightly less terrible then Warriors so I'll take that.
  14. Actually on those free throws his knee did look a little gimpy but he looks good running the floor.
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