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  1. Wolves are short tomorrow without Beasley. Hopefully its not an Edwards coming out party.
  2. We're skeptical for a reason. Last time he crashed his car... wasn't just a car accident. And guy already caught a DUI for being asleep at the wheel a few years ago on painkillers and sleeping pills.
  3. Dude was on one for sure. You don't fly off the road like that unless you fall asleep at the wheel.
  4. They kinda used Beal as a decoy on the inbounds. Russ could've gotten him the ball, wonder if that was by design.
  5. Its still a foul. Even though Lopez... lord knows what he was thinking.
  6. Brad should've fired that first look before the step back. We had rebounders under the basket.
  7. Nice switch.... Lebron with the miss though. Watch this game end with a Russ turnover lol
  8. Bertans finally hit one. Was seriously struggling out there. 1 pt game. **** these refs. That was a travel and they gave Tucker the And 1.
  9. Could've cut it to 8. Now its 15. Side note but the refs are calling lots of moving screens and hand checks on the Wizards. Bertans even got an offensive leg kick foul on his shot.
  10. Best thing i liked about Bertans was that he had high trade value to a contender and instead of moving him we paid him instead. Is what it is though. Shooters gotta keep shooting. He was scoreless in the first but hit a big one when it counted.
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