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  1. $$$ Always all about $$$. Foreign money coming in from all over the place being funneled through whatever. (In the guise of campaign money) Impossible to keep track of whom is paying whom, and for what anymore.
  2. Not sure about her. Bernie most definitely though. You'll know the Democratic party is in the ****ter if Bernie is the nom so there's a scapegoat for Trump 2.0 though. I honestly think Bernie would happily and willingly take the job too knowing he's there to lose.
  3. Mooka

    The Impeachment Thread

    You're right technically, but in reality, the House Sergeant is the guy who says, "Mr Speaker, the POTUS..." and escorts the President down to the podium. Its a security type position. Congress always jokes about their jail they have somewhere, but let's be serious, the House Sergeant at Arms isn't arresting anyone. Congress can hardly get someone to answer a question right now.
  4. Mooka

    The Impeachment Thread

    That was what the italics were for.
  5. Mooka

    The Impeachment Thread

    Congress doesn't arrest people, that's what the Department of Justice is for. Democracy is what brought us this current DOJ. (President --> Senate) Democracy will have to bring us out. Election in 2020, vote these ****ers out.
  6. Mooka

    The Impeachment Thread

    @twa's closer then reality. We're talking politics: - Supposedly Karl Rove.
  7. Mooka

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Dolphins

    The players and coaches aren't tanking. They're playing for new job somewhere.
  8. Mooka

    The Impeachment Thread

    Told ya'll the left has 0 ability to sell impeachment to the country or counter the right's propaganda. (which is why there is 0 chance of actually impeaching Trump not because we have a R Senate) If you did a poll today about the Mueller Investigation what would be the results? Cant just investigate/subpeona/impeach and twiddilly do while the GOP media machine has a 50 year head start.
  9. This team is terrible. Haskins will play regardless simply by being the backup. You honestly think Case Keenum is going to start the next 12 games in this dumpster fire? Or will even last that long physically? Dude was in a walking boot a week ago. (that's last *4 starting QBs injured btw) The starting QB on this team won't last the next 3 games.
  10. Don't need a crystal ball to look at the upcoming schedule: 49ers @Minnesota @Buffalo Bye Trotting Haskins out there might not be the best idea, maybe after our bye week would be better. As the backup he'll see game time anyway assuming the offense will struggle mightily in the next 3 games.
  11. Nope, we're just bad. Do you realize how good the rest of our roster would need to be for this to be an above average roster with Case Keenum as your starting QB? Eating Alex Smith's contract pretty much makes it impossible for this to be an above average roster.
  12. Mooka

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Cowboys just got boom shaka laka'd! Jeff Heath = Reed Doughty.
  13. Cowboys learning this right now.
  14. That wasn't a real play. Phins wanted that L.
  15. Most of those 40pts a game come in the 2nd half. Last week Chargers were up 17-10 at half. Week before Dallas was 10-6 at half. *I predict we score 20 total points in this game.