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  1. We'll see man, curfew's approaching and still big crowds. btw, being out of state, I always glance at the traffic cams to confirm what I'm watching live: Its hard to confirm what's actually live vs live footage.
  2. Mooka

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I don't mean cops go away, I mean an actual cop that carries a gun and can arrest people be a more specialized position. Whereas, say, the person who goes in to handle domestic violence, or a drug overdose, or whatever non-violent everyday problem on the street is a peace-officer. (that doesn't make sense, I probably mean un-armed type violence)
  3. Mooka

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Its gotta be done nationally right? Many areas already have some version of this to use as a roadmap. Further, its clear to me we need some type of community based police force without arrest authority in this country that is unarmed. (some sort of peace-force) The authority to use lethal force, use lethal weapons and conduct arrests or detain people by force should only be for higher trained specialists. Now before everyone starts on the obvious problems of some wussy unarmed authority in America vs armed criminals on the streets; you gotta see the entire concept... I'm visualizing we replace the everyday street cop with basically a community peace-officer of some sort. (basically a Firefighter or a Paramedic, a big red Firetruck or a white Ambulance, etc) So everyday, instead of an officer pulling you over for speeding, you have some sort of Ambulance/safety vehicle that helps control traffic. The cop on the street is there to serve the community vs arrest criminals. 911 would call in a Peace-Officer/EMS vs an Armed Policeman in most cases. Etc. This might seem ridiculous to some, that criminals/crime would run amuck, but I think overall the net would be positive. (factoring Community+Crime+Health) I'm also trying to think how you'd handle all the obvious problems but I'm a few drinks in.... and maybe I'm just drunk and rambling lol. I'm on to something here though.
  4. Mooka

    The Quarantine Thread

    I keep thinking im craving food from my favorite spots... but when i do get takeout the food all tastes ridiculously salty/greasy to me now. Not just fast food or pizza but everything. My tastebuds have really changed cooking all my meals in just a cpl months.
  5. Mooka

    The Outer Space Thread

    The ****pit, seats and control panel in that thing look awesome. Can sit in there and play with the buttons?
  6. Mooka

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Denver Capitol building looks like its getting out of control atm. President dumpy better get his ass in gear and start telling everyone to get along. I don't care if he's lying so hard his nose launches into orbit. *btw, the cop obviously choked the guy out and killed him because people were filming him and telling him to stop. He's no different then the dip****s who think they don't have to wear a mask simply because someone told them they have to wear it.
  7. Mooka

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Live Helicopter Feed of Minneapolis if you're interested: *Streams over
  8. Mooka

    US Government vs Social Media...

    Just another page in the Trump playbook. He just wants to be able to sue social media companies. And btw, what he really wants, is to be able to sue social media companies if anyone in the entire world, says something bad about him. Like if a 15 year old goes on Twitter and calls him a dip****, he wants to be able to sue Twittter. (personal theory)
  9. Seems like a skewed statistic as our team was not good last season resulting in lots of negative plays. (Penalties, Losses, Sacks, etc) How many of those throws were on 3rd and 10++ where Haskins was just throwing a prayer out there?
  10. They like watching you get pissed off. Government is boring and Americans are dumb.
  11. Mooka

    The Quarantine Thread

    Game is far more competitive these days; more geared towards quicker games vs multiple human opponents. You can still play single player and take your time. I believe you'll even get a $10 coupon if you create a new account and "purchase" Civilization VI for free. (counts as your first purchase or something like that)
  12. Trumpers are fat and out of shape. Plus they're constantly shoving cigarettes and and cheeseburgers in thier face. Side note, where i live the compromise seems to be a bandana as rancher/cowboy types already are used to wearing em. Apparently they're popular among young hipsters too.